Gifts for the bakers and foodies in your life.

We all have those friends who bake or cook miraculous dishes, especially around this time of year, it’s a time for people to pull out their showstopper roast potatoes, and alternative Christmas desserts. So what do you buy the foodie and baker who has everything, these cute gifts thats what!





With good food comes good beverages, and these would look great on any bar cart. From Anthropologie, at £8 and coming in different colours, you can drink in style this Christmas. Plus just look at the stripes..




Another addition for your bar cart, and to please the beer drinks, a unique bottle opener. They have quite a few designs, but I love this bear one. From Anthropologie again (hint it’s all from there) and costs £18.


Well this is an upgrade from a wooden rolling pin, they also do awesome ones with stencils built in them, so as you roll, you roll a pattern on pastry. Thats Christmas cookies sorted then! From Anthropologie and costs £18.


Well hello, how super cute is this?? Add some flour handprints, and we are looking at an apron perfect for Christmas dinner. Costing £34 and coming in so many different styles, theres one to suit the foodie in your life. Get it here.



With baking comes eggs, and who wants to showcase off cardboard egg boxes when you have these beauties. Coming in four colours, eggs will never look the same again. At £12, keep your eggs in style all year round. I’ve said eggs way too’s lost all meaning…but anyway get the egg crate here.



Last but not least, a staple utensil for any bakers kitchen, cup measurements. These are to die for, you know me and stripes…I just can’t say no. £34…is a lot, but just look at the detail…get them here.



And that’s my last gift ideas post…time is counting down, online shopping is coming to a close….it’s all getting very close to the big day…This month has been a hectic one..I am looking forward to Christmas day, New years, and one day getting my house finished and my office set up…one day…

Last minute Christmas ideas


A cute gift idea for your mum or mother-in-law, especially if they are a fan of tea. It’s from Next, so no need to panic about delivery, just go and pick it up. You could even partner this with some cute teas too and at £12 it doesn’t break the bank.



Every girl I know loves macarons They are dainty,delicious and luxury. If your struggling for a secret santa, or a gift for your girlfriend..I couldn’t recommend this more. The creme de la creme of Macarons by  Pierre Herme. I would recommend going into a shop so you can hand pick your flavours. Get a few for yourself to, they will just melt in your mouth and it’s a much deserved treat after the hard work of Christmas shopping.




How awesome is this, a busy girl needs one of these, plus it’s just super cute. From Kate Spade and available at Selfridges for £ 19.95 I don’t think thats too bad..



Always fun to have a bit of bling on the wishlist. A great option for a last minute buy for you guys out there. This is from Kate Spade, and they do a few different colours, I like how subtle it is. This costs £40.



So just a few things for ideas, I have a foodie list coming up tomorrow, as I will continue Wedding Wednesday after the New Year. Happy Christmas shopping all!

A little update

So the move didn’t go quite as smoothly as hoped, plus I have been pretty sick the last couple of weeks so I have been off my game. My new living room looks like a dump..and no, no Christmas decorations up yet. I haven’t even done any Christmas at the moment  if I am honest…I am not really feeling Christmassy at all….For anyone ever thinking of moving in December don’t…it might just kinda ruin the holiday for you a little bit…

I am shamed to admit we haven’t even got a fridge yet…you would be surprised how many options of fridges are out there…I am also looking for a washing machine yeah lots to do and lots of random food to be eating. All of a sudden I feel very grown up again, living on our own again I have to keep reminding myself to do things you know…


Anyway I am sorry for the lack of posts the last few days, I hope I can get back on track soon, and find the Christmas spirit again..I need to get a tree I think.


Anyway I wish you all a lovely evening of wrapping presents, or buying them like I should be!


Wedding Wednesday’s: Mary-Anne James. Our wedding Photographer /19

Ok so a quick note of apology before I start talking about the wonders that is Mary-Anne. We have officially moved, though I am surrounded by boxes and the never ending task that is unpacking, hopefully the blog won’t suffer for much longer.


But now back to Mary-Anne. So I went to uni with her, so I already knew her ability to photograph and the added bonus of her being the sweetest girl ever, but when I saw her portfolio me and Richard both decided she is the one to photograph our wedding. It’s quite a big deal finding your perfect photographer. I have seen so many wedding photographs ruined by photographer’s who don’t really know what they are doing. Or the cheese of having to pose time and time again. I am not a poser, there’s a reason why there are hardly any pictures of me on this blog, and my Wallace cheese smile is the reason. But when I saw Mary-Anne’s portfolio, the natural response of her images and the soft aesthetic automatically put me at ease, and gave me the hope that maybe just maybe..she could get a picture of me not looking like half of Wallace and Gromit.  Anyway I’ll let the pictures do the talking, and remember to check out her portfolio here.

Look at how happy the couple look in this picture, it’s a great one of family and friends too. Mary-Anne has a real soft natural lighting to her images, giving them an almost vintage feel. This is of the lovely couple Paul & Annabelle, see the rest of their special day here on Mary-Anne’s site.



This is a perfect group shot in my eyes, the couple look blissfully happy, and the guest look like they are having a great time, add a tandem to the mix and you kind of have the perfect group shot.. This is of the lovely couple Sophie & Mike, see the rest of the images here.



Just look at the lighting and the setting of this, doesn’t it just look beautiful, especially with her dress flowing out like that over the tree stump.




Another shot from Annabelle and Paul, I love the smile on the brides face, she really looks natural and Mary-Anne has caught the moment perfectly.

This has to be one of my favourite images from her portfolio, the light, the stance the couple. It’s just a dream shot really. I have never met this couple, but Mary-Anne has managed to capture them beautifully, their personality comes through in her images. This is of the lovely couple Leya & Oliver. See the rest of their special day here.



Another image from Mike & Sophie’s wedding, read their review on Mary-Anne here, if not just looking at her images instantly makes you want to book her for your wedding, the reviews will without a doubt. But don’t leave it too long, there’s a reason why Mary-Anne being our photographer is the only thing I have booked so far. I can see her being fully booked for years to come. Just read the reviews and take a look at the rest of her portfolio.


So there are just a few of her images, like I said go check out the rest of her portfolio.  As well as wedding day coverage her other services also include engagement shoots and pre-wedding and she is available in and outside of the Uk.  Plus she can do beautiful handmade wedding albums, and you can get a dvd with the edited images on at a high resolution. Allowing you to print off as many as you like for family and friends. What more could you want…another assistant photographer?..for large weddings she does that too. Just go check her out guys!


So happy Wednesday all…im of to un-pack…again..

Christmas Party Outfit ideas from ASOS. With curvy and petite suggestions.



Ok so I talk a lot about ASOS being great for plus size clothes, and they haven’t disappointed with some of the new items they have on the site at the moment. I also put an option which caters for the smaller ladies, which goes up to size 18. Right to the outfit choices.


So outfit 1 looks so Christmassy I could die, the dress from the Curve range costs £150…so pretty expensive but pretty pretty too. It also goes from sizes 18-28. And because of it’s shape with the skirt flowing high from the waist it will flatter most shapes, especially if like me you have a wee bit of a tummy.

The gold clutch adds a bit of glamour, complimenting the jewels on the dress, making you feel like a Christmas tree decoration. ( which should be everyone’s aim at a Christmas party). At £12 you wouldn’t feel so bad about splurging on the dress!

The shoes, ahhh I would die for the shoes, so much you can tell I added the red ones to another outfit. The great thing about these shoes are the heels. They are way more comfortable then stilettos I think because you feel more just me? At £50 this bring this outfit to a £212 total….ouch but what can I say the outfit is yummy.


So to Outfit 2. A little bit more 50′s sexy with the off the shoulders cut. I love the shoes they paired it with which are on the ASOS site next to the dress, so just added a different tone to make the outfit complete.

So the dress, is a beautiful rich plum, with a similar cut to the first dress which will flatter so many body types. Giving a subtle sexiness with the off the shoulders, just showing a bit of skin. This dress is from the curve section and comes in sizes 18-28 and is £40. ( a little more appealing money wise then outfit 1).

I paired the dress with a slightly darker tone velvet cross body bag. I like the idea of having a colour and just pairing two shades of that a little bit different you know. This bag is £18 which brings this outfit in as the cheapest at £58. ( Regarding shoes, a simple black stiletto will work wonders).


Outfit 3. For our smaller readers, this number is set to amaze and stun your colleagues and family. With the beautiful shape and fit, paired with the silver glitter sparkle effect. Your hitting the Christmas angel decoration with this. Sequins are always in for Christmas and this ticks all the boxes. It comes in sizes 4-18 so great for a petit figure, or even figures which are more straight down, the shape where it clinches in at he waist, will give the look of some added curves and hourglass shape. The dress costs £85.


The shoes, again the shoes same as above but just in red, they cost £50. I look at these shoes and just think of Jessica Rabbit. They ooze sexiness and the bold velvet red shoes paired with the silver sequins, it’s daring but I think it could work…Why play it safe at Christmas. So all in all this outfit comes in at £135.


I hope I may have given you all a few idea if your on the hunt for some Christmas outfits, take a look at the rest of ASOS’s collection they have some beauts there right now!! Have a good weekend all and wish me luck with packing up my house..

My Christmas Wish list. Which other female’s may like too

This was a fun post to do, who doesn’t love browsing beautiful things. Now this isn’t just my wish list, I think there are items to attract many of you! So hopefully this will give you some extra inspiration, or links to shove in your partners inbox.


So on the expensive side, but how delicious is this pillow? From Anthropologie and at £98 you may need to suck up to your loved ones. Pretty though isn’t it. I mean it’s called a wish list for a reason…


Another one from Anthropologie this would look great at as statement piece in your it’s totally funky right? and at £22 thats a kind of price I like.


Ok aren’t these like the coolest pencils ever…I can already see them on my desk…so yes please Santa. From Anthropologie too and are £8.


You know how some people collect clocks, and some tea pots (pat..) I like stationary and notebooks. I won’t be content until I have a notebook for every day of the year…This is cute and the pencils would look awesome with it. From Anthropologie too and costs £16.


Ok so I am in love with Kate Spade, especially the stationary collection. But it can be expensive especially from Selfridges, which does the best range. I got a notebook from a stationary shop in Blue Water called Papier Jolie I think and the notebook cost me £6 in Selfridges it cost £10…So I think you need to shop around a bit. Kate Spade have a UK site, but I don’t think they have all the products on there..but this notebook is pretty awesome…With gold pattern designs on the sleeve this will make your friends jealous. So for £20, I’d totally buy this from here and yes it’s another note book.




After dropping my phone during the ‘exhaust falling off debacle’, I have decided I need a case, and this one ticks all the boxes, from Kate Spade again, its super cool and fits iPhone 5 but will set you back £35.



A nice addition to a gallery wall. A handmade ampersand out of wire. Which is £31.48. They come in a few colours too but I think black is best. This is from Etsy.



Prosecco candle from Urban Outfitters. Yes please. This is £6.





A label maker…you know to label all your things…anyway this is £12. From Urban Outfitters. I think these are so cool. One of those things where you wouldn’t get bored of making random labels you know?


Anyway I hoe you enjoyed my wish list…rather long isn’t it…

never mind.


Bye all.

Wedding Wednesday’s: Make your own ombre wedding cake / 18




Ok so I’ve heard of people making their own cakes, or getting friends and such to do it which is a really lovely way to incorporate your loved ones into the big day as well as saving some money. So I totally had a go at making a mini wedding cake. I’d have way to much excuse to gorge myself on cake if I had made like a three tier one.

I like good flavours, so I decided to do a victoria sponge, using blueberry jam and whipping cream with sicilian lemon flavours added to it. Then to give it the fancy look I did an ombre butter icing finish.

Ok so I used a simple sponge mixture, but did two batches of it. The following ingredients makes 1 batch. Don’t just double it at once, it’s easier jus to make separate batches.

200g Caster sugar

200g Softened butter

4 Eggs beaten

200g Self-raising flour

1 tsp Baking powder

2 tbs Milk

1tsp of lemon flavouring.


So cream together the butter and the sugar, beat the eggs in slowly, sift the flour in and add the other ingredients. I did two  batches of this mix, then separated each one into three cake tins, so I had 6 layers in total. They take 20 minutes to cook, or until golden brown and spongey.


So once they had cooled down, I cut round the edges to neaten them up, then whipped my whipping cream for the filling.

I got some jar brought ( I know, cheat) blueberry jam and alternated the fillings in-between the layers. You could put both in each layer but I decided to do one jam then one cream. Once I had built my cake, I made some basic butter icing and did a quick thin layer all around the cake and on top, just to mould the cake together and create a smooth surface for my ombre icing. I then popped it in the fridge for 10 minutes to cool.



So I have never done ombre icing before so I looked at a few videos and this one here was best. I’d recommend watching it. I didn’t have a spatula so I used a butter knife..worked quite well in the end.. I used thick colouring gel to get my ombre colours, which I find to be better then the food colourings you get in the supermarkets. Look on ebay or on baking websites they should have them. But I did a another simple butter icing for the ombre effect and I am quite happy with how it turned out.

I finished the cake with some fresh blueberries on top. Now it’s s not a show stopper, but I think on a larger scale it would look rather pretty plus I did this in 3 hours,now just imagine if you took your time over it and you were good and cooking…possibilities are endless..



Hope you enjoyed Wedding Wednesday’s today…i’m off to eat my weight in cake.

Weekend Antics delayed. Who decided to move house three weeks before Christmas?

Yep seriously, what was I thinking. I am still in the Cotswolds, the house is still no where near packed, and we pick up the keys on Friday. In that time I have to book a truck for the weekend, pick up the nerve to actually drive a truck and pack up and clean my entire house in Essex. Then unpack, and find time to do all our Christmas shopping. I just want to stay in bed.

I’ve been so ill all weekend I totally missed out on buying any bargains. … I’ve brought two presents for the babies. Thats it. I remember a time when I was more organised. I haven’t even brought an advent calendar.. I’s terrible.

I have my priorities right though, as soon as we move in I am off out to buy a Christmas Tree and maybe some nice wine too.

So here are some lovely Christmas Pins to end my Weekend mini rant.


This makes me so excited, I have a pretty exciting post coming out next week!! Ah the wrapping fun, just need to buy some presents to wrap!! Ooooo Christmas is coming!! This is from Seeking the South.



From how about orange these diamond ornaments would look great on the tree, pick your colour of choice and add some sparkly string.



Cute peppermint candies from A field Journal. These would look great as a feature on your wrapping or on a handmade card…or why not write someones name on it and have it as a place card.



Personalise your wrapping using chalk pens and pencils. Cute doodles to make your loved ones laugh. This is from Going home to roost.



Such a unique wreath, instead of having a classic circle why not make a fern star. Instructions on the site too. This is from sa vitt jag vet blogg.

Oh the excitement of wrapping presents and decorating the tree…seriously can’t wait




Gift ideas for the toddlers in your life.

Ok so we know it’s been baby fever over here at Wooden Flamingo, with the birth of quite a few babies, as well as the twins I have been cooing over the little finds I have found on Etsy, so let the shopping begin. A lot of these products are from the States, so please remember postage times and prices.


How awesome are these? And such cute designs too, let your child have fun playing with these all day long. They are so simple yet so much fun. Get these at Imagination Kids. £19.62 check postage as most of these are from the States.



Such an awesome non-conventional puzzle, giving your little ones different shapes to play with.  Get this here. £19.61. Check postage as from the States.



Cute little crochet bunny, they have so many different styles in this shop, at least one should take your fancy! Or why not get a whole family? From Manuska. £16.35


I’m sorry but I think these are pretty awesome and what kid doesn’t love stamps or dinosaurs. Once again this shops has lots of other stamps, but these were my favourite. From Nora Jane.  £6.54 check postage as ships from the States.




Can’t go wrong with Christmas felt food. Just look at the gingerbread man. A great addition to any play kitchen. This is from homemade by BB.  £16.35. Do check postage as coming from the States.



I couldn’t resist putting in a few pieces of clothing, I think these elephant leggings are adorable, and they do a matching head band too. From Camden and Kate. Also they are completely organic too. £19.61. Check postage as ships form the states.


With the hype of the new Star Wars teaser trailer, how could I not put this on. I totally got this for Finley… great no?? Get this here. £7.85 but do check postage as from the states.



Make all your the other hipster babies swoon. This baby bib is just gorgeous. Made from organic cotton, you just can’t go wrong. Get this here. £9.81





Not the best picture which is a shame, but these look insane, and who doesn’t want dragon feet? Keep your kids feet warm this Christmas with these. Get them here. £6.54 but check postage and they are from the states.


Well I hope you have all found lots of bargains on this fine Black Friday!!

have a good weekend all.

Wedding Wednesday’s: Suits for the men /17

Ok so I have looked at quite a lot of different aspects to planning a wedding, and I think I am finally getting the hang of it..but now to look at some suits. I am leaving this up to Richard, but I thought it would be fun to look at some different options, not that you have to wear a suit at all.. anyway to the candidates.



Every guy likes a black tie look, thinking James Bond sophistication no? I think this is one of my favourite looks for a wedding. Get this look here.



For the more adventurous of grooms, why not wow the crowd in this number. I mean who wants to be original? Why not be unique? Get this look here.


Slightly different to the typical grey or black, but I am loving this green suit…looks rather dapper no? Get this look here.



A great suit for a beach or outdoor wedding, I love how casual yet eye catching this outfit is. Pair with bare feet and you have yourself a barefoot in the sand wedding. Get this look here.




More traditional with the tails, pair with a top hat and you have yourself a swagger morning suit. I always feel these suits look amazing, but look like they would be so warm?? Plus with the whole morning suit I would recommend hiring, whereas with the more causal suits, you might like to buy them and get more out of them. Get this look here.






You can never go wrong with a blue plain suit. This is just the swanky casual yet elegantly smart suit, that looks great for all occasions. Get the look here.









This is the more expensive of the lot, and will set you back £600+ but just look at it, it’s pretty amazing isn’t it. Bet you would feel like James Bond’s hotter brother in this! Get the look here. Typically this was Richards favourite too!