Given the amount of choice of materials and inspiration these days, it is surprising how many people just opt for the safe and bland kitchen look. 

On one hand there is the ultra modern look which seems like a kitchen that is never used. Keeping all those white and reflective surfaces clean must be a nightmare. The other side of the coin is the shabby chic look. 

From blank canvas to drawing board.

You could be working from scratch and why not! On the other hand, these things always work better with a budget. So if you are redecorating your kitchen, this also applies to you. A budget means you won’t get distracted and, more importantly, you won’t run out of funds halfway through the project! Use the standard units and bases you already have. To be honest, you don’t even have to change the doors. You could simply give them a coat of paint or even a stencil design and some flash new handles.


 Sheer luxe

The focus here will be the main areas of the kitchen that we see and use. They, of course, are the worksurfaces, splashbacks and any upstands. There is so much colour and variety in laminate kitchen worktops these days. Use stunning colours and textures here to make a kitchen ‘sing’. If you combine all three areas, then you could have a fabulous colourful panorama that will boost your kitchen drama.

  Apartment therapy 

It doesn’t have to be too much. Use plain natural materials. Floor tiles, slates or laminate timber work well. Have a practical down to earth floor that will allow the features of your kitchen to provide all the interest.

  Apartment therapy

Accessories can make a lot of difference.

Apartment therapy 

Personality comes in through the personal touches. These are the battered chopping boards. They are the chef knives displayed on racks. They are in the vases and flowers. They are in the ragged tea towels and all manner of wooden utensils. They are in the cook books that are dogeared and have sauces sticking pages together!

Don’t hide these things, they are objects of life and beauty. Why not make a feature of your spices? Bring out the garlic and hang it back up. Show off with the antique scales and brass bottomed pots and pans. Let yourself live in your kitchen. Make it a passionate and personal space.

Fill your kitchen with light, colour and life and it will repay you as a soulful paradise that makes you feel good and want to cook in. Combine today’s sleek technology with your personality and you really will come up with the kitchen of your dreams.


Ok so as we approach valentines day, I thought i’d share some cute DIY’s that I found in various spots of the web. Some of these are great as last minute ideas and ones thatwon’t break the bank. Its the thought, not the price!

enhanced-buzz-13895-1391402207-12Buzz Feed

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heart-cake-popsAnd A Mummy Too

Candy-Corn-ValentineLil Luna

FREE-printable-valentines-19Lil Luna

Printable-bread-wrappersCute DIY Projects Luna

whether your spending the day with a loved one,family or having a night out with friends! Happy Valentines day to you all!

Building your babies skills 

Maybe every parent holds a secret desire for their little one to be the next best at anything. As parents, we are convinced that our children are talented and going to shine! But getting them involved with sport and ball sports, in particular, is good for them whether they end up representing their country or not.

The fact is sports that encourage balls skills are brilliant fun. They also give children a great sense of achievement as well as dexterity and coordination. Encouraging your little ones to get their hands on a ball as soon as possible brings big rewards.
A whole lot of fun

Any form of playing together is about bonding, and it starts way before your children can even walk or talk! It’s that first smile that sets you off as a parent. It’s the best reward in the world. You then notice their eyes light up when you play favorite games. It’s not too long before any family are enjoying the games that start to help eye and hand coordination. There’s no Dad or Mum, who isn’t completely charmed as their child starts to find their feet and the delights of trying to kick and throw a ball.

Real physical benefits

There’s nothing more most children enjoy than time spent throwing or catching a ball. Whether it’s a tennis ball, football or basketball, similar skills of coordination are developed. Hand and eye coordination are core competencies in life, and there is no better way of encouraging them than working with a little catch and throw.

The same applies to the brain. As a child starts to plan where a ball will go, he or she has to use considerable mental powers to make a complex process come together. These are great stimulants for development. The actual ball sport is not too important. But obviously, one that utilises footwork skills such as football is going to bring more all round coordination.

All the research points to the fact that the earlier we start to introduce these games as fun challenge the quicker the skills will develop. Racquet skills are another example, and tennis, in particular, is a sport that encourages a sense of hand to eye co ordination.

The Importance of Practice.

As age develops sport becomes a bit more competitive. Practice becomes more relevant. Learning the importance of dedication and practice can be a great attribute for a child. It teaches them that life can be hard, but that it can be rewarding.

As a parent, you want to be able to pass on lessons about determination and the real benefits of not giving up. A dry lesson would just over their heads, but ball sports, in particular, allow them to get a real sense of verifiable gains. A ball in the back of the net or a hoop, gives a real sense of satisfaction.

Team work

There is no better place for a child to learn about responsibility and shared fun than by being a member of a sports team. There are big rewards here, and it can help a child to find his or her feet socially. That means that they will start to learn to contribute and learn that it is far better to play a useful role in a team than be the star! Teamwork is a great learning ground for being a member of society. Socially being in a football, rugby or soccer squad is a great groundwork for friendships later in life.

Rewards for effort.

There are few prouder moments for a Mum or Dad than to see their child collect their first trophy. If you are involved with a team at whatever level, you can really make small faces shine with rewards for effort. From best players to best team and everyone in between. Football trophies from Premier Trophies give you a great selection to choose from. Those trophies and medals are emblems of real achievement that will stay will your son or daughter for ever.

Celebration time

One of the great moments of being on any team is the chance to celebrate together. That doesn’t even have to be a victory. An end of the year of season celebration could be a big day out or family style picnic or BBQ. It’s just a great way to bring families together and appreciate the shiny-eyed kids running around feeling a sense of pride.

Eccentric Inspiration

51afc1a974c5b60f490007f4._w.540_s.fit_Apartment Therapy

I’m not the kind of person to play it safe for home decor. Even though I like that minimalist Scandi-chic style, it can be a bit too minimal for my tastes. If you’re going to decorate your home, you might as well bring some of your personality into it. I like to see a bit more eccentricity in people’s homes, and I wouldn’t want ours to be without its various bits and bobs. An eccentric home shows that you don’t have to conform to the latest trends or go along with everyone else. It shows you’ve put a lot of thought in too, and spend time on something you’re passionate about.

Get in Some Unique Art

506b0c3674c5b64b1d001220._w.540_h.737_s.fit_Apartment Therapy

Adding art to a home is one of the best ways of injecting some personality, in my opinion. Art comes in so many different forms and styles that there’s something for everyone. Maybe you like modern painting, classic statuettes or funky textiles. Whatever suits your taste, putting some unique art in your home will immediately lift it out of the ordinary. I love the range you can find at Quent Cordair Fine Art. You can find highly realistic paintings and beautiful sculptures to add to your home. Somes I like just seeing what I can find in a random shop, and even in charity shops.


Collect Things from Your Travels

tumblr_nnzq9uiYZh1tuwdc7o1_500Apartment Therapy

Most people love travelling, whether it’s to the other end of the country or the other side of the world. I love seeing what people bring back from their travels. Displaying things from your travels allows you to show off parts of your life. They’re memories and not just random objects that you’re dotting around the house.


Use Handmade Items

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Any regular readers will know I’m not afraid of a little DIY. So I’m obviously a huge fan of displaying handmade items in your home. If you think you don’t have any DIY skills, you can buy them from people like me. But I encourage other people to have a go themselves too. If you make something yourself, you can inject even more of a personal touch into whatever you make.


Theme Your Home

tumblr_lssynpMasX1qlwg31o1_500Deja vu you

I love the idea of using themes to make a home more unique. You could pick a theme for the whole property, or you could do something different in every room. It’s an excellent way of finding inspiration to do something different in your home. The theme could be inspired by a country, a design period or style, or even just a colour.







All I can say is thank god it’s Friday! I’ve had a long few days with little Arch being poorly, Richard working long hours, and just the daily drama of life, so I’m looking forward to having a fun weekend! Anyway to the DIY. I have seen tons of the dipped vases DIY’s out there and I thought I’d try and mix it up a little!

Marbled, neon and bursts of colour are big trends at the moment, so I thought i’d have some fun filling glass bottles with a mix of paints creating a marbled effect.

So this is what you need:

Glass Bottles; I went for a variety of sizes, but whatever you have lying around the recycling will do

Paint; I experimented with acrylic first, but then ended up using standard house paint (the joy of tester pots)

A syringe




Ok so obviously wash your bottles thoroughly, and make sure all the labels are off and let them dry.

You will want to lay your cardboard out, and maybe get a little pot to put your paint in. I put about 2 tablespoons worth of paint in the pot, then mixed it with enough water to make it that little bit more runny! You can either add the different colours separately, or pre mix them in your pot like this.



I found it easier, and cleaner to syringe the paint up and put it in the bottles. Once the paint is at the bottom have fun twisting the bottles to get a desired pattern. Then just repeat with other colours. After you have got a desired effect, slowly tip the bottle to get the excess paint out of the bottle and let it dry upside down! It’s so simple, and can make some really effective patterns! And your having something that looks a bit like this.

marbled-dipped-bottles marbled-dipped-bottle-blog-diy-crafts

You can use these bottles for fake flowers, or just as a decorative piece on their own! It’s so simple, and a great way to add pops of colour in your home!

Wishing you all a lovely weekend!!



These days storage space is so important at home because we seem to have so much stuff! Trying to find clever ways to add more storage is key on my list! Me and Richard are currently house hunting, and having extra space and sufficient storage is high on our list! Especially with our new addiction who comes with a truck load of things just for him! 

When you’re choosing a home for your family, your undoubtedly have certain credentials your looking for. Big kitchen nice garden etc. but I think storage should be one of them! Yeah it’s kind of boring, but take it from someone who’s vacuum lives in her living room because there’s no cupboard to put it in. Storage is kind of essential!

 If your home has a loft space, then this will be an absolute godsend. Use your loft for items that may be seasonal! Clothes, decorations, sporting equipment! You can even use it to store away things you no longer need (baby stuff) but might need again in a few years! If you don’t have a loft space, you’re going to have to be a little more clever with storage.Check out for ideas for storage solutions in the home that you can use if you have no loft.

Garages are great storage areas! Especially for equipment like tools and machinery, or bikes that you won’t necessarily want in the house! Also if you have an internal garage attached to your propert, why not convert it into another room. A study or a playroom. This giving you a whole extra room to play with! If you visit, you can choose the ideal door to front your garage. The garage is the perfect place to help you store important things that you want to keep but don’t use very often.

 Ok so now we have taking obvious storage areas! Let’s look at some unique and slightly more fun ways to get some extra storage in your house! 

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  Buzz feed 

  Buzz feed 

I’m totally loving these under stair ideas! Just look at all those books!! 


A house deserves to be lived in. It deserves to feel like your own little sanctuary. Close the door behind you, and forget about the outside world. Enjoy time with the family, unwind after a long day, and – most of all – love the space you’re in. That’s what makes a house a home.

I love to create things for the home, and turn my four walls into a personal space. It’s your own small part of the world to call home, why not make it special? In this post, I’m going to take you on a journey through the various tricks and techniques you can use. By the end, I hope to fill you with countless creative ideas! You can even add to the list yourself by giving me some tips of your own. Use the comment section to let your creative juices flow!

Without further ado, here at the many, many ways you can turn your house into a comfortable, lovely home.

1. Use colour wisely

  Refinery 29

I love to experiment with colours throughout the house. A simple tin of paint is all it takes to give the home an entirely different feel and ambience. This can be done with painting the walls, furniture, or just by using colourful soft furnishings.  Bold accent walls help create a statement, but having a basic white wash on your walls gives you a blank canvas. This is great if you have bright furniture, which really stand out against the blank white walls! Also great if you rent! 
2. Share your experiences


A house becomes a home when you fill it with your personal experiences and memories. Take this opportunity to place photos of your travels and explorations around the house. We are all a product of our life experiences, and everyone is unique in that way. By translating those experiences to your home, you create a space that is uniquely yours. Use family heirlooms and trinkets picked up on your travels to decorate the space. Frame an old letter from a relative, and fill the home with photos and memories.

3. Express your personality and hobbies

In a similar vein, let your personality shine through all over the house. If your passion is music, pay homage to that with your decoration. Try framing your favourite records or creating a bookshelf full of old vinyl. Let a piano take centre stage in your living room, and put your record player or stereo in pride of place. You can do the same with books, and turn the house into a library. Whatever your passions, personality, or hobbies, let them shine through. Creating a home is all about feeling comfortable in your own space. 

4. Make your own rules!

 Apartment therapy 

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably scanned hundreds of interior design magazines. You’ve read all the blogs, and tried to follow the latest trends. But, I realised the truth about interior design: there are no rules! You don’t need to follow the latest trends to make your house a home, you’ve just got to do what feels right for you. Forget what the magazines are telling you. Choose the colours you love. Don’t worry about clashing or mismatching furniture either. It’s all about your own style.

5. Soft furnishings

For me, a house becomes a home when you fill it with blankets, cushions, and throws. A good rug always works wonders too. These soft furnishings help add texture and warmth to the entire house. It softens the harsh and sharp edges, and gives everything a softer touch. You can also snuggle into them at the end of a long day, and feel at peace with the world!

6. Look for unique furniture  The design files

Forget the flat-pack furniture, and let’s head off the beaten track. Visit a flea market or find a vintage furniture store. Find unique items that have a history. Choose chairs and tables that are full of character and personality. A little wear and tear means they’ve had a good life, and they’ll keep serving you well! You can do the same with rugs and soft furnishings. Find things that no-one else has!

7. Flowers and greenery  Source

This is easiest trick in the book, guys! Lots of greenery instantly brings a house to life. It breathes some fresh air into the room, and injects a burst of colour. My advice is make friends with the local florist or flower market sellers. Visit them every few weeks, and pick up something fresh for the house. Greenery softens up cold spaces like bathrooms and kitchens, while flowers bring life to your bedrooms and lounge areas. So simple, but so effective.

Interior designers rarely reveal their secrets, but one thing I know for sure is they always use clever lighting tricks. The lighting will entirely change and shape the ambience and feel of your house. My number one priority is installing dimmer switches in your overhead lights. A bright overhead light is just too much, especially in the winter. I like to create a cosy, soft glow instead. You can then set up small task lights (like lamps and spotlights) around the room. Finally, use candles to decorate the room with flickering light. Perfect!

9. Smells

Your house is never going to feel like a home if it has a funky smell! You want your home to smell delicious and fragrant. Choose your favourite scented candles and diffusers, and dot them around the house. Make a habit of lighting them every day, and making that smell a part of your family home.

10. Warmth

A cold house is never going to feel like a home. It will always have that chill in the air, and you’ll never feel comfortable. That’s why I always put home heating at the top of my repairs list. A smart home heating and cooling system is a joy to live with! In the winter, I can crank up the thermostat, and get cosy with the family. In the summer, I can bring the temperature down with the cooling system. You’ll never feel at home if you can’t get the temperature right.

11. Tame the garden

If you’re lucky enough to have a back garden, then treat it well! It’s a wonderful luxury to have some grass and a small patio area. You can let the kids run free, while you enjoy some time out in the sun. Try to keep the lawn trimmed every couple of weeks, and make sure the flower beds are kept in check. Invest in some good-quality garden furniture, so you and the family can sit out on a summer evening. It gives the house a bigger sense of space, and it’s a great way to entertain guests.

12. Indulge yourself

You should be able to enjoy and indulge yourself in your own home. Don’t feel guilty about filling the house with your own personal pleasures. Take the plunge, and buy the expensive quilt and bedding. Install jacuzzi jets into the bath, and get yourself a heated mat for the bathroom. It’s these little luxury touches that give you a warm fuzzy feeling in your own home. If you love gaming and films, treat yourself to a big-screen TV and sound system. Stop feeling guilty in your home, and indulge yourself.

13. Make it practical

We all have different daily routines and lifestyles. Make sure your home adapts to that, and helps out. Your house will never feel like a home if it doesn’t suit your lifestyle. If you’ve got a lots of children who all need feeding before school, make sure your kitchen is big enough. If you work from home, create a practical space for working. Make changes that suit your daily routine and lifestyle. If the house feels like it’s working against you, you’ll never relax!

14. Entertain

A house starts to feel like a home when you can show it off to your family and friends. When you fill it with people and life, the house seems to adopt its own personality. You start to feel proud of it too. Make memories, throw a dinner party, and play with the kids. You need to give life to the house if you’re hoping to turn it into a true home.

Phew! That was a long one, guys. But, thanks for sticking with me, and I hope I inspired you! Have you got any fantastic ideas you can share with me and the readers?



Ok so our DIY for this Friday, is quite possibly the most simple thing ever! Like anyone can do it. All you need is some glue, balloons, a frame and some coloured card.

Here is my inspiration.

tumblr_mstbsudbrm1sw080uo1_500White Girl Blog

joelsonbugila-9The Fox Is Black

tumblr_mq0s50qey71r6w3qso1_500Alex Reynolds

Ok so this is a piece to have fun with. I picked a dark blue card which contrast lovely with the yellow ballons. I went for a minimalistic approach and to the point. But why not try out different shapes, colour…anything! Its ridiculously effective, and so simple!

So I got my frame from IKEA. I mean where else hey! I went for scarpbook card as it was the right size, and I just got your bog standard balloons! SIMPLE guys!


Enjoy guys!



Everybody needs to use the bathroom at various points throughout the day, so spending time to make it luxurious, will be to your benefit.

1. Turn It Into a Wet Room

Why not turn your bathroom into a wet room? If you prefer to take showers, this could be perfect. You won’t need to worry about getting water anywhere, and it’ll be so easy to clean. Having a wet room can take away many struggles of having a bathroom. Creating it can take time and cost money, but it’s usually worth it!

2. Make Sure Everything Matches


Having a luxury bathroom is all about making sure everything looks good together. Make sure things match! Have matching towels and robes. Have matching bottles for your lotions and potions. By coordinating accessories, your bathroom will look much more luxurious.

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