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Ok so I really had no idea what to do for this one, then I browsed the web, and came across some initial cards. So I just created one for myself. I only did S. I may work up to doing some more who knows.


Here you are, here’s my drawing.




Next time, or this week to be exact as I was a little late, it’s draw your favourite book cover. Leave a comment with a link to your blog if your doing it too, would love to see you work!!

If you have any questions or just fancy saying hi, do leave a comment, or email me at


Told you I was real. So I am pretty awkward in front of a camera, but hey in this day and age with the year of the selfie, it was time for me to get over it. So figured I would document my style selfies for you all. FYI my hair is in need of some serious brushing/washing.


Ok so I am quite into the relaxed casual look at the moment. Although I am really in love with suit trousers and may invest in some one day. One of the places I love to shop, bar charity shops, is H&M. Im not small, I’m a size 18 sometimes 20 depending on the cut, and I like that H&M caters to larger sizes. So my black Harem Pants, striped shirt (underneath) and my white casual shirt are all from H&M. My cardigan is from a charity shop.

The pants are so comfy, and don’t let the soft jersey fabric fool you, they can look very smart too when paired with a white shirt. Although you can’t see my feet, I am wearing glitter socks from ASOS and plain brown brogues form New Look. As the harem pants are slightly above the ankle I like edging my look up with a pop of colour or texture with my socks. Next time I will include my feet.

I don’t wear a lot of make-up, sometimes none at all, but I love lipstick. I am wearing MAC’s Russian Red. I love MAC lipstick, it just goes on amazingly well, and there are an array of colours to suit every mood.

Now if only I had brushed my hair.

Happy Monday!

Quick note. I wanted to say thank you for the lovely support I got from my last post on Facebook and twitter.

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Ok chums. A quick note  just to warn you that I am getting a little bit personal in this post. Apologies in advance. But my life has changed a bit and I thought I’d share. Or over share.

So on Friday the 7th of March, after suffering with quite a bit of pain  for the last couple of months I was diagnosed with PCOS. Polycystic ovary syndrome. It’s not life threatening,  and after a bit of research I found out it’s quite common.But a few factors in my life have changed.

Firstly I have been given a 3-5 year period to have kids.. which is slightly daunting, it’s been brought forward a few years but I have comes to terms with it. As has Richard. Just mean’s I may need a little extra help when we decide we want to start trying.I have a few friends who know people who have it who have had kids without any trouble. So I am not overly worried. Guess we will see what happens.

Secondly due to factors related to PCOS (weight gain) and the fact that I have always been a bit of a porker anyway, My liver isn’t too good. It’s a little fatty, which to be fair gave me more warning bells then PCOS to start with. So my healthy life style resolution has been kicked up a big notch with a diet of fresh, filling and healthy food. With no steak or alcohol, or cupcakes I am on my way to reversing it. Shouldn’t take too long as I was advised it’s no where near critical stages. Thank fully. Anyway I have actually managed to loose 5 pounds which I am pretty chuffed at as I was told it could be difficult so I am happy. Missing steak and cake. But happy.

If you have PCOS or know someone who has leave us a comment. Would love to know your story, as I am still trying to understand the whole thing myself. Also if anyone knows any healthy cake recipe. PLEASE leave a comment with details.


I leave you with a picture of the most delicious cupcakes I have ever had in Vancouver. Thankfully I don’t live there..otherwise I’d be like the shape of a cupcake.


Enjoy your weekend all! happy non-rant posts next week I promise.







Ok so its that time of week for my work method of finding inspiration for everyday life and Wooden Flamingo on goings.

I am totally attracted to packaging as you can see from my previous post.. but what attracts you to a product? So I am in the midst of trying to spice up our packaging at the moment and there are a few factors I want our packaging to have.


Eco Friendly

Ok so I want our packaging to be recyclable. We re-use materials such as pallet wood, and thrift store items, so being Eco friendly is a very important factor in our products.

I love these examples from Pinterest of eco products.



This chocolate box done by Amelia Rope is divine. It’s simple, structured, and the use of card box makes it recyclable. I would love to try these chocolate which are known as the pale sea salt collection. Yum.



This Paper boy wine packaging is genius. Completely recyclable made out of compressed recycled paper and natural ink, but would you want to throw it away with that awesome design on front? Design done by Kevin Shaw, art director; Stranger and Stranger.


Eye Catching

Ok so I want our product to look good on the inside and out. The way I see it is when you buy something that looks awesome, the product tends to follow. When it comes to design maybe judging a book by it’s cover is the way forward. Problem is I’m not a designer in any sense. I have an image of what I want, but if it comes out like that who knows. It could be months or trial and error.



So as you can see from my coffee corner post, I am quite fond of tea too and I am in love with this packaging from Ambessa. Plus you can use the tin as a caddy after.



Who wouldn’t want these funky matchstick in their kitchen draw. Re designing the general package just makes these little matchboxes works of art. Clara von Zweigbergk and Shane Schneck joined forces for Danish design house Hay, to design this product.




I couldn’t not put this in when I saw it. It’s fantastic and eye-catching! Alex Creamer’s was the genius behind this design.



Ok I am a sucker for typography. Give me a product which even has the smallest bit of interesting type. I will buy it.



So I love this product from Hudson Made. It’s manly and you know industrial like. (I know my English is swell isn’t it). Now not only is the typography great on the packaging, it’s brilliantly engraved onto the soap too.



Another manly product, I love how clean-cut this product looks. Great typography. For Penuleton Canadian Whiskey. See I would buy this, and I don’t even like Whiskey. Would look awesome on my bar though…



I can’t find the original source for this product, so if you know leave a comment. I love this though, it’s fun, it’s classic and it’s simple.  Eye-catching and  beautiful. Plus I love how they have hand written little instructions on it too.


Ok so let me know what draws you to product packaging. Hopefully I will sort our’s out soon.Maybe. One day. Hopefully. Gah.

Happy Thursday










Ok so yes I am doing a post on a tin can. But these iconic beauties are well-known all over the world due to Andy Warhol. I brought a can when I was in Canada years ago and I still have it on my desk as a pen pot. Now just think how excited I was when I saw these beauts in Morrisons. Yes Morrisons.



As I was walking down the aisle the colour caught my eye. Now firstly I found rows of dented cans, and I am not ashamed to say that I went through the Campbell’s stock on the shelf for like 10 mins until I found perfect condition cans. There were 2 other designs, but that would of taken me re-arranging the whole shop to find un-dented versions. Anyway they were 99p each. Totally worth it. Look at the design, the colours the funky typography. My heart melted. Now I saw some of these on Ebay ages ago from the states so I don’t know if I just missed the big fad over here or what. But better late then never.



And the soup wasn’t bad either. Yummy with a bit of black pepper and a pitta. Now I am just curious if other people suffer from this but I can’t eat soup without bread, and before I was on my health kick, I would eat it with a lot of bread. I’m just a dunker. As soon as the breads gone I’m like meh… don’t think I want the soup. It’s the same with a cup of tea. I like to have it with biscuits. Dunk Dunk Dunk. Just me?

So we have had quite a few downloads of our confused flamingo. Hope you’re enjoying it. Leave a comment, or tweet us a picture if you have coloured it in.We’d love to see. Maybe we might do a competition…who knows.






During my 3rd year at uni, we had some guest lecturers look at our portfolios and ask us the big question. Whats your Five year plan.

This was pretty much 2 years ago. My plan was this. To be a creative person, an artist, possibly a curator. To which she replied. No one makes a living being a full-time artist. Unless your Damien Hirst. But the curator option can sometimes be done. What she didn’t tell me is that getting into the art world involves a lot of free work. And I mean a lot.

So two years later what am I doing? I work part-time ( I use that word loosely, as the bar I work at goes from crazy hours to none in a matter of a second). I intern at a gallery in London. I volunteer and I do Wooden Flamingo. I get my work published every now and then and I also do some photography for Richards company. I don’t get paid. But I get free trips sometimes. Curation is crazy difficult to get internships for let alone actual jobs. I shy away a little from digital photography, having my trusty Mamiya to do my fine art pieces on. Which leaves me somewhat challenged when looking into advertisement and industry work related positions, so I have slimmed the role a little.

In the last two years, I have decided that I love film photography. I love making and designing things. I love flowers, I love decor and interiors and in the last 4 months, blogging. Did I pick the wrong degree? Should I have done a design related degree? Maybe. But I don’t regret doing Photography…to an extent.  It spurred my passion for film photography and hand printing. I met lots of amazing people, had crazy times and went to Canada for a semester. Doing a degree is good on a personal level not just educational. But when talking to my friend Letty at the weekend, who did the same course as me, and is also working random jobs and doing free work, She said, Are degrees even useful anymore?

It got me thinking. Regarding degrees, how many people do you know are in a job that’s relative to their chosen subject, (minus teachers/doctors and such)?

I’d like to think that I am a creative. My job role isn’t a photographer, even though I have a photography degree.. If anything I’m a job Gypsy. I am terrified of getting a 9-5, non-art sector job, because I’m worried that that’s just me giving up. Me not using my degree.  What if I’m in a job that I have no passion about? Or if I don’t have time for Wooden Flamingo, plus I wouldn’t be able to go away with Richard at a drop of a hat. Many reasons. Do I even want to be part of this career path that has rejected  me a billion times over? I have no idea. What so ever. Do I go back at take some courses in florist and design? hmm maybe.

I apologise for the massive rant and slight melt down. I think I will just keep plodding on for now… Leave your comments if you feel just as frustrated as I do. Or if you conquered the graduate job pool. Advice and tips are always welcome. Also if you would like to just choose my path, go right ahead.

To add to my apology I give you a free download of a confused flamingo which is from our colouring book (coming soon). It fits the post. Enjoy

Download a free colouring book page




So we have been trying for quite a while to turn our spare room into a little office. Wooden Flamingo head quarters if you will. Well it’s getting there. One of the shelves is finished, and I am just waiting for Richard to complete the second one for all my magazines. Richard has found a way to hang up shelves which is a bit more rent friendly. We will post the process of the rent friendly shelf soon.

So I have been searching the wonderful world of Pinterest to get some inspiration, adding to my ever-growing wish list dramatically. And as the weather is starting to warm up, I can buy some more plants for indoors. (I have had a few death’s due to our damp house and me water logging the plants…).  But it’s Spring and I am loving the sunshine and my new plants will love the sunshine..

So here are my favourite Office pins.


I love the decorated twigs and the old-fashioned ink bottle vase.  Image from Apartment Therapy Workspace tours, From a creative collective in Atwater Village.


I have tons of colourful pens and such, I really like how these are displayed in vases.  Check out the rest of the post at Apartment Therapy here.


This is the cutest office space ever. I love that everywhere you look there’s something going on. Shame I rent, otherwise I would paint polka dots on my door, also maybe my ceiling..floors. Everywhere. This is Nikki’s Sweet and Cheery print studio. Visual tour at Apartment Therapy.


I love the industrial look mixed with all the patterns and plants in this studio. I want lots of plants in our office. But they can be quite expensive. I have brought some cactus and succulent seeds. Might take a while but maybe this time next year, my office will be filled with green. This is another tour from Apartment Therapy of Underwood Letterpress and Flipbooth creative hub.

I got all these images from Pinterest which then Linked back to Apartment Therapy. It’s a great place to find inspiration from DIY projects, to product reviews and house ad studio tours. Check it out here.

I really want to get a sofa too. I am searching Freecycle websites to try to find a basic one I can re-cover. I want a space that has our books in, which is colourful, bright and welcoming. Our own little Flamingo headquarters. We do a lot of the practical stuff at Richards office and workshop. I have a little desk there, but I think having somewhere to work at home is important. So when we are blogging and designing our products, or sewing we have a little place to go just for that. I hate having to do my work in the lounge or on the sofa, not only does it clutter my entire house because I leave a trail of destruction, but it’s hard to relax when you can see a project that’s not quite right sitting next to you. We all need some down time.

If you have a home office, link us to some pictures. I am still on the look out for tons more inspiration. Also if you have any rent friendly tips for decorating let us know..I am totally board of magnolia now. Fingers crossed if we stay here I can paint it white.

To see what else we like to pin take a look and  follow us on Pinterest here.


Enjoy your Friday all and have a good weekend.




Drawing week 7, It’s landmark time. So I decided to do the Eiffel Tower. I have to say that I loved doing this one. It was a bit of a labour of love but I got through it with lots of 7up zero (diet joy).  Anyway same process just as usual. I sketch,I scan, I play around on Photoshop. I had a lot of fun playing around with the negative space and colour with this piece. Might even make them into little greeting cards who knows.

Man I want to go Paris. I’ve been once, with a friend. Now that I actually have a man I think I totally want to do the cliche romantic trip to Paris. Plus I haven’t been up the Eiffel Tower…I’ve seen it, but not been up it. Maybe I can convince Richard or drop some hints… HINT…

But anyway here they are..on time. My adaptation of the Eiffel Tower. In a couple of colours. Let me know what you think, plus if your doing a drawing challenge link us to your site. We want too see! Also check out ThePaperMama’s site where I got the idea for the challenge from.

Want to join in? Next week it’s draw your name..(no idea how I am going to do this).

And as always enjoy.. (totally quoting Chef John from food wishes)






So it would seem the new decor craze hitting us are gallery walls. They have been popular for quite sometime now, but it seems to be growing and growing as favourited tweets, on pinterest and blog posts. At home we have a small growing gallery wall, it has been coming along slowly since we moved in over a year ago. But I don’t want to just chuck anything up there. So how do we do our own gallery walls? Well, I have been researching a few ways to do gallery walls on a budget. As much as we all want a Picasso on our wall (my dream) it’s not practical cost wise, plus insurance would be a killer.


Image from Pinterest via here.

A lovely idea to do is just to make it a family photo wall. I mean art is interpretative. Your children’s drawings, collages, family photos little things that mean a lot to you. It’s your own art. Framing postcards of the places you have been, posters, letters, snippets of magazines anything that means something to you can be art.

Regarding framing. After many years of looking for frames and such, sometimes just going to Ikea is good enough. I would only recommend getting art professionally framed, if you want it in pristine condition or the artwork itself has cost a lot, or means a lot to you. Professional framing can be expensive, but it’s worth it if you want something to look spectacular, or if the piece is a slightly a weird shape, or priceless. I would look into getting things framed in bulk (if you have a spare £500 +) because sometimes you can get a discount.

What I have done with the few things I have framed, is gone down to my good old local charity shop. You can get some really good quality frames from the charity shop, which with a bit of a clean can look fantastic.

Ok so if your in my position, without kids at the moment, how do you do your gallery wall? There are only so many pictures I can put up of me and Richard. So how do you go about investing in artworks? We can’t all be Charles Saatchi. But there are sites such as Art finder and even Etsy where you can buy affordable art. Also don’t be afraid to take pencil to paper, or paint something. Or source your own images, I  have seen magazine covers in frames which look really effective.

After spending hours looking on Etsy and Art Finder and spending millions in my head, here are some of my favourites.


Ok so Screen print, ‘Swing shoe’ done by artist Taca Maca. Is eye-catching, funky and only £6.74 from Etsy. Bargain.



‘Teal Hat’ by Elizabeth Graeber. Is simple and elegant and a lovely £7.43



Not a Picasso, but there are defiantly some themes of cubism is this work. ‘Greece Gods’ by Atelier van Biesbergen.  Is on my wish list, slightly more expensive but worth it at £89.78.



This dapper gent/deer is done by Loopy Lolly and at £22.29 this is a comic and elegant piece for the wall.



Basic concept, great effect. I love this little piece entitled ‘Tangerine Strip Cup’ by Kathy Hutton and at £22.00 it doesn’t brake the banks.



The last one of my Etsy choices, I love the colours of this piece. ‘Pink and blue Skull’ by Metana Press and at £18.58 you can’t go wrong. I find Etsy has more of a theme of illustration rather then high end gallery priced artworks. They are great for display and at a good cost you are getting some really funky pieces.


Now onto Art Finder pieces, which are more abstract. I am attracted to shapes,texture and colour. So my apologies if these pieces freak you out at all…



This collaged piece screams like sci-fi 60’s glam. I love the colour, the shapes,the overlay. Its just very abstract. Its a conversational piece which is sure to stand out in any gallery wall arrangement. ‘Intersection’ by Sarah Thomas is a bit more expensive then our Etsy finds at £300, but it’s one-of-a-kind and signed by the artist. *wishlist*



This fits a little more into the theme from Etsy but this is ‘Toilers of the Sea’ by Claire Chamberlain. At £20, let’s start investing no?



This piece by Czar C. Entitled ‘A-Muse Bouche’ – Doggy Warhol. 2013. £260. Edition of 20.

Ok so I have a very abstract taste in art, but I am just loving this juxtaposition make-over on a classic.



This piece is done by Andy Blundell entitled ‘Once a Pigeon’, 2013.  £400.

This is just really interesting, and would suit my gallery wall next to Richard’s x-ray of his hand.



Ok last of, this one is beautiful. It is high up there on the price, but as a painting its a one-off. Entitled ‘You dance like a rapturous player’ By Gugi Gu, at £1259.96 its my ultimate wish list.

Remember that this amount, I think is extremely good value, at the gallery I intern at paintings go for in-between £5000-£12000. There’s only one. You can’t perfectly replicate a painting. When you buy a painting you have it just you. I love this piece though, the movement, the colour choices, everything.




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I’ll let Richard do a post on reviews of his favourite vlogs below. But just a quick note why I enjoy them.

My Harto  : She is insanely funny, and I love my drunk kitchen.

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Boogie2988: I’m not really a gamer…like at all.But I seem to always be around when Richard watches YouTube so I see quite a few. He has some interesting thoughts, plus his alter ego is pretty funny. This guy is intelligent so give him a look if your into games.

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Let us know your favourites in the comments.