Christmas idea’s for the men in your life

It can always be a bit difficult finding that perfect gift for the men in your life. I mean there are only so many times when you get them beer or socks. So why not wow the guys this year with these gift ideas.



Who doesn’t love Ghostbusters, like even I would love this! Takes me back to my childhood, and I promise you any guy who is into lego, or who was born in the 90′s will love this! Get it here.


Another must. If you haven’t seen Home Alone, I just don’t think we can be friends anymore. But this is a great alternative for a Christmas jumper. Get this here.


This is something I know Richard would love, as a keen cyclist this jersey is right on trend for him. So for you keen cyclist, or for the men in your life who want a new hobby in the new year. Get this here.


I don’t think I know any men who aren’t a fan of Superdry, and these trainers just look awesome! Don’t get me wrong I am a Converse girl all the way, but if you want to mix it up a bit..take a look at these. Get them here.


Now for the funny gifts you can get the guys. Hot chilli alchemist sauce. Why not test their mainlines with this gift. Get this here.


We all know I am a Star Wars fan through and through, but this Star Trek pizza cutter is pretty awesome. For the Trekie in your life. Get this here.


Where would this list be without some kind of Star Wars themed item. Star Wars chop sabers…genius I know. Why not make that takeout more fun, and get this for the men in your life. Get this here.



And now a great gift for all guys of all ages, Robocup…. If the name isn’t enough to make you want to buy it…seriously what are you doing here…Im kidding..Get this here.


Tune in for more Christmas ideas and DIY’s in the next few weeks…we only have four weeks now you know.

Weekend Antics: Attempting to pack up the house, but then watching Blackfish on Netflix

Ok so we went back for the weekend to pack up the house and we did do a little bit don’t get me wrong, but during what was meant to be a 10 minute break, we snuggled down on the sofa and decided to watch a documentary on Netflix.  So we decided to watch Blackfish.   blackfish-movie-poster     So I used to love going to SeaWorld when I was younger. It was a magical day seeing Shamu and the other whales, watching the trainers do the tricks and be thrusted into the air by the whales. We would sit in the splash zone, and it would just be amazing to watch. I suppose you don’t really think about the condition the whales are being kept in when your a ten year old.

So we watched this documentary and the whole time, I am seeing sequences I have seen many times before being done, and the same kind of routines, but then you really look into the situation of these whales. I don’t mean to go all PETA on you, but it is seriously an issue. Countless issues have come up which SeaWorld have just swept under the rug, which people have literally died from. Then there’s the whales themselves. Being separated from their young, being kept in brutally small conditions. It’s heart breaking, so I seriously urge you all the watch this documentary, and just google petitions, there are so many out there to help these Orca’s.

Anyway, it’s a really interesting, yet heart breaking documentary. So watch it guys. Sorry just felt like I wanted to share this.


Tomorrow is a Chrismassy post to look forward to though, but for now, just check out this issue which needs as much attention as it can get.

Wedding Wednesday’s: 2 Year Countdown /16

Ok so we are at the 2 year mark and I have actually booked something for the wedding. The photographer. She’s amazing and she’s a friend and I seriously can’t wait. I will do a big post on her closer to the time for you guys, because you all need to see her work.

But yeah two years, it’s crazy how quickly the months are going by. I really have to step it up a notch now, find a venue at least. But hey two years should be enough right?

But yeah crazy crazy. There a few things I have sorted out, the budget, guest list and possible colours are on the go. Here are my last few choices of colours.


01 estelle_01


These are all from color collective, my  choice of colours is peach with mint greens and blues…I really like the green and peach in this palette.


05 danalee_ss2012

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Christmas Etsy Wishlist


Ok so this is a pretty epic wreath isn’t it. Geometrics are in so why not go all out for Christmas and wow your neighbours with this beaut. But at £121. It might set you back a little. This is from Hruskaa.


Some fancy decor to put up to make your house uber festive. This is from printable home.


Another festive print to spruce your home up at Christmas with. This is from Mooseberry Paper Co. Maybe do a gallery wall themed with Christmas graphics.


Paper garlands as decorations? Yes please and these look so great it wouldn’t matter if you forgot to take them down. Transparent Es Decor.




I am totally loving the prints this time. I just think it’s such a cool way to decorate your house for the holidays. no? This is from Cassia Beck Collage.


Awesome wrapping paper, to make your presents pop. This is so cute too. This is from Normans Printery.

So just a few little snippets of Christmas to get you in the mood…just a little bit…

Weekend Antics: I can’t fight Christmas anymore

Ok so I have officially given in to the early Christmas celebrations. After working a ten hour shift on the bar last night during a Christmas Craft fair I admitted defeat. By the end of the day I had listened to countless christmas songs, my clothes were infused with mulled wine and the evidence of mince pies were all over the bar floor. I even bought some tinsel and my mum got me a Christmas decoration. I know I know. We are only just half way through December. But fear not because there are a few things I won’t be doing until the 1st+ of December. Like buying a tree, and putting decorations up. I feel thats where the true will power is..waiting to get your tree. It’s Richard’s sister Beth’s birthday late November so we must celebrate that before any proper Christmas decorating or such comes in.


But don’t fret because I do have some fun Christmas things lined up, which will start this week. Edible, decorative and full of inspiration I hope. So let’s just admit defeat, and start taking about Christmas. As it’s already all over the place anyway.



Thank god it’s Friday.

So this morning at 5.20am I dropped Richard off at the train station and while driving home heard an almighty bang, my exhaust had partly fallen off…its tipping down with rain and I have pulled over in an industrial estate, I know what your thinking it sounds like a horror film, and I’m telling you it kind of was. So lying on the floor in the pouring rain, there it is my exhaust on the floor. So I did what any rational 25 year old with no breakdown cover would do. I rang my mum. After having Richard on the phone too, I found a 24hour garage, where a nice man came and helped with my mum driving out to help.. An hour later we were home and I was back in bed recovering from the rain, and broken down morning.

But it’s all fixed and was rather cheap apparently only the clamp went or something so yay for that and our contract has been approved, and we managed to do it all without paying any more fees to the evil estate company I mentioned the other day. So all in all, it worked out.  But thank god it’s Friday, I am working all weekend but this week has been an almighty hell of a week, so I am looking forward to taking my mind off the week by working my butt off.

Ok so as a warning my Christmas fanatics will start soon, I have eaten my weight in Christmas Sandwiches, and to be honest I am so looking forward to moving into our new place, having a Christmas party and just decorating the place head to toe. Plus I am having a massive declutter of the house, there’s no better excuse to get rid of some things then moving house!!




Looking at some of my old photographs from the last couple of years, I found this one quite calming..I may take a drive in our newly fixed car back here and chill…


Hope you all have a lovely weekend.

He Says She Waffles, Cirencester

Ok so yesterday me and Richard were looking for something fun to have for lunch when we came across this little place down a side street.



So we spotted the sign and went in, its in on the Cirencester highstreet, and I am telling you, you have to go.





Filled with fun decor, and a funky orange and black colour scheme, I could have stayed here all day trying the many options they offer. The milkshake flavours alone are endless.

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Wedding Wednesday’s: My Etsy Picks /15

Ok so I have a budget sorted now it’s time to really start planning this wedding! Here are some Etsy finds which I think would look great at any wedding.


You can never go wrong with pretty tape, as this company also does custom designs..why not get your save the dates on tape?? I like the idea of using pretty tape to seal favours and invitations. This s from Chamby and Cor.



Why not create a pretty backdrop for a Photo Booth section? Just look at all the colours, its a fun way to spruce up your pictures and it’s something a bit different. This is from Pom Love. They have so many cute things on their shop too. il_570xN.673337529_1p2n


I think this could be great as little gifts for your bridesmaids. Just look at the confetti fun!! This is from Kindah


a cute favour idea or something cute to add as decoration? Or give your bridesmaids a little gift bag?? This is from Lampshade Bash.



Thank you cards are a must, and I think these are just awesome!! Say thank you in style. This is from Wednesday Press.







Bar mats, why not? You can get them blank here then maybe by a stamp? I really like the idea of this, add something fun and personal to the big day. This is from Haute Papier.


To be honest I can not wait till we get a venue sorted and I can start buying and making things for the big day..


Hope you enjoyed Wedding Wednesday’s.

Feeling a little bit stressed?

AHhhhh, stress relief ideas


Yes yes I am. I officially hate estate agents, or at least one in particular, gah theres nothing worse then spending your day emailing and ringing and arguing. I can honestly feel my shoulders and back just tighten up.  I hate ringing people and I hate it more if I know it’s not going to be a great conversation. Anyway I am trying desperately to calm my heart rate down, and to relax my body. Why is it when we get even the littlest bit worked up we automatically tighten our bodies up and go rigid. I am thinking I am going to do a few stretches and then take a bath. I could honestly murder a spa break right now..theres just something amazing about having those fluffy white robes, and the dim lights with scented candles…yes thats what I need..


Now to complete my effort to dis-stress I am putting the computer down. No online work for me!!


Bye all speak soon!!


Weekend Antics, Firework night to Christmas, and how I love the cold crisp weather


So firework night has come and gone, and we are stepping into the Christmas Spirit. Don’t worry i’ll keep my promise no Christmas stuff tip next week. But one thing I am loving that is already out is the Christmas food.



The turkey Christmas sandwiches are my favourite. Plus eggnog Latte…you can’t go wrong. I don’t mind these being out already. But honestly its all happening a bit too fast…Do you know I have been doing Wooden Flamingo for a year now. I started the blog in January but the shop has been open a year. Crazy right?? Where has the time is to another successful year for Wooden Flamingo. And I just wanted to say thank you to all of you who come here. Means a massive amount to us. So thanks.

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