Great house plants for a small budget


Ok so I did a post on hard plants to kill see it here, and now I thought I’d look at plants that are great for a small budget. I mean if you really want to add greenery to your house on the ultimate budget, I would say buy some seeds and browse charity shops for a range of different vases and pots. This takes a lot of commitment and time though, you know like years..but hey it’s a cheaper way to do and the added satisfaction of watching your plants grow. But if your not up for doing it that way here are some great plants which add awesome decor and won’t break the bank.




African Violets, great vibrant colours and a great addition to your home, also they aren’t overly expensive you can get them at Homebase for £2.99. This will add a great spot of colour to your ever growing greenery.




Dracaena plant. I have a couple of these, they are super cheap and super easy to keep alive so I would totally recommend them plus you can get them from Ikea for just £1! Bargain.


Cacti plants. Super awesome, super cheap and super easy to keep alive. You really can’t go wrong! They come in so many different colours and shapes, why not do a whole pot filled with different cacti? From Ikea you can get a set of 3 with pots for £4.50. Bargain.



English Ivy plant is awesome on high shelves as a draping plant,plus they are really easy to keep alive, though keep an eye on them as they grow pretty fast. You can get a plant like this from Amazon, in fact 3 of these plants for £12.59.




Jade Plant. Another one thats so easy to keep alive and you can get one for £3.49 from Homebase.


Peace Lily. Such a lovely flower and will make an elegant addition, oh yeah I went there. I mean these are pretty elegant flowers and they aren’t overly expensive. Get a peace lily from Homebase for £4.99/


Spider plants are awesome as they are really easy to take care of, and they sprout baby plants on a regular basis too! You can get a spider plant from Waitrose for £4.79.



Lastly we have living stones which are weird looking but interesting none the least. These are super cheap and you can get several plants from Amazon for £4.99. Bargain.


So there you have it, an awesome way to decorate your house with plants on a budget. I’ll also mention that I got this awesome plant stand from Ikea for £25 and pots were £1.50, it’s such a nice way to display plants. I got the plants from a selection of places, and the majority cost under £3. So it’s totally doable! Plus fill it with herbs and keep in a itches if you have room, perfect for those chefs out there.


plant-stand-ikea,-cheap-plants-on-a-budget-gerat-floral-decor (ask for Sophie, unless it’s a question about steak then Richard is your guy)

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Colour of the month..Feeling green

The colour of this month is green, it’s summer, flowers are blooming and the trees are lovely and green, and what can I say, I am enjoying the greenery..So here are some colourful green pins. I’ve said green way too many times!


















Thank god it’s Friday, I am looking forward to chilling this weekend..which pretty much involves me sleeping..yep I am going to have some epic naps! Have a lovely weekend all! (ask for Sophie, unless it’s a question about steak then Richard is your guy)

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Enjoying the Heatwave? Here are some tips to surviving


Dreaming of being back in Italy, lounging in an ice cold pool..

So I am not enjoying the heatwave…i’ve chomped my way through half a bag of ice, and I am hardly moving yet I am still drenched in sweat…this is crazy! I mean I feel like I should have planned to be heavily pregnant in like December when it’s nice and cold..

Anyway here are my tips for surviving a heatwave.

1. I sat in my car, windows up for like 30 seconds while I grabbed my bag and sent a text…it was excruciating, let’s not be careless with our dogs and kids, hell anybody, it’s dangerous. I couldn’t last 30 seconds..

2. Ice is your friend, I’m drinking a whole glass of ice water every 10 minutes..i’m secretly hoping the 20th glass will be the charm and finally cool me down…i’ll let you know

3. If your pregnant, try and rest, hydrate and move as little as possible..although I am doing this and still managing to sweat ridiculous amounts..its not fun.

4. Now is the time to invest in a fan and a paddling pool…I will be doing this tomorrow for sure!

5. Don’t be ashamed if your at home to sit in your pants..I am sporting some lovely maternity pants and bra..who said pregnancy can’t be sexy…

6. Don’t be embarrassed to get stupidly excited about hearing that tune of the ice cream man, and yes it’s a perfectly good reason to run for it (although this will cause more excessive sweating) but Ice cream is your friend..

7. This is where I miss living by the sea or by the Cotswolds where i could be in a lovely body of water right now..floating…if you are able to go swimming remember sun tan lotion..but enjoy it..

8. Sun tan lotion is it’s own rule…no one likes the lobster look..

I think i’m off to have a cold shower..Try and stay cool and hydrated all!! We can make it through this…



How to spruce up boring rental bathrooms

So my house is now finally reasonably clean, I have dropped off half a car load of things to the charity shop, and it’s just the few upcycle projects, and hanging up mini gallery walls that needs doing really. Which is good because I am struggling. I love the sun and how warm it is, but I’m not going to lie at 36 weeks the heat isn’t your friend, and pair that with frequent tightenings, which are a joy, I am pretty uncomfortable..

But to my bathrooms. I have one upstairs and a toilet downstairs..both have their issues. The upstairs is kind of I know bathrooms don’t exactly need to be thrilling but I think especially for when you have a bath and try to relax, you want somewhere that can add to that. The problem with the downstairs toilet is it’s windowless so dark gloomy and a death room for plants..So I have been looking at some good cheap renters fixes for your bathrooms, or for homeowners who don’t have the extra cash to remodel their bathrooms.



Accessories can be a god send in bathrooms. Cute glass bottles for your bubble bath, and a  vase and candles can help achieve a spa like space, and detract from hideous fixtures that are out of your budget or control.




I am loving the flamingo muriel, and although this isn’t budget or landlord friendly, unless you have a super laid back landlord, adding art work to your bathroom can create a sense of space and can really set a room and doesn’t have to be expensive. Create your own artworks, use photographs or check out these free printable artworks here, and whack them in a charity shop or old frame which can be spruced up with a lick of paint..



I love the idea of doing this, especially in our dark and gloomy downstairs toilet. I could even get some shiny metallic pieces which might add some light? Who knows. You can use washi tape to put up your gallery wall which is renter friendly instead of using nails…which can be a painful process putting up and taking down, plus landlords aren’t always in love with the idea of nails..


If space is an issue and getting a unit isn’t an option, having an old ladder like this is such an awesome way to display your towels, and I love the pictures casually on the floor. Making this a centre feature will add some style to your bathroom. If your bathroom bears a horrid outdated pattern or colour, adding a feature like this with towels that will compliment the bathroom, or bold patterned towels that will detract is a good way to get around that bathroom decor you just hate.



If you have room, getting a cabinet can add a lot to your bathroom. See our newly upcycled bathroom cabinet here. Upcycling it in a bold colour will make it a good distraction from horrid fixtures..Plus is great for storage.



Make your jewellery an art piece in your bathroom. Double use as a great storage for your pieces and it’s an eye catching centre piece for your bathroom. Adding texture,colour and sparkly loveliness. You can get these great renters tabs which come with hooks. So instead of hammering in a nail, get these clear hooks which will also give the illusion of floating jewellery too.




Bold statement colour scheme. This is what I am thinking  for my bathroom. Black and gold statement colour pieces give a chic and elegant look to a bathroom. Easy to do on a budget with some gold spray paint, black paint, and a printer to get some beautiful black and white photos. Sorted. Rummage your local charity shops for some interesting glass bottles to store your toiletries and make-up too.

And last but not least, when your bathroom is just pass the point of anything, turn it into a tropical paradise.




Amazing right? Anyway I am now off to try and transform my bathrooms! Wish me luck! (ask for Sophie, unless it’s a question about steak then Richard is your guy)

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Wide Awake on this Wednesday morning



So due to my ever growing belly, sleep seems to become more and more uncomfortable as the days go on. I have like a 6 point turn, turning over in bed..takes me quite a while plus its paired with a tugging that causes me a lovely pulled muscle..what can I say pregnancy is fun…

So I thought while being up this early ( i’ll mention that I got up at 6 for no other reason then I couldn’t sleep) I thought i’d be proactive. My ever growing list has been put into overdrive with an inspection on Friday from our estate agents. So  I have no choice but to sort through my cleaning to do list. This is also paired with bets going down that the majority of people think i’ll have the baby in 3 weeks. 3 weeks! I am currently 35 weeks and 4 yeah..i’ll probably end up going past my due date, but this timeline has sent me into overdrive..

I have all these cute and wonderful things I want to do before this kid is born, but I have to say with the lack of sleep, and the fact that I can only clean for like 30 mins before having to take a break, I think that maybe, just maybe…I might not get all these things done..which if I’m honest is annoying me massively..

I have no idea what to expect when this baby arrives, I hope the blog doesn’t suffer, maybe it will make it more interesting..lack of sleep  can cause people to do weird things… I guess we will just have to see.. I’ll do a full on bump post soon and maybe you all can give me your ideas on what you think the gender is and predict when i’ll have the baby? eh?

I’m off to start cleaning, then maybe i’ll have a nap..

Hope you all have a lovely Wednesday


Dual purpose rooms…Office/Nursery

Ok so we have a 2 bedroom house at the moment, and luckily our second bedroom is a good size which is why I am able to split half into my office and the other half is the babies room…which isn’t finished but hey I have 5 weeks…Plenty of time.

So we have all the main bits. Crib, Wardrobe, desk, bookcase. Everything  a baby and an a working woman needs. But because we have decided not to find out the sex, keeping things neutral and non-gender orientated is proving difficult. As much as I love a tassle bunting, if it turns out to be a boy…is tassle bunting going to cut it?

Anyway I turn to trustworthy pinterest for my combo shared room needs.




See I love this layout, so cute and girly, and I like how there is still a lot of room it doesn’t feel crowded. The only issue is with my desk it’s rather large. See my current office space here.



This is more up my street, jam packed full of things…what can I say I have a lot of stuff…It’s going to take me a while to bay proof..



I really wish I could paint our room white, we all no my hatred of magnolia. I just think it looks more fresh and bright when things are that rhymed.. But when the nursery is done i’ll give you a tour..I have some rent friendly tips up my sleeve.



I love this nursery/office from Oh Joy styled by Emily Henderson. I would have like to have done a little muriel or something similar to the mountains like this on our nursery wall..

enhanced-buzz-9821-1384811400-25 Source.

We are very lucky to have a spare bedroom which we can make a dual office/nursery but I know not everyone has the extra rooms, so I wanted to show this adorable nursery corner. There are so many options out there of how to fit your baby into your 1 bedroom place. Closets are great for putting the crib in (taking the door off obviously) and different hacks to fit baby into your life. Babies are small, and with some great organisation they can fit into little corners of your life!

So next week I think i’ll look at some cute nursery pieces to keep your nursery organised and looking adorable! (ask for Sophie, unless it’s a question about steak then Richard is your guy)

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Weekend Antics, Beautiful Wedding

Ok so this weekend has been a long one, but a beautiful one none the least. My brother married his dream girl and the day was truly beautiful. The sun was shining, everyone looked stunning and the bride and groom were blissfully happy! I don’t have many pictures and in fact I got these 2 from Mel’s sister but when the professional ones are done i’ll show you a couple more, and let you see my outfit for the day..I was working the lilac whale look.



So a big congratulations to the beautiful couple that is Mr and Mrs Carter!



And how adorable does Finley look with his dad! Super super cute!!

But the wedding was lovely, and although it tired me out massively and my feet swelled beautifully, it was a sad end to a weekend where it will be my last time in Cricklade just me and Richard. The journey has become too long and uncomfortable to do so next time we are there…there should be 3 of us…weird!

So it was a lovely weekend and now I am just chilling before my mad cleaning starts up again..oh the joy of nesting




Birthday Fun Pins

So yesterday I turned 26 and celebrated my birthday having a chilled day with Richard. To be honest a lot of things right now  completely drain me, so chilling was perfect. We ate cake, we watched films, and did a trip to Ikea..was perfect. This week sees us going to my brothers wedding so to be honest I’m kind of saving my energy for that..very different to last year, where we partied! Anyway for today I thought i’d look at awesome Birthday pins..for the Birthdays in your lives coming year…i’ll drink and party!



















I think i’d like to have a really big do for my 30th. I have 4 years to plan it. This year has been super crazy, and gone super fast. It’s crazy to think that next month I might have a baby and that me and Richard would have been engaged for a year…without anything being planned bar the photographer..crazy!!! Here is to another year…next year should be interesting!! (ask for Sophie, unless it’s a question about steak then Richard is your guy)

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Cute stationary for all your notes and office needs.

Since my list making has gone into overdrive with our impending arrival, I can’t get enough of all the cute stationary out there! I think if I had the time, and actually took photos which had me and Richard in..I’d totally like scrap booking..

Anyway to some cute things to make your list making life easier.  I’ve separated this post into some of my favourite places to get stationary…because i’m that sad..




So I love Anthropologie it’s my guilty pleasure, and more of a treat around birthday’s and Christmas because it can be quite expensive. But they do the most mouthwatering furniture, cook ware and stationary..

So above clockwise we have..

Dalmatian stapler.. I feel like I really need this in my life. It’s £20.00 so a bit pricey for a stapler..but let’s be honest it would look awesome on my desk…

Monogram notebooks. To make never ending lists, or add to a monogram collection you might have going…This costs £8.00 from Anthropologie.

Washi tape collection. I have so much washi tape just because it has so many uses, decorate, DIY, gift wrap. Endless possibilities. These cost £12 for the set of five from Anthropologie.

Banderole pencil set. I think these are so funky and I think I have mentioned them in a post before, but they are super cute and would add flair to any pencil case or desk. They costs £8.00 from Anthropologie.


Ok next we have Selfridges, the thing I love about Selfridges is that it has so many brands all under one roof, and especially brands like Kate Spade, where shipping from the states would out way the price of the product. So I love shopping there and I love their stationary section!



Ok so from clockwise we have…

Kate Spade rotating stamp, This is super awesome and I’m super in love with it, with awesome phrases like Be an elegant thinker, and don’t mind if I do. This will spruce up any office, and make your documents snazzy too. This is from Kate Spade at Selfridges and costs £24.95.

House of Holland ball point pen. I love this for obvious reasons…it’s a pen that looks like a pencil. What can I say i’m easily impressed. This is from House of Holland at Selfridges and costs. £4.99

Hay colourful sticky notes. How awesome are these sticky notes, the colours, abstract circle shapes…I love them…I mean this takes fridge notes up to a whole new level. These are from Hay at Selfridges and cost £5.00.

Kate Spade Pencil Set. The most simple stationary tool, made ridiculously cute. Polka dots and office needs these. They are from Kate Spade at Selfridges and cost £22.95…expensive but very cute.

House Doctor Scissors. Now not really a great buy while I try to baby proof the house, but these scissors are beautiful no? They are from House Doctor at Selfridges and cost £15.00.

Ok next we look overseas at Kikki K (Australia) and so I have to keep the postage costs in mind when drooling over their products.

Too Kikki.K..



Ok from clockwise..

Magnetic page markers. Kikki.K. Cute page markers for your planner. I have one of their planners and I stupidly love it… These costs $3.95

Double sided wrapping paper. Kikki.K. This looks awesome, I am the type of person who kind of has a gift wrap draw..always need to be prepared, plus I like to use cute good quality paper in my book binding. This costs $3.95

Stripes and polka dots ball point pens. Kikki.K. These look awesome and let’s be honest you will spark envy in all your friends when you whip these out to jot down some notes..These costs $9.95

A sentence a day journal. Kikki.K Cute journal, to help remind you to feel inspired everyday. This costs $24.95

Alphabet stamp kit. Kikki.K You can get overly creative now when writing notes, cards,gift tags..really the possibilities for stamps are endless. This costs $19.95

Live what you love DIY sticker book. Kikki.K. I want this so I can jazz up my planner with all the cuteness inside! This costs $19.95

I Love Kikki.K and they have super cute planners which is where I got mine from. See it here…so do take a look.

So there is my cute stationary overload. Have a good weekend all! (ask for Sophie, unless it’s a question about steak then Richard is your guy)

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Illustrations I am loving

Trying to get some inspiration as I’d love to get back into drawing and painting, especially as my lovely friend Letty got me some new paints for my baby shower. Plus I am always on the lookout for new artworks to drool over.



I think recently I have been really drawn to pastel colours, I think it’s my wanting to decorate my house full of colour that’s coming through. I’d love this as a piece on my wall, It’s all the tiny details I love, the laces in it weird I love those laces..



Look at all those delicate lines and details, I think if I had the money my house would look like a circus with all the different artworks i’d buy. I’ve curated many things, so maybe i’d find a way to make it work..but it would probably look like a circus.



Similar with the eye print, I love drawings of lips. What can I say, I think quite a few pins and artworks of lips have made their way onto the blog the last year and a half.



Can’t go wrong with botanicals, especially palm trees. I get so jealous every time I see a blogger instagram a gorgeous sunset or sunrise with a coloured sky framing the palm trees…right now I look outside and it’s rather grey..



It’s a little soppy, yet completely lovely no?



This is one of my favourite pieces of the post. The colour contrast, the silhouette , it works.



Can’t go wrong with a pair of shoes. ever. I’d like a series of these, all different shoes in different colours..

I can’t rave enough about pinterest, if you don’t have it honestly take a look. No matter what your into. Fitness, cooking, music, photography every category or hobby you can think of, there will be thousands of pins..I spend way too much time on pinterest.. (ask for Sophie, unless it’s a question about steak then Richard is your guy)

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