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Children Book Wishlist

Ok so Richard is pretty excited about reading to the baby, and I have been thinking about when I was younger and my dad used to read to me in the evenings. So I love the idea of getting the books that were read to me and Richard when we were young to read to your little one to be..Plus let’s be honest..there are some right classics out there to pass onto our younger generations. I did my coffee table book wishlist, and now it’s time for baby.


The Jolly Postman, Janet & Allan Ahlberg. Me and Richard both remember reading this book, with the little letters that pull out..I think they did a Christmas one too if I remember right? Either way..classic.


Where the Wild Things Are, Maurice Sendak. If you haven’t heard of this book..I don’t know what to missed out!


Dear Zoo, Rod Campbell.I remember this book, I’ve had my mum on the hunt for some of the books that were read to me, she has found a couple, (five minutes peace, and the Christmas bear) But I think a lot got passed down to other family. It’s like my ponies and trolls..gone forever.


Each Peach Pear Plum, Janet and Allan Ahlberg. Now I don’t think I ever read this, but this one is on Richards list, as he was read it when he was little. So will be nice to learn a new story. This just makes me think of the Joanna Newsom song Peach Plum Pear..


The Tiger Who Came To Tea, Judith Kerr. Another classic that me and Richard were both read. I think’s it lovely that these books are still being read today.




We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, Michael Rosen and Helen Oxenbury. Ok mine and my dad’s up most favourite book. I remember when he used to read it to me and would really over exaggerate the noises, like swish swish swish through the grass. I remember my dad had this technique of getting me to sleep. He would say after he read the book and I wanted him to read another, I’m just popping to the loo i’ll be back. I’d fall asleep waiting for him. Sneaky but genius.


The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Eric Carle. Everyone must of heard of this book…I mean it’s a massive franchise, bedding, cutlery, toys..classic though right?



There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly, Pam Adams. A classic if not a little bit weird…..



The Little Mouse, The Red Ripe Strawberry and The Big Hungry Bear, Don & Audrey Wood. A close second to my favourite book my dad used to read to me, Richard has never heard of this one, so it will be a fun one for him to read and to be honest I am looking forward to reading these books and thinking back to my childhood..I mean I’m having a baby! Crazy right!

Hope this post gives you a trip down memory lane. What books did you love when you were younger?


ta x (ask for Sophie, unless it’s a question about steak then Richard is your guy)

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My Top 10 Coffee Books On My Wishlist

Ok so I am obsessed with books, especially pretty books…what can I say I’m a sucker for beautiful images. Now in my mind coffee table books can be any kind of book that you want to hand quickly, or to show off to guests how cultured you are! Either way here are my top 10 coffee table books on my wish list to get! ( Hint to Richard for my upcoming birthday..) Ok they aren’t in any particular order!



Home Style By City, Ida Magntorn. Amazing photography, great style decor inspiration, and even tips on how to bring style to your space! This book is £15.99 on Amazon.



Secret Garden, An Inky Treasure Hunt and Colouring Book, Johanna Basford. Some fun drawing books.I am thinking about getting one of these to take in my hospital bag, maybe it will help keep me calm? Or give me something to do in between contractions..Or I might just spend that time moaning in pain..who knows. This is £9.95 on Amazon.



The Mindfulness Colouring Book, Emma Farrarons. Another colouring book, advertised as art therapy for busy people, I love adult colouring books at the minute, they really are stupidly relaxing.  So go on try it, buy a book, some funky colouring pens grab a blanket and soak up the sun while switching your mind off. This is £3.99 on Amazon.



Paris Style Guide, Elodie Rambaud. So I wanted to go Paris as you know before the baby came, see my post here, but after much talk we decided to wait till after the baby was a few months due to my sickness and soreness from the sickness I probably wouldn’t be able to enjoy it as much, as my walking would suffer..sad I know..but Paris I will be there soon! This is £14.88 on Amazon.



Art of Attention, Erica Jago. With breath taking photography, the Art of Attention is designed to help your practice with yoga. Something I might definitely need after giving birth…This is £22.78 on Amazon.



The Selby is in Your Place, Todd Selby.  Showing a diverse  range of artists, musicians, designers all mater of creatives in their home. Get some inspiration from creative homely homes. This is £22.12 on Amazon.



Oh Joy! Joy Cho. One of my favourite bloggers, and this is her new book. Oh Joy 60 way’s to create and give joy. Full of great DIY’s and fun things to do! Plus the awesome design and photographs will add colour to your coffee table book selection! Totally on my list. This is £17.66 on Amazon.



A Beautiful Mess, Happy Handmade Home. Another blog I follow religiously, just look at their blog Elsie and sister Emma’s style, DIY and home interiors will be enough convincing to get this book. I have wanted this book for ages, but never got around to getting it. Some of the projects looks sooo good in it! £15.58 on Amazon.



Journey of a Dress, Diane von Furstenberg. Even the cover of this book makes me excited to read it! Look at all those patterns. She took the fashion world by storm with her designs and  this book showcases her career, featuring the journey of the iconic wrap dress. Filled with beautiful photographers from some epic photographers, to name a couple, Helmut Newton and Annie Leibovitz. This is £24.25 on Amazon.





Chanel: Collections and Creations, Daniele Bott. Last but not least, a book looking at the infamous Chanel brand, showcasing designs from the creator Coco Chanel from 1920’s and onwards. This is £19.99 on Amazon.


So there are my top 10 coffee books on my wishlist at the moment. I have recently upcycled a coffee table and when I find the right style for it I will post my before and after coffee table make over, and possibly even do a coffee table style post. Now don’t think I have forgotten the baby. Tomorrow we look at baby wishlist books..

ta x (ask for Sophie, unless it’s a question about steak then Richard is your guy)

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Throw Pillow Inspiration

Ok so I have ordered some pillow inserts cheap from Wilkinsons, they are like £1.50..and I have piles of material, so I thought I’d spruce up my living room with some new throw pillows…heck maybe just ‘throw’ them all over  the place..

Ok so let’s do this, my round up of awesome DIY pillows, and cute ones from Etsy too.



Ok so I love the pattern on this pillow, and if you use plain material why not get some fabric paint and make your own watercolour masterpiece. One of a kind cushion…unique to the max. This is from Thimble Press on Etsy.



This awesome pillow is from Love Joy Create on Etsy, and can easily be achieved with fabric paints, or if your feeling more adventurous patchwork fabric onto your pillow to get the desired effect.


Sewing different materials together to get a geometric effect like this could add some colourful style to your couch! Love the pom poms too!! This is from Love Joy Create on Etsy.




How awesome is that cactus pillow. Now obviously you would need loose stuffing for this pillow..sqaure’s won’t cut it. But get the full DIY instructions here on Everything Emily Blog.


I am so going to try this one. But instead of using gold leaf paint, I have picked up some gold fabric paint..hopefully it has a similar effect…guess we will have to see! This is from Design Love Fest.


A cute array of DIY pillows from A Beautiful Mess. Check out their site for all instructions.I love the gold accents in these.




For those who aren’t a fan of sewing these no sew pillows look really effective! From Homey Oh My. Full instructions on the blog.


All I have to do is wait for my pillows to arrive!! Exciting times! (ask for Sophie, unless it’s a question about steak then Richard is your guy)

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Pink kind of month

I love colour, when I’m on Pinterest I am totally drawn to bright colourful images! I even have a board purely dedicated to I thought I might try a new series of exploring colourful images..might even advance this into colour specific items too..who knows..this space could get wild!  (how many times can do I mention colour??!!) So I thought I’d start with pink as I have noticed that a lot of my colourful pins are pink so enjoy!! Also I hope your all enjoying your the last stretch of your bank holiday weekend!



I think i’ve posted this image before but I love it, it’s so bright and fresh I wouldn’t mind it as a print.



Pink banana’s….why not? I love how this picture kind of goes well with the picture below.. no??



I’d like to try a shoot like this, not just with lips, but hands, feet. Could be interesting a sort of surreal pop cultural piece..I can’t remember the last time I used my Mamiya which is a medium format camera..maybe I should do a shoot soon….



How awesome is this picture…just makes me want to travelling again..lovely!



I find these kind of pictures ridiculously relaxing..don’t ask me why.. I wouldn’t mind a series of these for my bedroom.



See if we owned our own place we could paint the stairwell pink. Although that might be a bit much…even for me..




I love this piece, it’s so fluid, and this could just be my interpretation, but the painting is depicting a torso no? with the belly button and upper torso..I would love to have my house filled with original artworks..Thats what I miss about not working in the gallery anymore, I don’t have that weekly does of inspiration and creativity at my finger tips.




I love cactus’s or cacti?? anyway they are so easy to keep, and can add some colour and greenery to your home! I have a cute DIY coming up next week involving this cute plant! Anyway I love the contrast in this image, what can I say clearly pink and greens speak to me..


I’m thinking maybe green for next time….Enjoy your Monday all! (ask for Sophie, unless it’s a question about steak then Richard is your guy)

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Dreaming of owning our own home

I don’t know if it’s the nesting or wanting to be able to do what I like in the house I live in, but I can’t stop dreaming of things I would do if we owned our own place. Plus the satisfaction that comes with owning your own home too. Now with a baby along the way I think it might be a couple of years..unless I win the lottery..but to do that I’d probably have to play more then once in a blue moon! But until then ill keep trying to make my little rented house a home, with my landlord favourable ideas and hope adding the baby to the mix won’t see our deposit being flushed down the toilet…

But I can still dream, and think about what I would do if we owned this house. Plus some ideas for you guys if you fancy sprucing up your space!



I love how light and airy this bathroom is. I’d love to be able to pick my own bath…and tiles…funny’s frustrating not being able to do what I want with my house. But I know I’m lucky that I have somewhere to live thats safe and there’s food on our I shouldn’t complain really at all.  This is from Dwellings and Decor.


I’d love to cover the outside of our house in flowers, and paint our front door a bright colour. No matter where we live one day I am sure our neighbours will hate us…we will be the weird ones with a bright blue door or something! This is from Dragonfly Treasures.


I love the industrial light fixtures that are taking the interior design world. I’d love to have the relaxed hanging light like this next to our bed! This is from Then Let it Be.



Subway tiles are awesome, and how amazing are those counter tops. I also would love the freedom to hang up anything I wanted without getting permission or having to use the velcro renters strips. This is from  All Things Stylish.



Look at that flooring pretty tiles are a must!! Plus I think they would look great contrasted with the white industrial subway tiles on the wall! This is from Shelterness.

photo (2)

I have a lot of books and nik naks all over our house so I would love to have shelves like this spotted around the house for extra storage. Plus I love how colourful this room is, and those rugs and pillows…to die for! This is from Apartment Therapy. I say love way too much…


Me and Richard both love (there it is again)  the idea of doing this to one or two of our doors. I think ti would look great in the nursery! Definitely not a landlord approved decor action though! This is from A Beautiful Mess.


This will one day happen. I will have a random circle of colour in one of the rooms of my house one day! Plus that lamp shade is divine! This is from Charlotte Lovey.



How adorable is this nursery, I think one thing I would enjoy about owning our own home, is making a real home for our baby to grow up in. Not worrying about dirty hands or paint getting on the wall…heck doing one wall as an entire chalkboard. Creating memories in our very own place…would be lovely. But I can still do that in the little house we live in now..just hopefully less sticky hands on wall…we would like our deposit back! This is from Mini Style Blog.


I’m curious as to what was the first thing you did once you brought and moved into your very own place? Re-did the kitchen? Painted the walls? Ripped out some ugly features? Let me know.


ta for now x

Where to get plus size maternity clothes.

So since being pregnant I have gone down from a size 18-20 to more of a 16-18, but with the ever growing belly who can really tell!

When buying maternity clothes I have learnt some rules.

Firstly always get your size, don’t feel like you need to go bigger for the ever growing belly, they are made to expand! If your unsure on your size try it on, if it fits comfortably and theres a bit or room your good!

Don’t feel the need to replace your whole wardrobe. Your only pregnant for 9 months and maternity clothes can be super expensive. Another note always check the ASOS sale for maternity clothes..its great.

Ok so regarding maternity clothes I have brought a pair of casual jeans which I got in the ASOS sale for £12, I also brought a smart pair of black jeans from Matalan for £14. I have this set which I got from New Look which came with a pair of leggings, a strappy top and a belly band. These are my saviours! I wear the black top under my ‘normal’ clothes just for a little bit of extra support. add some t-shirts to the mix and your sorted.

Oh and maternity or nursing bras… honestly bending over when wearing a wired bra..agony. Now I am hoping to breast feed so I just brought a nursing bra..they were the same price as the maternity ones, and I figured this way double purpose..there’s probably and unspoken rule of not to wear a nursing bra until your nursing…everywhere pregnant women may be gasping…or not..

anyway and when you start to get really big, you can get some maternity pants..pretty much the equivalent to granny pants..but I swear bigger…ridiculously unsexy..but comfy …

Lastly stripes. Stripes are a pregnant gals best friends, they are so cute and always compliment a bump. I also found even though I’m bigger wearing the more fitted tops may be look smaller in a weird way rather then a loose top just hanging.

So enough of the rules and to some cute plus size maternity clothes.  ASOS maternity go up to a few sizes, I think up to size 20. But you can always look at their plus size collection too. Empire line dresses are great for bumps! Here are some cute outfits on ASOS that I am loving.



So these are four outfits I love at the moment from ASOS. Firstly the skirt in rust is so cute and casual. Perfect for the summer.This costs £35 and goes up to a size 18. See it here.

The dip dyed shirt is so awesome and would be great for work or a summer evening. I love it. This costs £22 and goes up to a size 20. See it here.

Rust seems to be calling to me..but these chino’s are super cute and the striped top. I tell you everyone looks good in stripes. But these are a good alternative if your not much of a jeans person.. These cost £35 and go up to a size 20. They also do them in navy too! See them here.

A little sexy number. I mean just because we are pregnant doesn’t mean we can’t wear something a little sexy no? This costs £25 and goes up to a size 20. See it here.

So ASOS does cute maternity stuff but doesn’t have the biggest sizes..after some research I’ve noticed that New Look do up to size 18 and sometimes size 20 in maternity..But Simply Be do bigger sizes, as does Next, they go up to size 22. But I have to say after looking around there’s not a lot of option for bigger sizes and maternity. I know you can wear everyday clothes, but items like maternity leggings and belly bands I would be lost without them. If your plus size and bigger then a size 22, let me know where you shop so we can let all the readers know!

I got left  comment from a company that does up to bigger sizes. They go up to a size 26-28. Elizabeth Brown Maternity. So do check them out!


ta x


Etsy Wish list (non baby related, I promise)

I seem to spend hours nowadays looking at baby stuff comparing prices online reading surveys and such. So I wanted to look at some fun things non baby related…just for a little while. Just as a note, with Etsy a lot of the products I review or post are from overseas so please make sure you check postage…as it can be pretty pricey! But enjoy..I love browsing new things which could look cute in my house and such..





Ok so right now my tummy is more like a watermelon, but this is such a cute print..not that I’ll  be fitting into anything like this for a while…but hey it’s cute no? Though it’s a bit pricey at £64.52 take a look at it here!





Eye prints are everywhere, and I love this cute make-up case. Could also be an awesome pencil case too! It costs £12 and you can get it here. Possible addition to my hospital bag…hmmm


We all know my obsession with artwork…I don’t think I’ll be happy until I have my house covered in art.. This is super cool though! This costs £16.46 and you can get it here. So it doesn’t break the bank either!


I love these arrows and I have been so tempted on so many occasion to get some but the postage puts me off! Remember always check the postage! I just think they are super cool and would look great pinned on a wall. They cost £25.68 for a set random of five….the postage is £27.(see my hesitance). But you can see them here.


I love this piece sooo much!! My only pain with artwork, especially if you get originals and invest in a piece is framing. You can spend just as much on getting something framed professionally. Especially if it’s an odd shape. This costs £17.78 and its super awesome! See it here and other artworks from the shop.


I am a sock person, I like to wear cute socks with sandals and my turn up jeans..I mean what’s wrong with a spot of colour and these are super cool!! They cost £5.93 and you can get them here.





This is soooo awesome, I just love this! It costs £62.55 but it’s an original one-of-a-kind silkscreen print! See it here and her other artworks!


You can never have too many planters…if your not up for forking out for one like this, grab some cement and do a DIY job!! This one costs £15.80 and you can get it here.


This is such a funky necklace, and I spent ages drooling over the collection! This costs £23.65 and you can get it here. I could totally have one for every outfit!


How awesome is this? A 3d printed T-rex shower head..too cool! This costs £13.17 and you can get it here. It also comes in tons of colours too! I mean this is like the greatest thing ever.



I love this whole set up! it’s super cute!! There are so many awesome ceramics in this shop so do have a look! This costs £36.61 and you can get it here.


ah I love Etsy, it’s filled with so many unique things, there’s always great gift ideas for everyone!, just takes a while to browse…


I’m off to chill. The last 2 days had me being pricked by needles the whole time. Gestational diabetes test- check. Whooping cough jab-check. Anti-D which was ridiculously painful (but I’m a wimp)- check. Belated 28 week bloods taken-check…I am so over injections now..


I’m back….and I’ll be 30 weeks tomorrow…

Ok so I’ve had a couple of weeks off from the blog purely because I was just exhausted really. I went into my 3rd trimester with a revenge of morning sickness similar to my 1st trimester blues. It really took it out of me, and with that I went to a hen do and did a mini break in Center Parcs. Both lovely, but both exhausting..I know what your thinking…they are meant to be relaxing…and they were, I just dealt with nausea and tummy tightness most of the time which led to walking being a massive pain.

On a plus though, I haven’t been sick for a day now so here’s hoping it settled down again. Here are a few photo’s from the Hen do. We did a Charleston dance class and had Afternoon tea which was sooo good. I only did the dance class in small intervals…you can see how warm I looked in the picture.. had to take it slow!

afternoon-tea-queens-hotel-cheltnham afternoontea-cheltnham- Afternoon-tea-cheltnemham-queen-hotel Selfie,-plussize,-hen-do-charlston-

Plus here’s my pancake I had at Center Parcs…I only managed like half, luckily Richard was able to eat all his and the rest of mine..death by chocolate is an understatement.


Also…I’m in my 3rd trimester…hello…where did the time go??…slightly panicking now…just a little. I’ve been away from our little house for a couple of weeks so now I’m back I’m on full cleaning and DIY mode again..I haven’t even begun to think about things I need to buy yet…

I also have my first NCT class tomorrow, which also happens to be Richard’s birthday so I hope he’s looking forward to a whole day of talking about vagina’s and labour…I’ve heard mixed reviews on NCT classes, but primarily I have heard it’s where you go to buy mummy friends..and being as I don’t really know many people here, I am all for buying friends! So wish me luck.

I thought I’d mention briefly about how the blog is going to change.Ideally I don’t want this to be a mummy blog, as that’s not what I had ever planned, this has just been a creative outlet of ramblings, projects and inspiring things. But let’s be honest babies change things in a big way so I will be posting a few things, but I guess thats just how the blog develops..But I promise not to overload you with baby orientated topics!! unless you request it!  To completely contradict all are a couple of pics of my twin nieces and nephew..such cuties!

BAby-nephew,-sister Twin-nieces-craft-time-painting


Here’s to week 30 tomorrow… eeeek!



Upcycled Wicker unit

Ok so like I have mentioned countless times before I have been on a bit of a DIY/nesting mission the last couple of months, and as promised here is one of them which I did last month.

I’ve had this wicker unit for a couple of years now, and it’s always looked a bit drab and I wanted to spruce it up to put in my bathroom to add a bit more storage. Do you find that storage for specific areas like bathrooms always end up costing quite a bit? If you give a piece of furniture a function in a certain room..I find the cost always goes up..and with countless things to buy I wasn’t about to send another £30 on a storage unit to keep my extra shampoo in.

Anyway here is what the piece looked like before the make over.



Murky brown baskets, and a badly painted blue frame… So I gave it all a good sand and decided on a monochrome black and white finish. It was to be my statement  piece in the bathroom. I made sure to sand it down really well, firstly using a rougher grain of 80 then with a finer one of 120..for a lovely smooth finish.

I decided to spray paint the wicker baskets white, I went with the spray paint, as it was quick and easy and gave an even coverage..sometimes painting wicker with paint can be a trying to get it in all the gaps can be a hassle. So i’d recommend spray paint for a quick and easy finish.

I then used a black sating silk paint, which takes a few more coats but goes on beautifully. I finished it all off with a generous spray of varnish, as it was going in the bathroom, so that protection from moisture was needed and then it was done. I did this in an afternoon, with an hour or so between realty didn’t take long at all.

So here is the finished result!


A close up of the wicker draws…



And the finished piece. Topped with a plant..( you can never have too many plants) and I now have a new storage system for my bathroom, which didn’t cost me much at all! But I was pretty happy with it, and it’s stood the test of many baths and thankfully the varnish is doing it’s job!


I will be doing a bathroom post soon for all you renters out there, on how to make your bathroom as pretty as the rest of your house..even with the strict rules of landlord in place! So keep an eye out for that coming soon!