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Wedding Wednesday’s: Colour and Texture / 25

Ok so I have decided to limit Wedding Wednesday’s to every other week, I feel until I actually start booking some things  for the wedding, I might just keep going round in circles. But today I wanted to look at colours and textures, a mood board of the tone of the day I think I want have. Enjoy!






















Fashion Weeks Street Style 2015

So when I look at the fashion weeks I tend to normally look at all the designers work and drool over the collection, and don’t get me wrong some of the collections look amazing. But I thought I show you some of favourite street styles from the weeks..I love everyones individual fashion sense and it gives me so many ideas of how to revamp my own wardrobe.


So this is taken at New York Fashion week, and I am totally in love with that Jacket. I don’t even mind the hat, the whole look just works, and she looks effortlessly awesome. See more NFW street styles here.


I love the causal roll neck paired with the studded heels…and I am totally drooling over that pink skirt. This is Kerry Pieri in Alaia shoes and Erin Dana belt bag.  See more street style on Harpers Bazaar.

Soraya Bakhtair Vogue 15Sept14 Dvora_b_426x639

Nothing better then shades of blue on a frost morning, I love the amount of texture going on in this outfit, and how casual does she look with her coat just hanging off her shoulders.  This is Soraya Bakhtair who said on her outfit “I’ve opted for a Tibi jacket, Topshop skirt, Céline bag, Dolce Vita shoes and Italia Independent sunglasses.” See more street style on Vogue.


Just look at that dress, and it works so well with the casual down sneakers..I love the collar and pleats, there’s just so much structure going on.. See more on Teen Vogue of Fashion Week’s street style.



I think it can be quite hard to pull of the casual but chic look, looking like you haven’t tried, but amazingly chic at the same time. I love the rolled up jeans, and the stament white tee plus that coat is to die for. Danielle wears: Coat: River Island, Jeans: River Island, Top: River Island, Trainers: Zara, Bag: Whistles. This is from Cosmopolitan.




This is quite possibly one of my favourite outfits from the street styles. I love the blue tones paired with the statement red lips and toes..effortlessly classy. This is from Pop Sugar, take a look at more street style there.


Let’s not forget the men, I love the casual braces and rolled up pin stripe trousers, this guy looks like he doesn’t give a shit…but does it soo well. From WWD take a look at more men’s street style.



These guys just have it all going on, the tartan against the blue suit paired with the orange tie, it’s just genius. And the relaxed purple v-neck sweater brings a preppy new dapper look to the trio. Everything is right with these guys outfits. See more street style here.


I think fashion is such a great way of expressing yourself, I remember I used to wear the most outrageous clothes. The more patterns the better. But I loved it, and although I have calmed down a bit now, there’s nothing better then getting dolled up to go out, or even putting on your polka dot dungarees and powder blue crop top to clean the house..wear what your comfortable in but remember to have fun with it too.

Cake Cake Cake

Ok so I am looking at some fun cake recipes to make my mum a birthday cake for this weekend. I wanted one a bit more exciting then just a Victoria sponge like thing, but I have found some funky recipes that I think might make the cut.


I am thinking of doing something fun for my mum..she doesn’t like birthday’s so maybe this might cheer her up..who doesn’t love sprinkles? This is from The Cake Blog as comes with full instructions.


I love mint..I find it so refreshing on a weird way. I know my mum likes mint too. So this could be a good choice.. From Confessions of a Cook Book Queen.

Andes Mint Cake logo

Another mint cake.. I am totally drawn to the mint buttercream frosting. How yummy does this look. This is from Bird on a Cake.


There isn’t a recipe for this, but I like the idea of covering the cake with different sections…maybe different flavour glazes? I like the idea of doing like a bundt cake..but making it look like a donut.  I can’t find the source for this so if you know drop me a comment.



How super cute are these? Maybe I could do like a little mini cake spread…I do tend to go over board on my plans sometimes though..and end up biting off a lot more then I can chew…but look how amazing these they are some awesome flavours…get the recipe here. This is from My Name Is Yeh. You should check out this blog…there are so many awesome recipes on there!!

I think I might do some experimenting and ill do a post of my mum’s hopefully epic Birthday cake…fingers crossed…if you know of any awesome recipes leave me a comment down below.

Pins I am loving right now


Good enough to eat…just look at the colours…man I could murder some ice cream right now. This is from Present and Correct.


Look at the colour, looking at this just makes me want to go to Paris and sip coffee, eat petit cakes and walk around carrying fresh flowers and freshly baked bread…ah…to Paris I want to go. This is from I Love Paris During The Summertime.


A motto I must live by…flowers everyday..even home grown in the garden yes please. This is from Design Love Fest.


More flowers…what can I say flowers make me happy..I love how this looks like a work of art..the colours are so vibrant. I couldn’t find the source for if you know it drop me an email.


I love this so much. This is from Studioworx and this piece is done by Claire Desjardins. I want it in my home. I love how it looks like a melted candle…



Sometimes you just need to get down to the point. This is from Teen Witches. I need this plastered on my wall…I need to get things sorted!


Anyway thank god it’s FRIDAY! I hope you all have a good weekend!!

Quick and simple DIY for your Thursday



Ok so we kind of had a little bit of sunshine yesterday did we not? Ok so yes it’s raining now but don’t let that stop you dreaming of the hot weather hopefully greeting to us soon.

So this DIY today is super simple but super effective and shouldn’t cost you a penny. We all have those sunglasses which are horrid, or slightly outdated, but instead of throwing them away why not see if they can be saved?


All you need for this DIY is a pair of old sunglasses you don’t mind possibly ruining…nail varnish and masking tape. Now I wouldn’t go out and by nail varnish particularly for this, an old bottle will do and if its a bit sticky, add a little bit of nail varnish remover to loosen it a bit, this will help with painting the glasses too! I picked these, which I have had for years that I think I got for a fancy dress party…they are pretty out there regarding shape, so I figured add a bit of colour and make them even more out there…Anyway here’s what I did.


Mask off the bit you don’t want covered, and decide on a colour pallet your going to go for. I have picked pastel mint green and a coral, I like using bold colours and because my glasses are like bug eyed, I thought why not. I have decided to just paint half the glasses like a split look keeping the tortoise shell on the bottom half.

Here are some inspiration for you DIY sunglasses.



If you have big round glasses that need updating, go all sixties on them. Polka dots, with big lips will look divine.




Half toned are really in, and is so simple to do. Similar to mine just mask off one half! Also how cute is that pineapple dress.




Similar to what I did with keeping half the tortoise shell showing, gives it that updated vintage look with a pop of colour. But as you can see its pretty simple, I then spruced it up a notch and using a cocktail stick added some pink flecks…we all love confetti now all I am waiting for is a funky party or s warm summer day to try these beauts out!!


Good luck!


New office makeover with removable polka dot decals

Ok so my little corner of tranquility…or rushed crafts and props area is finished. My tester worked, and you can find a link at the end of this post where to get my polka dot decals.

Moving on to the main event. These decals were so super easy to put up I literally put them up in like 10 minutes. I decided to put the polka dots on randomly, there’s a lot more room for mistake when doing a specific sequence, plus my patience isn’t great. But I am super loving how it turned out.




So here is an overall view of my little corner of an office, like I mentioned last week I have plans for the room as a whole so my office was only ever going to take up a section of the room. But by having the polkadots, it frames my area rather nicely.


After putting up some artwork, the space if finally starting to take shape.




I also mentioned how I got a new storage unit too for the room, and I loved filling it with props and tools, it looks like a unicorn puked over it, which is totally what I was going for. Books,-crayons-buttons-and-string-office-makeover






There’s still work to do, but this is great for storing, and the soft boxes below hold mounds of paper and material, keeping it clean and out of the way.


So I am still working on the other side of the room, but I wanted to make the room with a dual purpose, as it’s quite a good size. But I love how effective the polkadots look on the wall, it quite possibly my favourite new thing in the office. Paired with the desk Richard made me out of pallets, finished with olive oil, it’s a dream space to work in. If I was to add anything to my office space, I’d love a comfy sofa in the room, maybe like a bright pink for a splash of colour to contrast with the polka dots.

This post was inspired by WeWork which have some pretty awesome offices and are a coworking company, so go check them out for some inspiration!

For all that want to try removable decals, especially if you rent, these are the ones I used, and I tried and tested them and it worked for me get them here off Etsy.



Renters fix, 15 free artworks to decorate your home with.

Ok so I have been looking into ways to  make your rented place a home without annoying your landlord, and a great way to decorate your home without the use of paint or wallpaper, is art. Now the thing is everyone wants an art wall but hey who has a spare £300 to spend on art, let alone frames too. So I have sourced 15 free artworks, which will look great, and won’t cost you a penny…and the frames? You can’t beat rummaging through charity shops, and there’s always free cycle..get some spray paint and spruce them up…and let’s get this gallery wall started!




Download and get this from I Rock So What. 



Download this one from Design Editor.




Download this from Mr Printables.



Get this from Mr. Printables too.




Download this from Mr. Printables too…if you can’t tell from the name..he has a lot of stuff you can print.




Get this from the Open Art Project.




I Like Boring Things quote by Andy Warhol, get this from A Beautiful Mess.



For lovers of pineapples. Get this from the Oh So Lovely Blog.




From the Oh So Lovely Blog too…a flamingo..well how could I not? Get this here.




You can all these from Smitten On Paper…aren’t they awesome?




Get these from Little Gold Pixel.


Black white & grey db


Get these from Cora Mae Design.





Get these on the Oh So Lovely Blog. 




One of my favourites from the list, get this from Little Gold Pixel.

Now go rebel against the magnolia and fill your home with beautiful art works..for free! Tomorrow you can finally see my new office…hint…polka dots look awesome!!





Wedding Wednesday’s: Bridesmaid giftbags/ 24

Ok so groomsmen and bridesmaid gifts are a given, as are a bunch of flowers for both mothers and something for the fathers, it’s tradition right? so I am looking at a cute way to say thank you to the bridesmaids don’t worry i’ll cover the other guys some point in the future too. I love the idea of making up a cute gift bag for my ladies, and here are a few things which I think every girl needs/wants.


First thing first you need a super cute bag to hold the goodies in! And these are awesome. From the infamous I could spend so much money on this website. They also have a few different designs, so why not mix and match to your bridesmaids costing $20 See it here. I feel like as the bride..i’d probably need one too..







One more thing from are these little purses which come as a set, great for make-up or bits and bobs they might need on the day. Hey you might even be able to fit in a know wedding day essentials…and lipstick..lipstick is a given. These are $10 and you can get them here.



An amazing candle is a must in a goodie bag for your bridesmaids, also when ever they light it they have to think of you and your awesome day. This is from Anthropologie and costs £12. Get it here.


Cute heart neon stickers, well come on its for a day of love right? and no matter how cliche hearts can be at weddings, you have to sneak them in just a little bit! These are from Knot & Bow on Etsy and cost £2.69. Get them here.


Well these are awesome no? A cute little piece of art, something a bit different to give your bridesmaids. From Kims Little Monsters on Etsy and cost £6. Get them here. They also do tons of other types of animals too.


A cute postcard to write a heartfelt note of thanks, or a nice memory…probably drunk memory! Make your bridesmaids feel special and awesome…heck chuck some confetti in there too! This is from Seventy Tree on Etsy and costs £1.70. Get it here.



Lastly the comfort option, chunky comfy socks, these look soooo warm and fluffy..these are from Anthropologie and cost £16.00 get them here.


So I am pretty excited about making little gift bags for my bridesmaids…but I have quite a few so for cheaper options here are some cute DIY’s which can go in the bags too!



You can make these cute macaroons and put them in a pretty box, sooo yummy. Get the recipe here at Sugar and Cloth.



A cute scented mist, is a must for the big day, especially if everyone is getting flustered. Keep yourself calm and make this for your bridesmaids. From Design Love Fest.



Make these cute glasses, to have a cheeky champagne before the big day, personalise them with the bridesmaid names. From here.


So there are a few ideas that won’t cost the earth but will make your bridesmaids feel special!


How I get ready for a craft show, and some cool new stuff

Ok so I spend my time every day doing things for the blog and thinking up new ideas for products I could possibly sell at craft shows. I don’t do a lot of craft shows because I am going to tell you…they are stressful. I have boxes of stock which I have made over the last year or so, but still every time I get around to doing a show, I suddenly have a good idea that will have me up till 1am the night before…something needs to be done always, organising, displaying forth. What kept me up this time? Valentines day cards and a flamingo colouring book..(which are now available on Etsy here!).



New valentines day cards….



And our new colouring book..thats a uni-mingo on the right…( a flamingo that thinks it’s a unicorn)..FYI this is a colouring book for all ages..




A few things I always do, is  have a big product which is my focal point. In the past I have had watermelon table, large spindle with record top, candy stripe table and so forth. This item is always my higher price item and can cost between £20-£50.  I don’t always sell them, but people are interested in them, bringing them to my table..or to take a card for a future custom order. Its my bringing in item. If you get me. This show I did a cute small spindle, which I upholstered. I put it down as £25, and a lot of people asked about it. It always works.



So this was my big item, this craft show was different though. Being the organisers first one, the layout was done poorly. So instead of using the four rooms they were given, they squashed everyone into two. So there was a constant traffic jam of people not being able to stop to look. It was a nightmare, all the crafters complained, and the day although fun, had a bit of a downer. Pushchairs were a no go causing the majority of the possible customers a hard time getting round, if at all. So I made a whopping £2.50. Which isn’t too bad as I heard a lot of people didn’t make anything The £2.50 brought me some sweets so yeah…tops up. I also had a bunch of business cards go which is always a plus. Not every craft show is going to be successful.

Another thing I do is to group my items together as much as possible and to make it casual, I don’t tend to use a ton of intricate display shelves, as this can cause a slight hesitation for onlookers to pick up your products. One women had a mare with her display, people kept knocking things down, then the whole thing came down, it can be a massive hassle, so sometimes I think displays (especially big ones) are a no go, unless its sturdy and kid friendly.






I only ever get £30 of change, with is mostly £1 , 50p, 20p and a couple of fivers. I always have an order book ready incase of a custom order, and I try and have something creative to do while I am sat there, so its proof I make my crafts and it also helps pass time during quiet periods.

I find sometimes you get a lot of people at craft shows, who it turns out don’t make even 10% of what they are selling, and they quite often sell quite a bit…which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but when you look at the men and women who knit for countless hours, painstakingly cross stitch or hand paint intricate items sometimes its a wee bit annoying because hen you have someone who just buys sweets and wraps them up, or scarves and jewellery and thats their store. Nothing handmade in it what so ever… I brought some sweets don’t get me wrong, but I spent most of the day talking to two women, who spend their day knitting the cutest things, but have to put their prices down to compete with other sellers who sell clothes, or hats and scarves that have been brought in wholesale..

Moving on, another tip is I personally  don’t like to be intrusive, I smile, I ask them if they are having a nice day, offer them a business card, then I quietly let them browse. I hate it when people keep barking prices, and styles at you, I rather have a browse in peace. I do like to use some table confetti to brighten the table up. See how to make your own here.


One last tip. Take food and drink with you. Don’t be a mug like me, and take one bottle of water..and a box of dry cereal…because when it comes down to it and all you can buy is sweets…your going to be on a massive sugar high, then the low will coe and it’s messy…and your moody…not good!




Craft show prep, with a cheeky little illustration.

So I am super busy sorting and creating and such for this craft show coming up on Sunday. Playing around with a few drawings and stuff…thought I’d share one with you!





I took from inspiration from an illustration on Etsy I love and brought. Here it is. I am thinking of turning it into a valentines day card..maybe…its a working progress. My list of things to do is endless. It’s funny no matter how prepared you try to be theres always something you forget to do..

I’ll show you my pre-craft show process tomorrow! Plus I will show you how messy my living room is too!