Ok, 10 ideas for your home, which by the way I think are totally awesome. Most of which are on my list for when we move in to our new place!!

Colourful  front door  Paris apartment 

What better way could you welcome your friends and family into your home than through a colourful front door! So painting your front door, is one of the first things that’s on my list. The world is your oyster… although maybe go with a colour a bit more fun than Oyster! How about a warm, sunshine yellow? Or a gorgeous sea-blue? A classic, pillar box red can also look stunning. Consider the handle and knocker also. A bold, gold knocker against the red will make for a stunning combination.

Wall decals


These are awesome! Especially for renters, and especially if thought of wallpapering an entire room just doesn’t appeal, or your way to lazy! These are so simple and quick! And the variety of decals you can find are super insane! 

Little details  Source 

Doorknobs, curtains, door stops. Sound boring, but little things like this can make a piece of furniture or a room! SuperiorMaker doorstops are a good bet.

Pets  Source

Ive wanted a dog for god knows how long, and I’m finally getting Richard to possibly consider getting one when we finally have our own place! If a dog isn’t your thing how about a cat or even fish? how about an aquarium? They are an incredible focal point for any room, be it the kitchen or the living room. 

Hot tub

This is just a funny add on! Turns out the house we have put an offer on comes with a hot tub. It’s in the summer house, which I plan to make my office so it might have to go….unless we find somewhere else for it. If we do I could host a book club. Hot tub book club. Has a nice ring to it right? 

Storage in the stairs Source

Under stair storage might sound boring, but how much space are we not utilising with our stirs? Plus I kind of want hidden draws like the one above…like books, or a hidden bar?? 

Summer house   Source

Don’t have an attic that can be renovated, but do have a garden? Then get that extra space with a summer house. Wait for good weather, when rain isn’t too likely to dampen your experience, and then get started. You can either buy a pre-made one and have it delivered and set up by experts. Or, if you have the experience or are just feeling brave, build it yourself!

House plants  Lili in wonderland

House plants might not be a revolutionary idea, but you’d be surprised how many people forget about them. Or, buy one, forget about it, throw it out and then don’t replace it! However, house plant’s have multiple benefits! Of course, they look amazing. But they also help filter and purify the air! This means that even if your windows are closed, the stale air in the house is getting somewhat filtered. Plus they offer an array of colour and texture too! 

Colour  Plate and paper

Colour  in your house, be it with DIY up cycled projects, decor or ornaments, can make any house look instantly awesome. If your into the more minimal and clinical approach, even going all natural with greens beiges and greys will look amazing too! But if your feeling adventurous, I am totally in love with the colour combos above! 

Photo wall Sheer luxe 

Turn your best family memories into art for the home with a photo wall. The great thing about this feature is just how unique you can make it. Have all your favorite photos printed in black and white, or sepia. Or, keep them in color, but put them in matching black frames to give the display some uniformity. That being said, the photo wall doesn’t have to be uniform! In fact, mismatched frames can look just as cool. Mix materials, designs and finishes for an edgy look, all held together by images of your loved ones.

So there are my awesome ideas…have fun with them.