So 2015 has been a pretty crazy year, I found myself losing who I was and learning to become someone else, a mummy! My life got completely turned upside down, in a good way and here’s to 2016 being even crazier!


I had lots of fun doing DIY projects around the house!  I did this TV unit when I was 9 months pregnant. Nothing was going to stop me from trying to get my house ready for the arrival of Arch! I also had tons of fun doing commissions this year, and growing Wooden Flamingo as a brand!



This year saw us celebrating weddings, births and christenings! Lots of lovely time with family! Letty even managed to snap this photo of me, Richard and bump looking not half bad!


We introduced the gorgeous Thea aswell as Arch this year. Thea being the  newest addition to the Carter grandkids! She is such a cutie!


All the Carter grandkids at Christmas!




I spent a good half the year being heavily pregnant, which although massively uncomfortable and came with a hell of a lot of aches, pain and vomiting. I have to admit I felt pretty confident body wise.. Having a bump and knowing its for an important reason was rather confident boosting!

I also had lots of fun trying new recipes and eating lots of good food! My favourite being this steak sandwich!




And saving the best til last, having Arch and becoming a mummy was a pretty big highlight this year! I’m looking forward to finding a balance of being a mummy and being me in 2016!


Read my fun labour story here……Eeek look how tiny he looks there!

Here’s wishing you all a Happy New Year and I hope 2016 brings you all joy and happiness! And a special thank you to you all for supporting and reading Wooden Flamingo! Here’s to an exciting year ahead!