Ok so our next installment of our gift ideas concentrates on the men in your life. I find I end up getting Richard the same thing when it comes to birthday’s and Christmas. Food, cooking bits or Lego. Sometimes the poor guys get given socks, chocolates and games year after year..which they probably love, but if your on the look out for something different then take a look at our gift guide below! Want to find a gift for your female friends, take a look at our other gift guide here.


20-gifts-under-20-for-him-trouva-etsy-not-on-the-highstreet-blog-christmas-gift-ideas1.  Men’s Society bar of soap, Trouva, £13.00   2. “Not drinking enough” Brown embossed hip flask, Trouva, £17.00   3. Low and Slow BBQ pork crackling, Not on the Highstreet, £15.99   4. Guitar pick wallet, Not on the Highstreet, £18.50   5. Tequila & Lime bath salt shots, Not on the Highstreet, £12.95    6. Aandersson Shapes mug Agnes, Trouva, £18.00   7. Beer bread mix, Not on the Highstreet, £6.95   8. Penguin Feet slippers, Etsy, £17.80       9. L:A Bruket coriander & black pepper hand cream, Trouva, £17.00   10. Make your own chorizo sausage kit, Not on the Highstreet, £14.50   11. Men’s personalised canvas beard bag, Not on the Highstreet, £9.95   12. Tequila Mockingbird, Cocktails with a literary twist book, Trouva, £9.99  13. Dwight Schrute t-shirt, Etsy, £8.99  14. Smartphone projector, Not on the Highstreet, £19.95  15. Moustache grooming kit, Not on the Highstreet, £20                16. Gourmet popcorn seasonings, Etsy, £11.32   17. Sock subscription, Not on the Highstreet, £ 17.97   18. Breaking Bad Heisenberg’s candy, Etsy, £3.99   19. Beardy mugs set, Trouva, £20   20. Mrs White’s Beard oil with Kentish hops, Trouva, £20


Hopefully this gift guide fills you with some inspiration, or at least introduces you to some awesome designers!

Not long to go til Christmas…yayaya




Now yes I know that I have a 17 month old so sleep is pretty come and go anyway, but the last few months I just havent been sleeping great. So while I’m trying to design our bedroom, I’ve been looking into ways how the decor can help, here’s what I found.

If the environment of your room isn’t particularly peaceful, then it won’t be a good place for you to relax and sleep in. You might think that painting the walls in dark colours will help create a warm, cosy space but they might actually help to keep you awake more. Dark red and purple are colours of passion, emotion and intensity – instead go for paler shades like pastel blue and green. Make sure your room is a comfortable environment – if you have wooden floors or worn carpets, add soft rugs for you to push your toes into first thing in the morning. You could also put some soft throw pillows on your bed.

The Way You Use Your Bedroom

If your bedroom doubles up as an office space then that right there – that’s probably the issue that’s keeping you awake at night….whoops? hello writing blog post constantly sat in bed.  Though once my office is done I’ll have somewhere separate to the house to do work. We need to make sure that we associate our bedrooms with sleeping and with peacefulness. If you can see your desk and your unfinished projects out of the corner of your eye, you’ll just start feeling worried about how much work you have to do the following day, instead of focusing on resting…or in my case all that plus a mountain of clothes.

The bed.

If your bed is uncomfortable, there’s no chance you’re going to be able to get a decent night’s sleep right? I mean it makes sense. Though our mattress is quite comfortable but maybe new pillows and duvet might help. I often get a  sore neck and upper back, so maybe it’s time for new pillows.


The lights

I’ve read that if there are any electronic devices in your room,  you should cover up their lights. Even if your TV is off, there might just be a little red light on it that indicates it’s on standby, and if your phone is charging in the corner then it might be lighting up every now and then. These lights can keep you awake by distracting you out of the corner of your eye – the same goes for your digital clock, if you have one. It’s better to try not to look at the clock as you’re trying to sleep or if you wake up in the middle of the night. Getting back to sleep will be easier if you’re not frustrated that you only have half an hour before you have to get up – you should be focusing on the sleep itself rather than the time you have to do it in. No more phones got it.


For all you need to know about an eco-friendly mattress, click here. Regarding the bed, I’m considering getting a kingsize. Which arch making a regualr appearance in ours, having a little more space might help the sleep process. Take a look at your local antiques shops for a cosy chair or rocking chair, maybe ill try to get Arch asleep again in that, then have the bed just for ma and richard.

Your Living Habits

A tidy space leads to a tidy mind, and if you can see clutter around you then it will bother you and keep you awake. Well this sums me up. Our room is horrific at the moment. I think it’s time to declutter and to get rid of some things. I need to bring some zen into our bedroom.

Sleep time ritual.

I’m going to start doing yoga again…stretch out my muscles and find an inner calm me thinks…wish me luck





Clockwise Trendpanarna SFgirlbybay   Urban Outfitters rug   Made copper light  Sketch 42 blog   70 percent pure   Apartment Therapy   Style by Emily Henderson

I was always a little different at school, dressed a little quirkier (is that a word?!) anyway listened to different music and generally enjoyed being a slight rebel when it came to my choices in fashion. The same goes with my decor. I’m kind of used to being that person in a friend group who has the slightly bizarre decor choices. But after we brought a house, and I could really go to town, I shied away for a weird reason.

What about when we go to sell?

When thinking up decor ideas, I started to tame it down when it came to the execution. Purely because I was worried that when we decided to sell, it might make it difficult. To which point Richard pretty much said who cares?

He’s totally right. I’ve lost myself since finishing uni, I went from being surrounded by creative like-minded people, where my dress sense didn’t get a second glance but a hey five, to a small town in Essex where grey was the boldest colour worn. I’ve totally lost my style, which hasn’t been helped since becoming a mum. But that’s a post for another day. So i decided not to lose my decor taste either! So the mood board above is just a snippet of my house goals, as you can see it’s bright, it clashes but in my eyes its amazing!

So here’s to being a decor rebel, not following any particular trend, but a pinch from all, and to decorating our houses to make us happy, not a future buyer 10 years down the line.

I mean let’s be honest I was not thrilled with the decor especially the many shades of brown tiles in the bathroom, but that didnt put me off buying. Because in my mind I pictured all the potential of the house, which a future buyer would/should do.

So I’ve gone with my heart, and we are decorating the house slowly, but to our own taste with some easy DIY hacks too. Which will all be shown on the blog soon, but i’ll give you a sneak peek to a few today!

So on my rather long list of big things that need tackling, a couple of the main areas for me, are our shades of brown bathroom and our front garden. Which is just stones. Such a pain with a pram. I need something like resin bound paving, just as a strip so I can get pram out with ease..also I love the idea of just having a bunch f lavender and a climber up the front door (which is super ugly so needs something doing to it). Picture a lovely cottage-esq style printed on mid terrace house!

Ok so one of our biggest decor decisions was our living room floor. We decided on doing this way before we were even considering buying a house, and thankfully we went through with, it was a massive labour of love, but it looks amazing, here’s a sneak preview of our blue floor!


We will do a post on how you can do it too, as we built the whole floor from scratch! And it cost us like a 1/3 of the price getting hardwood flooring would have cost. Once the living room is done and dressed ill do a tour post too! But I’m so happy with how it came out, though photographs just don’t show how bright the blue is, I’ll keep trying to get a good picture for you guys!


So I showed you a glimpse of our living room bookcase but here it is again, which is full of storage, but let’s be honest you can never have enough storage, so we are trying to find fun ways to add storage but in a decorative sense too. Yes this means I’ve contemplated wall papering cupboards and putting in thick wood shelves…everything can be made to look good no matter what! I also love the idea of doing a big hexagon wall piece for upstairs in the hallway, somewhere we can display family photos, and of course plants. I secretly love looking at unique storage solutions.


So like I said above, even when it comes to storage and cupboards, i’m a big believer in maximizing the potential, and the aesthetic. Which why the amount of time I’ve spent designing this next room might surprise you. Our hallway. As you can see in the below picture, we decided on a bold washi tape pattern for the walls. Now we have also picked some tiles, which to my dismay don’t overly go with the crosses on the wall, but I have my ways and there are always ways to make it work. Also decor is like fashion. Do it with confidence and you can pull anything off. I’m hoping to be able to show the hallway sometime in the new year, if it’s finished by that time of course.



Could not post a cute picture of Arch, this was a few months back when he stood up for the first time. Now he’s climbing on everything and trying to run!


So here’s a snippet of our wall, this is pretty easy to do if you don’t care too much about precision. As you can see ours aren’t perfect, but it’s so effective I don’t think it really matters.


We were super lucky that our house acme with an outhouse. Now we had the idea of this aways being my office, but it did cross my mind to make it into a spare bedroom with an en-suite. That idea didn’t last long because I decided an office was better use, plus we have a spare room, so why would we need another..also the price..bathrooms are expensive! So my office is still a working project, but picture salmon pink storage, bright coloured artworks, streamers confetti and maybe a feature wall…I can’t wait til it’s finished.




I think it’s pretty standard that when you move into a new place, be it rented or owned, the bedroom is often the last room to get done.  Our house is slowly coming together, though our bedroom looks like a mini laundrette. I’ve already come to terms that doing up the house is going to be a loooong project. We are coming to the end of our small budget, and we haven’t even touched the horrid brown upstairs bathroom, so it’s going to be a good year or two saving up to do that..so I know the house won’t be done anytime soon. But I’d like to get our bedroom done within the next few months or so because it’s super important to have a relaxing place to sleep..

So for each room I’ve done a mood board, and as I reveal the rooms when they get done  I’ll go over our inspo and crap like that! But I’m kind of stumped when it comes to our bedroom. I’ve tried to keep a sort of theme through the house regarding colour and style. With muted white walls I’ve paired white and bare wood with bright accents. I’d say our style is rather modern with an eccentric twist…yeah let’s go with that.

But with our bedroom I want warm, cozy and personal.. so I’ve been trailing my favourite Pinterest for some ideas.


I’m not going to say function is more important than style, don’t worry! Actually, I’m going to imply the exact opposite. Your style is an option, so it’s probably the thing that you feel most passionate about. Let’s face it – it’s hard to get that lovely home “hygge” feeling off something that you must have.

So by getting the functional side of the room out-of-the-way, you’re free to focus on the decor. Make sure your bed is of good quality. If you’re not currently sleeping comfortably, then do something about it and have a peruse of a Tempur bed and mattress guide. If you’re a parent – it goes without saying that you’re always exhausted, so go for something super comfy to help yourself out.


Lighting is important in the bedroom. We are lucky to have a large window, so during the day we have lots of lovely natural lighting, but for the evening, we currently have the worst blue light which came with the house. I want something similar to this above. A light fixture which gives off lots of light. Pair it with a dimmer to control the amount of light, and you can set the tone for whatever evening.

We also plan to either add table lamps on bedside tables or sconces, for just a little extra light by the bed for reading, blogging or trying to find Archers dummy when he’s in with us…so like every night..


We are super lucky that upstairs, under the carpet, are wooden floorboards which apart from one giant chip board section (thank you past owner) they are in good condition. So I’m thinking I might white stain the wooden boards for our room then get a rug to cover the flooring a little to make it a little more cosy. I love the room above with all the natural light, wooden features and giant rug.


So I’m kind of in love with this bedroom, especially the over half pink wall. I’m considering doing something similar but not having a clean-cut line, maybe a blended in blurred line instead? Also I see lots of throws, pillows and cosy accessories in my bedroom future!

One thing that’s already sorted, just needs to be framed, is our feature picture for above our bed. I took a bunch of seascapes while we were away in Devon, and I’ve had one printed large-scale which is so pretty and relaxing. Perfect for our bedroom sanctuary. I also have lots of personal family photos spotted about too!

Here’s to be hopefully get a lovely bedroom sanctuary soon!



Ok so it’s officially the 1st, so no one can complain about Christmas starting early because HEY we are in December now. I’m super excited about Christmas this year, lots of fun things planned, and tons of work I need to do before the festivities start,  but super excited either way! So keeping up with my resolution that I gave myself at the start of the year, to be more organised, I’ve pretty much finished my Christmas shopping. I picked up the last few gifts on Black Friday. Now just the odd extra is needed, but apart from that I’m done. If you’re wondering how, I may or may not have started Christmas shopping in like July. Best decision ever as it’s helped spread out the costs, I’ve found multiple discount codes, and now I get to enjoy December and all the festive fun without panicking.

But don’t fret guys, because I’m here to help you if you haven’t finished or even started your shopping, over the next couple of weeks I’m going to be posting some round ups of gift ideas for your nearest and dearest. First off my beautiful 20 picks for £20 and under, so a full range of ideas for the women in your life, may it be family, friend, teacher or even a stranger..this gift guide has got you covered!



Ok so I’ve gone for things that I think are super cute, and should appeal to a variety of personalities.

  1. Blue sandstone triangle necklace, Trouva, £20.   2. Personalised typographic notebook, Not on the Highstreet, £11.95.   3. Ribboned monogram keychain, Anthropologie, £14.    4. Hobnail glass cocktail shaker, Anthropologie, £16.   5. Coloured concrete planter, Etsy, £18.24     6. Marimekko Saapaivakirja ‘Weather Diary’ coffee cup, Trouva, £16.   7. Pineapple print, Etsy, £14.81.    8. Personalised colour block print scarf, Not on the Highstreet, £15.   9. Hanging glass bulb terrarium, Trouva, £15.   10. Yay pin badge, Etsy, £8.23.  11. Mini capri blue candle, Anthropologie, £10.     12. Bath macaron fizz bombs, Not on the Highstreet, £19.99.   13. Oak and brass jewelery stand, Not on the Highstreet, £15.  14. Geometric necklace, Etsy, £10.   15. Cheerful cloud pin badge, Anthropologie, £12.   16. Toadstool salt & pepper pots, Trouva, £19.95.  17. Karolyn Schnoor tattooed lady Calender, Trouva, £16.50.  18.  Fully loaded freak shake kit, Not on the Highstreet, £15.   19. Illusion monogrammed letter, Anthropologie, £20.  20. Mint white clay ring dish, Etsy.


So there you have it , my 20 gifts for under £20. I’d happily receive any of these in my stocking…my favourites being the concrete planters, cocktail shaker, the freak shake kit (yum!) and the toadstool salt and pepper pots. I’m mean come on ow adorable are they?


Anyway happy shopping all, I’m off to dig out my Christmas decorations ready for tomorrow when we get our tree!


At this minute my house is far from relaxing. Apart from being a mini building site with tools and home decorating equipment in every corner, we also have toys/clothes/Christmas presents EVERYWHERE. Ok so it’s like this because it’s coming up to Christmas, and because we are trying our hardest to finish a god chunk of the decorating before we host Boxing day Christmas for Richards side..all in all very non relaxing though. Sadly not one room in the house is finished or dressed so I can’t even hibernate all day in a calming room. But it will be…one day I will have the finished house..one day.


But just because my house isn’t relaxing at the moment, doesn’t mean yours can’t be.

Decorate for yourself


Farrow & Ball

When we choose room décor, we’re not always doing it for ourselves. I think sometimes people are afraid to pick that bright colour scheme, or not too sure about bold patterns. Look through magazines, of that cosy blue and white decor spread is calling out to you, but you don’t think it would go with the rest of your house, why does it matter. This could be a room just for you, and who knows it could be the start off a whole new bad ass decorating scheme. For added relaxation add lots of soft furnishings, pictures, plants and a few candles.


Add a bit of life

georgehome_ss16 Dear Decor

One addition that has a place in every home is a houseplant. Humans have a connection to nature that we tend to forget when we’re surrounded by concrete and glass. We’re not entirely sure why, but just being around a bit of it is enough to help us combat stress and feel a bit happier. It even has the power to make the air we breathe cleaner, so it’s just chock full of benefits, really. Consider adding a bit of green to your chosen room, no matter the color scheme…or go for a ton of greens. You can never have too many plants.

Work those aches out

Your Zen-riddled utopian room should also help you fight the physical signs of stress. One of stress’s nastier effects is tensing up the whole body. It’s a big reason why a lot of people suffer back pain after a day at work. If you have a chair, make it one that supports your back. You might even want to consider getting a foam roller or a mat so you have space to stretch out those aches and relax. Or you can get super-effective and get a full body massage from furniture like Shiatsu Chairs’s selection.

Hit all the senses



So, we’ve talked about sight and feel. But there are three other senses you can use to de-stress. Sound and smell are powerful senses when it comes to having an effect on your emotional health. Aromatherapy, choosing the right scents for your room, can have a superbly calming effect. It’s a good idea to make yourself a playlist of music that helps you sink into a relaxed stupor, too. As for the sense of taste? Well, no-one’s going to blame you for having a little chocolate bar after a hard day at the office.





Christmas is fast approaching, so I’ve scoured the internet for fun DIY advent calender ideas that you can do this weekend in time for the first in a couple of weeks. I think doing your own advent calender, whether it’s for you, a family or a friend, is so much nicer then buying the chocolate ones. Which let’s be honest most of the time get eaten way before Christmas day…no? just me? Also don’t panic, this picture is from last year, we don’t have a Christmas tree up yet.

Moving on, I remember I did a DIY advent Calender for Richard for our first Christmas in our own place. It was rather simple, just little fabric bags I made myself, hanging on a branch I spray painted white and put in a pot. Each day revealed a new Lego man he had to make up, plus some with a few sweets too. It was fun to make, and Richard rather enjoyed getting lots of little presents leading up to Christmas.

I wish I had a picture because it was so much fun, but this was 4 years ago now. My idea was really simple, and you can fill it with whatever you like, the persons favourite sweets, love notes, homemade vouchers..or little pocket-size things.

We are super lucky that Richards mum is super amazing at crafts and knitting, as she knitted a really lovely advent calender for Archer. Shes so good my mum has ordered two from her, one for each of my siblings (with kids) sorry Abby. Archer’s is obviously a little more special being as it’s her grandson. So everyday for 25 days, Archer gets a new knitted decoration to put on the tree. Last year he was still rather small but he enjoyed all the colours, so this year I’m super excited because he will understand that much more. I’ll do a daily instagram to show you each decoration, honestly they will melt your heart!

Anyway here are some of my favourite DIY advent calenders  hopefully they give you some inspiration to make your own!


The Fox and Star

This is a great one for a friend, nice and simple you can make the little bags yourself (tutorial on the blog) and fill with their favourite sweets or chocolate…maybe even miniature wine bottles too!dpp_00712Honey’s Life

A great one for family members, especially if you’re doing a joint one for kids or even kids and your partner. These can be filled with sweets or Christmas themed crafts and toys..the possibilities are endless.

enhanced-buzz-30483-1354125425-0Buzz Feed

This would be a good one for your partner.  You could put little vouchers in this, for a free massage or if your feel like splurging…shop vouchers. Or something just a simple as photographs with a little love note, from your time together. This would work for Grandparents too, lovely pics of grandchildren with notes and drawings. Something really sentimental, oooo and you could do it so on the 25th they receive a photo album to put all the images into….I kind of love this idea.

enhanced-buzz-19917-1354132897-1Buzz Feed

This is a great one for kids, having a little DIY scene is so much fun.Plus you could hide a note in each day which might be a riddle leading them to a chocolate around the house..all kids love treasure hunts..

So there you have it, some of my favourite Advent DIY’s. I’m seriously considering the envelope calendar for a grandparent…maybe next year so they forget about it, after reading it on here!

Have a lovely weekend all.





So we brought our very first house this year, and to say I was naive about the whole thing is an understatement. So I thought I’d share what I learnt and what I wish I knew about buying your first home.  Take note the calming picture above..so I don’t get too stressed when writing this.

Despite the fact you will have had a survey done on the home, they don’t always pick up all the problems in your home. Enter a mould infested bathrooms and a do it yourself plumbing. These are things which aren’t easy to spot. Sadly buyers can hide a lot of things with well placed furniture.

When you get the paperwork through from the solicitor, you must check the contents page. After all, this is where it will show you what the current owner is leaving behind. You don’t want to find out that they have taken the oven once you have moved in! Or you don’t want to presume they are taking their wardrobes, and then find you have one to dismantle and remove before you can take your belongings. Therefore, make sure you check before moving day exactly what is being left behind, and talk to your realtor if there is any confusion. And if you do move in and find essential items missing, you can look online on sites like Ebay to find a quick bargain item for your home!

Get a check on your boiler within the first week of moving in. This is super important because you don’t want to rely on what the buyer has said about it being fine, because as bad as it sounds some people aren’t honest and just want to sell. You will be surprised how many people move in to find out that their boiler isn’t working properly. Therefore, it’s so important that you check this.

You can find a professional company who deal with plumbing and heating to come and check out your utilities in your home. That way, you can have peace of mind that everything is working efficiently. And you could even set up an ongoing maintenance schedule with them so that everything continues to stay in good working order.

Before you move into your new home, you need to make sure the electrics are working safe and sound. You don’t want to move into the property and find out that the lights aren’t working correctly. For one thing, you need to find out from your realtor where the electric box is situated in your new home. As this article says, you can then check if there are any shorts in the wires that could cause a fire. Annoyingly the guy said that all the spot lights came with LED bulbs, which turns out when we moved in they didn’t. Obviously he had switched them. Which meant we spent a small fortune getting LEDS in over 30 lights. This is where I regret not going over the contents more thorough.

Take note of what the house is like when you visit. We visited in January and the owner had most of the windows open. He said it’s because the neighbours both have their heat on full during the summer so the house gets lovely and warm. Turns out he had the windows wide open to hide the dog smell. The excitement of getting our keys was short-lived when we were hit in the face with a stench of wet dog, seconded by the sheer amount of dog hair on the carpet. So within the first week we were forking out over £500 for a new carpet downstairs.

I wish I had taken more note of the condition of the wood work, ceilings, and front door. We knew we were only going to have about £4000 to do the place up to our style. Of which a £1000 had already been put aside for emergency maintenance (like needing a new boiler or something drastically going wrong), then another £1000 for the flooring and getting turf outside because it was all paved. So really our budget was more like £2000. In my eyes that was for paint, pretty things and building the bookcase and wardrobes. Silly me. I didn’t think about needing emergency plumbing work for the downstairs bathroom, or tiles to redecorate due to mould rotting through everything. I also didn’t think about needing all new carpet, or floor paint for the beams under the rotting carpet.

Everything needs fixing. The doors are all patchy and covered in random bits of plaster. There are patches over the ceiling which means 90% of the ceilings need painting. And both the front and back door ideally need replacing because they don’t shut great, and are so scratched up by the dogs they look pretty dreadful.

It’s a work in progress. Funnily me and Richard always said how we’d love to do up a house from scratch…I invisioned this happening when we were much older, with a much larger budget, and not with an active 1-year-old.

If it’s your first house and you don’t have much money left at all for repairs or renovating, I’d recomend looking at a new build. As most of these houses come in pretty good condition. Older houses inevitably mean problems. I’ve known 5 couples in the last year who have brought older houses, around the 70’s 80’s mark, and all are struggling one  way or another with doing them up.

But it will be worth it, and I can’t wait to take you all through the process, which I will start once the mini building site has gone!


So this past weekend we took Archer to the seaside for the very first time. He was in his dream environment, water, sand and dogs everywhere. He recently learned the word doggie, and now is obsessed with dogs. No fear what so ever he will go up to any dog and give them a cuddle, which is great because I’ve secretly always wanted a dog, and Richard has never been so sure. But now it’s 2 against 1. YAY!

daddy-and-archerArcher looking gorgeous with his daddy..



As soon as he saw the sea, he did the biggest squeal..it was truly a lovely day out!

So we went for a long walk, and gave Arch a chance to have a run around, in typical boy fashion he ate some sand, and tried to go swimming even though it was freezing, and he stroked about 7 dogs..we ate some fresh seafood, and walked to great lengths up a rather steep hill to capture the perfect picture. Though once at the top we realised it was private allotments, so didn’t get that bird-eye view of the sea, we did still manage to get some rather lovely pictures..just not quite as high up.

daddy-and-son-seaside-devon-blue-lagoon-travelLovely atmospheric picture of Richard and Archer. I took my camera out and I just had fun being artistic and trying to find my craft again..

pretty-houses-seaside-colouful seaside-boats-colourI’m seriously considering the idea of retiring to a seaside town. There was just so much colour and texture everywhere, even on a day when it was cold and a little rainy. I’m also a little in love with the purple house…how fun would it be to say oh yeah down on the right, the purple one yeah that’s where I live…

Richard even did some camera work and got some pictures of me and arch chasing the sea..and chasing dogs. Seriously my son is obsessed.

mummy-and-son-blog-seaside-family-day-out-blue-lagoon-instagramLove this picture, there aren’t many pics of me and Arch as I tend to be the one behind the phone or camera, but I love natural pictures taken off guard.

So I gave myself the mission to take a beautiful picture of a seascape which we could print in large-scale for our home. I’m kind of in love with seascapes especially those of crystal blue seas, and maybe the odd surfer or two taken from above. Now crystals clear seas aren’t really native to the UK, plus it’s autumn, and it was an overcast day. But I tried my best, and well here are the final 2.

seascape-picture-webI’m kind of in love with how calming this picture is.. I also like how they both are really different…so maybe I could print them both.

seascape-horizon-mummy-blogger-photography-sea-landscapePretty right, i’m super happy with how they turned out..just deciding which one to get blown up…maybe I willdo both…who knows eh!




Apartment Therapy

We all talk about how to make our modern decor child friendly and safe, hell I even did a post the other day about how to make your Christmas decor your taste as well as keeping it fun for your kids. But do we ever think about how our homes are inspiring our kids?

Bedrooms: more often than not they are covered in toys and clothes, even Archers and he’s only 16 months old.  This is pretty standard, unless you have Mary Poppins as your nanny. But what about the decor? The furniture? The art work? Even if you rent, there are ways to add colour and creativity to your children’s home without breaking the bank or losing your deposit.

Brit + Co

Having a play area, or even a themed corner can help stimulate your child’s imagination. We have a giant chalkboard triangle on Archers wall to give him large space to let loose on.


Creating an inspiring homework nook for your kids could really help them while they are studying. Making hit fun and creative might inspire them to approach their homework with a more positive attitude.

The location of your child’s new homework nook is something you need to consider carefully. Kid’s bedrooms, kitchens and hallways are all popular choices used by families. A homework nook doesn’t have to be over the top and enormous. A small and comfortable corner with a simple desk and chair is perfect. Start looking around your home and consider multiple locations before you commit. You may need to rethink some of your room layouts to create the space you need.

100 Layer Cake-let

A desk and chair are the most integral aspects of a homework nook. So it’s vital that you get them right. Make sure the desk has plenty of space for them to spread out and is able to grow with them. Choosing a desk that is too cramped can put them off using it and will need replacing again in future. If you’re short on space, consider a foldable desk that can be put away when not in use. Choose a colourful, adjustable chair that can also grow with their child as they get older.

Comfort is important if you want your kids to use their new homework nook regularly. You can do this a number of ways. You could add a cushion to their desk chair which they can sit on or use to support their back. A bean bag couch can be a fantastic seating option for homework that involves reading.


When it comes to play or craft time. Even try using your storage as an opportunity to teach and inspire. Maybe create an idea jar where your child can pick an idea at random and for that day you create that scene? And underwater theme or pirate using crafts and furniture to build a platform.

Use artwork around your home that are colourful and full of texture. Art is proven to stimulate the mind no matter the age. Also use their own creations as artwork for your home. Doing this can create a fun gallery wall.

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If you’re a fan of Lego, don’t hide it away have it on display, as these will give a fun aspect to your home too!

Lastly don’t be afraid of mess..kids make messes, it’s how they learn. Playing and having fun doesn’t tend to be a clean minimalist approach so don’t fret because you can always clear away the toys into some clever adult friendly storage!