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Yesterday we moved Richards parents from a 3 bedroom house to a 2 bedroom place. Which consisted of a lot of cardio and carrying, so I was pooped, and so didn’t do my weekend antics post. Which I apologise for. But here it is.

So weekends antics are becoming a bit of  a recurrence, do we like the weekend antics posts? Well I enjoy writing them. As me and Richard both work during the week, I feel all of our exciting things tend to happen at the weekend. Like last weekend  saw us eating Monsters Inc cupcakes, making pom poms and seeing my mum sing a solo in her stage group show. All good things. Plus there may have been a cheeky cake and Frozen film fest in there too!



So to the twin’s birthday. Looking adorable in their princess dresses as you can imagine getting a picture was pretty difficult, so enjoy these blurred iphone ones! (Eliza on the left Amelia on the right). They are literally the cutest ever. I also love how puffy Eliza’s dress is. Continue reading



As you might know, if your an avid reader of our blog, this weekend me and Richard went back to my hometown for my adorable twin nieces second birthday, now I will blog our weekend antics tomorrow but today I wanted to do a quick DIY tutorial for the pom pom head bands I made them.

Note: I made an adult one which Abby is wearing above which use much bigger pom poms.

What you need:

Wool of many colours



Headband (I Used a thin one with ribbon)

Needle and thread or glue


 1. Ok first things first you need some cardboard for your pom pom template. Now depending on the size of the pom pom you wish to make determines how big you cut your template. My templates were just over 9cm in diameter (across) with the hole in the middle being 3 cms. A good thing to do is draw around a cylinder item, then one about a third smaller for the middle like the drawing below. Now you need two of these the same size.


A good tip for when your making lots of pom poms in a row, is to cover  the cardboard in celeotape, or gaffa tape. This makes them a little more sturdy so they last more then one pom pom.

2. Now it’s time to pick your wool. I like to go for a variety of colours, and I find its best to cut short strips, about double arm length for wrapping round the template, otherwise threads get caught up and knotty.

3. Now we tie a small knot securing our wool to the cardboard, and just loop  the wool around. When you come to the end of your wool, simply tie another pieces onto the end of the wool and keep going. Now the more times you wrap round the templates the thicker your pom pom will be. So it’s really up to you. I like to cover it round once, then do a more half hearted wrap for round 2.

 Pom-pom1-gif Continue reading


So me being behind in my drawings worked out to the best in the end as today it’s my gorgeous twin nieces second birthday. Look how that worked out.. So I attempted to draw them…now according to Richard apparently I can’t draw ages.. which might be true as the twins look like 10 in this drawing. Plus they have no hands…they do actually have hands I just can’t draw hands, so there are polka dots to try and deter away from the no hand situation.. (have said hands too many times now). Which in turn made the picture very busy..


So yeah a total success….remember this doesn’t do them any justice, it’s like a cartoon version of them.. But here is a big happy birthday for Amelia and Eliza, from Aunty Sophie and Uncle Richard.

Note. Richard did not help draw the image…



 I like the writing… poor chums, they are so much cuter in real life I promise you!  ted and rabbit who made an appearance , I think are dead on. Also Eliza doesn’t wear hoop earrings, that’s just an awkward place polka dot.

Anyway we are going back this weekend to celebrate with them, so wait for our DIY post coming up on Saturday for what we did for their presents!!

Happy Thursday all


One of the presents Sophie got me for my birthday is something I’ve been looking at for a while. With a coffee club the idea is that they source amazing beans and send them to you every month. It’s the sort of coffee you get when you go to the fanciest independent coffee shops in the expensive part of towns, but for less than £4 a cup and in the comfort of your own home. 

So let’s have a look how it works…

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So I was so excited to receive two prints in the post today which we brought off an Etsy shop called Berkley Illustrations. They are just so brilliantly awesome I am just in awe. To put it simply, their illustrations make me very happy. Just go and check out their shop. I challenge you not to be smiling after 10 seconds. Anyway, excuse the crappy iphone pictures, they do not do these justice but here are our latest editions for our gallery wall.



 I mean, just look at them? Genius no? The variety they do is insane, me and Richard spent a good hour choosing between the sloth and the otter. We have already decided on the next two that we want..or maybe four..

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So we spent the weekend celebrating Richard’s 23rd and we seemed to pack a hell of a lot into that weekend. My camera has officially died, so please do excuse the iphone pictures. So his Birthday was on Friday and it started with him waking up at 5am to open his presents. (he’s like a kid). Then we brought the doughnuts for work ( tradition apparently) and were able to leave at 12. So while I baked a cake Richard went for a Birthday bike ride and definitely did not get hit in the head by a pigeon…(don’t worry the pigeon is fine). Anyway, here he is Friday evening trying on his new clothes (all at the same time I might add)…

So here Richard is modelling a Belkin cycling jersey, Cotton shorts from Burton, Jeans (models own) and Jack & Jones trainers from ASOS, which he got from his parents. Doesn’t he look like a happy chappy.

Richards Birthday

 So at the weekend we had a BBQ with his family, which was loovely as it was so warm outside and everyone ate their weight in meat. I even took over the barbecuing at one point..and it was chicken and no-one got sick, so yeah barbecuing is going on my CV under useful skills…

Then we hit the farmers market on Sunday morning. While I munched on these cute macaroons (Salted caramel and rose water flavour, they were sooo yummy) Richard went out cycling with his brother. Don’t worry there was no pigeon incident this time.


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I love rugs, the colours, the shapes the designs, but why are they always so expensive? If I had an endless pocket, I would layer rugs galore around my cold little cottage. Covering our wooden floors in winter, giving a burst of colour to our dreary magnolia rented rooms.


So where are the places to source our rug obsessions you ask? Well, I’d love to tell you that charity shops are always good, but where I have been working the last year and a half, I only found one so far. Which of course I brought straight away. Such a good find too! But generally they go very quickly, straight away. So it’s not alway a good idea to rely on hoping you will find your perfect one there.


Ikea? Alas the Primark of the home decor world. I love Ikea, you can never go wrong, but be warned that furnishing your house may lead to duplicate pieces matching of your friends.  There rugs can sometimes be quite pricey, but they do have some bargain beauts too.


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As I mentioned before, I went back to my home town with Richard to see some family, and this weeks drawing ties in really well with the weekend I had.

So I only sketched my immediate family, as had I included partners and babies, it would have been one in depth drawing, maybe I will draw the whole family another day. And as me and Richard both do this blog I thought I would do another drawing of his family too.

So I didn’t do my usual Photoshop thing. I sketched out the portraits in pencil then re-outlined them in pen. That was it. Then I scanned them in. I didn’t want to add colour as I really like how crisp they look just being done in pen.

My family portrait.

My family portrait.

Ok so from L-R We have Ben, Simon, Me, Abby, my Mum (Ali) and My Dad (Nick). I think Abby looks the most realistic, the head tilt thing she does when she is taking selfies and her little pea head too. It’s like I’m looking at a photograph…



The Sanders Family Portrait.

The Sanders Family Portrait.

The Sanders. L-R William, Peter, Richard, Beth, Pat (Richards Mum) and Bob (Richards Dad). Peter looks the most realistic here, which is always the way for some reason. When we made ginger bread men (personalised versions that is), Peter’s one looked spot on.


Anyway I hope you enjoyed my family portraits. This is technically last weeks, so I will be doing another drawing this week. This weeks theme is Twins…Hmm wonder what I could do for that one.


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So I am finally over the dreaded bug. The plus outcome, I have finally lost a stone now..

Moving on. I have been back in my home town this weekend, it’s nice coming home to family, my old room, friends and home cooked food. Did a bit of shopping with  the mother, pictures to come one day, and even got Richard a few things too!

But best of all I got to spend some time with my nieces. Now below we have Amelia, I was unsuccessful at being able to get a picture of Eliza, she was just to quick for me. There little bow clips were the cutest though with my little ponies print on. It occured to me that this will be the thrid time this year that I have seen my family, living across the country can be quite difficult but we have fun when we go back.



But here’s a quick picture of the both of them with my dad, (Bampi to them) We are totally in the age of technology, as they were sat on his lap watching nursery rhymes being sung on You Tube on his Mac.

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So I am writing this post, in between naps while I lie in my bed in old jogging bottoms and a jumper. I have a stomach bug, or stomach flu, or I’ve eaten a demon. To the point I’m not great, but I have missed blogging this week, and so thought I’d share or over share my status and tips for being ill.

Tip 1

Juice cups, are gods gift. Take small sips and think back to your childhood playing at the park.


Tip 2

If feeling nauseous, like I do. Have the window open, lie down very still on your back, with your eyes closed and a cold compress. Don’t move at all until the sickness has gone away. Trust me, it works like 60% of the time..


Tip 3

Have some sort of entertainment at the ready, I am currently watching How I met Your Mother, while lying very still in bed. It helps, apart from when I laugh..


Tip 4

Have a boyfriend or friend who can stroke your hair, fill up your water glass and just generally cater to your every need. Thank you Richard.


Tip 5

Be as pathetic as you need to be and get as much rest so you feel better asap.


So there are my personal tips, and the best one is when you are feeling better and keeping dry toast down, ask your other half to get you your dream food of choice. (and beg to God that you don’t throw up ever again)


But to add to a nicer note I include some pretty flowers, because flowers make everything well slightly better, only slightly better as they sadly don’t hold a cure for sickness.

Hopefully I will be back to my old self tomorrow as I have a fun DIY post and exciting weekend plans.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4


I’m back off to sleep. Speak soon x