Grapefruit Mint Fizz Cocktail Recipe

Ok so this is such a simple recipe, I like it as a refreshing mid afternoon drink, but you can change this virgin cocktail into something with more of a kick by adding vodka or gin.




So what you need:


Mint Sprigs

Lemonade/Soda water

Vodka/Gin (optional)

Cocktail shaker

Muddler/ Pestle and mortar

Lemon squeezer/juicer



Ok so its such a simple recipe. First thing first I cut the grapefruit in half, and cut round the rind to free the pulp.


I used a lemon squeezer like this and simply put the pulp in and squeezed out the’s so easy, a little messy but I found it easier then trying to juice it on a  manual juicer. Simply juice the grapefruit. One grapefruit will give you two small drinks. Then add the mint and crush it all together. I then let my juice sit for an hour to really let the mint sink in. This isn’t a necessity. After that I added it with some ice and lemonade to the cocktail shaker. Gave it a good shake, strained and poured.



Add a splash of vodka or gin to give it that extra kick. But that i it. I have been drinking these (virgin) thid afternoon and the mint goes so well with the bitter sweet grapefruit. I hope you like it. i tried it with both pink and red grapefruit. Both were delicious!! I think I may add some gin in mine tonight..





Wedding Wednesday’s : Wedding Stationary /08

It’s crazy to think I have been doing Wedding Wednesday’s for 2 months now. Are you guys enjoying it? Is there anything specific you want me to touch on? Send me an email or leave a comment.

I am really enjoying it, and looking forward to visiting some venues in the next month or so. It’s a little difficult as we are across the country from where we will be getting married so for a 3 hour + drive, ideally we are going to do like a mini road-trip of venues. Something I am so excited about. I feel like once we have a venue booked it makes it very real…you know?


Anyway the topic I have been looking into to today is stationary. I am a sucker for stationary, like I’d quite happily have a notebook for every hour of the day…Anyway stationary is such a fun topic you and your other half can talk about. It’s not just journals, although primarily that’s what I am looking at today. But save the dates, invitations, thank you cards, table charts and such!! Oh the stationary.  I brought a lovely binded journal from Italy which I have been making notes in, but there are so many cute journals out there.



This journal which you can get from Not On The Highstreet which is by Sloane Stationary is classic and clean. But costing £45 you may not be able to afford one for every hour of the day…



This wedding notes book from Kikki.K is awesome, and the rest of the stationary available is insane!! And they ship internationally! WOO.





This looks amazing, and from Etsy and at only £7.50, this pocket planner is perfect for little notes you might take along the way!





Another amazing Etsy find, which sadly doesn’t ship internationally yet (just the states) is from Haute Papier . A 3-monthly subscription service where you get paper goodies. Its looks amazing, and I await/hope of the day they ship to the UK. Great as a possible inspiration for wedding stationary.



Possibly a nice gesture for the best man? I think this is awesome, but I think Richards plan involves more beer and maybe a few emails. This is from Not On The Highstreet and is by The Green Gables.


From Not On The Highstreet too and also by Green Gables. This is a cute idea for maybe the maid of honour? Great idea for when your going to all the wedding vendors together.


I might be seeing a possibly DIY journal post coming on soon…ooo the excitement!


Speak soon


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DIY Lego Washi Tape Holder



Ok so I got a lot of feedback on my DIY Lego Washi Tape holder and a few request for me to try and explain how I did it so I thought I would attempt a tutorial. Ok so you don’t have to use my colours, the wilder the better, but these are the block sizes I used. Hopefully my instructions make sense, if they don’t email me and i’ll try my best to explain it better.








You need a flat base. I only had these 4 sizes, sadly it would have been easier if I had more then 2 colours, but these were the ones I had. So you put all the flat bases in a line together.


Next we need to secure the bases, so we grab the long flat blocks to do this. I put them centre to keep it even.



Add the beige ones at the bottom and the white ones at the top…if you can see them..


Next we start to build our sides. I went for the double block look, but this could always be achieved with the long 8 blocks instead. The pink is sooo nice. You can get fun colours from most lego shops. They have like and M&M thing going on where you can fill a bag with fun coloured blocks.



We add our sides to the base. Remember to keep it nice and centered.


This is our top. The black is the flat base bottom support, the white and grey the middle and the orange and red the flat base top support. To hold the washi tape it needs to be sturdy.I have lined the blocks where they go on top and below.



Arrange it so it looks like this.


These are our top corners. This is  a nice and simple bit I know.





Next is to attach it all together. The washi tape goes on the middle so just slide it on, before you attach it all together.









And there you have it!! A lego Washi Tape Holder. The more colours you use the better the outcome! If you do this please instagram it to me would love to see it!! (ask for Sophie, unless it’s a question about steak then Richard is your guy)

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Weekend Antics, Diets, Anxiety, cake and the cinema.



Ok so this weekend, was adventurous to say the least. I started Slimming World last Monday. I hate dieting, but as I was struggling solo I thought I’d give it a go. It’s complicated, I might be being slow, but it’s complicated! I will find out tonight whether I have done it right this week I guess. but to add to my new week eating habits, I had the obstacle of going out to eat three times, and the cinema. Just to say it broke my heart not getting my usual pick ‘n’ mix, but the film Lucy wasn’t too bad. If you have seen Limitless, there’s a similar theme, but it was a good length, enough action packed scenes and who doesn’t love Morgan Freeman. Although there was a part where Scarlett Johansson cries, she’s a good crier, even had the nose dribble that people sometimes get. Yeah I remember the weirdest stuff from films…moving on!. haha Oh the picture? we know I love flamingos!


So I am doing the easy plan on slimming world, and I am more then confused that I pretty much have just been eating salad and eggs. :) good staple diet I know. I want cake. I tried to make these slimming world brownies, but I didn’t have any plane coco powder just mint hot chocolate. Note to self brownies made from natural yoghurt taste god awful with mint coco powder. Just don’t do it guys!


Eating out saw me eating chicken caesar salad with out cheese, croutons, with the sauce on the side. So a fun plate of lettuce and 4 pieces of chicken for me. Then I have breakfast the next day. Eggs benedict sauce on the side..yummy. then plain vegetarian sushi for dinner. I couldn’t eat with the others as the food hall didn’t really cater to my sliming world guidelines. I think thats the worse. Seeing people eat burgers and Taco Bell, well you wait drinking your gallon of diet coke, to then walk solo to Boots to get some sushi.

haha ok pathetic sorrowful moment over.

I am pretty busy with stuff at the moment which is great, keeps me focus especially planning for another craft show and job hunting which is a pain, so I am limiting myself to just an hour a day, otherwise I think I would go crazy!

I had a bit of a Oh Jeez moment last night where I was at a cross road and completely no idea what I was going to do. I pretty much felt like my world was falling and I had no control over anything.  You know?

So I have this thing where I can drive, but I hate driving, like it freaks me out. Before I went to Canada I drove all the time. Back and forth from uni and such. Then I went away for 5 months, I come back drive a little bit then I crash. Now for a car crash I was lucky. No one was hurt, in fact not much damaged was done at all. I just went into the back of someone at a traffic light. But anyway, I get my car fixed, I drive  little during the summer then I start my last year of uni. I leave my car at home as I shared it with my brother then it gets sold and thats it. I don’t drive again for like a year, not until I start driving Richard’s car or not really driving if I am to be honest. He brought his car and he’s very cautious over it, understandably which in turn gave me an even bigger complex. Like I can’t crash his car… Freaks me out. But I have loss some of my independence you know, which in turns panicks me even more haha. Bet I sound crazy!

Anyway my weekend was eventful, and I kind of feel better for getting some of it off my chest. Plus I have a big order to do today for a wedding which I am excited about.

I’ll let you know my results tomorrow for my first weight in.. scared much?? I am!


Speak soon all, and thanks fro reading! I appreciate every single one of you!



My Favourite Books Of The Month

Books-of-the-month-sept     Ok, so a couple of these I have had for a few years, and they are still up there with my favourites.

So clockwise we have:

Decorate With Flowers; Holly Becker and Leslie Shewring

We all know my love of all things floral, and this book paired with beautiful photography is just a beautiful book all over. Filled with amazing tips on how to fill your home with beautiful floral and funky arrangements, and how to take proper care with your flowers and herbs. It’s giving me sooo many ideas on flowers I’d like to be in the wedding too! Such a great book.

Take Care Of Yourself, Sophie Calle

This book will be loved by all women everywhere. After getting a break up email from her partner, which finishes with take care of yourself, Calle went about getting opinions from every walk of life, which has women in different professions giving their interpretation. Including, dance pieces, poems and analysis. Such a beautiful book, the exhibit was inspiring and Calle remains to be one of my utmost favourite artists.

Edie, Jean Stein

An icon in herself who died so young, Edie Sedgwick’s life is exploded in this account which included friends and family of the infamous Edie. Also looks into the 60′s pop art explosion with Andy Warhol. I’ve had this for a few years, and it’s an amazing read.

Yayoi Kusama 

Another artists whose work involves bursts of colour and patterns, this book is sure to inspire you through any kind of mental, creative or even emotional block. Her skills are variable excelling in sculpture, photography, video, collage and painting.

Design Bloggers At Home, Ellie Tennant

If your like me, and your dying to know what your favourite bloggers home looks like, then this is the book for you! filled with their favourite shops and even blogging tips too! This is a staple for any up and coming blogger to have on their desk, or even someone who just loves to read blogs, lets you become a little bit more nosy into their lives with gorgeous photography too!

The Hummingbird Bakery 

We know my love for cake, and this book is my favourite go to! With such amazing and delicious recipes, and so cheap this is a great for a cake lover!! This is also where I got the Lavender cupcake recipe from!

So there’s my books of the month, a couple which I have had for years!!   Have a lovely Friday and weekend all!!

Speedy Stamp Review. Custom Stamp For Wooden Flamingo

Hey all, so we know I have been working on branding wooden flamingo for quite a while, with packaging, letter heads and such, and so when I was approached to receive a stamp for our company I jumped at the chance!


Now lets get to the important bits! The stamp is from Speedy Stamps.  And they do custom stamps, (like the one I have) to any design and also do stock stamps. The process was so simple. I did my design, sent it off and within a week it was back. They do a range of sizes, and as long as the design is in black and white and high resolution like 300 dpi. They can do it.  They send you a proof picture of what the stamp will look like then they laser cut it for you!! They have ink pads too (Black,blue,red,green or violet). I went for violet! It’s such a nice colour and comes out so well doesn’t it.

Another benefit of this service is that if you order before 12 noon they will dispatch the same day! Crazy right!!

The stamp is lovely, with a wooden handle which makes it so easy to press to get the perfect outcome. Your stamp is also on the outside, completely in-line with the stamp, so lining up isn’t an issue. It takes a few extra dabs the first time you use it to get a really crisp outcome, but after that it’s a piece of cake.


It works on a lot of different surfaces too! They look great on our sweet style bags which we use for our smaller items at craft shows, and even went nicely on my chipboard clipboard. I chose to go with our logo, because it’s a big part of our brand, and having the same logo stamp keeps the strength between our packaging and business cards and labels.



I had an old ink padin a mint green which i tried it out with, which work’s fine too, but I prefer the ink which I got with the stamp. Doesn’t it look great on our postage labels?


And finally on our bags, I think sometimes putting your logo on your packaging just strengths your brand. Plus I love how simple and pretty this looks.

So to summarise, I would reccomend this stamp to anyone who needs any kind of stamp. especially if your looking to add that extra touch to your business, wedding, or just as a date stamp. Honestly there variety is huge and such good prices too! Custom stamps, starting from £11.20.


So go check them out!! Speedy Stamps!


Wedding Wednesday’s: Bridesmaid Dresses For Different Seasons /07

So I thought a great way to follow up last week’s DIY bridesmaid cards were dresses. Now I have already had comments from my Bridesmaid telling me colour thats don’t suit them, features they don’t like it’s quite  tough decisions picking bridesmaid dresses that they will like and what will suit everyone. I have been a bridesmaid a few times, and although I have enjoyed sometimes the dresses weren’t the right thing for my shape, and so felt slightly uncomfortable in them. So always took a dress to change into after all the pictures and sit down meal. Ok so I have a lot of bridesmaid all different shapes, sizes and complexions, so It’s going to be a long one picking some dresses out. But there are ways!



Option 1. You give your bridesmaid a colour, and let them choose a few dresses in that colour. ( you pick the final one). So all your bridesmaids go together and are happy.


Option 2. Give them a few options to try from. And possibly a few colours so it’s the same dress, but in different colours. As we all know, colours can make a big difference to how people wear a dress.


Option 3. remind them it’s your big day and pick what you want!.


Ok anyway I have been scouring the internet at some big highstreet names, looking at many many bridesmaid dresses I think were look good in different seasons.


Ok so my Autumn choices which fall into September, OCtober and November, are these. Note I haven’t gone for Autumn traditional colours, I think i’ve looked at more dresses, which in a way can be practical in the weather, colour choices and ones I think look pretty. Ok so from L-R.

This blue number, which offers a more cooler tone, I think is soo pretty and the lace detail reminds me of leaves, hence being an autumn choice for me. ALso would look lovely with a shawl or little jacket, which might be needed in the cooler months. This is from ASOS and is £48 which isn’t too bad for a bridesmaid dress. Tights could be worn nicely with this too. Just because your getting married in the cooler months, doesn’t mean you need to think long warm dresses. Accessories with cute gloves, and shawls. Maybe even hats!

Next we have a maxi dress, which is rather sparkly and glamourous. This paired with a faux fur shawl would add instant glamour to your bridesmaids. This is from Debenhams and is £175. So slightly more expensive. Although I have never been a fan of maxi, don’t ask me why…I don’t know I just haven’t.

Next we have this warmer darker rose colour dress , which is more on the traditional style for a bridesmaid dress. It is lovely. This is also from Debenhams and is £89. 



Next we have spring, with the months of March, April and May falling into this. Clearly I was attracted to greens for this bar my statement black piece. So starting from L-R. We firstly have this. Now like I said above I am not into maxi’s that much, but I love the relaxed lok of this, so much that this might be on my list. (bridesmaids beware haha). I love the sleeves and the shape, pair it with a contrasting colour shawl. Perfect. Maybe I should have put this in Autumn? Anyway this is from Asos and at a money saving £45, I think it’s a bargain and a dress you can wear again and again.

Next we have another mint green number, Spring is about fresh colours, new flowers sprouting, baby animals being born and such. This is a really simple outfit, great for those laid back weddings, where people can let loose. I mean come one my bridesmaid could twerk in these dresses! This is from Top Shop and is £48 . Thoughts?

Next is my statement bridesmaid dress. Now we know how beautiful monochrome can look, and these black dresses are stunning. Great for your black tie event! From ASOS but it’s £189.  Which might set you back just a little…Summer-bridemaids-dresses

And now Summer, where the months of June, July and August fall into. Quite possibly the most popular time to get married. I went for some really bright and colourful choices, mostly cocktail style, but also fun and eye catching. So from L-R. This cute little heart print dress is from ASOS and is £90. Slightly on the pricey side but I love the 50′s shape of the straight across neck line. Pattern dresses can be so much fun too!! I’d love the idea of getting something similar made, using different patterns in the same colour.ah cute!

Next we have this little number from Debenhams which is £135 slightly more on the traditional side, it’s such a pretty colour, with the striped detail and a good length for warm summer weddings.

Then we have this little slim sexy number, very sleek and sexy, maybe too sexy for bridesmaids, guess you don’t want them out doing you..kidding. but this is from ASOS and is £95. I kind of love it as a dress…not just a bridesmaid dress..haha



And last but not least winter. The months December, January and February hit this time of year, and so not trying to hit too many sterotypes with winter like colours, I have a fw different options. Starting from L-R we have this dark grey lacy number, which is quite cool in colour and tone, so would fit right in with a winter wedding. This is from House Of Fraser and is £149. 

Next we have this peachy number which with the sleeves and length’s I think would be great for a cooler wedding. This is from ASOS and is £80. Bit steep, but the beading detail is lovely.

Lastly we have this dress from Ted Baker from House of Fraser which is  £179. Wowza I know, but it does look beautiful and I am always a sucker for floral obscure patterned dresses.

Now I am not the speaker of what dresses you wear in what season, I just had some fun looking at lots and hope maybe it might help you finding your bridesmaids dresses! haha


Speak soon!



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Epsom and Lavender Bath salts



Ok so I know what your thinking. Seriously what’s my obsession with lavender. Alas I don’t know, but I have used this stuff for like the last year and I can’t rave about it enough. You can get epsom salt from most health stores or online, and all you need is some lavender dry or fresh to mix with it. Simple no?

Epsom salt has been known for it’s health properties although debated on wherther it works or not. But either way, it’s great to use once a week as a mode of relaxation.

Epsom salt is an inorganic salt composed of magnesium, sulfate and seven water molecules. (don’t worry I don’t completely get what this is either) haha! But what I do know is that it can be helpful in aches and pains, and having an epsom bath can do wonders. I just put a couple of tablespoons into the bath and just relax really.


Another thing I love to do with this mixture is add a little bit to some olive oil and turn it into a scrub this leaves your skin feeling soo good and smells great to! I do this once a week, have a good scrub down and rinse away!


This was especially helpful this morning because Richard started his new job this week which has him out on the daily commute grind. Getting up at 6. And being the lovely girlfriend I am I get up too ….. to make him a sandwich to take and to grind coffee beans..for you know coffee. Anyway starting the day this early I thought to myself as I am up…why not go for a run. Remember I started the running program? It’s going slowly, I am still on the stage where I run for 5 minute walk for 3 X3. Due to my many ear infections, I have been a bit MIA in the running schedule, but hey running this morning at 6.30 although tough was pretty refreshing, and ending with a lavender epsom scrub was just what I needed! I am now ready to start the day in my new little office, trying to engage with you guys out there!

Anyway until tomorrow all!!

Weekend Antics, New office finished! my budget decor make over



So this is our spare room. Not much of a spare room as you can’t fit a double bed in it, the joy of renting and some peoples planning of rooms. With 2 built in cabinets, the shape of room leaves annoying nooks and gaps around the room. The desk is new, Richard built it for me out of a pallet and the legs from old fence posts. We painted the legs black, and used olive oil to stain the top. And I have to say I adore it!!  for something made from recycling wood, it’s so beautiful and cost pretty much nothing!




And here it is!! colourful no? I am going to show you little tips I used to makeover my spare room into my office with limited money and restrictions. So we rent, so painting is out of the question, otherwise we would be looking at a lovely white office. But I have used different ways to add decor to my office.



Ok so this is my messy section. using my old desk (which I got deadly cheap from a charity shop) we put some old plywood we had on top and secured a piece to the back, as a protector . (rented place remember). The blue chairs which there are four of I got from freecycle and am currently doing them up for my sister, (hence why they are here). My fabric organiser was Richard’s mums and dad’s side of their old baby crib they were getting rid of. It was already yellow, which I quite liked and so kept. So there you have it, a cool way to display your fabrics.  I simply used the desk to store my paint, art supplies and spray paint, hanging up some tape and scissors on the plywood. Many uses!


Old-crib-side,-fabric-organiser Etsy-Artwprk

Great picture I know…anyway I am a big believer in having art all around my house, and these recent purchases from Etsy cost very little but are fantastic!

Frida Kahlo water colours. From here. £2.86 for a hand painted picture? Who wouldn’t. They are so beautiful!

Hairy Legs patch, I just loved this straight away and thought it was just so awesome! This is from here.  For £1.70? Who can complain.

The two oil paintings. Iscream and bananas are oil paintings, the shop isn’t there any more which is a massive shame, but these cost me £5 each.

I got the frames from Ikea. If you can afford to get your artwork framed professionally. I would always say yes do! We alas are in that stage of not having the funds to afford that, so I got these from Ikea and the matt grey is lovely, and the frames do a great job. Nice and affordable. They cost me £2.75 each.



That chest a draws which houses our products and important documents and and glitter really.. well that was part of a bunch of furniture I got off ebay that cost me £2.00 altogether! Bargain right. My camera display was a shelving unit I found on the side of the street. I cleaned it and did it up, and now it holds my cameras. This little section is kind of vintage inspired with my parasol (99p at the charity shop) and my £10 typewriter. Pair that with an old mustard tin..and well I am back in 1950. The orange tree which is  real, well thats just a birthday present, which I am looking forward to picking fruits on.  My spotty rug? Reduced in Ikea to £15! had a few splotches on it which easily came off! Bargain it is.

Orange-tree-and-type-writers camera-display








I also was given a lemon tree which sits proudly in front of two more of Abby’s chairs on top of my vintage letraset. Which I got from a charity shop for next to nothing. I have been told by my graphics friends this was an amazing find. I’m looking for ripe lemons to pick too!



So here we have my desk. My lamp? £19 from Ikea. the rest of the decor ranges from many places.


Ok so we know my love of lego, and when Richard brought me a variety box from Legoland which cost £25 I thought I’d build a washi tape holder..was pretty fun although took a few attempts to get it right, but I am over the moon with the results. Keep an eye out in charity shops because lego is always coming in!


With my cacti which I have had for 5 years, and a wicker basket I got from Broadway Market a few months ago, having little things like this make me happy. I am a sucker for plants and colour.


Jet’aime card I got from Etsy here. I love this, I think I will probably get it framed! add to my wall.



Then it’s just a few of my favourite office supplies. A stapler from Paperchase which was reduced, lego pencil holder which is Richards, wrapping ribbon from Ikea which cost £1.25.




Finally on my desk, some old black organisers I had from ages ago which I just spray painted gold. Such a quick an inexpensive way to up-cycle something.



Then my bookcase. Which Richard built me, still standing too! haha


So there is my new office, rather exciting, and it’s a nice place to job hunt from!

But I managed to do this without spending much money at all, with just utilising what I already had, up-cycling bits, and a few bargains from Ikea and Etsy! 

I believe in looking what’s around you first and seeing if you can revive it you know!!

Anyway I hope you all had a lovely weekend! And I will see you all soon!!




Aroamaah! Coffee of the Month – August 2014 Last Chance Discount!

Just a quick reminder that the amazing people over at Aroamaah have given us the chance to offer our readers 50% off your first box. There are only a few days left to order and take advantage of the discount. So get going!

To get the 50% off, when placing your order just use the code:



The process is very straight forward, every month they search out independent artisan roasters from across the world and pick a selection of the best seasonal coffees. Each box contains a selection of different coffees, tasting notes, information on the coffee’s origin and tips on getting the best out of the coffee.

We get three coffees each month as we are a little bit addicted to our coffee machine and the amazing smell of fresh brewed coffee in the morning, afternoon…. night, well anytime really.

This month I followed the suggested best way of having the coffee, even if it went against how I normally enjoy my coffee. I normally only drink espresso without sugar, but I looked forward to some different styles and milk.

Coffee A:

Origin: Ethiopia
Farm: Negele Gurbitu Coop, Sidama Yirgacheffe
Rosted on: 24 July 2014

Coffee A this month again has a slight hint of jasmine, which I could detect more this month than last. As I said before i’m not a big fan of jasmine but it doesn’t stop this being a really nice delicate coffee. I had this black from a cafetiere, the flavors were very delicate and with milk lost the hints of citrus and jasmine. Still a lovely cup of coffee though.

Coffee B:

Origin: Papua New Guinea
Farm: WH Carpenters. Waghi Valley, Sigri
Rosted on: 24 July 2014

This coffee apparently suits all brew methods but is best as espresso, so espresso it is. Great as a morning or early afternoon pick me up, sweet hints of chocolate and spice. When offered a coffee this was the one chosen by friends and family by its smell. So definitely a crowd pleaser.

Coffee C:

Origin: Rwanda
Farm: Daterra Estate. Santa Colomba
Rosted on: 23 July 2014

Again coffee C got my coffee of the month this month. Smells just like marzipan, and tastes incredible! I enjoyed this as an espresso and a flat white. Both amazing and I managed to eek every little coffee ground from our mill. A really excellent coffee.

As I move to my new job, I am joining the ranks of commuters getting up at stupid o’clock so will be relying even heavier on amazing coffee to get me through the day until I adjust to the schedule. Lets hope for strong coffees and lots of it this month!

Now go take advantage of the discount code, you’re running out of time to get some incredible coffee in your life.