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Ok so now I am newly engaged, the fun begins of planning the wedding. Now I have a few ideas already, but I’m nowhere near ready to start planning a wedding…yet. So I aim to fill the space with ideas every Wednesday, and slowly build up a mood board of my favourite pins and ideas. I will also be experimenting with DIY wedding fave’s, so hopefully I can inspire you too!

So lets get started,as I have never planned anything like this, I brought a couple of magazines, Brides to be specific, and they suggested some apps which can help you get started. I went for WedHappy. The basic version is free, and it gives you check list and rough dates for when things need to be done. First task, setting the date.

Ok so we have a few dates in mind which we are going to keep to ourselves for the meantime until the date is official, but I let you know the year and the favourable month we are thinking. November 2016.

The next item on the agenda is a venue, as I guess venues need to be booked way in advance, especially for popular months during Spring and Summer. I have been looking at some venues, just online and looking at pinterest for the type of thing I want. Here are some places which look amazing.

First thing, first. I’m not getting married in NYC (I wish) but I love this list of alternative places to get married there, which was featured on BuzzFeed. The best thing about Pinterest, is you can get ideas on layout, decor, and features that you might want at your venue, plus, I like to find places that might appeal to all of our readers.





Brooklyn Botanical Gardens is number 5 on the list, but how breathtakingly beautiful does this look, all that light? and in the evening, safe to say, it’s a constant instagram moment.

See the rest of the list here. 

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So i did a very quick little shoot while we were in Italy, which briefly featured Abby, and the flowers that Richard had given me. It was sunny, but quite cold that day, hence the short shoot. But I like how the pictures came out a lot, I love using swimming pools, the reflections and shades of vibrant blue just look good as a backdrop.


Abby looking lovely with flowers in her hair, which is a nightmare. Me and Max were in the pool with her holding her up and placing flowers, then we had to get out of the way without disrupting her or the flowers for Richard to take the picture.. fun fun





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So I decided to do a post of the rest of my photos from Italy, I have tried filter then as much as possible as so not to bore you all!!

Out house, Italy The house The house 2 Italy

Where we stayed, this is the main house, with one of the out house’s above. We let Abby and Max have one of the out houses, while Ben, Tasha and the twins had the other. We had one side of the main house, while my parents have the other. It sleep’s like 17 in total, so theres was more then enough space for everyone, with 4 kitchens too!


Twins in jail, Italy


The twins on the last day, stuck indoors while it was raining, and everyone was running around packing the cars. Eliza on the right sporting a moody glair while she is stuck in ‘prison’ clutching terry and terry from Monsters inc.  University preparing her revenge.. . The rebel Amelia on the left leaning on the window, picture a piece of straw in her mouth and this little rebel cowboy doesn’t have a care while she’s kept inside, probably plotting her next riot. They would stood like this for a good  minutes, it was the cutest thing in the whole world.

Amelia and me, Italy, coco pops


A mid holiday snap, Amelia stealing more Coco Pops, she seems to be enjoying herself!!

Antipasto, Italy

My and Richards dinner after the hospital trauma in Montepulciano, we had this to share, it was meant to be a starter but it was more then enough to fill us both up. 

Espresso, Italy

This is just one of the many many espresso’s Richard had! He became a bit obsessed.


Flowers in the window, Italy

My flowers in the window, which Richard gave me, and how nice is that view?

Lavender, Italy Richard, Italy


Finishing with a picture of Richard, I took a picture of the pool, but I can’t find it, so believe me when I say it was lovely.

Speak soon all.


So the meats, cheese and fresh produce were amazing in Italy, but being me I particularly liked the cakes. Because there were so many of us a couple of times we ended up buying big cakes, so there was enough for everyone, the beauty was we never knew what we were getting and luckily no one had an allergies.


So lets begin.



So this cake, was a chocolate ice cream cake, sooo good, with the fancy chocolate covered top. Totally judged this cake by it’s appearance, and it totally paid off as this was amazing.




Next was this cake, look how weird the picture looks…oh well. We weren’t quite sure what this was, but it was crazy good, very nutty. No idea what it says on top though..



Next we have the little pastries from the patisserie down the road. I was sold by the packaging, so well packaged no?




And inside was just as good. All these beauts came to €5 which is crazy cheap I literally felt like I was robbing her because they were so good! Sooo soo good. So this became the favorite with all of us, so many cakes were brought. We ended the trip going there one last time picking up some nibbles which were different covered marzipan. we figured these would have the best luck staying intact.




So these were cute, but I’m not much of a marzipan person so Richard has been enjoying them.


So there’s the cake part, last installment of tomorrow is the rest of our pictures, don’t worry i’ll filter them so it wont be 8 pages long!!




Just a quick note to say thank you to all of your kind words on mine and Richards Engagement, completely over the moon!

Now onto today’s post we all know I have a small obsession with flowers, so why would it stop just because I was is Italy. I love how nearly every house had a display of flowers surrounding their windows and garden, as if there a giant flower show and the whole of Italy are competing. Here are some of my favorite pictures I took of floral displays.


How lovely is this, this is like my absolute dream. A house covered inside and out in plants and flowers.


Some beautiful flowers Richard brought for me the day before he proposed, guess he was trying to butter me up! These are from the local florist and old lady who watched as Richard gave them to me and gave me a lovely big smile and a wave.







I thought this little house was si pretty, completely covered, then I saw this little pot just in the window. Interesting no??


I saw these pink flowers everywhere in different shades, maybe its the popular flower of the moment. They were so vibrant and pretty though.



Everywhere I looked in Italy, balconies were just covered in flowers and plants, I love this one i particular because of the picture shrine beside it, its just so beautiful, I couldn’t not take a picture of it.



So there’s my snippet of floral Italy style for you, I tried so hard to get some pictures of the countless fields of sunflowers we drove past, but it was always at such a speed and no where to stop alas, I failed. But do enjoy these ones! Tomorrow Italian cakes and believe me there are quite a few!


Speak soon x


Ok so I have been debating on when to write this blog post, as me and Richard can be quite ‘shy’ when it comes to subjects of our relationship. My profile picture on facebook is still a picture which was taken in my last year of uni before I met Richard… But it’s an exciting time, and I want to share it all with you!


So lets begin..

Richard, like he had done many of the other days, decided we should go for a drive to find a nice spot to take pictures, then my brother piped in telling us of a place he found and can we take a few photos for off we went in search.

When we arrived, the view was breathtaking, slightly ruined by the Italian hacking at a tree he was cutting down, so before I knew it Richard was pacing back to the car..

So we drove a bit longer then we came to a little area surrounded by olive trees, with a storm brewing in the distant so I started to snap away..



Pretty right…was pretty amazing view and then I turned around..

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So we are back in the land of wifi, bar not being able to blog as much as I would have liked too, It was strangely refreshing, not being able to google anything, check emails and tweets constantly. Its amazing how much time I spend on the internet, but being without it for two weeks, well, it was nice. Saying that I am glad to have it back.

So the next few posts will be me finishing up our Italian adventures.


Abby carrying Amelia. It was lovely, for the twins to run around the square, plus we all got ice cream and just chilled for a bit.


While Ben and Tash were off doing important mum an dad things. ( Buying more sunscreen for the girls), Richard was watching Eliza (above) and Abby was watching Amelia, and I was enjoying the atmosphere that is Italy while taking a photo every now and then.



My mum and dad looking lovely and still very much in love, if not slightly burnt..




The main towers was being renovated, I think July is the month for all work to be done on big landmarks…either that or I have the worst luck. Anyway it was still beautiful to look at, Just ignore the group of Italians who are harnessed to the structure who look like they are about to burst into singing the YMCA.


A cheeky picture, because they both look adorable, this definitely isn’t making me broody…




I am simply just going to leave you with a few images I took while walking in Florence, It’s such a beautiful place. I have become a bit obsessed by their shop fronts and shutter blinds, I just love all the different colours..

Architecture, Florence Italy



Artisit, Florence Italy


This guy was amazing, he had done quite a few drawings, but this was just incredible to watch!!


Florence, Italy

The views…amazing..just simply beautiful.

Shop fronts, Italy Florence


Shutters, Florecne,Italy


On another note, I am on the mend, ear is getting better, and I hope to be able to go swimming properly in a few days!


Speak Soon.


Ok so even though I was given more antibiotics for my ear, I now have another infection in my other ear, such a pain. So Thursday morning me and Richard made our way to the Pharmacy to ask for directions to the nearest hospital.  The lady was very sweet and printed us out a map, and to be honest I was assured by my mother who said that the likely hood of them speaking English was quite high as all doctors probably trained in a big city..Well they didn’t.

We arrived at reception and told by a women who spoke very little english to go and press a button. The button which was hidden, was at Triage and I was then prompted by a nurse who blurted something out in Italian, and then after seeing mine and Richard’s blank expressions went english?, 1 second. This excited me, surely she spoke english…. After waiting for 10 minutes her and another nurse brought me into a room. Where I am asked questions. There’s a ticket system here you see. red for dying, yellow for dying in 30 minutes, green for not quite dying, and two other colours I couldn’t remember but were along the lines of see them in a couple of hours, and they are faking it. I was given a green ticket after having to point to my ear, show them my passport, write my address out and speak very slowly some of my symptoms. We got there though, and I was given a lovely little band to wear on my wrist, sporting a green ticket..

Hospital, Italy

I then decided it would be best to draw a diagram, just incase my doctor doesn’t speak english.. So here is my drawing of the week, which I haven’t done in ages, I know..I have a bunch to scan in though so expect a big post soon..but I digress, this is my diagram of what was wrong, and previous medication..

Hospital diagram

45minutes later I was seen. Luckily the diagram as stupid as it looks worked, as neither spoke english, and the diagram was my only communication. In no time at all my ear was being examined, I was given some paperwork for a prescription and a receipt thingy that we had to scan in a pay. So that was fun, speak soon, with less dramatics I hope xx



For our Italian holiday I have rented a car, it was a lovely new, very shiny, fiat panda. Leaving the airport I was the first person out of the multi-story car park and also had a satnav so I became the lead car, even though the other 2 drivers had previous wrong side of the road driving.

Dirty Car Italy


It started off fine, getting to the correct motorway, stopping off at the services for water to replace the excruciating amount lost through my sweaty palms, apparently “stop” signs are optional, lane control is optional, indicating is optional and the speed limit, a minimum target to be at least 50kmh above at all times. Once we left relatively safety off the motorway it was time to find the villa, still leading, with Sophie’s incredible navigation and quick thinking to only point out road signs once we were passed them, we started to climb.

Now the Panda showed its biggest flaw, instead of an engine it has been running off of about 4 hamsters that were all now very tired. Foot to the floor in 2nd gear and the car is still slowing down. Crawling slowly but steadily reaching our target was frustrating but doable. This was when we reached a lovely steep drop, after pulling over for a quick consultation we decided it would be best to go round the unmade cliff road. Turning round the corner we stated a very steep climb and just kept going. Dragging the car up in 2nd, sometimes 1st gear, the road quickly became just gravel and large boulders. After 15 minuets of climbing the satnav said we had arrived at our destination, and unless we were staying in a tree-house it was obviously wrong. We continued up a little further to a restaurant at the top of this mountain, there we tried to explain where we were looking to get too and were told the correct way to go… Right back down the mountain. Now in the middle of our convoy my foot never left the brake, repeatedly locking the wheels and just sliding to a halt, only a few times contemplating removing my seat belt ready to bail out.

We eventually arrived back at the bottom, our passengers leaping from the car to kiss the tarmac road.

Sophie assures me the views were incredible and that there was lots of wildlife to see, however all I had seen of it was 2 inches in front of the bonnet to dodge massive potholes and huge rocks that would of ended the holiday and my deposit on the car very quickly.

After this ordeal, arriving at the villa was one last steep gravel driveway. Foot to the floor was climbed and arrived at the top. We had arrived and the Panda was in one piece, if a little dirty.


Car Italy