Wedding Wednesday’s: Wish List /04

With all the preparing for the craft show on Monday, I have been more then occupied with other things. My house looks like a unicorn has died in it. Colour and glitter everywhere. Anyway, I am not going to lie to you, I am no closer to planning our wedding, the venue and colours are still a mystery to me, so today I just wanted to have fun, and look at cute random ideas for weddings.


So here they are.



We all know my love of lego, and me and Richard already had this idea, but having the blocks that they stand on with names on, just takes it that bit further. This is from here.


Richard thinks these are cheesy, but I kind of love them, they could be shoes to change into for the reception.. This  from Wedding Chicks. 




A sweet bar is a must, look at all those goodies. Get them here.



I love this idea, it’s so sweet and would look lovely as a new piece in your home after the wedding. I got this from here. Plus you could get stamp pads that match your wedding colours…so special no?


This is so awesome, precise and to the point, and having refreshments during the ceremony which may be outside is such a cute idea!! And look at those colours and graphics… This is from Bridal Musings.


I love love love this idea, so sweet and unique, this is perfect for a winter wedding too, maybe put some faux fur coats in the mix too…this is from Bridal Musings too.


I am so doing this for the kids who are invited to the wedding, a nice way to entertain them during the day! Get the print out’s here at Something Turquoise. 


Who doesn’t love confetti and bursts of colour everywhere. This is from a birthday party but I am loving the balloons. See the post here.


I love balloons and I love this photo. It’s so simple yet so beautiful no?? This is from The happiest are the prettiest blog. 



I love this, I don’t even care if its cheesy. Get yourself two chairs do them up and this is a cute decor idea which I think will wow your guest and make them go awww.. haha. This is from Green Wedding Shoes.

So there are my pins for my wedding wishlist. At the rate things are going there is going to be a lot going on…probably too much, at our wedding!!


Speak soon all!!



DIY Confetti fun

There’s something special about confetti, the colour the shapes, the celebration! I have ben playing around with this DIY project I found here, at Best friends for Frostings, but making a few adjustments.


So I have made three different types of confetti straws today. The first using sequins and tissue confetti shapes, the second using bio-degradable tissue paper and the third using flower petals.


What you need

-Smoothie straws


-Confetti shapes


-Flower petals

-Bio-degradable tissue paper




So you staple one end of your straw as close to the end as possible, making sure it’s closed so no confetti will fall out.



Then you pick your colour theme.I went for a fruit salad like thing. Orange,yellow and pink. I am making table confetti first. You can use these ones to decorate your tables for celebrations, because it uses sequins and confetti which isn’t bio-degradable these aren’t suitable for throwing outside.

I got these big circles which are awesome from here, they are too big to put in whole so I have cut them into strips which looks super pretty. If you want to keep them whole, make an envelope like this one, and use that instead.



So we have our cut up circles, so then I added some yellow sequins. I put them all in this little dish so that they get a nice mix when they go into the straw.



I decided to snazz things up with some gold and silver squares, cut into triangles so they fit in nicely. Paired with some gold sequins and your ready to start filling up the straw.




So all you do is fill it up, I’m not going to lie to you, it’s a bit of a mission but the outcome is worth it.





There you have it, just staple the other end, and dip each end in PVA then glitter, to finish it off nicely.


Do the same for petals and bio-degradable tissue paper, which are fine for throwing outside, but always check with using the tissue paper, some places don’t like it!



I used rose petals, lavender buds, and chamomile petals for the petal confetti straws.


So there you have it, it’s pretty fun, plus they look insane as decorations alone. To disperse the confetti either cut the straw in the middle, or if your strong pop the end opens!


Socks, Thursday

Ok so it’s been raining quite a bit here, and it’s starting to get a lit cooler, I know, what am I saying it’s only August, but either way, one of the things I love to do when its cold and wet is wacking on some warm leggings, socks and drinking warm drinks…like lavender lattes…see the recipe here. But anyway back to the socks and yes before you say it I am totally doing a post on socks.



These were the more expensive of the lot, all of them being from ASOS.  These socks, are so warm and soft, and I think would look really cute with converses…no?


Slightly more glamourous, with sparkles and stripes, these look so cute with my jelly shoes!! Get them here. Plus they are on sale for just £2.


Pineapples!! gah I went crazy over these when I saw them! Get them here! You know you want them!


Bright blue socks, they are sooo lovely, and so so soft, it’s unreal. Get them here.  and they are only £3.50!!



So yes I may have gone overboard with socks, but they are soo comfy, plus it’s nice being all wrapped up especially as Richard is in Qatar for a week!


Hope you enjoyed my sock post, it will soon be icy cold, and socks look so cute over tights! I am soo excited to wack my tights and sock combo’s out soon!


speak soon


Wedding Wednesday’s: Colour Palette /03

Ok so I still have no idea on possible colours for the wedding. I don’t want to be pushed into a corner of using autumn colours just because of the time of year we are hoping to get married. I love blues and greens, but I want some warmth in there too. Gah it’s so exciting and there are just too many colours to choose from.  So here is where I introduce the awesome blog that is Color Collective. Which I am going to use to help me decide. So this site is run by Lauren Wager, and what she does, which sounds simple, but so  so so genius, is she takes images she likes from around the web, and provides the colour palette for them below… It’s amazing, it’s so effective and it’s crazy helpful. So I have spent all morning going through her website, looking for possible colour combinations that may prove to be inspirational for mine and Richards wedding.



So these are very much autum colours, I’m not sure about these combo’s but the peach, orange and yellow look lovely together. Image from Design Sponge. Taken from Apartment Living taken by Fernando Bengoechea.

15 emmafreemantle_01c

I love these colour’s together, possibly having the peachy/salmon as an accent colour? Bridesmaid in salmon?? hmm. This is on the maybe list for sure. This image is from Design Love Fest.


Slightly more cooler/autumn colours. I am loving the green and lilac together, this image was taken from Glamour and shot by Chris Craymer.


I do like pastel colours, but my only worry is….will I like them in two and half years’s a big commitment picking a colour…This image is from Down And Out Chic.

05 laurenmoffatt_spring2011

I love blues, thats for sure, and I quite like the idea of combining a few different shades..This image is from Honey Kennedy.

05 confettisystem_02


Pastels and peach…I think peach my be a certain colour in my mix, I seem to be really drawn to it…Image from Confetti System.

04 hanginggarland_01c

These colours are rather warm, with the mint green as an accent colour maybe…just picture the tassle decor.. it’s just to die for. Image from SFgirlbybay.


I am totally loving peach right now, with the blue too…gosh would be soo pretty. Original source of image unknown.

01a id_spring2011


I love love love this colour combo, my only worry…is it too much?? I think I may need to experiment with looking at flowers and extra’s in these colour choices to make my final decision. Image from I-D shot by Karim Sadli.


I got all these images from Color-Collective. 

So I have a few ideas on colour, no idea if there is a hidden rule on how many you can have?…..hmm. let me know what your colour scheme was at your wedding, or what you are planning to have?


Speak soon

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Pins of the week.

So it’s been a while since I have done a pins of the week, and now I am engaged, my addiction to pinterest has gone overdrive..but here are my favorites of the week


I love the colours in this, plus I am always a sucker for abstract paintings, I couldn’t find the source for most of these pin , so if you know please email me and i’ll correct them.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Ahhh just look at those pineapples, you just can’t go wrong with fruit. Source unknown…


This is in Portugal, I mean just how beautiful does this door look, the colours the pattern the decay… once again source unknown.






This is so simple, but so cool, we all know I am sucker for books…wonder if I could do this in the shape of an s… Source unknown.tumblr_n1ch0xhCFF1qk9famo1_1280

I have a bit of an obsession with patterns, especially fruit and body parts…I love this, I’d love this as a t-shirt.. This is from Rob Hodgson tumblr.


How eery is this, ink dots or watercolor…, so simple yet so hypnotic no?….just me? I want this in my collection.. This is from Emilio Nanni’s. 


Just a few pins I am loving right now, sorry for the short post, I am up to my ears in craft fair should see my house, it looks like a unicorn has thrown up everywhere…glitter, confetti sparkles everywhere!! I have a pretty exciting post coming tomorrow…wedding themed for wedding Wednesday’s of course!! exciting stuff!

If you know any of the sources for the images above, drop me an email so I can give the credit where credit is due! ta


Anyway speak soon x


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Lavender Lattes recipe

Ok, so I did a post on how to make lavender syrup here, and now I am going to show you a recipe for lavender lattes, which are becoming more and more popular.


Ok, here are the instructions for people who own a coffee machine. (with the espresso and foam milk spout). Add 1-2 tablespoons of the syrup to your milk and steam/froth it. You can add more or less depending on how strong you like it. If you have added the food colouring to your syrup you will get a lovely pastel purple milk.


Add 1 tablespoon of syrup to your shot of coffee. Pour the steamed milk into your glass, keep the froth to the end by blocking it with a spoon. Leave a small gap at the top, so there’s room for your coffee shot. Then pour your coffee shot into the glass slowly, so you get the layered look. Then top with a spring of lavender.



If you don’t have a coffee machine don’t worry, slowly heat your milk up in a pan, with the lavender syrup watching it doesn’t burn. Just simmer it do not boil. Once heated to your desire temperature, take off the heat.If you have an electric whisk of frother use this a little to add some bounce. If not don’t worry. Give your milk a quick whisk and then pour into your glass.

Dissolve your instant coffee in a little bit of water and add half a tablespoon of the syrup. Or if you have a cafetiere, use ground coffee and do the same.

With the instant coffee and ground coffee, make it quite concentrated into a shot. It might seem strong, but remember its going into milk. Then add it to your milk slowly. I have only tried with instant coffee once, and it was quite pleasant. But I would recommend using ground fresh coffee, and making sure you either do it through a cafetiere or strain it so not to get coffee grinds in your lovely latte. We have a monthly coffee subscription, so every coffee each month has different scents and tastes. It’s great, and our coffee subscriber Aroamaah is offering our readers 50% off their first order, see here for the details. 

You can add as little or as much as you like of the syrup depending on how strong you like it. I added 1 1/2 tablespoons to the milk and 1 to the coffee, and it was lovely.



After all that, enjoy your latte. Do you like my temporary set up on our dinning table? lavender in a vase on one side, lavender latte on the other. Such a calming scent!!


Happy Monday all!




Wedding Anniversary, 32 years

So today is a simple post, and it’s just really congratulating my parent on their wedding anniversary which was yesterday. They celebrated 32 years yesterday. 32 years! Now that is an achievement, the lovely thing is, is that they are still very much in love. I should probably take a moment to thank them for the last 25 years for everything they have done for me. But yes I love them both dearly, even with dad sporting that moustache.


my dad looking very young indeed.


My mum looking very beautiful, and how gorgeous is her dress? I love the simplicity. The lovely thing about these photos, which my dad posted yesterday on his facebook, is that a couple of them I had never seen before. Plus they were shot on medium Format Hassleblad. 6×6. Hence the square frame. I have used this type of camera so many times at uni, and it is truly beautiful that their wedding was shot on it. I’d love to have a few photos of mine and Richards shot on a medium format. You could have the negatives forever, and I could hand print our own photos.





Don’t they look happy. Here is wishing, if not a little belated, happy anniversary to my wonderful mum and dad.



And a quick photo of them in Italy looking just as loved up!


have a lovely weekend all!

Lavender Syrup recipe



So a few weeks back I decided to make some lavender sugar syrup to use in my coffee. I also tested it out in cakes and cocktails, which were amazing. recipes to follow sometime next week. It’s a very simple recipe, with exciting results so here it goes.


What you need

1 cup water

2 Cups of white sugar (I used caster sugar but I don’t think it matters)

3 tbs of lavender, I did a mix of fresh and dried.


Ok so you have your ingredients.


Pick the buds off the dry and fresh lavender and measure your ingredients  out.



Add the water, sugar and lavender together and bring to the boil, once boiling, bring down to a simmer. Let it simmer for 10 minutes, then turn off and let cool. How pretty does the lavender look??




I decided to pour the mixture into a little jug first. This made it easier to pour and strain into a jar or bottle.


And here is my mum straining the lavender into a jar. This stuff keeps for quite a while, I’ve had mine for 4 weeks now and I have kept it in the fridge. To make it fun, add a little purple food colouring so when added to latte’s and cocktails, it gives a lovely purple colour. This makes such a cute gift, and I will be posting some recipes over the next few days!!


So enjoy!!

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Wedding Wednesday’s: Budgeting /02

I suppose I should of looked at budgeting first, but oh well. So when I thought about weddings and the organisation and money that went into it, I honestly thought that this was all you needed. Dress, Suit, Venue, Cake, Food, Flowers. Wedding stationary completely left my mind, and obviously chairs, tables, table gifts, ceremony, caterer,decorations, chair covers too!! I know your probably thinking, jeez have you be living under a rock? The truth is I am the first out of my close friends to get engaged, so it’s a learning curve, plus my mum piped up and knocked some sense into me.

Ok so lets look at the facts.

According to Brides magazine the average cost of a wedding is £23,305. I took out the engagement ring from the budget, as in my eyes that’s already been brought., otherwise it’s £24,716


But even so, that’s a lot of money, that’s a healthy deposit for a house. Or maybe you are reading this thinking, jeez that’s quite cheap.. realistically, me and Richard could never afford that budget, even with my parents helping out, so do we get a loan? Or do we find ways to save money… Richard has already made his views clear on not wanting to start our marriage life in debt, so lets see how much we can do to save money first. I am not criticising anyone who gets a loan, sometimes there is no choice. If my parents hadn’t offered to pay for at least some, much to Richards dismay a loan would be our only choice.  But we haven’t even picked a venue, and until then I have no idea what ‘extra’s’ we will need. So we could still end up needing a small loan. But lets look at the wedding budget according to Brides Magazine. FYI, Brides magazine looks at all different budgets, and I am a little bit in love with the magazine. Has so many good ideas so go check it out.

Continue reading

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