I need to start planning my wedding

Recently, I have attended quite a few weddings, each being beautiful in their own way, and all I keep thinking is that I’m meant to be getting married in just over a year and I haven’t booked anything. I think we are the same as most couples and have the problem of where to have our special day. Once your venue is booked everything else can then start to fall into place. The question is always though, where to holdake a look at this list for some unique places..

Weddings, they can be super stressful. I’ve hardly planned any of mine and i’m already stressing over it. Me and Richard aren’t overly flashy people, and I think if it wasn’t going to annoy so many people we would probably elope. Go to the mountains, get married then have a big party with family friends another day. Another reason eloping could be fun..is due to the big old question about your budget. Everyone knows weddings can be super expensive, even more so if your guestlist gets out of hand…which ours already has. There’s always wedding politics isn’t there.

Anyway  good way to save money, have an interesting venue, and please all family and friends is by having a dusk wedding. By doing this you can cut out the wedding breaksfast, and just do a simple short cermeony with the evening party after for all your guest…The only thing to consider is that there is sometimes a cut off time you can get married..I think it’s 6pm..and you might need to invest in a good photographer..like mine who can excel in the lack of light options.


If only we had warm weather all year roundin the UK, so that we could have this lovely setting of lights and outdoor dining for our wedding in Novemeber. But it’s just not possible.. cue all guests shivering, probably drenched by rain in layers and layers of coats.


Lights,no matter the venue I want lights everywhere..EVERYWHERE I tell you, they just make everything look special..and amazing..



How gorgeous does this setting look? Saying your vows as the sun sets…


Now obviously this idea might not be the most ideal in Novemeber when I’m planning our wedding…be pretty chilly to have a cermony outside, but just think if you found a fancy venue with a conservatory or an orangery..they would look pretty amazing..

Have a lovely weekend all!


Cleaning, temporary guestrooms and more cleaning..the joy of guests

Since having a baby, I’m not sure what it is but I feel like i’m torn between wanting to be a perfect mum, with the perfect house, to wanting to be my wacky adventurous self. So how am I’m getting best of both?  i’m spending my spare time cleaning constanly..and I’ve dyed my hair twice to rebel against being a typical mummy..If your wondering on what colour..I was going for blonde..but i’m more strawberry blonde..it’s a working progress.

Cleaning is becoming a little bit of an annoyance..in the sense I hate having to do it, but I can’t not do it…I get pretty on edge when my rug hasn’t been vaccumed for a fews, and I’m constantly adding flowers to try and get the, I’m perfectly together look! But I am trying out a few cleaning rotas I have found on pinterest, just to seeif they help/work..i’ll let you know.


So there are a few things playing on my mind with my house..my rented house that I cant do anything with..If I could I’d be knocking down a wall. Between the living room and kitchen to be precise to make it an open plan..this would not only give me a hell of a lot more space, but I’d be able to cook and clean while keeping an eye on Arch at the same time..Plus i’d love how much more light it would give our space, and make it better for when guests come over, which can be pretty sterssful even more so when you have a baby. I feel like there’s a crazy lot of pressure on new mums to have it all together..and i’m the same. On more then one occassion I have got up at stupid o’clock to clean my house just enough to make it look like I have it all together before family and friends come over..and that’s even after having a bad night with Arch..Right now my living room is crazy messy…there’s a breast pump in the middle of the room admist the chaos..clothes scattered everywhere..it’s crazy..But 2 things that really get on my nerves the most, which were on my nesting list which were never cleaned were my oven and the little canopy above our front door..you know that little bit of roof that keep visitors dry. The little bit of roof thats infested with spiders and dirt..everytime I open the front doot its there stairing at me. Not only do I want to clean it I want to paint a lovely grey and the oven..the oven totally needs a clean. So with a new baby like I said comes guests, and over night guests at that. Which in itself can be pretty overwhelming when you have a new little one, but sometimes unavoidable, so I think to make your life easier, having little things set up for your guests inadvance will help you out..or give you more time to do thec cleaning.

I’ve mentioned that we are getting a new sofa soon a sofa bed to be exact, the one we have picked sadly is more functional rather then fashionable as now we have our little guy here..we have suddenly become way more popular with lots of family coming to visit and the inflatable bed just isn’t cutting anymore. Our spare room was going to be a lovely guest room/office. But now its our nursery/office. So having the sofa bed just gives us another option, until we get a bigger place to have a guest room.But even if you don’t have a guest room, having a sofa bed and  turning it into a bedroom, no matter how temporary can always be done.

So to go with the cleaning rota above, I think a great way to get around the whole constant guest thing is to have a few things for that specific reason. So I have a spare duvet and pillow set especially or guests. After each time they are used I wash them and then reset it. Same with a set of towels. It’s just easier having a set thats just for guests. No scrouging around late at night for clean towels. Just keep it all in the same place. Plus you can always show off with cute matching sets…look way more together then you actually are. Lastly, always have a croissants in a can stashed away..for the impromptu guest…smell of fresh croissants in the moring scream that your a host with it all together!


So you could do a whole Monica from Friends and get special guest towles and bedding for your lovely house visitors. These towels from Anthropologie will do the trick…i’m really liking the pattern on this set..hmprod-8


Then why not go all out and funky with a bright bedset..means your never lose it in the cupboard ue to it being so bright! I kind of love this one from H&M..

A thrilling post for your Wednesday! And to all mums out there battiling the fight of the dust bunnies..keep going and rememebr to relax too!..




Every girl needs flowers

Ok so it’s coming up to the year countdown of when I am planning to have our wedding..and no I haven’t booked anything yet, but as soon as my venue is booked I will start up Wedding Wednesday’s again filled with lots of ideas and DIY’s. But until then, it never hurts to fill your day with floral love! Enjoy


I love the idea of having a bouquet filled with a varity of colour and texture. My idea for the wedding is to do a floralworkshop, then have a nice evening before the wedding filled with cocktails and fun with my bridesmaids when we all sit down together and make our own bouquets….ordering a bunch of fresh flowers in for this.


I making it my mission at sompoint to do a big floral shoot…the closest I have come to doing one was in Italy…fun times..see it here.


I am torn between pastel arrangement or vibrant one like this…descions descions..what do you guys think?


See pastels do look pretty…damn beautiful right….


I dream of having a garden full of colour with flowers and ivy hanging down… Love this so much..if this could be in my garden right now that would be great thanks.


I have done a few face the foliage portraits, which are so much fun..they are on my instagram which you can see here… but I think there’s so many creative ways to make artworks out of flowers, like this so simple yet so beautifull.


This is from an instalation by Rebecca Louise Law’s work….the rest of it is just as divine. If I could have this at my wedding thst would be amazing.


Well this totally needs to happen..it’s like a floral dream…

I hope you all enjoy your Tuesday..I’m currently led in bed with a grumpy boy after having his jabs yesterday.


Office ideas for renters

You might remember that I recently wrote a post about doing up my spare bedroom and turning it into a nursery/home office. Arch is 9 weeks today, I have no idea where that time has gone, and altthough he’s in our room at the moment, it won’t be long til hes in his own. So i’m under the pressure to sort out my office side, and finish the little details in his. SO here are my tips for your office..that I am currently working on with mine.

If the walls of your new office are a little grimy, but you are unable to paint them, consider cleaning them. Believe it or not, washing your walls can make a big difference to how smart they look, plus this is a must if you have a new baby, just to make sure there aren’t any nasties lurking anywhere. If you rent be careful what you use to wash your walls as depending on the type of paint, it may peel off.

If your landlord is open to you making minor changes to your home, consider adding an accent wall. This will not only brighten the place up, but it will also add style to the space. If you do decide to add an accent wall, don’t opt for a colour that’s too dark. Otherwise, if you ever decide to move out, it will be incredibly hard to cover up. If the landlord isn’t appreciative of your decor needs removable wallpaper is super easy and a super renter friendly alternative.


I love the statement wall in this office, and it contrasts so beautifully with the bright red. I’m also enjoying the patriotic colour theme. Red white and blue..and also how gorgeous is that chair. This is an example of removable paper…awesome right?

There’s so many places now that you can get removable wallpaper and decals. One being Etsy. It’s where I got our polka dots from, and the variety on there is crazy. I am loving the palm leaf effect below.



For a classic look which goes great against bold colours, this palm leaf patten is great for a sophisticated office. This is from Livettes, Etsy and costs £23.00.

A great way to add style to your home office in a rental property is by investing in the perfect pieces of furniture. Think about the type of office design that you want – chic, colourful or simple, and choose furniture that works well with that theme.if you want a theme that’s bright and full of colour, make sure to check out the range of furniture on offer from Ian Snow furniture. You should find lots of bright designs on offer in this range, many of which are ideal for using in your home office. P.S there side tables are to die for!

In any home office, the desk should always be the focal point of the room. So when it comes to picking the perfect desk, make sure to think things through and choose the perfect one. As well as thinking about the style and design, including the shape, it’s also important to think about size. Ask yourself how large your desk needs to be. If you opt for a desk design that’s too small, you are going to struggle to be able to use it to work properly. So it’s crucial that you are choosy when it comes to picking a desk for your office.


Glamour Ikea 133_525Source.

I love how modern this office looks with the simple white desk paired with the colourful display of boxes. This is a great way to add colour to your office too without painting. A perfect alternative for renters.


This office has gone for a more elegant approach, with the grand white desk and gold details. Also I love the plush ghost chair too..Once you ahve the desk, you can have fun adding little bits too it.

How you accessorise your office can help you be proactive. If your space is inspiring, you wil be inspired. It’s amazing how a few simple accessories can make all the difference to the look and feel of a room. The type of accessories you opt for will depend on the style that you are designing your office in. However, things like table lamps, wall art, desk items, and candles are must-haves. Well for my office they are, anyway.


This office has a very fun artistic feel to it, the little bits here and there are what make it. I love the array of pictures pinned on the wall, and the many different ceramics pieces. Plus who deosn’t love a pom pom garland.

Now to some cute things for your desk!! All from Anthropologie..because well I just love that shop!



If you don’t want to buy pieces of art work but still want colour on your walls. This box of pattern and colour postcards are a great way to add some style to your desk. Put them in a frame, pin them up with washi tape or just have them casually sprawled across your desk. Either way they are bound to make your desk stylish and inspiring. Costing £14.99…these are on my wishlist!


To keep you proactive, and to maange your time on facebook…what better way to do this then a funky clock! Costing £22.00.


Cute tape to tape up your postcards or if your like me, to make your diary cute and organised….this is obviosuly a neccessity. Costing £12.00.



Nothing screams elegance then a dalmation stapler. Everyone needs one of these in there life. Costing £20.00.

Once my nursery/office is finished/baby proofed I will for sure do a post, but until then I think I need to buy some cute office supplies…hello dalmation stapler and postcards…



Little way’s to update your home if you rent

Even though I rent my home, I am always on the lookout for easy and inspiring ways to update the look of it. When you’re not allowed to knock down walls or change any of the fitted cupboards into something new, you can feel a little restricted. But designing something new, and creating your own style isn’t as hard as you might think.

When you find a new place to rent, you get to start from scratch of where your furniture will go, what light shades, curtains and removable features your going to change and keep. It’s pretty exciting. And if your landlord is laid back you might even been looking at paint chips or wall paper. If they aren’t laid back look into removable wall paper and decals. A renters best friend.

Like i’ve said when renting there’s tons of ways you can add your personal touch to your home without annoying the landlord. We aren’t allowed to nail into the wall so we had to find another option as I wasn’t going to go with out my gallery wall. I came across these sticky pads for hanging pictures.. It means I don’t have to bang any nails in, and my landlord won’t have to worry about damage to the walls. These have been particularly handy lately as I’ve been swapping things around in the living room quite a lot! They are super durable, and I’ve tried and tested them. In fact our gallery in the nursery is completely hung up using these little beauts.  

If your lucky and your landlord is pretty flexible about what you can do in your place one thing I always notcie is how the ceiling quite frequently gets missed. Or is it jsut mine with the random marks. If your allowed, a great way to freshen up your home is painting your celing a light colour..can’t go wrong with white as this will reflect the light mkaing your room look brighter. It will also make your wall paper or paint job look neater. What’s the point of spending ages making sure you have sharp edges on the walls, then having marks on the ceiling. Or if your feeling really adventurous and your landlord is pretty relaxed, go for a statement ceiling to contrast with your walls.


Firstly if you ever find a landlord that might even let you do this a little…never let him go! This two toned room is just to die for. I also love the off set olive green door against the bright turquoise and dark grey. It just goes. This paint work gives a real dramatic sense to a room, and I’d say it’s like fashion. If you do it with confidence you can pull it off.



I love how gorgoues this deep blue ceiling looks paired with the crisp white and gold light fixture. Once again good luck getting your landlord to agree to this..maybe try buying them a drink first? You never know.

As a tip. I read that landlords will normally re-paint the place before new tennants move in, why not ask if you want a specific colour (make it a reasonable one as I doubt they would paint it bright blue for you). I wish I knew this as I would have asked for plain white. Having plain white walls gives a true blank canvas and not an ugly magnolia tinge to your room. #nomoremagnolia

New furniture is always great for renters, as it’s your way of getting your personality across. I browse online stores selling oak furniture to see if I can find good quality furniture. Furniture that’s durable enough for many moves (the problem sometimes with renting), and that can go with a mulitutde of awful paint jobs and carpets. I like a lot of colour you know me. But someimtes going for simple wood pieces can help bring a room together with out too much clash. You can then add the colour with accessories. Which are much cheaper to change with your ever changing taste.

DIY is a great way to update your home in little ways. It’s also a lot cheaper then constantly buying little bits here and there. I don’t stop talking about gallery walls, and your probably super bored of it..but it’s such a great way to add colour to your home with out painting. Doing an art wall with a theme always looks good.


The theme of neon is strong in this gallery wall, and I love how colourful it is. Also notice how nicely the rug colours fit in with the wall too. P.S I am loving neon right now and have some fun DIY’s coming up with a neon twist.




Pick your favourite colour of the moment and run with it. Clearly yellow features pretty strong in this room, but it goes beautifully. If your thinking of what colours, in my experince maybe stick to three colours max..as you can always vary on the shade of the colours..But just have fun with it.


Finally I’ll leave you with some DIY’s that are fun and renter friendly.


Cute pillows are a must, so why not have some fun and DIY yourself some cushion covers. I am loving how simple this one above is. Simple yet so awesome!



Removable stickers are a great way to add decor to your home without annoying the landlord! How effective does that statment wall look! We have used a range of polka dots in our office/nursery and they look so great! Plus they work. I checked. No mark at all left after I pulled a couple off.




Lastly if you can’t use that gorgous wallpaper you have seen to decorate because your lanlord just isn’t budging. Why not wall paper the back of your cabinets or bookcases (that you own) with it. Add a pop of colour in a normally plain space, with that pattern or colour you just can’t live without.


Let’s keep fighting the good fight to make our homes, be they rented or owned, look beautiful!








Decorative items for your home

Ok I don’t know if it’s my frustration of not having the freedom to do what I want with our house, or just a crazy addiction, but I am constantly getting little bits here and there for our home..some of which Richard might call rubbish. But I definitely needed that neon pink mirror tray..I mean it was totally an necessity. But while being a mummy to Arch, I find myself looking more and more at decor and interior design..have you noticed? I thought I’d share with you some of my recent buys, some on my list to get, and some that are my dream buys!

Using throws to decorate, or cover stains on your sofa is now a must in my books. Especially since having Arch. All I can say is thank god for washable covers, but our new sofa won’t that luxury, so on my wish list are some gorgeous throws that I can just drape over the sofa for that casual, no I didn’t spill milk all down the arm chair, look.



So I have mentioned throws quite a bit over the last few weeks, probably because i’m on the hunt for one that isn’t crazy expensive, but still good quality. Well I think I may have found one.  H&M do a great range of houseware on their site, including some beautiful soft furnishings. Whether it’s pillows, rugs, throws or bedding, your sure to find something at great prices too! This throw is beautiful and comes in other colours too! It costs £39.99 from H&M.

Ok so while i’m on the subject of H&M here are a couple of things I have brought recently,which I sm totally in love with. Each having a specific function..and not just to look pretty!


Ok so it’s crazy but I remeber being young and thinking to myself, why does my mother own so many random boxes and ornaments..now I know. Because they are pretty and useful. So I’m currently working on a big DIY project using my polaroids but until I get the amount I want, and find the many many photos I have taken over the years, they currently reside in this box. I keep the box on my coffee table and to behonest it’s a lovely conversation starter where people who visit can go through my polaroids and look at my life documented through them. Once my project is over I love the idea of having little keep sakes in there. This box comes in 3 different metallics. Gold, copper and silver, and costs £12.99.



My neon pink mirrored tray. It’s for my bar cart (once it gets finished..or even started). This was a great buy as it’s in the sale and only costs £4.00 at the moment! Grab it while you can. It’s going to give that awesome pop of colour among the bottles and glassware on the cart.


Now I have a ton of plain cushions that I have been meaning do DIY for soooo long. But until then I’ll just drool over the cushions at  West Point Home. But cushions are great for making a dull couch, that little bit more fun. My favourite from West Point Home are below. I love a bold pattern, and if your a bit unsure on a bold pattern, getting it in black and white is sure to match most colour choices in your home and it’s not too out there.


So at the minute I am really into colour…like crazy into colour, so I think a great way to decorate your home with colour is by adding some modern fun wall hangings, they are fun alternative to add to your gallery wall.



So tassle’s have become increasingly popular as party/wedding decorations, but I love the idea of having them hang in an office, over a bed or even as cute nursery decor. I love the idea of putting some above my desk in my office! This is from Pom Joy Fun as it from Etsy, starting from £19.95. They also come in a range of colours too. il_570xN.784125143_sx2f

A super cute wall hanging for a nursery or even just in your home, I mean why not. They have lots of different animals, I am torn between the elephant and the giraffe. But this could be a fun DIY to try too! This is from Kelsey Davis Design, ETSY and is £33.88.


I’m on the hunt for a woven wall hanging, there are just way too many to choose from on ETSY, so I am currently playing with the idea of possibly making my own one…who knows..it might happen one day! But these cuties are from Holly and Teddy, ETSY and cost £25.00. These would be super cute in a baby girls room or nursery.


Buying bits and bobs is so much fun right? Don’t listen to your other half. We all know that pink neon tray was totally needed. I mean it’s going to make our bar cart look awesome right?

Here’s How I Would Design My Room From Scratch

If you are buying a house soon (lucky you), you might be pretty excited about decorating it and putting your own stamp on it…or slightly daunted by the blank canvas before you. Even though I rent, I am constantly thinking of ways to add personality to my home without annoying the landlord, but even though I can’t act on my wants, I still have in mind how I would go about designing my current house if I owned it.

I think firstly I would look at the rooms that need the most work. If your in a rush, which to be honest I think we all would be, to move in. The last thing we want to do is go about changing the foundations of the place. Unless they are in particular need of work, or you really want that adjoining wall gone. So I think i’d start by painting the main rooms like the kitchen, living room and hallway. (the ones guests are more likely to see) white. Literally having that blank canvas to start, which will allow you to assess the situation, regarding time and money. Then if you don;t get round to decorating straight away you don;t have any garish colours you have to just deal with until you do get round to doing it. Because let’s be honest. It’s not often we all find a dream house that comes with the dream decor already there.

Flooring is important, as the last thing you want to do is move all your larger pieces in then decide that that carpet has to go. Look at high quality flooring by Empire Floors, they have a great range to fit all budgets and needs. I also recommend if your needing to get multiple floors done, going for the same company if you can. As you never know they could cut you a deal, and if not installation or delivery might be discounted. Never hurts to ask.




It’s then a good time to  pick a colour that compliments your furniture and flooring choice. May this be the furniture colour itself, accessories or the wall colour. This is where I get excited when thinking about owning my own place! Honestly the fun you can have, it’s an expression of you! Plus I dream of the day’s when i’m not surrounded by magnolia coloured walls.  I love this living room above. It’s a very muted mocha brown regarding the walls and sofa, but the pops of yellow, green and pink give it an awesome modern twist, that I am dying over. This is a great example of how you can add style to your home if you rent and can’t paint the wall that  shade of blue you wanted. Having the spot of colour in your decor and accessories, makes your room pop, even if your wall’s don’t.

Placing your furniture..I find with living rooms especially this can be pretty tricky, as finding a layout to fit the focal point which tends to be the  TV, can be quite difficult. Unlike the kitchen where sometimes your appliances will only go in certain areas, thus giving you less layout options..which sometimes can be a blessing. I have tried 4 different layouts with my living room and we finally found a perfect one.. to then be ruined due to the fact we are getting a new sofa, which is going to completely shake up my layout due to it’s size and shape being completely different to our current one. So you have to think about where things are going to go. I read a good way to help you decide, is by masking out the big pieces of furniture on the floor, so you can relate the size and layout without having to constantly move around your big pieces. Saving you time, and your poor helper’s backs.

I think another good thing to remember is the function of each room. The kitchen is for cooking, so the layout should compliment your cooking regime. Having that fancy draw for your spices, or the coffee machine next to a coffee shelf full of your favourite syrups, beans and teas will personalise your kitchen to you. Another thing to remember is the emotions related to colour. As silly as it sounds, you might not want a bright green for your bedroom..where it’s function is to be relaxing and intimate. Having a pale colour, with slightly bolder accessories may give the eye catching appeal with a softer overall feel which is  great for chilling and sleeping.




This person has utilised the  shelves in their kitchen to display there rainbow collection of utensils. It’s functional and pretty all at the same time.





Now this is a bedroom I could happily sleep in for the rest of my life. The painted pink and white wash walls, and bed covers paired with the bold grey and geometric furnishings make the overall feel of the room relaxing yet modern. I mean this is a room I would show off to my guests! Plus I am in love with that painting.

I have a scrap book of ideas of how I want my future house to look and feel..all on pinterest. Though at the rate i’m pinning it’s going to need to be a mansion!

Doing up your bathroom?

So it’s pretty exciting, Richard has a whole week off, and so when he’s having his quality time with Arch, i’m doing some DIY’s and sorting out our bathroom too.

Now it won’t quite be my dream bathroom, as i’m limited due to renting, but I’ve got some tricks up my sleeve to inject our style.

I had a look at Bella Bathrooms blog post which gives some great tips if you are looking to completely change your bathroom. As to be honest I wouldn’t know where to start, and I have this pinned for when we finally buy our own place. Where would we be without pinterest.

Use this website to design the room as well as you can. On this site, you can clearly see where things will fit in your bathroom, without having to guess or constantly re measure your space. This means you can try out all the different bathroom suite styles you want to see how they fit..before you buy..

Now if your doing up your bathroom from scratch or if your renting storage facilities  are a great way to add little quirks to your bathroom. Especially as typically bathrooms aren’t the biggest, but yet for some reason there’s always a ton of stuff in there!! Especially if you have kids. So having some storage where you can keep things tidy and organised will make it a much nicer place to relax.



This bathroom is great as it shows a variety of storage ideas that are renter friendly too! I love the metal crate to hold the toilet rolls, and the little hooks with a bag of flannels on! so super cute. Another great thing to think about is utilising areas you wouldn’t normally think of. Like putting a shelf above the door for storage or having a ladder lent on the side for your towels. Who says bathroom’s can’t be stylish.

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My new dream house want! An Orangery




So when I think of conservatories, I think of the very typical conservatory designs, with the clouded roofs, and for some reason, the wicker sofas and chairs, that your grandparents always had. No just mine? Anyway, while browsing Pinterest, because really I don’t do much else, (wait, bar raising a baby!) I came across a whole new thing that I hadn’t really heard of but had seen a lot of especially in Italy.  An orangery. So if given the choice I totally choose an orangery.

So what are orangery’s I hear you ask. Well, orangeries started in the 17th century as an addition wealthy people would add to their homes. The construct was rather like a greenhouse, but used to grow citrus trees, hence the name. Over time, of course, they were converted and adapted into conservatory type rooms. In fact, conservatories, as we know today, evolved from orangeries.

But I prefer the look of them, and here is why. Although the name has a little bit to do with it!

They are pretty elegant, and I especially love it when one is being used as a dinning area with plants all around like this one below. I mean, picture entertaining your guests with an antipasto spread. Fresh mozzarella, big plum tomatoes fresh Italian meats..even in the UK you could pretend your not in rainy England!




They tend to be larger then a regular conservatory. And this is really useful for someone like me who loves to decorate. I love to experiment with furniture in different areas of the home. I love to choose furniture that will make the home look amazing. And there are so many more possibilities for this with an orangery. It’s large enough for big pieces of furniture, and plants galore too.

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Winter is coming…here are my tips to keep warm.

Unfortunately, autumn is officially here and although the weather was nice today..I didn’t even wear a coat, we won’t be able to keep the winter away.  So yes the heatwave is over (I didn’t enjoy that when I was heavily pregnant) but now I have a new obstacle. Keeping my home warm for my little guy. When we lived in Essex, our 111 year old house was damp, mouldy and always cold. We pretty much gave up on putting the heat on, as we only had radiators in 3 rooms, and due to all the cracks, the heat escaped, so we were just wasting money. So our days were filled with lots of jumpers, fluffy socks and hot beverages. Thankfully our place now has a decent heating system which is good because having a 2 month old we need to keep the place warm so he doesn’t get sick.

So, here are my tips for surviving the inevitable cold weather that is about to take over.


Install A Quality Central Heating System (sounds boring but it’s highly important).

From what I can tell, almost every home has central heating. Yes, they might have a fire too, but they use it in conjunction with their boiler. Still, not everyone has a quality one like an Enviro Air HVAC. Having a boiler is not enough if the boiler doesn’t do its primary job effectively. Your central heating needs to warm up the house quickly and maintain its temperature, otherwise not only will you be freezing, but your wasting a hell of a lot of money on a boiler thats not really work efficiently.


If you don’t have kids and want to work to a budget, think about setting your boiler to a timer, and having your heating on about 15-20 degrees. This might seem ridiculously low to some, but adding an extra layer, and getting some blankets for your home could save you a lot of money in the long run. Mine and Richards gas and electric cost us £30 a month in Essex, because we had our boiler set to a timer. Early morning for a couple of hours and in the late evening for a couple of hours. For the rest of the time, if we were in the house we just wore a jumper. It got to the point that by the time we left that house we had £300 of extra credit in our account. Due to us being savvy with the heating. ( and we also turned off lights and plugs..but that’s electricity..and a whole other post).

You can lose the heat from your home through displacement. Double glazing and well-manufactured fittings should limit this, but you can stop it further by closing the curtains and getting door draught excluders for your doors.  Hardwood flooring can also be really cold, this gives you a great excuse to buy some cute rugs.

And finally some cute must haves to help you survive the winter!



1. Men’s ASOS roll neck jumper, £32.00

2. Ted Baker Maddoxx Slippers, ASOS, £55.00 Pretty classy slippers to keep your fella warm in the colder months.

3.  I’m actually a mermaid candle, Urban Outfitters. £35.00 Candles are a great way to keep warm, you would need a few though, but I love the look of this candle, I mean who doesn’t want to be a mermaid? But remember be safe with fire guys!

4.  Baby Grobag, Mothercare £33.00 Ok so I’m going to get round to doing a baby must haves for new parents, one of them being a grobag. Arch sleeps in one of these and it keeps him warm without the need of a blanket. This limiting the dangers but still keeping him warm enough during the cold nights. Also they come in a variety of sizes and toggs. So you can get thick and thin ones depending on the weather, and small enough ones that clip on the sides which are great for newborns too!

5.  Sajana rug,Urban Outfitters, £75.00

6. Laxmi Curtain, Anthropologie, £78.00 How beautiful are these curtains. They keep the draft out, while continuing to make the place look pretty!

7. LETO Multicoloured patterned throw, Habitat, £80.00 Always always keep a throw downstairs, it’s great to add a bit of colour to your sofa, and to keep you warm and snuggly during the colder months.

8. Bedroom Athletic Jessie Huskies Booties, ASOS, £29.99

9. Vila Geometric Print Jumper, ASOS, £15.00


Winter is coming..but with winter comes Christmas. I personally love winter, as I love to layer on clothes, and walk through the brisk cold air..plus it’s an excuse to drink gallons of hot chocolate and snuggle up on chilly nights on the sofa! But it’s only fun if you can escape the cold to a warm house.