Pins I’m loving, baby themed

Still no much to everyone who thought I would be early..(my due date is on Saturday) and man am I uncomfortable…plus I have tried everything.. My newest system being watching one born every minute ( get the emotions going) while bouncing on my birthing ball, eating pineapple and stimulating my nipples.. Just picture doing all that at once…who said pregnancy isn’t sexy! Anyway, I thought I’d look at some cute baby related pins to see if it get’s anything going..


How super cute is this, we don’t know what we are having but I think maybe a boy, but to be honest..I’d totally consider dressing a boy in this because I mean why not?! This is from Mini Style Blog.


I’m seeing a theme with pink and yellow…yes once again more girly, but it has sharks on it! Sharks! This is from Stella McCartney. 


I recently showed you my gallery wall post here, when the baby is here i’m looking forward to adding some personal touches, like a name letter and maybe some cutesy things too! This is from Mommo Design.


How adorable is this nursery, it’s just so whimsical. This is when I wish we owned our own place, would have been nice to be able to paint the room, but I love how our nursery came out. This is from Petite Vintage Interiors.


This room is super awesome, all the patterns and bold colours, plus the pictures are super cute too! This is from The boo and the boy.


How adorable is this, the whole little outfit is just super cute! Ok I have officially said super cute way top much..I am just loving the hat though! This is from here.


I am in love with these shoes, and there are a few other designs too! These are from Oh Joy.




Here’s hoping our little one makes an appearance soon…if you have any other ideas to induce labour do feel free to leave me a comment! (ask for Sophie, unless it’s a question about steak then Richard is your guy)

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5 Kitchen DIY’s that are cheap, quick and effective.


Original image from Oh Joy.


Ok, so we all love a bit of DIY, up cycling and crafting things around us. But even I have had times when I wish I could do half of the things pinned on my pinterest. But some projects are just too big, expensive, or unrealistic..we have all seen those epic fails..and I have had my fair share of them too..but I thought i’d feature some DIY’s that I have found, some of which I have done, which are budget friendly, simple and look great. I’ll be posting my top 5 once a week for different areas. Starting firstly with the kitchen…



Firstly, how amazing does this kitchen look? Just look at all the colour. Anyway to the DIY which comes from Oh Joy. Neon dipped storage jars is so effective and super cheap. You don’t even have to buy anything, as they don’t have to be neon. Just  using paint and the jars you already have you can add a dash of colour to your kitchen. This is great for renters, as it can distract away from ugly decor you can’t change!



Spruce up old cupboards with washi tape. You can get so many different types of wash tape every where nowadays and it’s not overly expensive either. This is another renter friendly tip too! As washi tape comes of beautifully easy and won’t leave a mark. Honestly how did we survive without this pretty clouded tape? See this DIY at Vorstellung Von Schon.



So simple, cheap and effective. Add colour to your utensils with paint. Just make sure you varnish it afterwards so its wash safe!! This DIY is from Earnest Home Co. I’ve seen this been done with an ombre effect which looks awesome!



I’d be surprised if no one has any lego laying around, if not at their place at their parents..but if not. Charity shops are a great place to look out for lego, and this DIY from The Kitchn will please anyone..




Last but not least, up cycle old mugs and cups with  1 simple tool. Sharpie. A great DIY and it’s super quick and cheap there’s no excuse not to try it!! This is from Don’t mind if I do. You can also get sharpie in gold now too just think of the possibilities!


So there are 5 quick, cheap simple DIY’s for your kitchen. A great way to clear out the cobwebs and add some colour and texture without breaking the bank or your back! (ask for Sophie, unless it’s a question about steak then Richard is your guy)

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Our Nursery Gallery Wall



Ok so I thought I’d give you a snippet look into our nursery, which is nearly finished, just a few touches need doing, and my office side needs reorganising, but overall I feel pretty ready for this baby…if it ever comes..

So I didn’t exactly have a big budget for this gallery wall, but I had an idea of what I wanted. Not being able to paint the nursery was a bit of a bummer, so we made do with rent fixes like copper polka dot decals, and colourful frames to add a little something to the nursery.

I spent many hours sourcing frames off of free cycle and rummaging around charity shops and ended up spending around £10 altogether on the 12 frames I used. One day if I have tons of money I will probably pay to have them all professionally framed, but because I wanted to spend more money on the actual artwork, getting the frames cheaper meant I could spend a little extra on the contents.

Ok so here are a few of the frames I sourced.



So they needed a bit of a clean up, but it was super easy to do and then I just spruced them up with paint and spray paint..really simple. Really effective. Really budget friendly.



Ok so here are a few close ups and I’ll list where I got the artworks from too.I used some Etsy vouchers I had for most of the artworks, but there are so many places to get free  printables, see my post here, and even creating some of your own pieces or asking family members to create something, can add a really lovely personal touch.

Ok so from L-R.  1.Linocut goat, Etsy. 2.Gondoliere Print, Etsy.  3.Dinosaur was part of four postcards, Etsy.   4.Bonjour cat and dog print, Etsy.  5.Owl postcard, Etsy.

You can see some more Etsy artworks for a nursery here and here.



Etsy prints L-R. 1.Deer print, Etsy.  2.Hello Print, Etsy.  3. leopard drawing, my dad did this when he was younger. 4. Hippo Print, Etsy.  5.Sea Life postcard I got free with one of my purchases. 6. Click Click camera Postcard, Etsy.  7. lemon horse Postcard, Etsy.

So there you have it, my gallery wall on a budget. I do note that there’s quite a lot of blues and greens. Honestly, I happened to have those colours in spray paint, and it’s much easier to spray paint the frames, rather then hand paint them and being I was on a budget, buying more spray paint in a variety of colours not seen as gender specific would have cost quite a bit. I went for a mix of neutral prints, and it was a lot of fun curating them together! When the baby is here, I will probably add some more and if it takes another 2 weeks for this baby to make an appearance I will probably end up grabbing my paints and doing some little doodles for the room myself to try and keep me sane!


Hope everyone had a good weekend…oh joy for Mondays!!


Last trimester, what they don’t tell you.



Ok so I had a horrific nights sleep last night. I was awoken to some pretty intense back pain that spread across my tummy, this lasted about a minute and happened 3 times in the space of half an hour. In between these lovely tightenings I had a constant dull back ache and period pains..the tightens stopped but I was blessed with having the dull aches for the rest of the night, so trying to get comfortable was fun. As I have complained a lot, you know my thoughts on pregnancy and it being pretty difficult. I think I have put quite a few female family members off due to my moaning..but with each trimester I have met a different set of struggles, but kept some faithful ones like morning is my account of my last trimesters blues…this may put off future pregnancies, or scare men..


Sleep is pretty impossible for many reasons. If you have SPD (pelvic pain) getting comfortable can be nearly impossible.This is one symptom I have been lucky to escape but my fellow pregger friends have not. Being this huge, means lying on your side gets pretty sore after a while,so constant rolling over is needed, which in itself is a mission..

Peeing. Peeing constantly..I average like 4 times a night…I swear I don’t even drink enough before bed to warrant needing to pee that much..but this in turns disrupts the sleep and yes getting comfortable again can takes hours..and I am not exaggerating. Plus you have turtle on it’s back syndrome…getting out of bed can be a two man job sometimes.

Simple things like sitting on the sofa, I can’t sit too upright because the baby gets squashed and I can hardly breathe let alone function. So you have to adapt a sort of swagger lean..

Lightning vagina..this made me laugh, until I experienced gets a hell of a lot worse when the babies head is engaging in your pelvis, I have adapted a tourette like syndrome which sees me flinching, and shouting ah vagina whenever this happens..I’d describe it as kind of being head butted down there…not pleasant and I look like a lunatic the majority of the public I can just about control myself not to shout out vagina and just flinch and punch the air..either way..I look a tad odd..and when it happens for long periods of time, its painful and sore..Not fun.

The babies head is nearly fully engaged..yay bring on the feeling of pressure and that your carrying a massive bowing ball down there…cue waddle…Also at this point don’t look down never your friend..never..just don’t do it..

Anti- D injection hurts like a bitch. Sorry to scare all your rhesus neg ladies out there..but mine was quite painful..and i’ll probably need another after labour..But I had mine in my arm..if given the choice pick bum. I’ve heard it’s better.

Leaky boobs…one weird lean on one boob cue leakage..especially great as you have to lie on your side in bed…hello weird patch in the morning..and nursing bras..they look like mini tents..Show me anyone who can look sexy in a nursing bra. Because they deserve a high five.

The battle of nesting and exhaustion. wanting to organise every cupboard and alphabetise your books is great…trying to do that with no energy, fat feet and walking the speed of a turtle..not so great. I have a nap around 2 most days now..because I literally can’t keep myself awake.

Experiencing false labour constantly..quite possibly the most annoying thing ever..I’d happily be over due if it meant I didn’t have to deal with false labour constantly and my body tricking me into thinking oooo maybe this is it…there’s only so many times you can sike yourself up to get ready to push a little human out and experience whats consider one of the most painful things ever!

You will cry a lot. Because you can’t do very much at all, and all you wanted to do was go to London for the day and eat good food, see friends and go round galleries..But the mile walk to the station would probably take you an hour in being far from home at nearly 39 weeks…just isn’t a great idea…so you cry..because your kind of house bound..and it sucks and all you want to do is eat a rare steak and have a mr wippy ice cream.

Lastly. Your told to eat right and not put too much weight on…you don’t put any weight on in pregnancy and yet still managed to get gestational diabetes because you failed by 0.1….0.1!! The only plus side to this, I am only allowed to go over by 1 week.. But my midwifes were shocked..I am the exact weight I was at my book in appointment at 10 weeks..yet here I am diet controlled pricking my finger every day to check my levels..which are completely normal..typical.

This will hopefully be my last rant..the last 9 months, I can honestly say has been the hardest 9 months of my life and I don’t even have a little person to constantly watch yet.

Think labour inducing thoughts for me guys..because I am so over pregnancy now.



Weekend Antics: Good company, chilling and early signs of labour

So this weekend was filled with good company, laughs, emotions, one tasty burger and some fun early labour symptoms….yet nothing regular..I mean seriously I wish they had a red light that goes off when your in labour.

So I had my friends Letty, Alex and Jon stay over and we ate food..probably too much food, watched annoying films and generally lazed around. Was perfect. Saturday evening and Sunday brought on emotions, wine was needed, as I had the joy of uncomfortable tightenings. 3 every hour for like 5 hours..which didn’t progress or become any more regular..and then stopped. It’s been one of those weekends where things changed dramatically. Everything got shaken up but for the good..I mean I think it hit us pretty quickly that in a few weeks there’s going to be a little one of us..and that’s pretty mental.


Then there was the burger, I am not ashamed to admit that me Letty and Richard travelled 40 minutes to Cambridge for a Five Guys burger…so totally worth it…and it’s something i’ve been craving for like the last 6 months.



Yes this is a depressing looking pond…but things were discussed and emotions were high, so no matter how ugly it looks, in my mind I felt like I needed to remember it..I have to say, and I know I have said it  lot, but pregnancy is really hard emotionally, physically and mentally. You can completely loose yourself, and it’s always the women who get the attention but it’s easy to forget that the men go through just as much mental and emotional changes, I mean come’s kind of scary having a baby…and this weekend with my early labour pains, we both discussed it honestly how hard the last 9 months have been and now I think we are finally ready..with 2 weeks to spare!

So ending it on a less dramatic note, I promised you a couple of pictures of my outfit from the wedding. Now I hate having my picture taken, honestly I can’t really smile on cue, but surprisingly I loved these two which were taken by my friend for me..I don’t know if I have just accepted my big whale pregnancy body, or more that it’s nice to see me and Richard in pictures together all dressed up with the bump included. But either way…quite possibly my favourite pictures of me and Richard.





So here is a full view of my outfit. It was super important that I picked something that was going to be comfortable. So my dress is from ASOS, they don’t have it anymore, but it actually was white, and obviously I can’t wear white to a wedding so I died it pastel lilac and it came out really lovely. My kimono with lemon detail is also from ASOS see it here. I loved the bright pattern, and it was nice and cool to wear..although it was still a super warm day as you can see by my lovely red cheeks. Richards suit was lovely, and he spent a good hour polishing his shoes…so let’s just appreciate that for a minute..

So I’m 38 weeks and 3 days…so yeah not long now at all…and my list is still super crazy long..but I think i’m ready..well to be honest I am sooo ready to not be pregnant anymore..

yep. Bring it on.




Chinese style take out beef curry recipe



Ok so recently Richard has been obsessed with getting beef curry at our local Chinese take out, but as we all know take outs can be super expensive, so after browsing different recipes and trying a few things out I came up with a recipe which Richard actually says taste pretty good..So I thought i’d share it with you all. I did a bit of a fusion with the popadoms …but they were pretty good!



About enough to serve 2 people.

Beef ( I used leftover beef from a roast rib joint, but I think steak would be really goo too…or chicken if you prefer)

1 Finely chopped onion

1 tbsp Rapeseed oil

2 Garlic cloves crushed

1 tbsp Soy sauce

2 tbsp Plain flour

2 tsps Curry powder

1/2 tsps Ground ginger

1 tsp Chilli flakes

400ml  Chicken Stock

Rice of your choice.

Extra ingredients you can add maybe peas or peppers.



Ok in a large frying pan fry off the onion in the rapeseed oil and season with a pinch of salt and pepper. Keep them moving so not to burn and add the crushed garlic into the mix.  Turn it down onto to simmer. This is a good time to put the rice on.

Add the beef to the pan and fry it off with the onions, when it starts to brown add the flour and spices and stir it into the beef and onions cooking on a gentle heat for about a minute.

Then add the stock and soy sauce to the mixture, let it cook until it’s the thickness you desire, add more water if its too thick. But then your pretty much done!! It’s that easy.

Serve and enjoy!

I promise you it’s super simple, and really easy to do with beef, chicken takes a little longer but I’ve had it with both and the sauce goes amazingly well! So let me know if you try it out!






Food’s I miss since being pregnant

Ok so Im at 37 weeks, so not long to go now, but it’s crazy how much I am missing certain foods. I have seriously come to the conclusion my diet consisted of smoked salmon, poached eggs, rare steak and prawns before I got pregnant. Like thats all I want to eat right now, so I thought i’d round up some recipes that are making my mouth water which I will be eating shortly after I give birth!


Ok so this one is more of a drink yes, but I seriously can’t wait to try out these cotton candy champagne cocktails, from Lauren Conrad. They look super cute! Now I wouldn’t say I have ever been a big drinker, but being that I have been pregnant through Christmas, New Years, a hen do and a wedding I have missed having a cocktail on such occasions. Plus pregnancy can be pretty stressful and sometimes I would have loved to sit down and have a frozen cocktail, especially the last week during this heat.


I think my plan is to have a massive feast consisting of all these foods…like a weird massive surf and turf..I miss sushi a lot too! Like a lot..but I was unfortunate enough to have a stomach bug when I was 20 weeks, it was a horrific three days and really took it out of me, so I can kind of see why not to eat foods that might cause food poison, it isn’t pretty and it takes a lot longer to bounce keeping hydrated was a big issue. These prawn cocktails looks amazing from the food addicts.


I want lobster, i’ve never had lobster like this but this looks insane…so yes please I will have this after the baby is born..i’ll wash it down with a little ( i still need to be responsible) cotton candy champagne cocktail. This is from Saveur.



We used to eat a lot of steak and it’s been killing me to have it cooked well done when usually i’d have it blue…what can I say I like a bit of red meat, and I have missed having this. This recipe looks insane from nosh on it.



Mmmmm. Poached eggs…I think I miss these the most…Just look at that runny egg..soon. soon you will be mine! This recipe is from Pinch of yum.


So i’m now dribbling over these foods…just a few more weeks to go…what foods have you missed the most when you have been pregnant? Or what are you craving now that you can’t have?

I feel your pain. (ask for Sophie, unless it’s a question about steak then Richard is your guy)

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Upcycled TV unit DIY project



Ok so I suck at remembering to take before pictures, but if you can see from this, the TV unit was a brown murky mess..lots of stains on it so we just gave it a light sand, as parts of it were veneer, so breaking it back to basic wasn’t really an ideal situation. We took the glass doors off, and spray painted the draw and glass door knobs gold, and decided to have plain white as the colour choice.




So here you have it…oh and I also suck at taking during photos…so my apologies. I am totally happy with how this came out, as we have been using a really old chest of draws to have our tv on. So I utilised the draw for wires and components to keep that ugly stuff hidden, and found that the cubby holes were a perfect fit for some oversized books which didn’t fit in our it’s totally a way to show off your cultural side to guests…paired with some mini Star Wars figures, and some fresh flowers, and the tv unit was finished. I should say that we got this unit for £5 from a reuse centre. So it was a total bargain, and I used Laura Ashley paint to paint it. Honestly I would recommend free cycle, charity shops and house clearances because you never know what you might find..this was a really quick and easy DIY and although Richard sanded it, I painted and styled it..all the while being heavily pregnant…so anyone can do it! (ask for Sophie, unless it’s a question about steak then Richard is your guy)

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Soon I will do a living room redo update, as its almost finished!

Great house plants for a small budget


Ok so I did a post on hard plants to kill see it here, and now I thought I’d look at plants that are great for a small budget. I mean if you really want to add greenery to your house on the ultimate budget, I would say buy some seeds and browse charity shops for a range of different vases and pots. This takes a lot of commitment and time though, you know like years..but hey it’s a cheaper way to do and the added satisfaction of watching your plants grow. But if your not up for doing it that way here are some great plants which add awesome decor and won’t break the bank.




African Violets, great vibrant colours and a great addition to your home, also they aren’t overly expensive you can get them at Homebase for £2.99. This will add a great spot of colour to your ever growing greenery.




Dracaena plant. I have a couple of these, they are super cheap and super easy to keep alive so I would totally recommend them plus you can get them from Ikea for just £1! Bargain.


Cacti plants. Super awesome, super cheap and super easy to keep alive. You really can’t go wrong! They come in so many different colours and shapes, why not do a whole pot filled with different cacti? From Ikea you can get a set of 3 with pots for £4.50. Bargain.



English Ivy plant is awesome on high shelves as a draping plant,plus they are really easy to keep alive, though keep an eye on them as they grow pretty fast. You can get a plant like this from Amazon, in fact 3 of these plants for £12.59.




Jade Plant. Another one thats so easy to keep alive and you can get one for £3.49 from Homebase.


Peace Lily. Such a lovely flower and will make an elegant addition, oh yeah I went there. I mean these are pretty elegant flowers and they aren’t overly expensive. Get a peace lily from Homebase for £4.99/


Spider plants are awesome as they are really easy to take care of, and they sprout baby plants on a regular basis too! You can get a spider plant from Waitrose for £4.79.



Lastly we have living stones which are weird looking but interesting none the least. These are super cheap and you can get several plants from Amazon for £4.99. Bargain.


So there you have it, an awesome way to decorate your house with plants on a budget. I’ll also mention that I got this awesome plant stand from Ikea for £25 and pots were £1.50, it’s such a nice way to display plants. I got the plants from a selection of places, and the majority cost under £3. So it’s totally doable! Plus fill it with herbs and keep in a itches if you have room, perfect for those chefs out there.


plant-stand-ikea,-cheap-plants-on-a-budget-gerat-floral-decor (ask for Sophie, unless it’s a question about steak then Richard is your guy)

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Colour of the month..Feeling green

The colour of this month is green, it’s summer, flowers are blooming and the trees are lovely and green, and what can I say, I am enjoying the greenery..So here are some colourful green pins. I’ve said green way too many times!


















Thank god it’s Friday, I am looking forward to chilling this weekend..which pretty much involves me sleeping..yep I am going to have some epic naps! Have a lovely weekend all! (ask for Sophie, unless it’s a question about steak then Richard is your guy)

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