10 tips to have the most beautiful wedding

Every bride and groom wants to have a beautiful wedding day. Weddings are always beautiful. I mean, when you see the happy couple saying their vows and everything else involved, it’d be very difficult to avoid getting emotional! But if you’d like a few extra tips to assist you, here are 10 to help you have the most beautiful wedding:


Pick Your Flowers Carefully


Pick the flowers you want at your wedding carefully, as they can make all the difference to the atmosphere and the theme. Also, you may find that your favourite flowers have much cheaper alternatives that won’t change the way things look too dramatically. Having lots of flowers will make for a more beautiful wedding, but you need to bear your budget in mind. Or got for a workshop and DIY your own flowers.

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Personalise in Any Way You Can


Go and personalise your wedding any way you can. Change the table numbers to titles of your favourite films, and do other quirky things to show off your personalities. Get your friends to tag your pictures on Instagram with your own hashtag, or DIY your own photo backdrop like the one below. Super cute.

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Don’t Forget the Small Details


The smaller details in the wedding make a lot of difference too. You might not think of these things first, but the little details, like chair cover hire are great ways to add colourand texture to your day.Having the right materials to decorate your furniture will really change the look of the venue!

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Focus on Creating an Ambiance


Create an ambiance with fairy lights, candles, and other lighting effects. It’s all about the way you make the guests and yourselves feel, so make sure you try to enhance all of the senses on this special day.


Create Your Own Special Playlist


Create a special playlist that will be the background music to your big day. Include lots of songs you love and that mean a lot to you.


Only Invite Those Closest to You


Instead of inviting just about everybody you can think of, only invite those closest to you. You’ll have a much more meaningful wedding this way!


Create Meaningful Speeches


There will come a time when you are expected to say your vows or make a speech during the ceremony. Try to avoid using rehashed speeches from other people here, and instead write something original and heartfelt


Select the Right Venue


The right venue will make your wedding an even more amazing event. Make sure it suits your budget and is exactly as you pictured it in your imagination.


Don’t Take the Colour Scheme Lightly


Colour schemes can affect the feel of a wedding too. Dark colours can give a feeling of grandeur while light colours can project elegance. Choose wisely.


DIY Some Things Yourself


DIY some things yourself to add a personal touch to the day. Make decorations and other aspects of the wedding so that you can both truly make it your own.


I hope you love these 10 tips and they are just perfect to help you arrange your wedding day. You only get one, so make the most of it! Leave your thoughts in the comments below!


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