Great neutral baby gifts

Ok so we aren’t finding out the sex, but I remember when trying to buy a gift for my brothers baby how hard it was because they didn’t find out either. Let’s be honest a lot of neutral clothes and baby items are very much plain cream and white. And although these are still super cute, you do end up having a bit of a plain palette for a while. So I have made it my mission to find cute neutral loving baby things that pull away from the white and beige.


These are super cute and are great for a boy or girl especially in the summer months. These are from Little Four Clothing and start from £15.42 they are from the states so please be aware that postage may be expensive.  But they are handmade and super cute no?


With Richards love of cycling I came across this little shop and it has some super cute things! This is from Growing Up Wild and prices start from £10.52. once again like many of the items in this post postage may be expensive, if they are shipping from the states.


I am a big fan of patterns and I think they are great as neutral pieces for babies and toddlers. These are from Fox and Rebel and prices start from £19.52. Shipping from Canada postage might be expensive, but take a look at the shop as they do some super cute cot sheets too!


I think there’s nothing cuter then seeing little babies wear harem pants! Plus they are super neutral too! Prices start from £16.73 and shipping is from Canada so may be expensive.  These are from Fox and Rebel too.


Another from Fox and Rebel. What can I say they do super cute things including this thunderstorm organic cotton blanket. This costs £25.10 and ships from Canada so always check postage.


Look at the little boots! These are super neutral and super cute and are from Harper Daisy and cost £17.49. From the states so do check postage costs.




These are like my favourite and I think would look adorable on a boy of girl. I wonder if they make them in adult sizes too? These are from Ajalor and prices start from £25.94 and ships from Canada.

So all of the above are from Etsy so shipping can be quite pricey but don’t fret I’ve found a few pieces on the UK market which ticks off awesome neutrals too. The following are from Mothercare, but H&M, Next and Matalan do some super cute outfits too.

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Perfect Picnic Items From Marks & Spencer

So with the heat wave hitting us and the approaching summer I couldn’t help but drool over these awesome items which could make any picnic or bbq chic as hell! I was recently in M&S using there loo, if I am to be honest, but the colour of their homeware section had me drooling all over. The patterns and the colour I could have spent a fortune.



So first we have these awesome wire bright yellow coasters.  I am a sucker for the wire trend right now, Its just looks so funky… no? These will set you back £7.50 from Marks & Spencer. But will make your drinks pop and protect your furnishings.






Why not add a bit of mood lighting with some candles in the evening? Especially with this awesome pineapple candle holder? It costs £17.50 and is from Marks & Spencer too. I love it…I’m such a sucker for gold decor.



Cute chic garden furniture which you could pair with a contrasting parasol too! Be the envy of all your friends when you invite them over for a picnic. But this will set you back £249 from Marks & Spencer. So if your not willing to spend that much keep an eye out on sites such as free cycle and craiglist to see if anyone is giving a garden set away which you can do up with bright paint. Or trail ebay and charity shops. You never know.


More pineapples..I am loving the fruit motifs at the minute, nothing screams summer more! Plus this way if you decided to hit the lakes for your picnic, or just get out the paddling pool for the kids, your sure to be the envy when you pull out these. These costs £15 each and are from Marks & Spencer.


Who said salad spoons have to be bog standard, these look awesome  and they only cost £4 from Marks & Spencer.


Oh come on, where would this post be without a little bit of flamingo’s making an appearance. These look so cool and cost £3.50 from Marks & Spencer.


Obviously drinking isn’t happening for me right now, but these cocktail stirrers are so awesome. I could murder a cocktail but hey, making others drink look amazing with these is also fun too…kind of. These cost £5 and are from Marks & Spencer.



And where can you keep a batch of pre made cocktails or fancy homemade lemonade you ask? In this drink dispenser of course..You can get really cute coloured ones from there too, but I like the idea of a plain one so you can let your fancy cocktail colours shine through! This costs £15 from Marks & Spencer. 


So go on soak up the glorious sunshine grab some friends and chill out in style with these accessories from Marks & Spencer. (ask for Sophie, unless it’s a question about steak then Richard is your guy)

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Commission work for Weddings. Now on our Etsy shop

So recently I have been occupied doing a big commission piece for a wedding stylist in Swindon called Event Style. Take a look at this site as they offer loads of awesome options for wedding styling! Great if your around Wiltshire.  This project took a lot of out of me, I forgot how tiring sanding is.. but it was fun and I was pretty happy with the outcome. So much so that I am going to put the designs on Etsy so they can be made to order. SO you guys can enjoy them too! Wedding season is coming up and I really liked the plain wood board I did. Probably more so then the white boards, as it just looked so natural you know. But I also did a few other big boards for specific areas of the wedding like the church, or where you have your ceremony and even little ones for cute table decor. So take a look below and there’s a link to our shop at the end.















We do custom signs too and I will be doing an in depth price list soon too! But until then go take a look at our Etsy shop and some of our new wedding signs.


And have a lovely FRIDAY!! Yay it’s the weekend!!



Baby shower games and awesome decor ideas

So I am super lucky that my sister-in-law Tash has offered to throw me a baby shower and I am pretty excited because the guest lists included family and friends who I haven’t seen in a while ( if they can make it that is).  I have been to a few showers, and it’s always a great day filled with food and games and lots of baby stuff! So I thought i’d look at some awesome shower decor ideas both for neutral and gender specific parties which might give you ideas if your planning one in the future.



This looks like a great game. Babies first portrait. Give your guests a a piece of card and a pen. They draw what they think your baby will look like while keeping the card in front of their head…yes it will be mostly scribbles but get your guests to sign them, and they could be a fun addition to a guestbook with pictures and a message from your baby shower.



This could be a great slightly cheaper alternative to decorating onesies. All you need is some fabric pens and make some little scraps of fabric and wool to make some fun bibs.




But I have to say, how awesome do these look? You could probably get a bunch of plain onesies in bulk pretty cheaply, then with some fabric paints, transfers, scraps of materials you could make some awesome onesies. if your not finding out the sex, cute pictures, typography, and patterns are always great. Can’t go wrong with polka dots and stripes.



If your friend is having a girl, why not get together to make some cute headbands. elastic is really cheap and can be embellished really easily!! A great idea if your having a girl.





A really awesome game, guess the baby. Get your guests to bring a baby picture of themselves. Guess who is who, and chuckle at some of the fashion choices too.





This is soooo pretty and in my eyes is gender neutral. I know what your thinking, come on this screams girly. But let’s remember that the mother is in fact female, so having a nice spread to entice your guests doesn’t have to be gender specific. Cute cupcakes, pink lemonade, some sweets makes a cute dessert bar. I love theses colour too, can’t go wrong with pastels..

Here are some awesome decor ideas that you can get or even DIY yourself.


Cute bunting that you can choose colours for, depending on the sex or keeping it neutral. It could be cute to give this to the mummy afterwards as some nursery decor too! This is from Party made pretty. Also you could really easily do this DIY. Cut some circles out of colour card and stick them back to back and simply sew through them. Ta da..


These are so cute to make your guest’s drinks pop! This is from Glitter Me Sweet.


A cookie cutter to make some awesome cookies! How cute would these look? This is from Cupcake Social.


Another fancy decor, one you could easily make with some tissue paper or even material, are tassels. I love this colour combo! From Pom Joy Fun. 




If your planning to reveal your gender at your baby shower let your host know about getting these which are awesome and a great photo opportunity. Get these from Thimble Press. You could also make these really easily by getting some tissue paper and sequins and just finding something to pop them out of. I did a confetti DIY post ages ago which might help! Take a look here.

Let me know of some of your favourite games you can do on the cheap or for free! (ask for Sophie, unless it’s a question about steak then Richard is your guy)

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Coffee Table Inspiration . My top picks

So we on the hunt for a coffee table, and I don’t even mind getting one from a charity shop and doing it up, but when this is your aim it’s always ideal to start off with a piece of furniture which is solid, then it’s much easier to up cycle, so the hunt can take a while.  But I think this may be an overstretch goal for me. I am 25 weeks now and time is fast running out. Plus lets be honest when i’m hitting the last trimester am I going to want to be sanding and painting a coffee table? Probably not. So I am on the hunt. I don’t want to spend a fortune, because it’s already going to be a super expensive year, but here are some coffee tables which are awesome.


I like how funky this table is, but will it be practical with a baby? Maybe having the curved edge is slightly more child friendly? It’s crazy how now I have to think about everything I buy or make in relation to the baby… This is from Ikea and costs £60. Which isn’t too ridiculous.


This is more of an industrial effect, and sadly is probably the least baby friendly in my list. But hey if your childless, or have older children, this is super awesome. Add some cool tones to your living room and pair with some bright accessories for an awesome statement piece. This is from Urban Outifitters but will set you back £150.



This is awesome and relaxed, Add some giant coffee table books maybe a copper vase, and boom your coffee table is done. From Homebase and being the most expensive in the list this will set you back £295. I can’t justify spending this much on a coffee table right now, but if I had the money knocking around, it would be hard to say no.



The cheapest one of my selection, although I don’t think it looks cheap, this table from Habitat and Homebase will only set you back £35, and its pretty basic, but with a bright vase filled with peonies and a couple of coffee table books I think we are good to go.


Another from Ikea though of the more expensive category this will set you back £195. But it’s a classic coffee table, with the bottom shelf and wood effect, this is sure to fit into any home.


So those are my selections…I thought I’d include a couple of upcycled pieces I have found to give some inspiration if you just fancy maybe doing up your current table or making your own one.


Using an old door to replace an old top of a table? It’s definitely different. This is from Fabulous Finishes.



Then this one which is made from a pallet, and it comes with a tutorial too! No excuses then! This is from Beyond The Picket Fence.


I think coffee tables can really help bring a room together, and we all no the trouble I have been having with my living room! Plus I am tired of having to put my beverages on the floor and let’s be honest bending down is not much fun with a kicking baby inside of you!

Here’s hoping I find and get a coffee table soon…the hunt continues. (ask for Sophie, unless it’s a question about steak then Richard is your guy)

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Loving this weather

I am enjoying the weather so much right now. I mean I can imagine when I get full term in July I won’t be enjoying the sunshine but an the minute I can’t get enough of it. I’ve eaten my weight in ice lollies and even got my legs out. The baby is doing flips in my tummy, and I’m starting to get a bit of a waddle, but hey the suns out and I am getting some much needed vitamin D.

I think, now I don’t want to jinx it but I think , I think that maybe is spring is here..I hope this weekend will be filled with sunshine! How will you spend your weekend? I am thinking maybe a picnic with pink lemonade…yep..that sounds good!I leave you with a picture of me in the sun taking last week before going out…fun times!! Enjoy the sun all I’m off to get some food



Old boring coat rack upcycled with gold and pastel colours


So I am slowly getting through my list, and I wouldn’t be me if my list wasn’t completely outrageous with upcycling and DIY projects to go along with the standard nesting of cleaning and re-arranging. But anyway to this little project, which took me a couple of hours. It’s so easy and everyone has one of  lying around. If not they are super cheap to buy.  I’ve had this since uni, and I probably got it from ASDA or Ikea, I can’t imagine it costing more then £5. But i’ve never liked it, it’s always looked rather blah so I thought well lets change it. Using gold spray paint and house paint I had lying around, I spruced it up so quickly and super excited with how it turned out.


See what I mean? Looks boring no? Ok so I unscrewed the hooks so I could spray paint the backing, then I found it easier to paint the ball hooks while they were screwed on. It’s as simple as that!



It was really simple to take it apart…honestly if I can do it anyone can and most coat racks come with the hooks simply screwed in.



Plus, I love how sunny it’s been,so there was no excuse for me not to do this yesterday with the weather being so lovely.

So here is the finished outcome. Gold with pastel colours…makes it look a lot more expensive then it ever was!



And it really was so easy. So why not spruce up some items in your home like your coat rack? (ask for Sophie, unless it’s a question about steak then Richard is your guy)

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Gousto Gourmet and Hello fresh box review, a voucher code for you all too

Ok so I had a couple of vouchers for some gourmet boxes including one for Hello Fresh and one for Gousto. I thought id’ share my thoughts on them for you guys. I took up the chance to try them because I have ben trying desperately to try and eat some more healthy options, and for half price off the box I didn’t see the harm in trying. So firstly I recieved the Gousto box, now I knew what I was getting as you get to pick 3 meals from a list of 10. I went for Ramen, a fennel crusted pork and a chicken and rice dish. It was still pretty exciting getting a box of food though…oh the joys in life.


The ingredients are all super fresh, and they came wrapped up neatly even with ice packs. Everything is pre measured so its super simple too. Here are the dishes we had.


Ok so first we had ramen, and this was unbelievable and produced 3 healthy sized portions much to Richards delight, who finished off mine and the extra portion. But the instructions were super simple, and it took no time at all. Plus I really enjoyed cooking with Richard.



Ok so I wasn’t too keen on this dish, but hey I’m pregnant so my tastes are all over the place, Richard enjoyed it though, once again enjoying both portions.



This was incredible. Fennel crusted pork, potatoes and butter beans and tomato. I could have eaten 2 portions of this. So overall I was pretty happy with the box, but it is expensive. It’s a great idea for those who want the simplicity of having everything planned and brought for you, if you have that extra income. For 2 people having 3 meals it costs £34.99. But the food is all organic, and such good quality. If your interested in trying it out I do have a voucher you can try which gets you £20 off your first box. You don’t have to commit and it’s super easy to cancel, so if you don’t it fancy after your first box just cancel it. Just type in SOPHI47639 at the checkout.

So next we had a Hello Fresh box.


Once again the package was great, all coming in recyclable material. The ingredients were super fresh and I kind of felt we got more food with this box. Instead of measuring out spinach we got a whole big bag of it…I have only had one meal with this so far which was gnocchi with creme fraiche pesto….but it was super good. Tonight we are having chicken pockets…fun fun fun!



The same as the Gousto box, this is still expensive but it’s always worth a try..For a box for 2 which includes 3 meals it costs £39.00. They also do a veggie box and a family box, so take a look at the website. They work slightly different to Gousto. You get given 3 meals with a possible 2 options to swap with. So you get a choice of 5. You order by Wednesday, to get the delivery on Monday. Let me know how it goes if you try any of the boxes out! (ask for Sophie, unless it’s a question about steak then Richard is your guy)

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Etsy Picks For Nursery Art 2

Another Etsy wish list of cute artwork for the nursery.

Nursery gallery wall prints etsy picks


1. Geometric Mountains Print, Etsy.  2. Pear Print, Etsy.  3. Polka Dot Print, Etsy.  4. Swedish Tower Blue Print, Etsy.

5. Starry Sky Print, Etsy.  6. Number Raindrops Print, Etsy.  7.Let’s Fly Print, Etsy.  8. Blue Bear Print, Etsy.

9.  Geometric Apple Print, Etsy.  10. Liar Liar Pony Print, Etsy.


So here is my last installation..possibly..what can I say, it’s fun looking at art work.. (ask for Sophie, unless it’s a question about steak then Richard is your guy)

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Living room re-do


Ok although it’s still going slow, the house is slowly coming together…well I say this while looking at a lovely long list in my diary of things that need doing. The biggest list surprisingly being for our living room. You know it’s not quite right. The furniture needs updating a little with a bit of fresh paint. It needs a whole new layout, with some organisation tweaking. I think the problem is my living room is a bit of an odd shape, and we have a rather  unusual collection of furniture which don’t blend together as much as I would like them too.

So I went onto  a room building website, I used Room Sketcher, and did a  quick rough layout. It is by no means accurate in measurements..hey what can I say I’m pregnant and tired..but you get the jist of the layout at the moment..also my furniture isn’t all white..I just gave up trying to find furniture matching ours.




So add some massive amounts of clutter and this is kind of our living room. Now I have been getting inspiration from none other then Pinterest, on how I might be able make my living room my dream living room. I also just went downstairs and realised there isn’t an alcove section on the right hand side of the room…apparently the door and wall meet…who knew.. Anyway so while I’m working out a layout, I want to give my furniture a spruce, and add some colour to our living room, I love the idea of lots of mix matched pillows, and bright accents.


I love the turquoise and yellow accents in this room. The gallery wall is awesome too. This is from Mckenna Bleu.


I am defiantly leaning towards lots of different pillows….this is from Enter My Attic.



I have a lot of stuff, I am not even going to try and deny it, but I love how this room looks cluttered but at the same time stylish and organised. This is from Nicety.




Ah just look at those pink cushions and blue accents…I am in love with this room, this is from BHG.

I don’t want to spend any money if possible, I am thinking  DIY, a bit of imagination and maybe ruffling through some charity shops. The only item I think we need to actually buy or source are some frames and a coffee table…but I think I can do that….maybe..wish me luck, I have 17 weeks to get my house sorted…this may be nesting setting in… (ask for Sophie, unless it’s a question about steak then Richard is your guy)

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