I mentioned in my 2017 goals post, that I wasn’t overly happy with my content last year, and made it my mission this year to be more creative and to bring you guys more fun posts. I currently have two fun things in the works at the moment which I’ll share with you in February, not long to wait, but I thought I’d share some tips on how we can all be a little more creative.

I believe everyone can be creative. I’ve had friends be like gosh you’re so creative I could never do that..but they have never let themselves try. There’s creativity in everything. There’s creativity in cooking, gardening, even exercising. In my eyes anything you put effort into or have a passion for is a creative outlet. So let’s unleash that creativity.

With social media, there’s no excuse not to share your passions nowadays, you can pin that recipe, instagram that new plant, or YouTube your new work out regime. If your finding you want to try your hand at creating some artwork, whatever your medium be, sites like Deviantart offer the chance to share your art with other creative individuals. Or you could start a blog or vlog, and like me use it as an outlet to show your creative side and inspiration.

Creativity doesn’t end with art, like I said above, there are so many ways you can bring more creativity into your life. Why not make your home your next masterpiece? There are many ways to get creative in the home. A little creative decor can ensure you’re in an inspiring space at all times. Or try a new workshop, learn something you never thought you would. I’d personally love to do a blacksmith course..because I think it would be something fun to try..plus hello conversation starter..

Once you feel confident in your new skill, or even feel that maybe you have mastered it, you can then perhaps enter competitons, there are tons of art competitions. Or start your own shop, where you can book tables at a craft fairs..or simply enjoy your new-found hobby.

I have so many classes saved on my Skillshare account and I’m slowly working through them. I’d like to master ( or at least get confident at) calligraphy, SEO (fun fun fun) and typography. Here’s to a creative 2017, why not join the journey? Every week I’ll post something on the blog that’s creative. You can join in too by leaving links or photos in the comments! Let’s get creative guys!



bowie-bowie-bowieTo say I was devastated when I heard about David Bowie’s death is a understatemnt. I can’t believe it’s been a year.I have always had a special place in my heart for him, and always will. I’ve loved Bowie from a young age and gave myself the mission of when I was in college to start collecting his lps…they were surprisingly hard to find, and sometimes still are, I bonded over the love of him with a guy I fancied back in college..and play Bowie frequently to Archer now, which he loves to have a dance too. So as I sit here listening to some of his classics, I thought I’d look on Etsy and see just how influential he was. THere are so many different Bowie themed things on etsy, and here are just a few of my favourites..especailly the doll…I think the Bowie doll is awesome.


1. Labyrinth Card, Etsy , £2.99   2. Bowie tea towel, Etsy, £10.99    3. Bowie cat coasters, Etsy, £28.00  4. Bowie pin, Etsy, £10   5. Bowie trooper mug, Etsy, £6.99   6.  David Bowie print, Etsy, £10   7. Starman baby vest, Etsy, £10.99  8. Bowie doll, Etsy, £76.45


Hope you all having a lovely Tuesday, and playing some Bowie too!




Well we are already a few days in, and I’m doing my best to stay on track with my goals, if you have no idea what I’m talking about this should fill you in. But anyway I’m trying hard to stay on track even though I’ve been struck down with the flu. I spent most of the time in bed yesterday due to having a temp and generally having zero energy. But I still managed to do some work.


I’ve narrowed it down to two wallpapers for the spare room, to add to my experimental decor theme..which ones do you guys prefer?


Oh the choices. I’ve never really been a fan of wallpaper, and I hated the stuff even more when we brought this house due to the horrific wallpaper everywhere. But wallpaper can be great for  adding a statement wall, or to add some texture to a room, so I’m slowly being converted. After looking around the standard wallpaper sites and getting a bunch of samples, everything felt a bit same old, I didn’t want a wallpaper that 10 of my neighbours probably have in their home, I wanted something fresh and colourful and especially botanical…we all know how much I love a good cactus, which is when my search led me to etsy. They have so much choice regarding the theme I was after..too much choice it has taken me like 3 months to narrow it down to those two. It was just perfect. Remember guys never settle to just get the room done, always wait until you find that perfect element that’s going to make your room.

So I said I’m going to be more organised with the house regarding decorating and general house to house stuff. I’ve completely rearranged the cupboards more efficiently and taken stock of all the food in our kitchen..you think I’m kidding…im not, I got an app and everything. Then I found out about these fridges. There are smart fridges that people can buy right now which come with all sorts of gadgets and gizmos. This is so ridiculous I kind of want it. It has like a smart screen built-in, with a camera so you can see whats in your fridge, shopping list app, drawing app, you can stream whatever your watching from your tv onto your fridge…crazy stuff, oh and it all syncs it all to your phone too. It’s crazy to think where technology is taken us. I remember the excitement when I was little when we got a fridge with an ice machine on it…little things guys little things. If you like all this tech-y stuff there are blogs like Smart Future that are great resources to find out the latest and greatest technology advances that people are adding to their homes. It’s kind of handy especially as it doesn’t just do the elaborate gadgets like the fridge, but also looks at the thermostats like the nest and the hive. Which me and Richard are considering getting.


Anyway, my organisation has taken me from the kitchen to the office, as I’d like it to be done so I can start using it properly. Richard is currently building me some storage, and I just need to find a place for everything, and do some kind of feature wall…it’s all a bit too white at the mo..I’m not sure what exactly to do, I think I’m going to paint something, maybe a confetti wall or geometric? This one above my Oh Joy is insane, but I’m not sure I can pull something like this off, especially as I’d be painting onto wooden slats. But I’m in love with all the colour and shapes..so pretty. I think the office is my next priority with the house, once that’s done I can clear about 40% of the house out of crafts, paper and general fun things to put in my office. Also as much fun as it is working from the sofa or my bed ( like I am now), I think I need to have a separate place which is inspiring and full of creativity where I can concentrate on doing great content for the blog, and save my poor house from confetti explosions.

So there’s my update so far, and if your thinking what about the whole body positive and self love…well I did some yoga the other day, which I really enjoyed, and due to me being poorly I just chilled yesterday, but if you follow me on Instagram, I’ve been posting some fun instastories where you get to see me in all my beauty…mostly look rough and poorly, but I’m making an effort to document my life more..with me in it. Not bad for 3 days in! How are all your goals going?



2017 GOALS


Happy New Year everyone, god how is it 2017 already?! I have to say I love New Years, the idea of a clean slate to start a year fresh with new goals and a chance to reflect on the past year.

So looking back at last years post, I didn’t end up marrying Richard, we decided to postpone the wedding because, well-being new parents is tough work, and buying a house, which ended up needing a lot more work then we thought..kind of felt we had done enough big lifetime events for one year. But our wedding is booked for this year…by Novemeber 18th I will be Mrs. Sanders…eeek!

Regarding my organisation, I think I did pretty well in the personal department, birthdays remembered and posted, all appointments made and attended, planning of wedding started, and house DIY’s going well too. In the work department…not so much. I saw myself get a lot more sponsored posts this year, which sadly took over more then my own posts, which to be honest I’m not all that happy about..last year for the blog, worked well financially but sucked creatively, and so this year, I want a total makeover. I’m planning a re-brand, some new content and will only accept sponsored posts that I have time for and I feel fit Wooden Flamingo. I don’t have this blog to make money, it’s for fun and creativity and I lost that this year.

So here’s to hoping I can organise my work life now!

So getting healthy, I had my ups and downs, I started walking a lot more, which has been great for me and Arch, but having an active toddler, and a husband-to-be with a super busy work schedule, and no family about..it’s hard to find time to get everything done, but I’m slowly carving out a routine which I’m hoping will help!

Let’s look to this year, I have a few goals I’d like to work towards.

Being Happy; This one may be the hardest, when I say be happy, this isn’t me saying I’ve had a rubbish year, because I’ve been so lucky, and I’m so grateful for things that have happened this year. It’s more of a reminder, a daily reminder, to not stress about everything, to enjoy the little moments with Archer, and to be kinder to myself. With a wedding happening, I’d like to be more comfortable with myself, I don’t tend to like having my picture-taking, but since I’ve hired a wonderful photographer for the big day, I think it’s about time I start getting use to being in front of the camera, and for me to get over hang ups about my body, and to be happy in my own skin..so expect some selfies..because I’ve got 11 months to work on some self-love..

Creativity; Like I said above, the blog is going to have a re-brand, and I’m going to make it my mission to infuse more creativity into my daily life, and bring you guys the fun content that the blog has been lacking this year. To help this along, I’m making it my aim to learn a new skill this year, hopefully via a workshop or class…any ideas of what I should try out?

Organisation;I mastered birthdays and Christmas ( had 98% of my  Christmas shopping done by November) but I’d like to organise my life, work outs, cooking (I’ve already taken inventory of the kitchen, sad I know) , house projects and rather importantly the blog. Plan shoots, plan DIY’s and finally execute all the ideas running around my head for projects on ETSY.

I’m looking forward to more crazy decor ideas for the house, wedding DIY’s and fun shoots! Here’s to another hectic and busy year..I wouldn’t have it any other way!


Well 2016 was hectic to say the least, I can honestly say it’s been one of the hardest years of my life. But there have been some pretty big highlights too. Firstly our little guy Archer turned 1 in July, this was pretty amazing, not just because me and Richard have managed to keep another human being alive for a whole year, but just because it’s crazy how fast the year has gone and how much he’s learning every day.

archer-cake-smashThis is from the mini cake smash we did for his first 1st birthday, even looking at this picture and him now, in the last 5 months he changed so much..I mean he’s got like a full on mullet now for one..


Next up we brought a house, which was a super big step and one that we completely under estimated. Turns out our house is a money pit, due to the previous owners but we are getting there slowly, so far we have finished Archer’s bedroom…every other room is like a third done. Let’s just say next year is going to be one filled with tons of DIY.


I did some super fun posts this year too, like our day out at the lavender farm.


DIY Confetti frame

We also did a couple of fun DIY’s like this confetti frame. 

I had planned lots more fun posts this year, but not going to make up excuses, having a baby is hard work, especially with no family near by and a partner who works shift patterns, but I’m slowly getting the hang of this parenting malarkey and so next year will be epic!


Another highlight was that we postponed our wedding this year to next year due to way too many big life events happening and not being organised at all. But we did find and book our venue, see a sneak preview here. So we will be getting married next year in November! eekk


I feel like the blog has really suffered this year, I did a lot more sponsored content then my own, which sucks really because, I don’t do this blog to make money, I do it as an outlet to be creative, which strangely enough I havent been much this year..so this year is going to be radicalised…and all will be revealed in my New Year’s post.


Until then.

Have a Happy New year, and thanks to all of you who keep coming back to read my mumble jumble x








My god was Christmas hectic this year, we face what every other couple seems to face, how to split your time between the family and the in-laws. What makes ours a little difficult is the fact that neither family live near us or near each other. Mines are over 2 hours away and Richard’s are just under the 2 hours. Cue an excellent idea from yours truly to host the Boxing day Sander’s Christmas to cut out at least 1 day of travelling.

You see we have a system in place with all of my siblings, where we alternate between the families who we see on Christmas day and Boxing day. This year we were at my parents, so we then decided to host the Sanders at ours..

Note that at the time of offering, we didn’t have a table or a flooring. So the last couple of months have been tiring to say the least. Another thing I should mention, is that both families are rather large. This year including all grandkids and siblings…and my gran, we sat 17 people for Christmas dinner…yup! So hectic, we had to borrow 3 long tables to put in the living room because the dinning room can’t house everyone. This is 11 adults and 6 grandkids ranging from 2 weeks ( tiny Molly the new addition) to the twins who are 4 1/2.  Crazy! I’d put a pic up, but my camera died, and alas I don’t have any pics from the Carter xmas…so sad I know.

Moving on to the Sanders Christmas, so because we were hosting, I obviously wanted to go that extra mile….so I did a fancy table scape, and wanted to do guests packages (though richard said that was a bit much) but I still had my table plan..

christmas-dinner-table-setting-interior-stylingI wanted to keep with a blue and gold theme, with some greenery added in. Annoyingly I brought some fresh eucalyptus and foliage for the table, but left it back with the Carter’s, so I did a bit of foraging, aka quick pit stop at the co op and used some misletoe, minus the berries. Wasn’t quite the impact I was going for, but it balanced off the gold and blue nicely.

So I’ll do a quick round-up of where we got our stuff from. I originally got a 4 set gold cutlery from Next, but it was rather expensive, then I came across another set which consisted of 6 sets, for less, from Argos. Though I’ve just looked at it’s now £35..was £20 when I got it. But the Argos ones can go in the dishwasher, the Next can’t. Both set’s are super pretty though. The plates were a big investment, but it’s rather nice having matching plates, and enough to feed a small army. Our plates were from Habitat. The table runner was in a sale in Sainsburys for £2…bargain I know and the 2 gold candle sticks were from Wilkinsons and cost £3…bargain. I used plain white napkins, and had a few table gifts..and that was it.

caligraphy-table-names-dinner-plate-setting-interior-stylistSo we managed to create a booth which could sit 10 adults comfortably, and we had the babies in the corner. We had 12 guests in total, so not quite as hectic as the Carter’s but pretty close.  My future brother-in-law is super savvy at calligraphy, so I got him to do some place cards for the day..check out his instagram here..

christmas-tree-decorations-baby-christmas-bubblesBut overall we had a very lovely Christmas with both families, we were all spoilt, and are now recovering from eating our weight in turkey…no rest for the wicked as plans for exciting shoots are already in plaec for next year..

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas x




So it’s taken me forever to do this post, because well Christmas happened, and the run up to Christmas was super crazy. Cue illness, nightmare toddler and trying to build a booth to seat 10 people for our second Christmas with Richards family on Boxing day. So time escaped me, but I’m super excited to tell you about our mini trip to Warsaw.

So we just went for two days and it was completely baby free..but being in a different country was super difficult..I missed my little guy so much, but it was nice to have some time to ourselves, because you kind of forget your life before kids…like going out past 7pm and not worrying if you both get completely wasted or sleep in past 7am.

So Richard planned the whole thing, I know crazy romantic and a complete surprise to me, and thanks to his friend from work, we were able to stay at her mum’s  apartment while she was over here (which was amazing) and were given some tips of where to go etc..

So it was freezing..but if your thinking of visiting Poland, I’d highly recommend Warsaw, and going at Christmas was truly magical, there were just lights everywhere.

So here is what we did, first off we went to Old Town, where there was a mini Christmas market, and little stores. So this little area is truly beautiful, if you’re looking for instagrammable places, here is one for your list. The buildings were just beautiful and quaint and lots of different colours, and me and Richard both remarked how clean Poland was…like I honestly didn’t really see any rubbish on the floor or anything like that. Was just a lovely little place to have a wonder.

In Old Town there’s a building next to a church, where you can pay 5 S which is about a £1 to climb up a lot of steps…to get to a viewing deck. This is worth it, my legs were shaking by the end, but I’d do it again in a heart beat for the view!



This is the view, isn’t it just incredible totally worth me having burning thighs for the rest of the day..some serious house goals right there…love the little skinny pink one.

couple-mini-break-child-free-cheap-poland-warsawStandard selfie from above..FYI it was seriously freezing..so if you go around December pack some layers people!

After we walked around Old Town, we then decided to walk to the Palace of Culture. Which took us about an hour or so (with lots of stopping in shops). This is a must. They have a viewing deck which is 30 floors up…and don’t panic there’s a lift. It’s a little more expensive being 25 s each, but that’s still only about £5. We timed this one carefully, as I wanted to get up there to catch the golden hour, (just before sunset) and to get some night photos too. Luckily there’s a lovely coffee shop at the top where you can stop for a bite to eat while you wait for the sun to go down to take your second loop of the viewing deck for some night pics. This is a must to truly get a sense of house beautiful Warsaw is.

museum-of-kulture-poland-warsaw-mini-break-cheap-viewing-deck-must-see-touristCatching the golden hour, how beautiful is this, you can just about see the sheer amount of pink in the buildings…I was in love!


museum-of-culture-30-floors-up-viewing-deck-mini-escape-cheap-trip-poland-warsawTaken from a different side, showing the city at night, take it from me, make this a must stop if you plan to go to Warsaw, and go up about 40 mins before sunset to capture some beautiful landscapes.

Also as a side note, the decor inside the Palace of Culture is very pink and super modern and amazing..


museum-of-culture-christmas-warsaw-poland-travel-mini-escape-cheapThe impressive building from the outside, am a bit in love with that green, and you can get an idea of how pretty their Christmas lights are.


Back to the pretty buildings, there was so much pink everywhere…I had a theory that maybe they mixed the colours of the flag white and red…but Richards friend Klaudia ,whose mums apartment we were staying in..says the pink doesn’t mean anything…but still stupidly pretty. Here are some serious house goals..





poland-warsaw-pretty-houses-interior-designJust look at the blue hues with the gold detail…I mean I was crushing hard over some of these buildings.

pretty-buildings-picture-esq-instagrammable-places-warsaw-poland-old-townSo much pink!

pretty-buildings-beautiful-architecture-landscape-mini-break-cheap-poland-warsawOld town was just full of quaint little buildings and alley ways leading to hidden treasures, could have spent another day there exploring.


So after we did the Palace of Culture, we got a tram back to Old Town to eat some perogies (amazing) and to take in all the pretty Christmas lights, including their huge Christmas tree below. Now reagrding transport they have trams and the metro and it was about 22s (about £4) for a 24hour ticket, which would start from your first journey, so if you got the ticket at 11am, it would last til 11 am the next day. Plus the system was pretty simple too.


Look at that tree! So many lights so much glitter…kind of puts our Trafalgar one to shame a little…well especially this year..

perogis-poland-warsaw-must-eat-amazing-old-town We ended our last evening eating our weight in perogies (from a vendor cooked in front of us)  then made our way home, stoping to pick up some more perogies to cook back at the apartment. Which was a minimalistic decor dream…with some serious bathroom goals

just look at this tub.


Crazy stuff! So that was our trip, it was beautiful, cold and crazy colourful. We walked til my hip literally hurt from the cold as if I had become 80 years old, and I brought some rather unusual keepsakes…a pink wooden horse we have called Jeremy and some fluffy boots for Arch..it’s a place I’d love to return too, maybe when slightly warmer so we could take Arch, but definitely put this one on your bucket list guys.

Tomorrow i’ll do a little Christmas update, hope you all had a lovely Christmas though!


Ok so let’s be honest we all love the idea of painting our room a bright colour, or trying out that new trend, but when you don’t have an endless budget to spend on your decor, how can you update it or experiment with your style without it costing a fortune. Also not to mention what if you hate how it looks? We are currently in the middle of trying to renovate a house on a shoe string budget. I’m constantly trying to find new ways to achieve my dream home without spending a fortune or dampening the quality..which pretty much equals to the renovation taken ages and a hell of a lot of elbow grease doing the jobs that would be so much easier, quicker but obviously more expensive to contract out. Note that we aren’t stupid and we have hired plumbers, electricians etc…ain’t noboday can DIY that shit themselves…believe I know due to the idiot previous owners. Moving on.


Your home should be a reflection of who you are. But decorating can be overwhelming, and it’s very easy to pick the safe option. Especially when it comes to colour. Painting a wall can be nerve-wracking, especially if your choosing a colour outside your comfort zone, it’s costly, there’s a;ways a chance you might not like it, and so forth. What I will say to you, is that if your going to bite the bullet, but end up hating it, give it a couple of months to really see if you like the paint colour. Worst comes to worse, I say you can never go wrong with white, it’s clean, a blank canvas,, plus you can then add colour in accessories. But if painting the walls just proves too much, take a look at removable wallpaper, which is super cute, semi permanent, and adds colour subtly. I love this wall paper above, kid of want to put it in my laundry cupboard..


Ok so a great way to update your decor, or to do your own take on that new trend is DIY. Even if you’re not crafty, some DIY’s are stupidly easy to do and they can really make an effect in your home decor..pom poms for example, so easy to make, you can literally buy a little device like this one here, which is super helpful, and you add colour to your home decor for hardly anything.


DIY feature wall can be done so easily on a budget, if you’re looking to use a range of colours (id say 3 colours is a good combo) sample pots are a good way to go, lots of colours, cheap, and you won’t have a ton of paint left over.


You can spruce up your old items by upcycling them. Love the metallic theme but not the price tag, by some gold spray paint and have some fun with it. Charity shop buys can be made to look amazing with a lick of paint and some tlc.

You can look into interior design services if you’re looking for something drastic but worried you can’t pull it off, though this isn’t overly budget friendly.


How super cute is this? I love the idea of having pom pom art on the wall.

The above are some more fun budget DIYS for your home decor, these are so fun, so take a few risks and try something a bit different. You might just end up creating a unique and  wonderful place to live.






So next week me and Richard are off to Poland for a couple of days minus Arch. It was a surprise from Richard to me for our 5 year anniversary/Christmas..to say I’m excited is an understatement. Though I know I’m going to miss Arch crazy amounts. I miss him when he’s been with the grandparents for a day, so being out the country is going to be a big step…but I’m so looking forward to spending some time with Richard and exploring a new city!

So we are off to Warsaw, and super lucky that a friend of Richards is letting us stay at their place, saving us a bunch of money, which will probably be spent at the Christmas market!

Something you forget when you have kids, is the idea of both parents leaving the house after 7…we don’t have family near by, and I feel Arch is a little young to be left with a babysitter, which means most evenings me and Richard stay in…so just the idea of going out in the evenings, eating out past 6…walking and exploring..I seriosuly can not wait! If any of you have any advice or suggestions drop me an email. I know we are pretty close to Old Town Market Place , and I’ve done quite a bit of pinning to find some good spots, but any recommendations welcome.

My next mission is to pack for both of us, for 2 days, in a cold country, with no checked in luggage..so pretty much in 2 back packs..


wish me luck!


We have done the men, and we have done the women. Now for the most important our tiny humans. Here is our gift guide for kids. 20 ideas for under £20…I love doing kids gift guide, products for children nowadays are so stylish. Like I’d wear some kids clothes if they did them in bigger sizes you know!


Hopefully these will fill you with some ideas.



  1. Make your own penguin kit, Not on the Highstreet, £16.99   2. Moon light, Trouva, £11.50   3. Kitty pencil case, Trouva, £20.00   4. Unicorn Head printable DIY, Etsy, £8.79  5. Frida Kahlo little people big dreams book, Trouva, £9.99   6.Lucie Kaas Bordfolk egg cups, Trouva, £12.95                   7. Princess surprise cone gift box, Trouva, £12.99   8. Cactus print, Trouva, £10.00  9. Baby sheepskin booties, Trouva, £20.00  10. Chalkboard colour in t-shirt, Not on the highstreet, £20.00   11. Scratch mittens, Etsy, £5.70  12. Flatout Frankie little roar head, Trouva, £18.00  13. Shark bait fizzy sweets, Trouva, £7.45  14. Days of the week hair clips, Trouva, £4.50  15.  Personalised childs baking kit, Not on the Highstreet, £13.50          16. 3 toy race cars with personalised cotton bag, Not on the Highstreet, £14.99  17. Wooden dinosaur, Trouva, £11.95  18. Carpenter’s belt with wooden tools, Trouva, £12.99  19. Personalised water bottle, Etsy, £9.00  20. Reindeer backpack, Trouva, £16.50

Such cute stuff! this is my last gift guide, but stay tuned for some fun last-minute Christmas DIY gifts, and fun wrapping paper too!