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ZZZ….I totally need some more sleep.

First thing first, a massive apology for missing Wedding Wednesday’s yesterday, my time yesterday wasn’t my own, I was running errands all day so much so I didn’t even get a chance to eat lunch, and we all know how much I like my food.


Getting up at 4.30am to drop Richard off at the station is slowly killing me I am sooo moody and constantly running around doing errands, sorting out the big shoot I have coming up and trying to turn my old bedroom into a office/living quarters/studio. Everything really. Photo’s to come soon…

Anyway, I am nearly settled just takes a bit of adjusting living back with the parents, while house times!!

Halloween tomorrow and I am still trying to find a costume to wear…Steph didn’t go for the bath loofa or the candy floss..shame..she’s an idiot who is reading this while I write laughing at my Wedding Wednesday’s…some maid of honour.

So short and sweet and I promise I’ll be back to normal routine next week, we might have a feature with Abby too! fun times ahead.

So I am off to pick Richard up…maybe go to the gym then sleep…sleep sleep sleep.





Last minute Halloween Costume ideas

Ok so I have been back for a few days and already got plans for Halloween. Richard is working but I am going to a party with my friend Steph and we are looking at quick and simple but effective costume ideas. We were thinking of going as a pair..because you know we are just that cool!!



Always a popular choice, day of the dead costume’s can be quite complicated due to the extravagant make up bu always look so effective!!



Did any of you ever watch Daria? I used to love this. This is an awesome idea for a costume and quite easy to do, only problem is…could I convince Steph?




Another awesome couple idea, this is day, wear black, age it well, then zombie-fy your face! Sorted



I so want to do this…bath puff. Get some tulle or netting from your local shop, scrunch it up and sew in some lines to keep it in, and ta da…get a shoe lace for your drawstring. awesome is this no??




I’m done, this is my winner haha!! no? This is such an awesome idea!! Everyone loves candy floss.

Anyway I will let you know how my costume ideas develop..speak soon

Weekend Antics, Bubba Gump, Doughnuts and a small move across country.

So this weekend was pretty hectic. We were in London on Friday, stupidly early, by 8.00 am I was on my second cup of coffee and by 12.30 I was on my first (and only) cocktail.

We went to Bubba Gump’s in Leicester Square which was pretty amazing, I have been a few times in the states, but it was just as good here, and the shrimp is to die for. I also had a pretty tasty vodka peach tea cocktail, and got to keep the glass which was a bonus. It was pretty expensive, but filling, amazing food and good service too. If you haven’t heard of Bubba Gumps, watch Forest Gump.



We shared the shrimp cocktail..they may not look it but the shrimp are huge!

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I am actually writing this on Sunday. I know what your thinking, my oh my aren’t you organised.Well yes yes I am. Chilling in a cute bed and breakfast after a day with family and lots of cuddles with my nieces and nephew!

I have to say I do love a good hotel stay. The crisp sheets, the biscuits and bed chocolate, free coffee and tea, we even have shampoo and a bottle of water..but anyway we have a few pictures from the weekend.



The place we stayed was a lovely little bed and breakfast, with big windows. Was lovely. Even for the night it’s sometimes nice to stay somewhere else.


We had a little get together before my Uncle’s funeral, was nice seeing family, and was a lovely date despite the sad times that brought us all together! Here is my brother and Richard chilling with my Gran. Her room is filled to the brim with pictures. She has some serious gallery wall amazement going on. But she was in good spirits, and I have to say, I really like this photo, even though it was taken on my phone the sun light and family sat together is lovely.

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Ok so this a recipe I have taken from the Slimming World repertoire but I thought I’d try it out…


Ok So what you need is:

700g Large Potatoes, peeled cut into chip like shape

Low calorie cooking spray

4 x think skinless fish fillets. (cod,haddock or halibut)

100g stale wholemeal breadcrumbs. (this bit is important mine slightly failed due to me half-assing this bit).

1 tsp garlic powder

2 eggs beaten lightly

ok so peel and cut your potatoes and put them into pan of boiling water and cook for 3-4 minutes.



Preheat your oven to 240°C/Fan 220°C/Gas 9.



After they have cooked for 3-4 minutes, drain them well and place on a kitchen paper and leave to dry for 10 minutes.



Put in a roasting pan and spray with cooking oil and bake for 20-25 minutes, turning occasionally



Season your fillets, and make your breadcrumbs. I did this part horribly..and ended up trying to use ryvita..I also add some garlic powder to season. All in all it tasted ok, but not as much coverage as I wanted.



Dip your fillet into the egg, and get it all covered and stuff… then dip it into the bread crumbs/slash ryvita mix thing.


haha ta da!! Ok so I fried the fillet in low calorie cooking oil, then put it in the oven. If you just do it it in the oven place on a non-stick baking sheet and bake for 15-20 minutes or until the fish is cooked through. Garnish with some lemon and tar tar sauce. (this bit isn’t skinny though).


So it looked like a bit of a disater but it tasted pretty good. Just imagine how good it would have been had I done the breadcrumbs bit properly.




Ok so this book is seriously awesome. So awesome I read it in a couple of days! So awesome that maybe it’s the reason why I am deciding to get a fringe after wanting one for like 5 years+. It’s a big step bangs you know! But back to the book

It’s inspiring, its funny, it relates to all the slightly awkward women out there. I remember having a favourite pair of purple and black cords, and liking Bowie..being a little weird when I was in my teens, but this book empowers that. Sophia Amoruso is beautiful inside and out, she’s edgy and she’s different. Her writing style fits right in with the Nasty Gal brand, and why wouldn’t it? She created this business from just her to a multi million company. With no debt and no financial or business plan. Her wits and attention to detail did it all.

I feel like today having a degree is a big deal and becoming the norm, and I remember my rant on degree’s I had earlier this year.. but Amoruso proves sometimes it’s not about your education, but just hard work and the want to be successful at something and the fight to survive. With tips on CV’s, branding yourself and even getting fired.  She cut’s to the point but keeps it funny.

With inspiring quotes, to die for illustrations and photos and other #Girlboss stories and advice, it’s just full of amazement.

She is crazy inspiring and if you have your own business or hey just want a good read go get it. I promise it won’t let you down and you will learn all about the OCD over the BLT.


So I have a simple DIY project today which could be a cute idea as a present for your Bridesmaid’s or a gift for your maid of honour during the planning stages!! So remember when I did the paper-cutting workshop, well I have been practicing, and I am still rubbish but I had an idea for a cute notebook.



Ok so the papercutting isn’t essential. You could just get some pretty paper and use that as your cover.


So I designed a quick stencil like thing. The thing to remember is your cutting the white bits. So I found an interesting font, and gave it a box outline where the letters reach the outline box. So you don’t end up with a massive square cut out.. And make sure you flip it. otherwise when you turn it over it will be backwards. A tip we were given during the workshop was, make sure you always use a sharp blade and do the little sections first.

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So went to London and met up with my sister and Steph, was a good day  though these beauts didn’t bring a coat so had to buy jackets, I mean honestly who goes to London without a coat…when it’s forecasted to rain..I look a wee bit evil in this picture but let it be known, it had rained a lot (hence frizzy up hair) and I was tired…so tired. No matter how often I go to London, by the end of the day my feet hurt and I am exhausted!! We got some lego, ate a lot of food, Steph got her foot run over by a mobility scooter, and made some very un PC comments.. ( I was shhh them constantly!) But she’s fine, her trainers were worst off then her foot.


We ended up in Westfields at Stratford and met Richard after work, I was hinting looking at the flowers…nothing haha!


Was pretty tempted to buy myself some flowers, those large pink ones look amazing!

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So I waited a few days to do this post, just so everyone was ‘ready’. So this weekend was full of emotions, stress and mine and Richards time not being our own. I went back home to an empty house because my poor uncle was sick and my mum and dad were down there with him. It’s crazy, i’ve lived in that house for 20+ years, but could I find how to put the heating on? nope, thankfully Richard has good logic and found it.


Anyway we had some ups and downs this weekend. An up? My brother Simon and his partner Mel gave birth to a beautiful boy, Finley. We got to have the first cuddles of the siblings, which is nice as normally I miss that. we quickly rushed up on Sunday evening before we left for Essex, for a quick hello. He’s so adorable it’s crazy! I also got to see my lovely nieces, which is always eventful, but my they are cute.

We went to a family reunion and I met 20+ relatives for the first time, but we saw some family members I haven’t seen in ages, so although my mum wasn’t there, it was fun, plus eventful.

I didn’t see my mum the whole weekend, which is crazy because I always see her when I go home…she was with my uncle, who sadly died early hours of Tuesday. We were meant to go see my mum while she was with him, but dad suggested we didn’t. So this is for my uncle Charlie. We miss you.

But I don’t want to leave it on this sad note, so here are a coupe of pictures of our new nephew and a big congratulations to Si and Mel. It was a long haul, but they both did brilliantly!


Adorable isn’t he!!

Finley, baby




As continued from last week I am still on my cake adventure looking at different options, so these are the more out of the box choices. So above we just have tons of different pies. There’s an option for everyone. This could be fun, like a bakery, having different cake options. This is from Bridal Musings.  You could even put a request line on the invite, there add up the favourites..


Who doesn’t love doughnuts. and with a cake tier on top, you get the best of both worlds. I love the blue icing with the yellow petals too!! This is from Wedding Wire.  Different fillings could be fun, maybe try and create your own bespoke filling?


I am loving how this looks, floating tiers instead of stacked tiers…plus cheesecake?? This is from So Feminine. 

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