Weekend Antics; Just chilling

This weekend, I spent some time with Richard eating good food, watching Wayne’s World and doing a little bit of shopping. Was pretty chilled and relaxed to be honest but I documented it, in instagram photos..plus had a little extra fun using A Beautiful Mess App. Pretty fun!!


Some confetti fun, this was all over the place when we went for a walk..I hope it’s biodegradable, but I love how confetti looks…


Some flowers at the market, how cool is this joint collage look. The app is awesome, so much fun to play around with. I am such a sucker for flowers…


Frozen Yoghurt with gummy bears and marshmallows? Was sooo good….and I am ignoring the calories…


Loving Kate Spade’s stationary, found it in a stationary store i’ve never been in before, so I was pretty excited with this!! I feel all important with my gold book, now I need a gold pencil and some secretary glasses…to take notes and look important and stuff…




Had Yo Sushi for the first time, was quite nice, pretty filling, but was an experience though!! Was nice weekend filled with lots of food…have been feeling a little pinky lately and although it doesn’t fit in my point system with slimming world, I think I needed it. Working at home is harder then I thought it would be, going a little insane, but new week…let’s see how this one goes!!


It’s a short post, but I hope you all have a lovely Monday..

Etsy Picks of the month

So I love Etsy to bits, but sometimes you can spend hours looking through to find that gem you are looking for. So I thought i’d share with you my picks of the month. Hopefully you can find some gems too!


I love this double sided wrapping paper from Eva & Anne, I made some notebooks with this paper, sooo beautiful! And at £5.58 for a pack of 3 sheets, bargain!


This notebook is so beautiful I couldn’t help buying it! It’s from Nikki Strange and cost me £4.99 with free postage! To add to my many other notebooks….


I love this bag, and it’s one of many different styles, they are just so cute!! This is from Modernaked.




I love love love this, it’s such a cool way to hang your jewelry up, and just in  time for halloween? extra prop, double the usage!! This is from Redwood Stonework’s and is £24.54.




This is beautiful, who doesn’t love a statement gold piece of art work? From White Nest and for £15.10, it would make a lovely statement piece for an office no?




I am in love with this wrapping paper, galaxy prints are really in right now, so why not spruce up your gifts with this beautiful paper. From Normans Printery and for £8.81 for 2 sheets of each design? You could be the wrapping queen of your social group!




I am in love with this bag, and its on my gift wish list to get!! We know my love of colour and confetti!! This is from Kindah and is £40.90



These gorgeous earrings are from White Nest too. And I have just ordered them!! I can’t wait til they arrive and at £5.03? You can’t go wrong.


There you have it!! Happy Thursday all! x

Geometric Coloured Cork Board Makeover

A really easy and effective DIY today to make your office, kitchen , bedroom or just hallway look awesome and organised. As you know my new office is still looking fab and is surprisingly still clean with no paint spilled, but what I needed was to re-invent my old plain cork-board. Honestly, I am so impressed (not to toot my own horn) haha with how this turned out, and so cheap too!!


What you need:

Masking tape


Selection of paints ( I used tester pots so it didn’t cost a fortune)


Thats it!!



So firstly I picked a colour for the background and one for the border, and painted the cork-board and the border, using those colours. I picked a grey and like a pinkish purple.


After I waited for it to dry I separated sections using thin masking tape, to make like a mosaic/stained glass effect.

I then spent a while..maybe like an hour, I’m clearly indecisive, to pick a few colours. I would recommend not picking more then 5 colours, I feel that maybe I should have left one off, but still I love the outcome. I also left a few with the original background colour too.


Then it’s simple just paint different sections different colours and make sure you wait for it to dry before taking the masking tape off! Honestly no matter how much you want to peak, wait til it’s bone dry.


Then I just touched up some of the edges up..and there you have it!


Simple, and a great way to give your cork-board a makeover. Then you just pin your inspiration and cute paper finds!!


Hope you like it!!

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Wedding Wednesday’s : Famous Wedding Dresses

It’s the one thing that makes your day, the dress that beats all dresses, that you only wear once, but remember for a life time. It’s a big deal, I am terrified about trying dresses on…not quite comfortable in myself yet to add a big white dress to it, but I do enjoy looking. And with fashion weeks gracing us this month, I th0ught I would look at some of the most famous wedding dresses of our time..

So we have firstly Jackie Kennedy Onassis, in her besutiful wedding gown which she wore when she married John F. Kennedy.

JFK and Jackie Kennedy wedding day


Made by Ann Lowe and using 15 metres of ivory silk taffeta this dress is elegant and gorgeous.Being a fashion icon, it’s no surprise Jackie Kennedy looked stunning in her dress. I love the veil and the off the collar sleeves..so quaint.




Another starlet who turned princess is Grace Kelly.  The dress designed by MGM’s Helen Rose which she wore to her marriage to Prince Rainer III of Monaco was just stunning. The sleeves the shape the veil, all says royalty and elegance, and still stands in history as one of the most iconic wedding dresses. So Iconic, you can’t help but see some resemblance’s of Grace Kelly’s dress in Kate Middleton’s dress she wore for her marriage to Prince William.



With the lace sleeves and high collar, even the shape, I’d guess that another Princess was a inspiration for this dress which was designed by Alexander McQueen’s creative director  Sarah Burton. Elegant and stunning. Perfect fit for a Princess. I love the lace sleeves on her dress. Just perfect.



Yes a fictional wedding of Blaire and Chuck from Gossip Girl hit’s my top dresses, I am in love with Elie Saab’s collection, but this dress, is just a dream..The shape, the cut, the lace, the blue…Dream dress. Check out his latest collection..it will make your heart flutter.



Audrey Hepburn wearing a Balamin dress, looking quaint and lovely as ever. The collar and the billowing sleeves, with the floral head dress. It’s feminine in every best way possible.



I love Ellen DeGeneres sooo much, and I love this picture of her and her wife Portia de Rossi at their wedding. both look beautiful, and the whole day looked amazing! I am a big supporter of love who you love marry who you love no matter the sex. So these two make my most famous wedding outfits list, because they are such beautiful people.




With all her style and class it’s no wonder Olivia Palermo wedding outfit ticked every box. Wearing an unconventional outfit which consisted of a cream cashmere jumper and white shorts and a full tulle skirt overlay. Beautiful. I love the casual ponytail and toned down make-up too. 

So there’s a few of my most famous wedding dresses I love of all time, I hope they may inspire you for some of your hard wedding dress choices!!

Happy Wednesday all! x



Pins of the month

o I have been browsing the wondrous world of pinterest, primarily at graphics, colours and text. Home work from the Blog Design 2.0 course from A Beautiful Mess. It’s seriously informative, and I am enjoying the homework of scouring pinterest..So starting with my awesome first bit of typography..which I am sure you noticed, it’s from the Daily Drop Can. The website features the amazing work of designer and illustrator Jessica Hische, and are able to be used by bloggers for personal, (non-commercial) sites. Awesome no?




I love all the colours and texture in this, circles are really in right now, I see them everywhere..haha but this is from Behance.



Looks like I seem to be drawn to the single letters at the moment..but I love this colour, I guess you can never g wrong with the simplicity of white on a colour background..I wasn’t able to find the source, so if you know email me.103142c0051c4766ff1ef9cf6514cc65

This is from Seen & Noted and I love the colour.. I know broken record Sophie…but I really do, I love how classy and feminine this looks. I also love the old typewriter graphics, the leaflet that came with mine, is beautiful, even as just an instruction booklet.


Another singular letter, but I am overly enjoying the 3d effect of ths cubism letter…big words eh? But I am trying to find colours to strengthen my brand..to much to have all of these? This is from Daily Drop Caps by Z Mahmoud Bachir from Designspiration. 


So there’s my typography pins of the month, I hope you are all having a lovely Tuesday…I am drinking my weight in tea, due to how cold it is…Autumn is now here…

Weekend Antics, Handmaid Fair and Kirstie Allsopp



So my weekend saw me riding solo to the Handmaid Fair, and as soon as I walked through those statement gates at Hampton Court the day had definitely started. So Walking through the gardens to get to the fair, I started talking to a lovely women who is very successful in her trade and pretty much took me under her wing, so much so, I didn’t need to queue to get in, I got to see all the craft sellers before the mad rush of visitors! Was pretty amazing. She pretty much stated it clear, what I need to do to make Wooden Flamingo excel, and pretty much told me what I am doing at the moment…is no where near enough….Harsh but very much needed. So I snapped a few pics, before the mayhem of the fair was started.




The wine bar looked amazing, me being the smart person I am, didn’t take any cash with me..I know seriosuly what was I thinking. So I drooled over the wine and food bars, I didn’t eat the whole day (nightmare) but a few crafters took card, so I did get myself a few treats. I know next time though, seriosuly just pick up some cash..even like a tenner.




So included in the ticket is a workshop of your choice and I picked to do Paper Cutting With Poppy Chancellor and it was so much fun! I sat with these three lovely women, who made the fact me being there solo ok. The workshop was sooo much fun, and we got to use these awesome scalpels from Hobby Craft too! I am going to be practicing my paper cutting skills a bit more, but check out Poppy’s site. She is so lovely and talented, I would utterly completely recommend one of her workshops!!

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Grapefruit Mint Fizz Cocktail Recipe

Ok so this is such a simple recipe, I like it as a refreshing mid afternoon drink, but you can change this virgin cocktail into something with more of a kick by adding vodka or gin.




So what you need:


Mint Sprigs

Lemonade/Soda water

Vodka/Gin (optional)

Cocktail shaker

Muddler/ Pestle and mortar

Lemon squeezer/juicer



Ok so its such a simple recipe. First thing first I cut the grapefruit in half, and cut round the rind to free the pulp.


I used a lemon squeezer like this and simply put the pulp in and squeezed out the juice..it’s so easy, a little messy but I found it easier then trying to juice it on a  manual juicer. Simply juice the grapefruit. One grapefruit will give you two small drinks. Then add the mint and crush it all together. I then let my juice sit for an hour to really let the mint sink in. This isn’t a necessity. After that I added it with some ice and lemonade to the cocktail shaker. Gave it a good shake, strained and poured.



Add a splash of vodka or gin to give it that extra kick. But that i it. I have been drinking these (virgin) thid afternoon and the mint goes so well with the bitter sweet grapefruit. I hope you like it. i tried it with both pink and red grapefruit. Both were delicious!! I think I may add some gin in mine tonight..





Wedding Wednesday’s : Wedding Stationary /08

It’s crazy to think I have been doing Wedding Wednesday’s for 2 months now. Are you guys enjoying it? Is there anything specific you want me to touch on? Send me an email or leave a comment.

I am really enjoying it, and looking forward to visiting some venues in the next month or so. It’s a little difficult as we are across the country from where we will be getting married so for a 3 hour + drive, ideally we are going to do like a mini road-trip of venues. Something I am so excited about. I feel like once we have a venue booked it makes it very real…you know?


Anyway the topic I have been looking into to today is stationary. I am a sucker for stationary, like I’d quite happily have a notebook for every hour of the day…Anyway stationary is such a fun topic you and your other half can talk about. It’s not just journals, although primarily that’s what I am looking at today. But save the dates, invitations, thank you cards, table charts and such!! Oh the stationary.  I brought a lovely binded journal from Italy which I have been making notes in, but there are so many cute journals out there.



This journal which you can get from Not On The Highstreet which is by Sloane Stationary is classic and clean. But costing £45 you may not be able to afford one for every hour of the day…



This wedding notes book from Kikki.K is awesome, and the rest of the stationary available is insane!! And they ship internationally! WOO.





This looks amazing, and from Etsy and at only £7.50, this pocket planner is perfect for little notes you might take along the way!





Another amazing Etsy find, which sadly doesn’t ship internationally yet (just the states) is from Haute Papier . A 3-monthly subscription service where you get paper goodies. Its looks amazing, and I await/hope of the day they ship to the UK. Great as a possible inspiration for wedding stationary.



Possibly a nice gesture for the best man? I think this is awesome, but I think Richards plan involves more beer and maybe a few emails. This is from Not On The Highstreet and is by The Green Gables.


From Not On The Highstreet too and also by Green Gables. This is a cute idea for maybe the maid of honour? Great idea for when your going to all the wedding vendors together.


I might be seeing a possibly DIY journal post coming on soon…ooo the excitement!


Speak soon




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DIY Lego Washi Tape Holder



Ok so I got a lot of feedback on my DIY Lego Washi Tape holder and a few request for me to try and explain how I did it so I thought I would attempt a tutorial. Ok so you don’t have to use my colours, the wilder the better, but these are the block sizes I used. Hopefully my instructions make sense, if they don’t email me and i’ll try my best to explain it better.








You need a flat base. I only had these 4 sizes, sadly it would have been easier if I had more then 2 colours, but these were the ones I had. So you put all the flat bases in a line together.


Next we need to secure the bases, so we grab the long flat blocks to do this. I put them centre to keep it even.



Add the beige ones at the bottom and the white ones at the top…if you can see them..


Next we start to build our sides. I went for the double block look, but this could always be achieved with the long 8 blocks instead. The pink is sooo nice. You can get fun colours from most lego shops. They have like and M&M thing going on where you can fill a bag with fun coloured blocks.



We add our sides to the base. Remember to keep it nice and centered.


This is our top. The black is the flat base bottom support, the white and grey the middle and the orange and red the flat base top support. To hold the washi tape it needs to be sturdy.I have lined the blocks where they go on top and below.



Arrange it so it looks like this.


These are our top corners. This is  a nice and simple bit I know.





Next is to attach it all together. The washi tape goes on the middle so just slide it on, before you attach it all together.









And there you have it!! A lego Washi Tape Holder. The more colours you use the better the outcome! If you do this please instagram it to me would love to see it!!


info@woodenflamingo.com (ask for Sophie, unless it’s a question about steak then Richard is your guy)

Twitter; Ramblings, and updates on us.

Pinterest; If you like colour, decor and food then take a look

Instagram; We seem to have a lot of pictures of eggs and food..

Facebook; We post new bits and competitions so check it regularly.


Weekend Antics, Diets, Anxiety, cake and the cinema.



Ok so this weekend, was adventurous to say the least. I started Slimming World last Monday. I hate dieting, but as I was struggling solo I thought I’d give it a go. It’s complicated, I might be being slow, but it’s complicated! I will find out tonight whether I have done it right this week I guess. but to add to my new week eating habits, I had the obstacle of going out to eat three times, and the cinema. Just to say it broke my heart not getting my usual pick ‘n’ mix, but the film Lucy wasn’t too bad. If you have seen Limitless, there’s a similar theme, but it was a good length, enough action packed scenes and who doesn’t love Morgan Freeman. Although there was a part where Scarlett Johansson cries, she’s a good crier, even had the nose dribble that people sometimes get. Yeah I remember the weirdest stuff from films…moving on!. haha Oh the picture? we know I love flamingos!


So I am doing the easy plan on slimming world, and I am more then confused that I pretty much have just been eating salad and eggs. :) good staple diet I know. I want cake. I tried to make these slimming world brownies, but I didn’t have any plane coco powder just mint hot chocolate. Note to self brownies made from natural yoghurt taste god awful with mint coco powder. Just don’t do it guys!


Eating out saw me eating chicken caesar salad with out cheese, croutons, with the sauce on the side. So a fun plate of lettuce and 4 pieces of chicken for me. Then I have breakfast the next day. Eggs benedict sauce on the side..yummy. then plain vegetarian sushi for dinner. I couldn’t eat with the others as the food hall didn’t really cater to my sliming world guidelines. I think thats the worse. Seeing people eat burgers and Taco Bell, well you wait drinking your gallon of diet coke, to then walk solo to Boots to get some sushi.

haha ok pathetic sorrowful moment over.

I am pretty busy with stuff at the moment which is great, keeps me focus especially planning for another craft show and job hunting which is a pain, so I am limiting myself to just an hour a day, otherwise I think I would go crazy!

I had a bit of a Oh Jeez moment last night where I was at a cross road and completely no idea what I was going to do. I pretty much felt like my world was falling and I had no control over anything.  You know?

So I have this thing where I can drive, but I hate driving, like it freaks me out. Before I went to Canada I drove all the time. Back and forth from uni and such. Then I went away for 5 months, I come back drive a little bit then I crash. Now for a car crash I was lucky. No one was hurt, in fact not much damaged was done at all. I just went into the back of someone at a traffic light. But anyway, I get my car fixed, I drive  little during the summer then I start my last year of uni. I leave my car at home as I shared it with my brother then it gets sold and thats it. I don’t drive again for like a year, not until I start driving Richard’s car or not really driving if I am to be honest. He brought his car and he’s very cautious over it, understandably which in turn gave me an even bigger complex. Like I can’t crash his car… Freaks me out. But I have loss some of my independence you know, which in turns panicks me even more haha. Bet I sound crazy!

Anyway my weekend was eventful, and I kind of feel better for getting some of it off my chest. Plus I have a big order to do today for a wedding which I am excited about.

I’ll let you know my results tomorrow for my first weight in.. scared much?? I am!


Speak soon all, and thanks fro reading! I appreciate every single one of you!