We have done the men, and we have done the women. Now for the most important our tiny humans. Here is our gift guide for kids. 20 ideas for under £20…I love doing kids gift guide, products for children nowadays are so stylish. Like I’d wear some kids clothes if they did them in bigger sizes you know!


Hopefully these will fill you with some ideas.



  1. Make your own penguin kit, Not on the Highstreet, £16.99   2. Moon light, Trouva, £11.50   3. Kitty pencil case, Trouva, £20.00   4. Unicorn Head printable DIY, Etsy, £8.79  5. Frida Kahlo little people big dreams book, Trouva, £9.99   6.Lucie Kaas Bordfolk egg cups, Trouva, £12.95                   7. Princess surprise cone gift box, Trouva, £12.99   8. Cactus print, Trouva, £10.00  9. Baby sheepskin booties, Trouva, £20.00  10. Chalkboard colour in t-shirt, Not on the highstreet, £20.00   11. Scratch mittens, Etsy, £5.70  12. Flatout Frankie little roar head, Trouva, £18.00  13. Shark bait fizzy sweets, Trouva, £7.45  14. Days of the week hair clips, Trouva, £4.50  15.  Personalised childs baking kit, Not on the Highstreet, £13.50          16. 3 toy race cars with personalised cotton bag, Not on the Highstreet, £14.99  17. Wooden dinosaur, Trouva, £11.95  18. Carpenter’s belt with wooden tools, Trouva, £12.99  19. Personalised water bottle, Etsy, £9.00  20. Reindeer backpack, Trouva, £16.50

Such cute stuff! this is my last gift guide, but stay tuned for some fun last-minute Christmas DIY gifts, and fun wrapping paper too!