Easter Weekend. Up-cycle Inspiration for a Busy DIY weekend

So I am very much looking forward to the long Easter Weekend. My plans you ask? Well with Richard having the Friday and Monday off I am looking forward to getting the garden started and finishing off some much needed DIY up-cycled projects. I have a couple of dressers around the house which need a bit of TLC and we have a set of chairs which we need to finish for our ETSY store.

I am looking forward to doing some much needed yoga on a newly cut lawn, and just generally chilling. I have a list the size of my arm of things that need to be reviewed, finished, put on Etsy and so forth. But hey it’s a holiday. I have been in a bit of a funk lately. With craving sugar ( I shouldn’t of had that brownie a couple of weeks ago) and just generally feeling blah, so I am looking forward to spending a weekend at home with Richard, chilling in our little abode and getting covered in paint while doing up some loved pieces of furniture.

So lets start off with some pin-spiration on dressers





 These two are so beautiful and so delicate, I’d love to do something like this for one of mine. It will never be as good, but it would be a personal touch of my very own. The colour choices are genius, I love how the second has an almost clash are art deco and floral themes.

These are from Sans Parapluie




 I love the subtle blue ink like design on this piece. It almost looks like an indigo dye.

This piece is from Hummingbird Tumblr.

DuluxXLMFF_BLUE3 - Copy

 I love the blocked colour paired with the natural legs. This piece is from the Design Files.

So I am totally attracted to bright colour and patterns, as you may know from my previous pin posts. I want these dressers to be statement pieces, I love the idea of block colouring one and maybe designing a pattern for another.


So lots of pattern ideas. I like the idea of using African and Bohemian influences.



I just love love love this. The colour, the shapes. Everything


kira-cph.dk Web-1-l0086

I’d love to go somewhere like Morocco and stock up on beautiful textiles for my home.



I don’t think you can ever have enough baskets. The colour, the patterns, I am just in awe. I would fill my house with these beauties.


So we have some patterns and colours inspired by Africa, now for some clashing of textures and bright neon colours from a more bohemian theme.


I love the pink chairs, paired with different rug textures and colours. I’d love to have a house full of rugs, but they can be so expensive and sometimes so unoriginal. That’s on my wish list to go somewhere like Marrakech and buy some beautiful rugs for my home..This image is from Love is Speed blog. There are some beautiful pictures on that site, so do go check it out.


I love how playful this room is, I am pretty sure I had a rug like this when I was little. It was probably one of my brothers and it went with the toy trains we had. I love all the little details on show, and the pictures. I like it when homes are filled with interesting trinkets to please the eye. Why go somewhere where all the belongings are hidden away?



I’d love to have a chair upholstered using an old rug. Plus how beautiful is that tree bark table?? DIY project?? I think I’d like to maybe frame one of my many scarves that I have collected over the years from a variety of places. I couldn’t find the source for this image. If it’s yours let me know and I will credit it.

studioJan2014 (17)

 This is my dream. To have a breathtakingly eye-catching gallery wall. A mini exhibit of my inspirations, loves and life.  It’s a very religious theme, but needless to say the layout and mix match of colour, sizes and textures makes it stand out. I’d could look at this all day.


Sorry about all the pictures. If you too have been in a funk. Take a breath, go for a walk, plant some seeds, do a drawing or have a fancy cocktail. Or do some yoga on a freshly cut lawn.


Have a lovely Thursday x

Fashion for curvy women. Plus size problems.

Ok so I did end up having a lovely weekend, even though the morning had me nearly in tears in the middle of Chelmsford. So straight to my rant. What’s the deal with the curve fashion, or lack of it. I stupidly left myself two days to get an outfit for London. I ordered a couple of dresses from ASOS but felt they weren’t right. Being as one looked like I had been squashed into a balloon and the other like I was off to a funeral. So Richard decided we would go to Chelmsford early before getting the train and pick up a basic dress and a pair of shoes. Easy right?

So being a size 18, I was already limited to certain shops, H&M, New Look and Primark do bigger sizes  at a reasonable price. So I hit those shops first. What I was greeted with was 2 rails of clothes in the H&M curve section. Of which most of the items, were white shirts in a few different forms. There were two skirts, one of which I tried on which was pleather. Horrid to say the least. FYI if you have a few bumpy bits, tight fake stretchy leather never looks good. I tried on some jeans from the sale, paired with a tank top. Was hardly going out fashion. But I was willing to do casual.But the fit wasn’t good, and the tank top was shapeless. But never mind, I pootled on to New Look. Surely they’d have a bigger selection…

Now what I want to know is why is it assumed that people who are plus size and curvy want to wear baggy floral tops or tight red meshed dresses. There is just no in-between. The curve range at New Look ( in Chelmsford) resembled a 50+ boutique. Completely fine for curvy women who are at a  mature age looking for an elegant look. Not for a 25 year old who wanted somthing simple, or slightly cute for a night out in London.It took me 5 minutes to go through the whole curve range, and that was me checking through things twice. So I went on to Primark. Not my first choice, I have no problem with Primark it’s just the que’s and overall hectic-ness of it stresses me out. After sweeping through the rails of clothing, nothing caught my eye, that I could wear. The 2 pieces I found led me to a que which nearly led out the store for the changing rooms,so after finding a small corner I  quickly pulled them over my clothes. It wasn’t good.

That’s when I admitted defeat. Stood in Primark with tears stinging in my eyes, red in the face from trying on countless outfits and Richard reassuring me that what I was wearing looked fine. I’d like to admit I hadn’t had much sleep and was starving. Which led to an argument of my consicous. I wanted to eat, but felt I shouldn’t due to the situation I was in. Which escalated my overall bad mood.

It was a horrific feeling. Trying to find an outfit and the knowledge that some of the beautiful clothes on offer wouldn’t fit me and the time limit didn’t help. It’s ridiculous that I went to a busy city to find an outfit, and was left feeling devastated and frustrated at the offer of choice that was available. The annoying thing was that I swear when I went into H&M the other week there was more to offer… Why is it when you need something in a hurry it’s never there.

So. While wearing an old t-shirt dress, we went back to H&M. I brought a basic black skirt in a large, to put under my dress to add some layers to it. I purchased some black velvet pumps and a deep pink bag with a gold tassle detail. Richard brought me a flamingo comb, and a new make up pouch (to cheer me up, which it did a lot.) and we went on our way.

Maybe sticking to ASOS is the only solution. Or maybe,  Chelmsford doesn’t need the size variety so they don’t stock the shops. Who knows. Lesson learnt, Next time i’ll give myself more time, and look online first. So for funsies I thought i’d have a quick look and found three possible outfits within 10 minutes that I’d love to have worn. Here they are. Though most don’t fit my budget that I had. Although my mother ( a day late) did offer to get me an outfit. Which was lovely, so she ended up buying my shoes, skirt and bag. Lovely mum. So if I could have a re-do ( and no money budget) these are my three outfits I would wear. Well not all at once, but I’d order them then pick one. (unlimited imaginary budget remember).


Outfit 1

This is my favourite and costing a total of £98 it’s the most expensive choice. Typical. We have the dress coming in at £45 the clutch is £18 and the shoes £35 all from ASOS. I like bright colours, and the purple clutch and the shiny neon of the shoes would suit the tiny flecks of colour in the dress. Plus I like to clash a little, never be afraid of experimenting with different colours and textures. Plus how cute is this combo. *ill start saving now..*

Outfit 2

The dress is New Look for ASOS and is £14.50 in the sale. (where was this beaut on Saturday?)  the clutch is £18 and the shoes are £19.99 again New Look for ASOS. So this outfit is simple but classy. With the pop of colour with the clutch I would pair this with some bold jewellery.  This outfit came in at the cheapest costing £52.49.

Outfit 3

Is kind of a dream world goddess look. The dress which is in the sale at ASOS is £17.50, The faux fur clutch which is incredible, comes in at £35 and is the most expensive bag out of the three. It adds a fun flirty aspect to the outfit. I’d quite happily pair this clutch with the other two outfits too. The shoes just combine the clutch and dress together keeping the clean palette with a pop of colour. This outfit costs a total of £80.

Ah well maybe next time I go out I will get one or two pieces. I love the first one. You can’t go wrong with a bold pattern and shiny shoes. Note to self. Always give yourself more time and don’t leave Chelmsford high street as a back-up.

Would love to know that I’m not the only loon who went through this?… Anyone?

Have a lovely Wednesday, I’m spending my evening buying some soil to start our garden and an Easter egg. (just a small one).

Weekend Antics round 2. The Coal Hole and Leicester Square

So my weekend started off rocky, so rocky that I nearly didn’t bother going. But I will talk about the horrid morning that was my shopping another day.

Lets talk food, yes I am still doing my healthy eating, 10 pounds down, although I feel I have lost some of my momentum. But anyway  so thanks to the lovely Pat and Bob (Richards parents) we were treated to a meal at the Coal Hole on the Strand.

Now this old fashioned pub, placed next door to the Savoy, is a treasure. With a warm welcome, old dark wooden tables and hidden alcoves, it was a lovely spot for a bit of lunch.


When we went in, it was completely packed but we found the little staircase down to another dining room, which soon filled up quickly after we sat. I love all the shapes and details on the exterior. Also how nice is that typography?



A quick picture of where we were before it filled up quickly. Right behind me was a little alcove, which was packed full of 10 people celebrating a birthday. It looked so cosy.



Our starter, calamari was delicious. Me and Richard shared this generous portion, of which I was pretty full before even getting to the main and thats a garlic lemon mayonnaise. I am not ashamed to admit, I may have dunked my finger in the sauce once of twice…after we had finished the calamari..moving on.


The mains. I went for a grilled chicken burger, which came with the most amazing skin on chips and coleslaw. It was cooked to perfection and paired with a sweet BBQ sauce. If your a burger person get this.  It took me a while but I nearly managed to finish the beast.  Richard went for a rib eye steak which was cooked rare to perfection. He polished this off nicely while drinking a local ale. He was very happy, and I also managed to get a sneaky pic of him too.

chicken Lovely-Richard


Ah I do love him, and it was such a nice day. We went walking around Covent Garden, Trafalgar Square then ended in Leicester Square for two of my favourite ladies birthdays Alex and Letty! Letty is below, I didn’t manage to get a pic of Alex, maybe she was hiding. We spent the celebrations on the balcony of Ruby Blue over looking Leicester Square with cocktails in hands. Was a lovely evening.




I look rough, but it had been a long day  of walking. In new shoes none the less. I know I know rookie mistake.

My shopping rant will come another day, I leave you all to enjoy your Tuesday evening.

52 Week Drawing, Body Part Illustration

Ok, so this is late yes, but it took me ages, and then it all went wrong. So it’s a bit messed up so it’s abstract…. It’s not exact, so random tubes maybe somewhere they are not meant to be. So if your studying Biology or medicine, I’m sorry, but you can’t use this as an exact replica of a human heart…

Next week it’s draw a place… Now calm down. Hold your excitement…. But do join in and leave a link!



P.S Hope you all had a good weekend. Tomorrow I will tell you all about mine.




Spring time outfit. Sister fashion Style’s

Ok so the weather is lovely so I thought I’d bring my sister back for another selfie outfit post. I have my cycling outfit, which kinda makes me look like I should be on a gondola…It’s no lie that I love H&M’s hareem pants for cycling. Paired with a striped top (charity shop buy) and my quilted denim jacket from ASOS makes it a breathable outfit to cycle around in.We can’t forget my green Cambridge Satchel, which sits proudly of my bike basket.  I definitely need some new shoes though..



Aren’t you just living the caravans in the background? That’s what you get when your boyfriend works as an engineer in a industrial park..so picture-esq. Not sure what stance I am doing either…awkward much..


Ok so I change into my ASDA red skirt and another striped top from H&M. I am really loving stripes at the moment if you couldn’t tell.I quite like to wear block colour mixed with a pattern when I am out and about, This skirt is such a nice red and has a cute lace thrill bottom .So I think I am channelling Italian and Parisian styles today, with my stripes, red and white sock combos..  Plus ignore the hair, I have a serious case of helmet hair going on. There’s just no way of taming it.

Me and my sister are very different, not just in style but body shape too. I wouldn’t say that we look similar but when you meet us we have some very similar mannerisms. Plus when we do see each other, we fight quite a bit. More often then not on her lipstick colour choice… FYI I hate beige lipsticks she loves them. But hey she’s 19, I let her off..But this outfit is one of my Spring time looks. Colourful and light, perfect for sunny days.


Ok sister here. With the sun blaring in the sky I now return (even though I still wore them throughout winter) to my favourite piece of clothing; the crop top. I have a draw full of various different crop tops, I don’t know what it is about them that I love so much, but as soon as it’s warm enough to wear one without having to don it with a jacket, they are whipped out. I suppose I love the freedom, I love for my stomach to have a breather and get a bit of a tan, seeing as I am whiter than Casper the friendly ghost, getting a tan is a priority in the summer.








When I was frolicking about in London with one of my best friends she was chattering about these trousers that she had seen on someone famous on instagram. My best friend is one of a kind, bless her, and she had made up a name purely because the picture of the star was walking off a plane she calls them plane trousers. They are hands down the comfiest things I have ever worn in my life, breezy, able to do anything you please in them (including the splits I might add) and they look quite cute too. Because it is a rather defining pattern I decided to just pair it with my plain white crop top. Cute, rather plain, but overall a comfortable look for me.

Just to also stick by my last post I’ll quickly tell you about my London clubbing outfit.





It was a bit out there, it did attract a lot of attention and maybe, just maybe I admit it, it was a little bit revealing. I’m not going to lie, I absolutely LOVED my dress. It was a plain white, quite a low neck line and it was a tiny bit see through, but hey when you’re drunk and in a dark club nothing matters. Plain black heels, a statement gold necklace and London wasn’t ready for me. I think I’ve rambled enough, enjoy this gorgeous day however you please!


Have a good weekend all,

Sophie & Abby


My favourite pins of the week to get me out of my funk

So today has been a bit blah. I can’t feel my butt due to cycling to work on an old bike. Cute and vintage it is, comfy..not so much. (sorry for the over share). On another note I have spent my day hunting for a dress for my weekend plans. It’s not going well. £25.00 budget and its to suit a fancy lunch and evening out. So much choice.

So to get me out of my funk I have browsed the lovely world of Pinterest and here are some nice pins that may brighten your’s and my day.




Zipped lip. Can’t go wrong with clashing pink and red.


I love this so so much. Spooning. Done by Brookman Harris.




A freaky pattern, I wouldn’t mind a pillow in this pattern or a quilt. How much is too much of a pattern?




Gah I just love this..




I’d love to use smoke bombs in some of my photography. Just look at that colour.





I want these pots. How cute would they look with plants in them?? From Gorman.






You can’t go wrong with a pineapple wearing sunglasses. I want this image framed on my wall.


I leave you with the pineapple wearing the sunglasses in bed. Have a lovely evening all, and tune in tomorrow for mine and my sister selfie style. When I should be out of my funk.





Italy Wish List for me and Richard

Ok so yes Italy is 3 months away, but as every girl knows it’s good to do a bit of advance planning. With my weight loss going steady I think I might save up some pennies and treat myself to a new outfit, or few, for Italy. I am totally in love with ASOS Curve selection. Sometimes it’s quite hard to find a selection of plus size clothes which tick all the boxes. But ASOS hits that mark every time. Which is why I do most of my clothes shopping at ASOS.



1. Rucksack,  2. Anklet,  3.Culotte,  4.Nail Varnish,Peach Melba,  5. Bangles,  6. Bikini,

7.Lipstick, So Chaud,  8.Dress, 9. Jelly Shoes,  10.Bag


I have always loved clashing colour and textures, especially at uni, my outfits might have turned a few heads (and not always in a good way). With matching floral leggings and gold sequinned circus jumpers, I had no fear. Now I am coming up to 25, my style has changed.It’s a bit more tame. Especially in the last year, with me moving to a small town in Essex, I tend to only wear my more ‘out there’ clothes once I have left my small town barriers..

Now with my new healthy lifestyle I am looking forward to fitting into some of my old classics, and matching them with new pieces.

I am so excited about Italy. It will be the first time me and Richard would have been abroad together ( for a vacation) and the whole family is going to be there, so looking forward to spending time with the family, and my crazy little twin nieces too.

So to my wishlist.

1. The rucksack, From Accessorize is too cute for an effortless, I travel a lot look, for the plane journey. (that’s a look, I promise)..

2. This anklet/toe ring combo is awesome. I love anklets, and this beaut from ASOS would look great for a casual look down.

3. These daisy red culotte’s are so adorable. I love the idea of having shorts, that flow. Yes flow is a good word, breathable, effortlessly swishy… I would wear these with flats with the anklet above, and a plain tee. Perfect and casual for exploring Rome.

4. As I said I like to clash, and this Peach Melba nail polish from Barry M on my tootsies while wearing the Jelly Sandals would look divine.

5. The bangles, are a great way to add a pop of colour. They are from Accessorize too and would look great paired with the bikini from ASOS.

6. The bikini, which I love, but not sure I would wear. ( In the name of Bridget Jones, I still have quite a few wobbly bits). Who knows though, in three months, there might be a new me. I love how sexy this bikini is though, and from ASOS Curve range, it’s a flattering shape.

7. Can’t go anywhere without a bit of lippy. Now I don’t tend to wear much make-up, let alone on holiday when I will be in and out of the pool or walking round in extreme heat. But I do love a bit of lippy and with MAC you can’t go wrong. I love this orange blush shade, So Chaud. A perfect way to add a bit of colour to an outfit.

8. This dress from ASOS Curve (are you sensing a pattern) is beautiful. I love the greens and floral pattern and mixed with heels or flats can be interchangeable from night to day in a second.

9. The jelly shoes take me back to when I was younger. I am just in love with them. Simple. (From ASOS too)

10. And finally a fancy bag for evenings. Slightly smaller, but chic enough to make an impression. From Accessorize. I’d love to get this bag as a small day alternative to the rucksack. Plus I just adore that colour.


Now to Richard. Richard is an engineer so his job is very hands on, so he quite enjoys wearing smart clothes out and about. But for Italy he has made it clear he wants practicality. So here are his wish list items.




1. Rucksack,  2. Swim Shorts,  3.Cargo Shorts,  4. Boots,  5. Sony A6000


1. This rucksack from ASOS, is amazing and would fit all the stuff Richard likes to take everywhere. Laptop, camera, book, sketch book, food, The works. Plus, he can carry tons of my stuff too.

2. Now I really like these swim shorts (ASOS) and to my surprise Richard quite liked them too. I love that washed out blue colour. The delicate polka dot pattern is so cute too. I mean manly.

3. I have noticed that men’s shorts are getting shorter and shorter. Like hot pant short. Richard is a little pale, (his words not mine) so he’s not into showing a lot of leg. Or thigh as some cases may be. So these are perfect. Manly length, lots of pockets and would go perfectly with the rucksack and boots. Plus I love a guy in cargo pants. There’s always a spare pocket for your lipstick to go in. But seriously guys. Hot pants? Is this the new trend?

4. Now Richard’s shoe collection consists of a couple of pairs of Converse, smart going out shoes, and a smart pair of boots. So I think he needs a few more casual options. It’s good to have variety no? I really like these boots, which are practical and stylish… Richard liked them too which is always plus.

5. Now the most expensive item on the agenda. We both want this beaut as my big Nikon is sometimes a bit much for taking around every day. And after looking at the specs, we are convinced. This might take a lot more then a few months of saving pennies. But it’s a great camera, which has the same creative control, but in a small package.


So thats my wish list for Italy. I haven’t even began to think about books. That’s probably a whole post just on it’s own. So we are going to Tuscany, about 2 and half hours away from Rome. So if you have any tips, or places to eat, do, see please leave a comment.


Ciao x



Flat iron (Butlers) steak, a great cheap alternative

Warning: Vegetarians and people who don’t like where their food comes from may not want to read ahead.

Sophie can’t have much red meat these days, so its all been turkey mince and salad, which is lovely but sometimes nothing beats a good piece of steak! I’m hopefully traveling to Texas later this year for business and am already planning my menu which will include the largest steak I can find.

Recently I saw a cooking show about meals on a budget, it went through the cheaper cuts of meat, and which ones can be used for steak.  Flat iron is the American name and Butlers’ steak is the UK name. It is from the shoulder and usually best for roasting or braising. However if cut correctly and the tough sinew removed it becomes a really rather delicious steak served best at medium rare, any more and it goes back to being tough.

Readily available out in the USA but here it was much harder to find, I decided the best place to start was my usual place to buy steak, the local butchers. The local abattoir/butchery sells amazing meat at very good pricing, its all locally reared and killed. This makes the meat very eco friendly as its not been driven or even flown hundreds of miles to get to my plate. It also supports local business and I know that the animal has had a very good life up until, well you know. However, although he was very helpful and friendly the butcher had never heard of a flat iron steak. I put my hunt for the steak on the back burner as I thought if I couldn’t get it there it wouldn’t be in many local places.

Very surprisingly on a quick top up shop in Morrisons I found the elusive flat iron steak, they must have had people asking or be very ahead of the curve. It was definitely much cheaper, I got a substantial steak for about £5 which in rib-eye or even rump would of cost upwards of about £15-£20.

Seasoned with my secret steak rub, so secret it’s listed here! and taken from the amazing www.foodwishes.com. Cooked in a cast iron griddle pan so hot it instantly got amazing griddle lines. Then barely cooked, much closer to rare than medium. It was amazing and would definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good steak, and if you don’t enjoy steak: 1) Why have you read this far 2) Go buy this steak and realise what you have been missing.

I’m sure now its available in supermarkets the butchers will catch up, and as it becomes more popular the price will increase. But until then ill be enjoying this, when Sophies not looking, as an amazing and cheaper alternative to my regular rib-eye/rump. All this reminiscing of steak has got me hungry so I better go cook something for dinner.

Picture from My Daily Morsel - Found via Pinterest

Weekend Happiness at Broadway Market. Favourite thing’s to do in London

So we go up to London pretty frequently and we have a little ritual now that we do on a Saturday morning, before I start work.

It’s Broadway Market.

Ok so our first stop is always The Cinnamon Tree Bakery. We are making our way through trying the delicious treats on offer. The brownies are heavenly. The caramel and sea salt cookie is divine and our latest try the caramel crumble flap jack. Genius. Using organic ingredients, and also doing some gluten free options too. You can’t go wrong. So if you find yourself in Hackney on a Saturday! Go and indulge in some mouthwatering treats.



Just look at that crumble caramel invention..



The market sells a selection of fresh breads, produce and quirky items. We tried for the first time Romeo Jones pesto and Italian meats. Which partnered with our French stick  from the local bakery and tomatoes went together prefectly. They also did a large variety of cheese and other deli favourites. We have a wish list as long as my arm of things to try from that stall.


Richard, drawn in my the smell of meat brought a hot dog, well a bratwurst sausage to be precise from the German Deli Stall. Paired with sauerkraut, ketchup and a spicy mustard. He was happy. I had a bite. Unbelievable.




So while Richard was tucking into his bratwurst, I went for the more dainty, low fat option. A piece of marshmallow. Now this little piece of marshmallow was worth the £1 price tag. With a variety of flavours, I chose the peanut butter. It melted in my mouth, paired with the little crunch on top. It was a glorious treat to tantalize my taste buds with. The genius behind this little snippet of wonder, is The London Marshmallow Company. I have these guys pinned for possible wedding ideas.

Now I know what your thinking, that’s a lot of food. But it’s great to snack on it all day… Anyway the market opens at 9am and goes on til about 5ish. We get there around 11, and are still able to pick up our favourite treats.

But food isn’t just the attraction. Another one of my favourite stalls is the local flower market and vintage clothing stall. I could spend hours at the market. Taking in the floral scent, perusing through years of texture and patterned clothes, and there is always entertainment, with singers, and general people watching of the variety of people who walk the Broadway Market Street. We even got a glimpse of Russell Brand last Saturday out jogging. Richards Highlight of the day. So that’s one of our favourite ways to spend a Saturday afternoon. Go check it out next Saturday.








52 Week Drawing. My favourite book

I had no problem deciding what book I was going to draw, I just wasn’t sure if I was going to do a copy of an edition or make my own up. So I kind of did both. The book I chose has had it’s cover re-done countless times. It is  an ultimate classic.

I read the book nearly every Christmas, and when I lived at home I used to watch it with my Mum every couple of months.The book I chose to do was Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. It is completely and utterly my go to book and I never get tired of it. Here’s my picture.



It’s pretty basic, but then my copy of the book is simple. It’s pocket sized, and it’s a beautiful royal blue with Pride and Prejudice embossed in gold. It’s my mum’s copy which I never really gave back. But I treasure it.

I have seen quite a few versions, with silhouettes and intricate patterns going off onto the side. So I thought I would give it a go. I did a couple of silhouette ‘s using (of course) Colin Firth as Darcy and Jennifer Ehle as Elizabeth Bennet. They came out a lot better then I thought they would. The hardest part I found was finding good side profile pictures. I did a few different fonts, to show their indifference in the book. That’s also the reason why they are facing away from each other. Here I am giving you my artistic reasoning on a quick illustration. Sorry habit of an art degree student.

While I am on the subject of the  lovely Pride and Prejudice,I’ve wanted to join a book club for a while now and came across  A Beautiful Mess’s book club. The next book, which I just brought is called Longbourn By Jo Baker. I am so excited for this book to be delivered. It revolves around the lives of the servants of the Bennet House. So who knows what it may be like and I am looking forward to the discussion on their blog.

Back to drawing, pretty amazed I am still managing to keep up with this but for those who might be interested, or want to join, next week’s drawing theme is body parts. If you join in leave a link, would love to see your stuff. And as always, check out Paper Mama’s blog where I got the challenge from.

Enjoy your weekend

Feel free to email me with any questions at info@woodenflamingo.com or click the icons to follow us on the various social outlets.