You must be wondering how your friend’s home looks fabulous and stylish all of a sudden given that you know she is not a self-proclaimed interior designer at all!

Well, worry not. We are going to get you covered with our simple yet brilliant home décor ideas. Find our tips and tricks shared by top designers and interior décor experts below:

1- Mind Your Color Scheme


If you want to make a head-to-toe complete makeover in any part of your house, you have to create a basic palette that will be the guide for the color scheme you will work with for all the other rooms.

Expert interior designers reveal that color schemes should be kept really simple. For example; royal or pale blue or even easy orange can do the magic.

Furthermore, you can use different shades of the same basic palette color in different rooms to spread their effect.

2- Use Mirrors to Add Warmth to a Room


A mirror will always add charm to your room in many different ways. Among the reasons why we think you should invest in mirrors is because they enhance rooms’ decoration by magnifying it’s natural lighting in addition to making small spaces look larger than they are actually.

However, you need to place a mirror in the right location in order to boost its decoration uplifting capabilities. For example, you can place twin full length mirrors between windows to oomph up that space.

3- Revamp Small Spaces 

Just because the space is small, it doesn’t mean that it also has to be cramped. The best you can do to revamp such spaces is by placing double duty furniture there. For instance, using a large farm table can work both as a desk as well as a dining table.
Additionally, if you place furniture in the center of the room instead of pushing it towards the walls, you will be able to add volume to small spaces.

4- Choose Enhancing Paint Colors

It doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg to make a space look enticing and beautiful. And neither do you have to create mirror smooth walls via sand edging.

Odd as it may seem, irregular surfaces are known to equally sparkle as compared to smoothly finished painted surfaces.

Therefore, do not shy away from favoring value added paint colors.

5- Light Up Dark Ceilings


While wood paneled and dark painted ceilings are common in many homes, they can be either a source of pleasure or a source of gloom for the home dwellers due to the caveman feeling they give.

Nevertheless, you can fix dark ceilings via adding recessed light fixings which in other words are can lights that brighten up dark ceilings.

6- Use Bold Elements

Remember, it is personality that will make your home’s interior decor great. Therefore, strive to add a personal touch by trying different elements so as to settle on a personal statement. For example, a Persian rug could be a good addition to your living room.

This means that you can be bold and have fun by incorporating both conventional and unconventional styled items in your living room such as ottomans and huge library style book shelves, until you get the look that perfectly suits your tastes.

Moreover, unexpected combinations will always give you an overall wow element at the end.

In conclusion, when designing your home, always go for a look that goes down well with you because no matter how modern a room looks, it will do little good to you if it does not suit your tastes. Home decor, after all should be a simple process.

Additionally, you can also take into consideration different elements such as feng shui when planning your home décor.

Also let us know which tips you usually incorporate while decorating your home.

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This post was written by Sadia Suhail. She loves interior decor, home décor and art & craft. She is a content marketer at



Lighting; who would of thought of the excitement that a new lampshade or light feature could bring you, and the devastation it might bring when your home is filled with spot lights..welcome to my world. After much discussion changing the spot lights would just be too expensive, so we are trying to be a bit savvy when it comes to our lighting options. So here are some lighting ideas.

There’s a whole aesthetic aspect to lighting. Pendants, a scone, chandelier, floor lamp…the list is endless, but it can really make a room. So let’s look at some to die for lighting…don’t even try to hide your excitement. Welcome lighting geeks.



Ceiling lighting is the standard form of lighting in the majority of homes. The style of these can vary dramatically though. The standard fitting is a plastic ceiling rose with a hanging bulb. There are so many different shades you can go for, and lightbulbs to if you want some extra fancy lighting, or if you want a more dramatic change from standard fittings, you could employ a professional to install specialist ceiling lighting. For example, industrial pendants, spot lighting (urgh) or tube lighting.



I’m rather in love with this lighting, would look perfect in a dinning room or an office…wonder if we could DIY this?




Who said that your lighting has to remain on the ceiling? Wall lighting is a great alternative to lamps. They can provide light in your room, without making the area too bright. However, they remove the problem of wires trailing across your floor to the nearest plug socket. All sorts of lighting can be installed on your walls. As well as being functional, they will add extra decoration to otherwise bare walls. From wall sconces to strip lights. Whatever your taste, there will be a design out there that you will adore. Nickel, brass, copper. Anything. You can find broad ranges available from brands such as Quoizel Wall Lighting. Many companies also offer delivery and fitting when you purchase one of their products. Remember: never attempt to fit lighting yourself, unless you’re a trained electrician, or go for a savvy one like the Ikea one below which can be clamped to a surface.



I think me and Richard are going to have a go at some DIY lights, and maybe get an electrician to put a few wall lights in. This is my compromise for the bloody spot lights. But there are always table lamps and floor lamps to spruce up your room. These are a few of my favourites.


Ikea ira_table_lamp_white_lb1_2




Neon lights are another whole blog post, but it is lighting and we can still geek out over this cactus light.


And finally your home doesn’t only need to be lit up indoors. Outdoor lighting is important too. Automatic lighting can be fitted. These lights have motion sensors and will turn on as soon as any movement is detected in your garden, fun…unless you get a lots of cats in your area..then rather annoying. Other lighting is more geared towards lighting up your outdoors when you’re entertaining guests or relaxing in your garden after sunset. Perhaps you’re hosting a BBQ or drinks. You don’t want everyone to have to leave as soon as the sun’s rays stop spreading into your space. Outdoor lighting can let there be light straight through into the evening. A final option? Solar lighting. These are more for decoration than anything. Plant solar lights next to bushes, in flower beds or around water features. During the day, they will soak up the sun’s rays and at night they will softly lighten up the dark corners of your garden. They can create a very pretty effect and won’t cost you a fortune to run.




Ok so I’ve had a baby, and kept the little guy alive and happy for 14 months now (yay us). But there are a few tips that were given to me before having Arch, and a few that I wish were given to I thought I’d share the wisdom to new mum’s to be out there.

Ok so let’s start with the obvious. The essentials; a car seat ( as they won’t let you leave the hospital if you don’t have one), a moses basket, hospital bag and baby essentials (clothing nappies etc) obviously get all these waaayyy before your due date…because babies ae unpredictable and come whenever.

Is your baby’s nursery all ready? Ideally this is rather important, as you won’t be able to find the time to decorate once the baby is here, but if you haven’t got around to doing it yet, don’t worry too much as your tiny human will be in with you for the first 6 months anyway. Giving your better half plenty of time to give the nursery a lick of paint…or clear it depending on the state of the room. It’s easy to get sorted if you haven’t already done so. Clear out your spare room and get rid of all the junk. Specialist firms will collect hard rubbish from your home at times to suit you. Then all you need to do is get a cot, wardrobe and maybe a rocking or nursing chair to make it homely. Best advice ever right here. Regarding wardrobes, you will find that nursery sets costs a hell of a lot more than just buying the cot separately  and sourcing the other items else where.  With nursery wardrobes they tend to be rather on the small side, so why not think long-term and buy a full-sized wardrobe, something adaptable like Ikea ones, that will last as your baby grows? That’s what we did in the end and it saved us £150. We got a large white wardrobe which has draws built-in and a rack too..and it’s perfect. When Arch gets older we can take some of the draws out to give him more space for hanging up clothes…perfectly adaptable with age.

What’s your chosen method of feeding? I wanted to breastfeed but sadly wasn’t able too, read all about it here. What we had to do was quickly go out and buy all the needed equipment (which included a breast pump) just when Arch was a couple of days old. Thank god for instant formula (which comes with teats) which were given to us by the midwives so that we could last the first couple of days. But it was something we weren’t prepared for because the idea of not being able to breastfeed didn’t occur to me. So maybe get a box of instant milk in as a backup..then if you have trouble, you have some time to get in all the extras you will need. If you are planning on bottle feeding, do you have all the equipment? You should make sure that you have plenty of formula milk so you don’t have to worry about running out anytime soon.  Also these instant bottles are great for nighttime feeds for the first couple of weeks, saves you having to venture downstairs every 3 hours as they can be given at room temp. You can also get a machine that pump out formula milk at the exact right temp and do other fancy things..kind of like a coffee machine for babies of course..these might be a good investment if your planning on bottle feeding.


Ok let’s talk clothes, without a doubt you already have a bunch of clothes, if not from excited purchases, from your recent baby showers? But I’m going to break it down for you. Your going to be tired, your baby is tiny and not overly a fan of being stripped naked and put into a variety of outfits. Putting a shirt on a 3 day old baby isn’t easy…though he did look cute. (see below) So more often than not your baby will spend the first month at least pretty much wearing vests and baby grows. They are warm, you will have tons and you will become a pro at getting them on, t-shirts and tiny dresses can be fiddly…and every one is lacking sleep. Don’t worry though because if you’re anything like me and Richard your be rocking the pj look for the majority of the first couple of weeks too. Now best advice bit here, right now grab your purse, and go get some gro bags. These little things are genius. A friend told me about them, and they are by far the best invention EVER! they are like little sleeping bags, which come up under the arm. Especially as we enter the colder months, it just puts you at ease that your baby is warm enough, but without the fear that their blanket might end up on their face..They come in different togg counts and sizes and you can see from the picture above, I have used them for Arch the whole time. They are perfect and keep your baby snuggly and safe. Go go get one now..also while your out…pick up Ewan the Sheep too…thank me later.


Last but not least, you. Are you ready? I wasn’t ready, I wasn’t relaxed, my labour wasn’t brilliant and I was completely naive about what I was about to put my body through. But I did it, and now I’m sharing my experience. If you haven’t read my labour story here it is…it will explain a lot. Everyone’s labour story is different, I have friends who had a very spiritual and relaxed experience and both said they could give birth again like a week later (crazy I know). I also  have friends who had to have intervention, and some whose labour was so so.. but they all ended the same. They all ended up with a tiny baby and a overwhelming love for this tiny human. When it comes down to it, you’re not going to wish you brought another magazine or better snacks in your hospital bag. Honestly…if your induced, there’s a chance labour will start very quickly (if your like me) and believe me I didn’t want any food, and I couldn’t even comprehend my surroundings let alone want to know what the Kardashians were up to in that weeks magazine. Same, if you go naturally, by the time you make your way to the hospital things will probably be quite you might be in the zone and not have the need for food or reading. But who knows maybe you have tons of hours to kill and a magazine is the perfect thing. This si the jist, every labour is different so this is just based on mine and friends accounts.

Things I would recommend for your hospital bag? music, I wish we had some music that might have helped relax me. A couple of changes of clothes, especially if you might need to stay longer, you could even leave these in the car. Comfy massive knickers. Like the biggest you can find, and add jumbo pads to that list too, I’m not going to beat around the bush. There’s nothing sexy about giving birth. Your be thankful for big knickers. I’d say bring your own pillow too, because hospitals are so sterile it’s nice to have something from home. A few things for the baby. Outfit, blanket, bottles, nappies etc, also car seat don’t forget that.

Take some shower stuff. Your going to want to have a shower at some point, and it might be the last one you take for a couple of days. Leave the baby with your other half, he’s in the best place, surrounded by baby nurses and doctors, and take the time to shower. I remember my first shower after having Arch and just standing their coming to terms that I was a mummy now, which overwhelmed me rather quickly especially as my epidural wore off and I was very aware of the after pain. Which brings me to my next and final point.  Have some pain-killers, and nipple cream at home ready. No matter how you have your baby. Your going to probably need some pain killers to take the edge off. I had a 2nd degree tear and an episiotomy and I needed painkillers for the first few days. Same with if you have a c-section, they might suggest you take some pain killers..just have some just incase in your cupboard at home, because your probably going to want some relief. I’d also recommend these


Remember to enjoy the first few days. They are crazy hectic, but they are also super special. Take lots of pictures..oh yeah crap camera obviously should be in your hospital bag..good luck mummies!





Ok, so I’m not a huge fan of wall paper..sometimes having the same repeated pattern on a wall is boring in my eyes. Also with wallpaper trends, quite often you find everyone has the same type of colour and themed wallpaper in their homes. But I wanted to have a feature wall in our spare room, and so I started my hunt for some wall paper. In my mind I wanted to go with a botanical theme, which was fun a and vibrant, but when looking at the usual wallpaper outlets, nothing really jumped out at I went to my go to place for fun and unique stuff. Etsy. and  I end up  finding so many different wallpaper options. The majority of them are also removable wallpapers so yay for renters too!

wallpaper-etsy-removable-renters-trick-wishlist-favourite1. Cactus wallpaper, Etsy, £27.26+     2. Banana wallpaper, Etsy, £29.24+    3. Eye lash wallpaper, Etsy, £7.90+                                 4. Cactus wallpaper, Etsy, £7.19 +      5. Pineapple wallpaper, Etsy, £7.90+  6. Whale wallpaper, Etsy, £29.24+                                   7. Palmleaf wallpaper, Etsy, £29.24+   8. Cactus wallpaper, Etsy, £7.90+


So as you know I’m rather loving the cactus theme  (see my top etsy picks for cactus stuff here) hence there being so many cactus options above. But it’s not just that, I think I’m drawn to bright greens and blue tones. They make me happy and I want our spare room be vibrant, happy and fun! So far I haven’t decided to put wallpaper anywhere else, bar the spare room and possibly our laundry cupboard. ( I’m thinking cute wave wallpaper, very appropriate in my eyes). But who knows my tastes may change. I feel like the house is going to be one of those 5 year projects. Which probably means that by the time I finish the last room, no doubt ours, I will probably be ready to update the decor again…and so the cycle will continue.


I’ll do an update on the house soon…it’s a mission and a half I’ll tell you that!


Hope you all had a good weekend!


So Archer’s room is about 95% done, but I thought I’d show you now, as bar the delightful before pictures of the house, you guys haven’t really seen any updates. Mostly because whenever we start a new part of the house, we are met with a ton of mistakes, left from the previous owner to everything is taking us 3 x times longer. Also not including the fact that re-decorating and fixing up a whole house with an active 1 year old isn’t easy either. Anyway, here’s the only room in the house which is pretty much done, and it’s my favourite, if I can I want to make the rest of the house be as fun as Archer’s room.

So here’s the before picture just to remind you guys.


You can’t really see much at all from this pic, this is due to me sucking at before pics, but let me paint the picture for you. Behind this rather bold and in your face wall paper, were 2 massive cracks in the wall which need to be plastered over. It also just had a no paint on the wall, so painting that wall was fun. Hello 4 coats later. On the other side was a rather dull light brown, which turns out is worse than magnoila..who knew. But the room had potential. Big windows with lots of light, and it’s a double room so lots of space for arch to be able to play.

So I had an idea in mind for his room, and when explaining it to everyone I got some rather weird looks. Especially when I mentioned having a massive black chalkboard triangle on 1 wall…but you will see below…it looks awesome. No one gets my vision. But anyway here’s a rough moodboard of the few ideas I had before I started the project.


So let me explain this just briefly. My aim for Archer’s bedroom was for it to be fun, colourful and inspiring. With a black chalkboard wall on one side, a mountain scene on another, a gallery wall and generally just a fun place he can play and grow up in. I had a few colours in mind which I pretty much stuck too, I also brought a tipi which higlighted the main blue we uses, but once up it over took the entire room, so it’s now downstairs..But let’s just get to the tour shall we.



Ok so this is what you see as you come in through Archer’s half painted I said above I wanted Arch to have a colourful fun room, and a half painted green door totally meets this. Also the paint colour is called pixie green…amazing right.


I’ll do a list at the bottom of where we got some of our things, but a lot of Archer’s things are gifts he has been given, and things me and Richard have collected since Arch was born. I went for a blank canvas of white and then painted the three mountains on the wall. Quick tip. Always use frog tape its the best, but always leave 24 hours for your base coat to dry before trying to paint a pattern..other wise when you take the frog tape off, your undercoat although it might seem dry…might come off a little.. which means you will have to do like a strip of paint 4 times again.



This chair is a family heirloom. It was my great grandads, and my mum gave it to us especially for Arch. This is our reading chair, and I love how sentimental it is to us.




Like I said Arch has a lot of little things that my dad has brought for him off his travels, and that his god mother and his grandma have picked up for him too. These Ikea shelves are great for displaying such nik naks, especially if they are a little delicate. P.S the books which are in the yellow cloud ( which is a napkin holder from ikea and cost me 50p) are old books that were given to me when I was younger from my Grandma and Grandad. So they are another special addition to his room.





Ok so the tractor clock my mum got Archer for his first birthday, also the dinosaur pinata with the party hat was from his birthday too. The trolley is from Ikea, once again in the sale, and it holds his books and’s at the right height so he can freely go grab some chalk and go crazy on his chalkboard. Also I’m that mum who got him dressed in shorts, shirt and braces, just for this shoot…though he is now covered in weetabix and chalk..




A quick snippet of the lego head and hulk hands…it’a genious. It cracks me up every night..and I just love it. Also the coconut is his money-box my dad brought back from his travels. It’s carved into a monkey..super awesome and again something special just for Arch.


chalkboard-gaint-triangle-nursery-decorSo here is the I said above everyone was like…jeez a big black triangle on a whole wall..but I think it’s awesome and Archer loves it as you can see..hes specialises in abstract mark making. We also got guests to sign the triangle on his birthday hence all the lovely messages…oh and it’s magnetic…but not very. I only used 1 tin of paint for this, when ideally I think I should have used 2.

nursery-gallery-wall-inteior-design-kids-room-archers-afterSo if you guys remember his first bedroom, if not here it is here, we did a little gallery wall above his cot, and so have used the same pictures, plus a couple more and a few little diy’s from me to create this corner gallery wall. With a teddy bear hammock underneath.

archers-bedroom-after-childrens-interior-design-nursery-makoverAnother shot of the mountains. These were pretty easy to do. I wasn’t overly bothered about getting them perfect because let’s be honest mountains aren’t perfect, so I just winged it. But I’m super happy with how it came out.


And finally a shot of his door, and his awesome laundry bag.. So that’s it. That’s Archer’s bedroom. Like I said it’s only 95% done because at the end of November he will be getting a new carpet, and I have some planes that need to be hung up above his cot..but overall I’m super happy with his room..and I think he likes it too!


Ok so here are a list  for a few of the items in Archer’s room

Lampshade, Ikea

Moon night light, Not on the Highstreet

Book cart, Ikea

Magnetic chalkboard paint

Alaphabet Pillow, Not on the Highstreet

Laundry Bag, Etsy

Shelves, Ikea

Here’s to one day hopefully getting the rest of the house finished..



So this is my second gift list from Etsy, my first was this one all with a cactus theme.  This etsy gift list is all about baby. I know so many people who are expecting, and I’ve spent hours searching on Etsy to get cute unique gifts that I thought I’d show you some of my finds…It’s definetly not making me broody at all..


1. Whale Bookends, Etsy, £46.75  2.Mountains and cloud mobile, Etsy, £47.55  3. David Bowie doll, Etsy, £75.60 (I totally want one)  4. Fox socks, Etsy, £4.75  5. Cloud baby romper, Etsy, £10.29+   6. Toy box, Etsy, £248.35   7.Wolf romper, Etsy, £35.66+



1.Unisex brogues, Etsy, £26.15+   2. Paper toy bag, Etsy, £14.84 (we have one of these and they are super awesome) 3. Baby bear flag, Etsy, £20.60   4. Elephant wall mount, Etsy, £47.55   5. Hi baby blanket, Etsy, £69.22  6.Flamingo leggings, Etsy, £22.19+    7. Cloud dream catcher, Etsy, £66.78


God I remember spending a small fortune on Etsy while I was pregnant with Archer. Including these lobster claw scratch mits, which I can’t find on Etsy anymore..


Look how tiny he was…but alos check out the awesome mittens too…i’m totally not broody at all.



Running a home can be a difficult task at times. It’s best described as being one of those people who has a lot of spinning plates, running between each of them to ensure none of them drop. It’s the same with family life and work. It’s all one big juggling act. However, when it comes to running a home, certain things can cause those plates to wobble.


Paying our bills each month isn’t anyone’s idea of fun. But yet we all have rents and mortgages to pay, alongside those necessity bills like energy and food. However, many households take their eye off the ball when it comes to the household costs. Often letting those direct debits do their thing each month. It can be a big mistake. Most households are paying more than they should be for normal bills like energy and food. So it’s important to ensure you give your financials a health check regularly. Remaining loyal to companies these days does not serve you well. Many of them provide the latest savings and deals to new customers to entice them in. Sometimes comparing things like insurance policies and energy usage will unearth better deals for you. Doing this regularly could provide you with big savings each month when changing providers. Food can also be reduced by changing your shopping habits. Things like choosing a new shop to purchase food in or even meal planning can all offer huge savings overall. We have started meal planning just this week, more for health benefits, but I noticed just the week how much money we are saving just by me not randomly popping to the shop to pick up one thing and buying half the shop.


Some people are unfortunate to be living in areas where they have hard water. For those of you who are unaware, this is where chemical deposits can get through the water during the filtering process, causing the water to be harsher. While in most cases this doesn’t affect you in the form of drinking, it can have a long term effect on your general household appliances. Things like washing machines or dishwashers. Forgetting to take into account things like this can cost your dearly in the future. Without a water softener system, those appliances could begin to fail. Thankfully, websites online offer great Water Softener Reviews enabling you to get the best option for you.


Finally, one of the biggest issues we can face, and something that is very relevant, is the harsh weather. As winter is fast approaching, we can forget to make sure our home is ready for the colder weather to come. Pipes can freeze and then once thawed can burst causing who issues. Storms with severe wind can move slates on your roof causing further damage from water and weather to your interior. Winter weather can spell huge disasters for you home. So it’s vital to prepare in advance to ensure those household costs don’t spiral out of control on repairs.

I hope this has enlightened you on some issues and maybe prompted you to do some checks yourself.


Furniture can be super expensive, especially if your moving out for the first time, or going from living in a furnished place to then buying or renting somewhere empty! I’ve lived in both so I thought I’d share some tips on investing furniture and how to furnish your home.

While bargain furniture is often appealing, spending a little more on certain items can make sure it lasts longer. Look around for pieces worth investing in like beds, sofa and mattress etc.

It doesn’t mean you have to spend a boatload of money. Furniture stores often have huge discounts, where you can get brand new items for half the usual price, or look for things on eBay, a good sofa in good condition can always be upholstered, or a bed frame with a lick of paint can look as good as new..obviously get a new mattress…think there are a few things you should get new and a mattress is definitely one of them.

Some furniture components can wear quickly especially when it comes to metal. Things like metal fixtures on doors and cabinets can often rust and get stuck.

The best way to handle this is by getting such pieces of furniture refitted with high-quality components. To stop metal fixtures degrading, you might want to pick up some long-lasting door hinges or stainless steel drawer runners. Or if you get an awesome piece of second-hand furniture but the mechanisms aren’t great these is a way to keep the beautiful antique piece but have it actually be usable.

Fresh design blog

Refitting furniture fixtures is a simple D.I.Y. job you can easily handle yourself. Also changing fixtures like handles and draw knobs can really make a piece look new and refreshed.

You can  fix furniture yourself if it gets broken sometimes, but if not maybe find a new purpose for it? If a draw is broken beyond repair why not use the other draws as cool shelfs, then the main aspect of the draws…like the empty box, can be turned into like a box side table. Get some cute hairpin legs and paint it two different bold colours then you have managed to reuse an old piece of most likely trash and make a few pieces of awesome furniture.

Decorating your small space

There are many creative ideas for reusing old furniture. These can make for fun home projects as well as making sure you’re getting more than your money’s worth out of your furniture.

If you have no use for your furniture anymore, consider that it might be worth something to someone else. Passing on old furniture to friends, relatives or charity shops will put it to good use. You might even be able to make a little money back by selling it. I’m thinking of starting a regular post about my favourite round ups of popular furniture?? Thoughts?


 With children and day-to-day life, it’s inevitable that our homes will not always be tidy and showhome worthy, or if like my home, never. Having a baby, somehow seems to double the amount of things we have in our home. So Archer’s stuff plus all of my crap things, and the odd box of things that’s Richards..leaves our home super cluttered. There’s a possible chance I’m bordering on becoming a hoarder..but with our new house enough is enough.

So although we have a lot of things, in the past I have always known where certain things are..but not with this house. Because it needs so much work and we are pretty much doing a room at a time in regards to big jobs, I still have 2 full room of boxes, and still clutter everywhere which hasn’t found its place yet. But I’m on a mission to sort everything. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the task at hand. So I’m trying to tackle the decluttering and sorting in a different way. I’m doing bursts of five minutes each day, and combatting one cupboard or draw at a time. Little and often can be the biggest and easiest way to begin decluttering your home once and for all. Some people also consider getting themselves a bag and walking round filling it each day.

I’ve done so many trips to the tip and charity shop, to get rid of my items in a more eco friendly way. One of the things I love about the tip is if something is usable, you can leave it on the side so someone else can pick it up. I also use freecycle a lot too, so handy!

Let’s be honest, everyone would love to be that person whose house is always spotless, their kids are always polite neatly dressed who calmy play with 1 toy at a time, if you’re this women seriously share your secret,  but some of us have wild kids, and cleaning the house to an inch of its life just isn’t an option. But I try to do a few specific job everyday. I’ve started making my bed each morning (apparently this is a good habit to get into) I do a wash every day and empty/fill the dishwasher. My evening chores after Arch is sound asleep, is putting the toys away, straightening up the livingroom which normally involves hoovering and washing the bottles…then I work..Investing in heavy-duty cleaning products and appliances like Vacuum Fox can make a big impact. Specifically, to the length of time you spend doing those chores. Oh for a super vacuum..or just a maid.

Toys. Toys are just everywhere. I actually put away a few of the toys Arch was given for his birthday, I get them out if he’s poorly or it’s a rainy day Because to him its new toys. Also having tons of toys can be overwhelming sometimes I think and they end up getting everything out but then playing with the same few favourite toys.  Decluttering the toys is always a good idea, I went through Archer’s toy and got rid of some and gave them to charity, which i felt he had grown out of. Archer also have pretty much the entire bottom row of our bookshelf for his big toys and book so at the end of each night they go away nicely in a certain space. When boredom strikes, switch the toys around.

Another issue in our home is all the little nik naks, and pretty things that I like to have on display. But making a conscious decision to only display certain things can make a room appear lighter and less cluttered…but making the decision on what things is the hard bit. So I just plan to add more shelves around my home so I can create the perfect shelfie.


Here is to a less cluttered home.


Now I know what your thinking, this isn’t a subject I tend to blog about. This is true, I did the art scene for a while, and it wasn’t my thing..but I do have a degree in Fine Art Photogoraphy, and I don’t think its anything you really just switch off and forget about. So when I came across Eric Cahan, I thought i’d show an artists work who I admire.

Now I came across Cahan’s work when Artsy asked me if I would be able to do a piece and include a link in a post for them. Now I get a lot of emails daily from different companies/bloggers etc asking for me to mention them. I take a look at each request seriously, and decide whether or not I think it’s something you guys would be interested in. I’ve been doing sponsored posts for a year now, and although there have been a few posts that weren’t great (especially when I first started doing sponsored posts) I only ever accept subjects that I’m interested in or that I would typically talk about. Note that most of my requests aren’t sposored they are just polite requests like this one.

Anyway to stop rambling, I was in love with Cahan’s work straight away,  I love the abstract colours of the sky and sea scapes he does. Here are a few of my favourites of his, and I’m thinking I might have to start saving up because I totally want one for my office.


The colours are just overwhelming aren’t they. Could you imagine having this in your home? Just watching the purple haze fog into blue.



If I had to pick my favourite. It would be this one. I think it’s because of the distant landscape. It feels like a fogginess that just gets clearer as you go up. As if you are exhaling and the top of the piece is the clarity..


I think everyone in their lifetime should buy at least one piece of artwork, a piece that when you look at it, it inspires you, de-stresses you, invigorates you. Makes you think. Because that’s what art is for. It’s what it’s their to do. Make you think and feel. Let me know which of his works you like best.

I tempted to pull out my medium format, my beloved camera that I havent used since I graduated. Crazy right. Anyway do check out Artsy site as they have tons of artists and they believe in “making all the world’s art accessible to anyone”.