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Valentine’s day Ideas

Ok so I know this holiday is very much a holiday for the girls. Even when your single, its a girls night out or in to celebrate being happy and single or for couples who are happy and in love. But let’s be honest more often then not it’s about the girls. But hey how about we show our loving other halves we can make Valentines day just as romantic for him or her. Last year I did a week of treats to cook your other half, this time I have been looking at a few cute and yes overly cheesy DIY and some awesome looking treats.


So I don’t think Valentines day needs to be super expensive, why not make a card and a nice romantic meal. I mean this card looks so cute and simple, and hey if pizza is the way to your loved ones heart…even better. Come on sometimes cheesy is cute. This is from Etsy.


Another fun card, I mean googley eyes…everyone loves googley eyes.You have to love googley eyes.. This is from Lucy’s Cards.


A great cheap and effective gift, which looks so yummy. White chocolate bark. See the recipe here at Number 2 pencil. I mean I would make this for an everyday snack..or a is more appropriate…but with pink and red m&m’s very lovey dovey.


Yes cheesy but maybe if they are a lover of coffee you could make like a little gift basket. Coffee and chocolate? Cheap mugs and a sharpie, nice and simple. Get the instructions here at Today’s creative blog.


I am so going to do this one year..can’t do it this year because now Richard will know…but one year… Come on if your a bit low on cash, this makes your love one smile and know your thinking of them..with banana humour. This is from House hunt.



Heart shaped cookies, a cute thing to make and pop in your loved ones lunch. Or as a romantic desert after a romantic dinner…melt some chocolate and go all fondue-ish…Obviously add strawberries to the mix, sexy strawberry eating, plus you know balance the sugar cookie and chocolate with a little bit of fruit…dipped in chocolate…Get the recipe from Brit and Co.


There you go I hope I have given you a few ideas to get the Valentine’s day or anti day going…perhaps I’ll do another week of treats nearer the time…hmm.

Wedding Wednesday’s : It’s time to get organised /22


Ok so when I spoke about my resolutions and aims this year, the biggest one I set myself was to become more organised. So this was an excuse to get some cute stationary, while I plan my days away and the wedding. So my filofax finally got delivered yesterday, and it is super cute. It’s from Kikki K which does the cutest stationary my only flaw against them was that because they are an Australian company I had to pay £20 to get it released from customs at Parcel force. Extortionate, but I guess it isn’t overly there fault. But the cuteness is worth it.



I am totally old school went it comes to keeping track of everything.  I had the same filofax for 5 years while I worked and while I was at uni, I decided to upgrade last year but couldn’t find one I liked, so just made do with a disposable diary for last year. Then I came across this. I suppose because so much of our time is based on our phones and laptops, tracking the ever growing technology and social medias it sometimes nice to just write down appointments and track your daily life using pen and paper. I find having a cute outlet, will make becoming more organised easier.

So I know this post isn’t overly wedding like, but as well as my daily planner I have also got a wedding planner, but it’s not your typical one.


So as some of you know, Richard proposed to me in Italy, read it here, and a couple of days after, we were walking around a little town when I came across this small little book shop where the woman working there was making books in front of you. So I have seen the cute planners going round which helps you plan your wedding but I kind of liked the idea of buying this book, in Italy where we got engaged, makes it that little bit more special no? The paper used is just beautiful and I am in love with the marble cover.



So I haven’t filled it up too much, as we all know my pace for planning, but I thought i’d show you the first page which has a polaroid of me and Richard taking the day after he proposed, taking in the same little town where we brought the book. I think regarding my way of executing this book, I am doing a more scrap book idea, something that maybe our kids in the future, would like to see, and a memory keep of my slow but hopefully fabulous wedding planning..

Perhaps as a goal for me I will show you guys a page a month, just to prove I am planning…


Enjoy your Wednesday’s all


Weekend Antics, Mexican feast and date night

This weekend was a weekend of good company and good food. We had Richards brother, his wife and his sister over on Sunday and we did a big Mexican feast with fajitas, rice, nachos and corn..was soo good. I love dinner’s where everything is just set on the table so everyone can just dig in. We also went to our local little cafe and got a selection of the cutest cakes for the day too.



So me and Beth were the chefs of the evening, with homemade guacamole, I should totally tell you guys my recipe one day..but yeah chicken fajitas with roasted peppers, grilled corn on the cob, and extra cheesy nachos, this was more then enough food for the 5 of us, and instead of getting the expensive packs of nachos and fajitas, we just brought a spice pack for the fajitas and brought wrap and salsa separately. It’s so much cheaper, plus we got the most amazing salsa. Pineapple salsa…seriously it was soooo good.Got in some beers, everyone made their own wraps, and Richard cleared up the kitchen after. Twas perfect.




Look at all the lovely treats, I love getting cakes like this from local places, it’s nice to know that more then likely a woman from he WI has lovingly made these, we all had a bit of each, cake sample if you will. The cookie in particular was my favourite.

So that was Sunday antics. My Monday involved me running a few errands, and Richard taking me out to dinner for date night. We haven’t been out just us two since we moved here, so it was nice to spend some quality time together, he did his research and found a little Italian about 30 minutes away. It was amazing, and surprisingly it was situated right next door to a Prezzo. I am happy to report, it was way busier then the chain next to it, and now that I have eaten at both (Prezzo was a favourite of ours in Essex) I can happily report, this restaurant trumped Prezzo a million times over and I took pictures..


So we shared this tricolore salad with the garlic pesto bread below. This was incredibly good. It was so fresh, and well just insane. I could have just eaten this, but the mains were shortly on their way.





photof 2

Richards main was a fish mixed grill. Tuna steaks, salmon, swordfish and king prawns, it looked incredible, I stole a prawn and believe me it was! I don’t think the price was too bad either, this main cost £14.95. When you think of the size of it I think thats quite reasonable.


We got a portion of hand cut chips to share, which were amazing, I only managed a few of these as I barely made a dent in my gnocchi below. It was a garlic pesto cream sauce with broccoli and avocado. Amazing, but amazingly filling.



So that was my main, so good but like I said it’s so filling, but we got it to take away and Richard took it to work today for lunch.

So lot of good wholesome food had this weekend, and exciting times this week as I may or may not have ordered some removable decals…woop woop I’ll do a test and document it then I’ll get to work on my office!!


Wedding Wednesday’s: How I picture my day /21

So I have come to the conclusion I am not a normal bride to be. I have been happily engaged for 7 months now, and I have only booked the photographer. Check her out here, she’s awesome. Unlike most women who throw themselves into wedding planner, I am just taking it slow…maybe too slow, but slow. I suppose I don’t want to impulse plan, or settle, thats not to say people who plan their weddings quickly are doing that, I just know how I am with making decisions, and sometimes it’s best for me to way up all the options.


So I know the area I want to get married, I am still working on the feel and mood of the day. I would love to be near a lake, to have a fireplace, and possibly rooms on location for older guests and friends and family with young children. I’d also like the idea of a barn, somewhere which can still be picturesque even in cold November. If you know of a  place like this in the Cotswolds drop me a link!

I want it to be fun, and colourful without having a tight schedule, I want to be able to relax and enjoy the day and the food. Especially the food. Flowers everywhere, pretty string lights, and people enjoying themselves. Good cake too.

Here’s a few pictures that might get what I want across…maybe..










Maybe I should hire a planner??

hmm..Also I want a band, know any, let me know!

ta for now

Renting fixes; DIY Ombre Lantern Lampshade /03


Ok so my first DIY of my rent fix options. This took me like 30 minutes to do, and cost me less then a £2. Ok so we previously looked at using lampshades to spruce up our rented homes, a great way to add some colour or style without losing your deposit. Now if you don’t fancy going out and spending a small fortune on a variety of lampshades for every room a great alternative are the lantern lampshades. They come in a range of styles and sizes and can be found nearly everywhere. The one I used for this project I got from Wilkinsons and it cost me £1.50. But I know Ikea do them to, and it a larger range of sizes and shapes too.

Ok so what you need:

A lantern lampshade

Paint, ink or I used silk paint I had left over.





Now I wouldn’t go out and buy paint or ink especially for this, just use what you have, let’s not add to the cost, unless your all out then yeah your going to need some kind of paint.. You need a medium you can water down nicely. So with the silk paint which is like an ink consistency, I started off with it pure, then added a bit of water each time to get the shading down.If your using paint like watercolours or acrylic, especially with acrylic you want it to be quite watery, so it may be an idea to add white and water to get the ombre effect. It’s not meant to be perfect, think of it as rustic. You can always dampen it down with some kitchen roll. But be careful as when the lantern is wet, it is rather delicate.

I also found it much easier to paint while it was…inflated I guess is the word..

And that was all it took. I only wanted to paint about half of it, as because I chose blue I didn’t want it locking out too much light, but I love it, and it takes a place in my living room, now to do the rest of the house? Just think of the colour options.


As you can see the ombre isn’t perfect, but it adds a bit of colour to my magnolia room. Let me know if you try it, especially with the other mediums! #nomoremagnolia


Weekend Antics; Bletchley Park followed by watching The Imitation Game

Ok so unless you live under a rock, everyone has been going on about The Imitation Game with the fabulous Benedict Cumberbatch, but I was surprised to find out, that Bletchley Park, where the enigma code was broken, was so close to where we are living now, that we took the opportunity to go see it when my parents came to visit. This place is massive, and bursting with information, and it’s eery. You know those kind of places where you can kind of feel the history? We only managed to get round like a fifth of it. Luckily adult tickets last a whole year, so we will be making another stop. I didn’t want to take lots of photos of it, it doesn’t do it justice, plus I don’t really like to take pictures in places of history..if you get what I mean.. but I took one that might interest the Benedict Cumberbatch fans.



Some filming was done at Bletchley Park, and props were donated to the museum like Cumberbatch’s tweed suit and Knightley’s outfit. They also donated ‘Christopher’ the decoding machine Cumberbatch’s character Turing built.

The machinery used is way beyond my comprehension, which is no surprise as Turing’s knowledge was way before his time. A genius without a doubt, who lived a really really sad life. Thats where I go onto the film, its brilliant. It’s sad, and it opens your eyes a bit more to an event which pretty much changed us all. His code breaker invention won us the war. I am not going to go all deep history on you, but I would recommend watching the film, and going to Bletchley Park I even don’t mind Keira Knightley in it.


The rest of my weekend saw me being a right little chef. Mexican spread on Friday, thai salmon feast on Saturday and indulgent mac and cheese on Sunday, obviously no pictures because I am rubbish, but I have finally found my camera lead though, so expect some higher quality photos soon!


Hope you all had a good weekend.


Renting fixes; Removable Wallpaper /02

So I have been looking at removable wallpaper for my second instalment of rental fixes. I am seriously considering trying this, through my research it looks like an awesome magnolia fix which won’t anger your landlord.

So my research is telling me that this stuff is for real. You can peel them off and re-use them without extra glue or anything, and they don’t leave a mark…I found the best ones to be all on Etsy, here are a few of my favourites, I left the links for the shops so you can take a look at the other options they have.

il_570xN.687817969_82abSo this one and the one below, are sticker decals rather then a full strip of wallpaper. These look super cute, and I feel better about experimenting using a small surface area rather then a large one first off. These little polka dots above decals are from Tayo Studio. These cost £10 for a sheet of 70 polka dots. Not bad eh?



These are slightly larger, they also come in a range of colours too. From Stick Studio LLC. They are slightly more expensive but they are larger in size. You get 25 dots for £17. I do like the bigger dots though, look how shiny they look.




How awesome does this room look. I could just imagine this in my office instead of the murky  magnolia I have going on. This one is the full wall paper and the shop is great. You can send them the measurements of your room and they will print the exact amount you need. Otherwise it costs £24.29 for 20.9’’ wide by 48″ Height. You can also customise the colour too! This is from Betapet.



You can’t go wrong with bold stripes, and if your finally able to get around the no decorating rule in your rented place, why not go big and bold? I am also loving the contrast of the green chair with the black and white stripes. This is from Pat Print by Amy and is the same price as the one above. £24.29 for 20.9’’ wide by 48″ Height. 




A slightly bolder pattern, but what could look great in your dinning room or living room, this one is also a full wallpaper product. Accent U Wall are the ones behind this, and they offer a wide range of other patterns too. Costing £23.62 for  a 24″w x 48″h piece.


So I am totally thinking about purchasing some of the polka dot decals, and starting slow, when I do ill do a post on how well they work…then we can decide on whether we want to do a whole wall. If you have used them let me know how they  worked out?

oooo the excitment. Till next time.


Wedding Wednesday’s: Invitation Inspiration /20

So here is to my first Wedding Wednesday post of 2015.Thinking way ahead of schedule now, especially as I am not even sure where we are having the wedding, but you know I like to look at all aspects, no matter how in advance. Invitations are pretty important in my eyes, apart from the save the dates, it gives your guest a first look into what your day might hold..the colours,the style the events. So it’s like a mini first impression in a way, so you want them to reflect you and your special day.

So I have scoured the internet and pinterest for some different ideas for invitations, and I think you will like at least one of the options…hopefully.



These are pretty insane, but really expensive too, they are from Not On The Highstreet and they are laser cut made, so you can see why it’s pricey. But there are DIY alternatives to look at like paper cutting, much cheaper, but a lot longer process…especially for a 100+ invites.



This is cute, it’s simple and it’s attractive. I like the different fonts, and the colours used, it would be a great way to give your guests a glimpse into your colour scheme, plus you could have lots of fun with different fonts. This is from Etsy. 





I think these are my favourite. I love the simple colour and layout. With a little pattern above, below and on the back, especially contrasted with the colourful envelope. So sweet. This is from Wedding Chicks.


You have to love a bit of embossing. I do like this invitation but it comes across a bit clinical to me. Maybe a little bit of colour, or a contrasting twine would add a bit of pop to it. This is from Seven Swans.



Being a lover of stationary, I like the idea of having different parts included in the invite. Meal choice, music request, rsvp, map. All slightly different variations of the invite using the same themes of course. The bunch of stationary I like, and the layout but once again I think I want ours to be a bit more colourful…This is from Etsy.


My second favourite, I love the water colour effect of these invites, and the sheer amount of stationary included. I also like the simple layout..gah the choice is just to much. Maybe this style paired with a colourful envelop like the one I favourited above…I think it could be a start. This is from Etsy.



More of a Great Gatsby style going on here, but it’s fun and the rip off rsvp postcard below is great! This is from Lauren Owen Design, and I think this style is great especially for themed weddings.

I am pretty lucky as I am leaving the invitations up to Richard and my talented Graphic Designer friend Alex. So I have no doubt they will be awesome with the two of them bumping heads! This is a great way to get your friends involved especially if they are creative!

Yay it’s Friday








Do you ever have those weeks that just seem to drag…it’s been one of those weeks. But Richard does his last shift tomorrow then has 2 days off so I am looking forward to the weekend. Isn’t it crazy that we are already well into the first week of January..I kind of feel like last year went way to quick..anyone else think this?

So I had some awesome feedback on the post yesterday, glad you guys liked it and I am looking forward to trying out some rent proof decor ideas through out the next couple of months. One of which is removable wall paper…if any one has tried it let me know, my brain can’t really fathom how it works without ruining the walls…and I think it might take a while to convince Richard to let me try it out. On the plus my entire house is decorated in magnolia, so if anything goes wrong I can easily cover it up with the grossness that is magnolia. I was chatting to someone yesterday about the obsession of magnolia with landlords, I mean whats so wrong with least with white its a fresh canvas instead of a murky creamy yellow thing. So I am starting a new movement. #nomoremaganolia haha who knows one day some landlord or big housing developer will take notice and stop this obscene colour being everywhere.

Anyway thats my magnolia rant over. What are your plans for the weekend? I am making Richard take me to the cinema…thinking we might go see The Theory of Everything. I am pretty excited to see it!


Well wishing you all a stress free Friday and hope you guys have a good weekend!