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Tips to making the most of having a newborn baby


So Archer is 3 month olds now. 3 months..crazy right? It’s been the hardest 3 months of my life. Totally worth it but boy do babies completely turn your life upside down. But the comment I always get when I talk about the sleepless nights and the teething troubles,(yes Arch has started teething already…I birthed a toddler apparently) is they aren’t little for long. Enjoy it. Which is exactly what I am and trying to do!

Times have changed since I was little. I remember my dad pulling out his 35mm camera and snapping away with the excitement of getting the photo’s developed and putting them in an album. Now we are in the digital age, a lot of the time we take pictures on our phones and with our digital cameras, pop them up on facebook send them to family friends over email and thats often where it ends. I’ve taken so many pictures of Arch, I find myself taking at least a couple a day. Normally funny positions or faces he’s pulling that I send to Richard while hes at work. But some of the more funny and cute ones I have got printed at Photobox. As there are so many vouchers for that site it really is cheaper sometimes then printing your own at home. That and my printer is on the brink so it’s a lot less stressful. I’ve started a photo album which I’m making into more of a scrapbook like I found the pictures I ordered were a little too big to fit in the slots. Look at the following link for a few tips for taking photos of babies. For example  be careful when it comes to using flash as it can be harmful for their little eyes which are still developing.

Newborn photos are very popular, and there are so many places ranging in different prices to get your little ones snapped professionally. This is a great option if you don’t have a fancy camera and you feel your phone pictures just aren’t cutting it for you! Or if you just want a few picutres that look utterly awesome.

But don’t forget to docuemtn the little things, even just how they change from month to month. A friend of mine told me how she took a picture of her daughter every month surrounded by the same toys to look at how she changed from each month to the next! I loved this idea and paired it with memory cards, which are super cute by the way, and the difference in Archer jsut over 3 months is crazy!


I love that Arch is flipping off Winston the whale in this picture, but look how tiny he is and how much he changes in the next 2 pictures.IMG_3972



It’s crazy how much he has changed in each picture. But I love I have this as a timeline. Why not start doing it now? Even if your baby is 6 months, there’s so much more change to happen, and sometimes it happens so fast you forget just how tiny they are and were.

Being a working mum can be super difficult, especially when you have to go back to work so many months after having your baby. I know a few of my friends who are going back to work in December and some not until later next year. All dreading the day when they have to leave their babies for the day when they go back. Which I think is another reason it’s so important to enjoy these first few months. I have found them emotionally and physically quite difficult, mostly due to Richard’s shift pattern and not having my mum down the road to be able to pop in and have a nap while she watches Arch. But even though I have found it hard, seeing Arch discover and learn new things is stupidly exciting. I’m lucky because I don’t have a job I will have to go back to in a hurry. I have the blog though, and sods law, as soon as Archer was born I had a large influx of commissions and blog post sponsors. So I’m spending my day time being a mummy and my night blogging and creating. Which if I’m to be honest. Is perfect.

I’ve struggled a bit with my moods and finding time to eat properly and such. I lived off toast pretty much the last month while Archer’s teething has been particularly bad. It’s shows in my energy levels and my waist line. But I’m learning ways to organise myself in order to survive the day. Tips I will perfect and tweak then share with you one day. But one tip which I really only came to realise the last couple of weeks is how important groups are. Many day’s I’ve stayed in especially if Arch is having a grizzly day..which has been my downfall. Going to groups, meeting other mums and eating cake is a great way to break your day up. It’s a place where you can swap tips and stories that will help you. You also discover that other mum’s are just as stressed and eat a lot of toast too.Plus there’s always someone there willing to hold your child so you can have a hot cup of tea and take a breather.

IMG_4278Richard chilling with Arch and it’s crazy how similar they are! Arch growns to be more like his daddy every day!


But all in all, enjoy family time and document everything because you never know what you might miss!




Statement pieces for your home..or maybe just the bedroom

If you read my blog often, you know that I love to decorate my home, and talk about it, a lot. I’m always looking for ways to reinvent my design to keep things fresh. More recently, I have been thinking about the things you can add to your home in order to create a statement. You don’t have to go crazy and change everything in your house, but one or two of the items in the list will add real flair to your home and are great for you renters out there.




Investing in art is all the rage these days. But a lot of people don’t have the money to buy an expensive piece of artwork. You can, however, turn your TV into one instead! This way you don’t have to invest in art and buy a TV – you can kill two birds with one stone. This also works really well if you don’t have a lot of wall space. Plus, it is guaranteed that your friends will be impressed by your classy new painting.This is also handy if you aren’t allowed to hang art work..



Whenever I have seen a chandelier in a room, my attention is immediately drawn to it. The first thing people think of when you mention chandelier is something really grand that you would find in a stately home. But just because you don’t have a huge property, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a chandelier. There are many different styles that can work in your home. However, if you have high ceilings and a lot of space, this will work best. Anyone who visits your home will be impressed by your light source. If you are thinking about buying one, the Chandelier Group sell some of the most gorgeous chandeliers you can find and if they aren’t your style you can never go wrong with pendant lights.


A Four-Poster Bed

Nothing screams luxury more than a four-poster bed. The bedroom is the one room most of us spend the majority of our time. And everyone always says how important getting enough sleep is. (Although this is a lot harder for me now that I’m a mum!) However, by that logic, we need to kit our bedrooms out with something really grand to make sure we can get enough shut eye. Just as with chandeliers, you need high ceilings for this one. If you want to include hangings around the bed, you will have a lot of fun choosing the fabric. I love how unique the four poster bed above is. The colour the structure…ah I just love it.

Nordstrom-Bed-Decor-(2)-1Dash of Darling

A Cocktail Bar

Create your own alcoholic mixes without evening leaving your house. Invest in a home bar and a few top spirits and you can enjoy a good drink whenever you want. If you love throwing parties, this will be such a winning part of any good party or follow the style above and have one in your bedroom. I mean why not! 


Getting engaged…tips

We got engaged in Italy a while back. It was so romantic, but more importantly it was just me and Richard. We both can be quite private people so this was a perfect proposal for me. But we’re all different and no matter how your proposed to, it’s always special and unique to you. Especially if the right person is behind it.  But there’s a lot of expectation and pressure which comes with proposing. I know Richard was pretty nervous the whole day trying to find the perfect place to do it. To the point we drove round and stopped at 3 different places…me completely clueless to the reason, until Richard was happy.

So let’s look at some way engagements happen…because i’m in a smooshy mood.



Sometimes, you just suddenly realise you can’t spend another moment without the other person in your life. It takes you by surprise. You find you are suddenly on one knee and taking your partner’s hand, asking the biggest question of your life. And it’s certainly a surprise to them too! But when that moment comes, it can be the most romantic few minutes you have ever experienced. Take a second to say why you want to marry, and let the words flow out. This can be super romantic, even if it doesn’t involve a flashmob, or a big screen at a football game. The sudden need for someone to do it or they will explode with just super romantic. Plus having the story of we got engaged on a bus because I told him a funny well just awesome. Or like this couple where it happened during a walk they do most days..lovely.

surprise-proposal-photo-shootIntimate Weddings

Big Party

When you know you two are going to be together forever, you are probably brimming over with excitement. You want nothing more than to tell everyone you’re going to tie the knot. And if you’ve already started planning the wedding, you can’t keep it a secret for much longer! Throw a big bash and invite your friends and family. Of course, they’re not going to be left guessing for long after you’ve been shopping for designer engagement rings from Whiteflash! (P.S take a look there are some beauts!) This can come with the possibility that both partners know the engagement is happening. Sometimes with instructions from the future bride.



You could do what we did and jet off to one of the most romantic places in the world. Take a walk out into some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. When it’s just the two of you, you can find that perfect moment to steer the conversation toward love forever after. A candlelit dinner or a romantic walk in the park could be just the place for a beautiful proposal. For me like I said above, it was perfect. I was pretty shocked and way to giggly after Richard proposed, add a bunch of people watching and I think that would have ruined it for me. It just being me and Richard made it our moment. Plus I got very sweaty afterwards..what can I say I was laughing nervously for about a month afterwards!

Daniell_Baxter_Anna_K_Photography_LLC_JBDaveProposal50637_low-560x373How He Asked

If you read the post that goes with this image above its the cutest thing alive…you see the whole thing captured. It’s so sweet.


Of course, there are plenty of you out there who want the support of a crowd of thousands. Perhaps you even want your special proposal caught on live TV? Sports stadiums are a very popular place for people to pop the question these days. And the crowds love it! If you’re both big fans of the game, what better place to solidify your relationship than right there in the front seats? Let the team know, and they can help you make the moment even more incredible. Or do it like this couple below and do it during a running or marathon event!

Best-Marriage-Proposal-Reactions_20How He Asked


You might choose to make a full day of your proposal. If you really want to get engaged in style, start from the moment they wakes up. Breakfast and a bouquet will be ready and waiting. Then whisk them off to a romantic hotel that is all dressed up for the occasion. Enjoy an intimate candlelit dinner for two in private. Sing a song in their honor. Then, down on one knee, present them with the big question. Or make it really special and get your family and friends involved like the proposal below.

proposal1-beachPraise Wedding

P.S if my tips have actually help at all..or you have a lovely picture of your engagement send us a photo! You could be featured in the engagement special post…that I may do…one day



How to Create a Low Maintance Home


I just can’t leave our house alone. Just when I think things are the way I want them, I spot something that I have to have. My favourite room to keep buying things for is our bedroom, especially when it comes to bedding. It’s so hard to resist all the cute bedding sets I see in the shops and online! Having lots of spare sets on hand helps our room to keep from being dull. I don’t get bored of it because I’m always making little changes here and there. But not everyone is always making little touch-ups like I am.

Some people would much rather have a low-maintenance home that they can decorate once and then leave alone. They don’t want to keep adding things or even have to do all that much cleaning. I know the feeling, as being a mum keeps me pretty busy sometimes. As much as I like decorating, sometimes I don’t want to dust an ornament or even change a light bulb. I wish my home would just take care of itself, and I could just stick to the fun things. Going for a minimalistic look can really help keep your mainteneance down. I’m honestly the complete opposite of minimal, but I can see the appeal. Sticking to a simple palette, straight line furniture and minimal clutter, can help keep your home clean and stress free. Now that’s definetly appealing.

With this in mind it’s an idea to choose all your purchases carefully. Mostly, I think about how easy it would be for a mark to show up on something I buy. Can it stain easily or tear easily? When you’ve got a little one in the house, you never know if something might end up with some unidentifiable fluid all over it. So I try to avoid white things or delicate fabrics that are tough to wash. If I’m looking at adult duvet cover sets, for example, I wouldn’t go for something that can’t be tumble dried or even needs to go to the dry cleaners. Same with furnishings, I’m look at a rgey or black sofa…these colours can hide a multitude of sins!


 I can justify always buying a candle holder because candles make the room look, feel and smell nice. But little statues and ornaments can just pick up dust, and that means more dusting, but the problem is I seem to accumulate a lot of little things. So it’s a never ending battle of the dust bunnies. And don’t get me started on my rug! But I think if your like me and buying little things is never going to stop. Keep things in clusters that way if your going to have dust often, at least you can do it in batches.

Anything with the words “long-lasting” in it is great too. I prefer to get LED bulbs, which seem to last forever, than less efficient ones, plus they are so much more energy efficient. If I’m painting anything, I want it to last a long time without needing another repaint anytime soon, investing in varnish for upcycled pieces is always a must for some extra added protection. These litle tips can save you so much time, energy and money.


How crispt and fresh does this look? Plus I am loving those table legs.


I think a massive advantage for going for a low maintenance look like minmal, is it’s stess free. It’s quite calming. To the point i’m seriosuly thinking of doing this for my bedroom.

Have fun going minimal..

How to make your bedroom more modern and vibrant

Bedrooms are pretty important, but often get neglected. Here are a fw ways to give your bedrooms a modern twist. While keeping it cosy too.


Combine Light & Materials Effectively


You need to think very carefully about how you combine the materials you use and the way you use light. These two things can either clash or complement one another. The trick is to create an effect that looks both modern and elegant. If you manage to do this, it will make your bedroom look incredible.


Firstly, choosing which materials you want to use. For example, you could use lots of glass and smooth surfaces. If you do this, you could use recessed lighting that spreads light around the room and bounces off the surfaces. You need to choose the lighting arrangements that fit in with the materials you like. Also using clear furniture or reflective furniture makes a small room look much bigger! Two birds one stone.




I love this table! I love the idea of a clear desk with a ghost chair to match…Maybe get some neon pink perspex…add a bit of flair no?

Make it More Comfortable


Your room can often be made to look better by also making it more comfortable. This mainly applies to your bed. You should buy plenty of cushions and pillows for your bed and make sure that it looks great and feels comfortable when you lie down on it too. This way, you get the best of both worlds. Or go that step firther and get afancy sofa put in your bedroom..I mean why not?


You can’t go wrong with cosy furnishings..nothing is better then jumping into a warm cosy bed..especailly now the weather is getting chilly. Plus having fairy light, although amazingly girly, can really make your room feel cosy and vibrant.




If you are lucky enough to have a exposed brick wall really make it pop by contrasting a floral colour scehme against the high industrial brick texture. I love how modern and arty this room looks, yet cosy and girly at the same time!


You should also think about what kind of mattress you have on your bed. You could invest in a John Ryan by Design Latex mattress if you want to improve the overall comfort of your bed. This is even more important if you haven’t upgraded your mattress for a decade or more! Also once you have that matress, go that step further and do a proper corner fold with your sheets..believe me they use this system in hotels for a reason!


Click on the link above to see a tutorial on how to do it!



Choose Simple Colours


Colour is a big part of any room, especially the bedroom. Which colour you choose to paint your walls with should take into consideration the kind of effect you want to create in the room. If you want to relax and feel calm when you’re in the bedroom, in your face colours like reds and bright greens probably won’t help.

You can pick simpler colours that still create an interesting effect but don’t overwhelm the bedroom. You could pick pastel colours that don’t stand out but do create a pleasant feeling in the room. These kinds of colours are pretty easy to design the room around as well, so they’re a good option.

If colours aren’t an option find other ways to add colour and texture. Through decor and photographs or art pieces.

x2867Style Caster

I love all the things going on in this bedroom, Although this screams dorm room to me. I remember how cluttered my bedroom at uni was. God that feels like soooo long ago…and now I have a 3 month old. Crazy.enhanced-buzz-21201-1421342828-22BuzzFeed

A bedroom is meant to be a welcoming, relaxing place for you, so I think having personal photos of your family, pets and friends is a must. It’s a room thats primarily used by you and your partner.You should decorate it just for you. No one else.

Let’s plan a wedding

Ok guys the pressure is on, I have my lovely friend booked for photographing our wedding on Novemember 18th 2016…that gives me just over a year to actually plan the rest of it. We had fun doing wedding wedensday for a good few months last year after I got engaged, but now it’s for real, now I have to make some actual decisions if we are going to get married in Novemeber. Because either way we have a photographer booked for that day, so whatever happens on Novemeber 18th next’s being photographed.

I’m sure anyone else who is planning or has planned a wedding can understand that before their marriage, most people haven’t had to plan an event of this size, or even any events at all. I certainly haven’t, and in my mind once I have a venue, everything (hopefully) will fall into place. So I have decided to blog my journey and you guys can follow, plan, take notes…but together we shall have some weddings!

Right let’s get started, firstly we need a super cute planner, which we will probably only use once, but either way it’s essential. It’s the spend hours doing your revision timetable…then forgetting to revise kind of thing. I’ve done so many cute posts on weddings…but no planning. But get a wedding binder made up of useful information, and you can start from there. Or see if you have a friend who is already married, and take a peek at theirs. Now this binder can have everything from potential suppliers to necessary contact information. Alternatively, a more modern option is pinterest..because let’s be honest pinterst is great. Plus I have found some cute FREE print outs to help you guys get started!

Free-5-Page-Wedding-Planning-Printable-Set-700x984Bread, Booze, Bacon

Wedding organisers can be expensive, I’ve got a lovely book I got from Italy after Richard proposed to me, that i’m using..or going to use (haha), but I think getting a lovely notebook can be just as good. But if you want to save every last penny for your wedding, these free printables will do the trick just aswell!WeddingPlanningBinderPrintables(1)Botanical Paperworks

Wedding-Budget-Checklist-490x644Swanky Weddings



Although my planning isn’t going quite to plan there are a few things that my lovely friends are helping with. Regarding my wedding invites, my lovely friend Alex who is a stupidly good graphic designer, is designing our invites..which i’m stupidly excited about…stupidly! Invites are prettty important as becuase once you have locked down your venue, you want to send out your invites pretty sharpish..  Friends can be great if they have any hobbys or talents, but if your looking to buy invites take a look at wedding invites by Paper Themes and other companies, this takes the hassle out of doing it yourself, and some companies even send them out for you, for an extra charge.

I have considered a wedding planner many times, but then I realised one half of my maid of honour duo is pretty much the best planner I can get. She knows me, my style , my taste and she does it all for free because she loves me. But if your having a particulay big wedding, and don’t mind the price tag that comes with a planner then I definetly think they are a good idea. They come with less stress, and sometimes they are great and getting you good deals. Because they tend to know the best of the best people..really really well. So maybe over the next couple of days, browse pinterest, buy a couple of magazines and buy a cute notebook..have fun with it!


Right our next step is to research possible pressure guys..but the countdown has begun

What to do when you want to breastfeed but can’t



Ok so when I was doing my antenatal classes with the NCT (which I highly recommend as a way to make friends) breast feeding was obviously a big subject. Obviously it’s one of the most natural things you can do and the benefit it brings can’t be denied, but it’s not for everyone. We have two options when it comes to feeding our babies. Breast or bottle (formula). I was pretty sure I wanted to breastfeed. I was looking forward to having that bond with my baby thats been around since the beginning of time, but it never really occurred to me what would happen if I could’t breast feed and what my options were.

Our first 48 hours with Arch were pretty intense. I’ve written a post all about it but haven’t yet wanted to publish it..I think i’m still coming to terms with it all. But to give you the jist, due to my gestational diabetes, of which I was borderline, Arch was born with low blood sugar..making him one very lazy baby. Add that to me not having skin to skin for the first hour, I didn’t manage to get that first initial latch.

23 hours later and after having my boobs touched by way over 20 midwives and apparent breast experts, I decided to put Arch’s health first and give him some formula..The next few days had me expressing a few mls of breast milk to give with every formula feed. I did this to keep my milk coming in, so I still had a chance to try and get Arch to latch. In his first day of life I managed to get him to latch briefly..which he did once more, but then never again. Now I really wanted to breastfeed, and I was pretty persistent. Every feed, mid giving him formula so he was a little calmer, i’d try him on the boob.. and as the days went on he became more and more frustrated by this. When he was 6 days old I went to a breast consultant who told me about nipple shields. Now I brought really shit (excuse my language) ones from boots which were really flimsy, and came off everytime I tried to feed with them. So after trying them for a couple of days, it just wasn’t working as Arch would only feed every now and then on them, and only for about 5 minutes before getting too frustrated.

So while I was still hand expressing, I decided to step it up a notch and we got an electric pump. This worked brilliantly for the first two weeks. To the point I managed to feed Arch purely with my milk solidly for about 2 and 1/2 weeks. As his appetite incereased I had to one feed using formula, but this lasted another week and a half. The problem is, to keep up your milk supply while expressing, you need to do it every 2-3 hours..including during the night. Add that to feeding your baby with the bottle too, you spend most the day feeding, then pumping then feeding then pumping. As Arch started to get older, and started to drink more and sleep became harder and harder for me to keep up the regular expressing with the amount he was which point more and more formula got added in.

During this time, i’d try Arch using the nipple shield and without a couple of times a day…let’s just say Arch is pretty impatient…which is what the breast consultant said..and it is every mothers best interest not to irritate their baby too much..I mean it’s a lot of extra effort and hassle if you have an unsettled baby. Plus at this point I’m tired, still recovering from labour and getting used to life with a four week old.

I kept up expressing up until last Saturday (10.10.15). Arch had his last bottle of breastmilk that morning. It got to the point I was only expressing 25 mls at a time..which took me about 40 minutes to get…which by the end of the day would only get me one bottle, and I have to say it’s not the best feeling being hooked up to a machine like a cow, and only getting a tiny’s pretty heart breaking.

But I thought I’d share some tips that I have found with you, if your thinking of breastfeeding, just incase you find yourself having difficulties.

If you struggle to breastfeed at first, don’t wait til your health visitor comes for her to refer you to a breast consultant. As she comes around the 10 day one yourself as most places have a local one.

If you are struggling due to flat nipples, or inverted ones. Look at getting some nipple shields. Go for Medela or MAM ones..I found these to be much sturdier.

Also don’t let the pressure of society get to you…I felt like a failure that I couldn’t breastfeed…because I really wanted to…but also because people don’t really talk about what if you can’t breast feed. It more you want to or you don’t. I wanted to but couldn’t. And a lot of people just assume every one can (or sometimes even should) breastfeed.

So most people know about the benefits of benefits for both you and the baby, the special bond between the mother and baby and its pretty good finance wise too. But i’m here to tell you the benefits about formula..because sometimes people just need to give their babies formula, and I felt guilty for I shouldn’t..but it was my saviour.


Formula fed babies..

They have a bond with both parents pretty quickly. This is because they associate the mother and the father with food..It’s recommended that you stick to just you and your other half to feeding the baby. As this creates a bond, and the baby gets comfortable knowing it’s you that feeds them in a certain way.

Formula babies sometimes (not always) sleep more…this is because formula takes longer to digest. Breastmilk is completely natural so there is hardly anyway waste and it’s digested very quickly. Hence cluster feeds and feeding regularly for random amount of times occur.

Instant formula is a life saver for when your out and about..It stays at room temperature until opened then lasts 24 hours in the fridge.

You can see exactly how much your baby is getting..this is pretty handy.

There’s no time suggestion on when you can give your baby a dummy and theres no worry of nipple confusion…this came in handy due to Arch crying everytime he had his nappy changed when he was just a few weeks old…now he giggles..thankfully.

But there are some negatives…I felt it took me a while to get a bond with Arch..because I was so set on breastfeeding. It took me a while to get over the thought in my head that I’s still hard..But i’m not a failure and neither is anyone else who either chooses or has to use formula. Your feeding your baby and giving him/her the strength they need to grow..add love to that equation and your the perfect parent.

Making up formula can be a nightmare..especially if Arch suddenly decides he’s stupidly hungry just after he ate an hour ago..once agin this is where instant formula comes in handy..

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How to add the finishing touches to your bathroom

Ok so my bathrooms are nearly finished, I’m just waiting for a few accessories to be delivered, eeek I can’t wait to show you guys! But I thought I’d share with you a few ways to add some finishing touches that will give your bathroom that last little bit of pop it needs!

A mirror..I think it’s pertty important for a bathroom, I mean come on, we need mirrors to look into when we are brushing our teeth and pulling weird know the face..everyone does when brushing their teeth…Anyway choosing a mirror for your bathroom doesn’t have to be boring, you could get some really lovely abstract mirrors or  even get a few and create a feature wall.



A nice and simple free standing mirror  is great for a bathroom thats possibly tiled, hanging mirrors can be a bit of a nightmare! This is from Marks & Spencers and costs £15.00. original_antique-gold-sunburst-mirrorTo add a bit of drama to your bathroom, a gold sunburst mirror! This is from Not on the Highstreet and costs £169.00. This is such a statement piece! I love it.

original_deep-bronze-and-black-mirrorsA really unique mirror here, they kind of look like cake tins no? These are from Not on the HIghstreet and costs £19.00.



I loe the simplicity of the thin black frame on these mirrors. if you have a small bathroom with a bare wall make a statement and make your room look larger by using large mirrors!! I love the idea of having a large mirror just resting against a wall. Maybe one day..not overly baby safe though. These are from Not on the Highstreet and cost £26.95.

Have some fun with the storage and accessories in your bathroom. As we all know I am loving the metallic colour pallet at the moment, but If you’re not quite sure,  read more on the subject here, it might convince you. You can even step it up a notch and add mosaic accessories to your bathroom.

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My little tips for home decor

As I am constantly reinventing my home, there are a few things I like to live by when styling my rooms. The first being light. I have spent the last few months trying to find some curtains for our living room. The ones that came with the house are long and brown..dull or what. Plus they shut out all the light..which I don’t like at all. I’m in the market for some light sheer fabric ones that can give us privacy but light at the same time. I think light is important, especially if you have art or photos up on your wall, natural light is always better.

When we finally decide (and can afford) to take the leap and get our own place I like the idea of custom home design, so I can make sure there’s the right amount of windows. I love the idea of big bay windows with a little seat underneath..aww how cute would that be.

When the sun starts to set early, light becomes even more important. During the day, it is important that you maximise every last drop. Synthetic light, for me, just doesn’t have the same effect as natural light. Draw the curtains wide and don’t close them until the sun has fully set. With this method, you can also heat up your house organically. At night, use lamps and lights to set the tone some lights are stupidly pretty.


I am in love with the lamps on Made. Especially this copper one! Add style and light to your house with this beaut. And it’s only £49.00 for the next 3 days!




How awesome does this lamp look! This would look pretty amazing in my living room! This is from Made too and costs £70.00.


Now I really really love this one! The cute pink with the concrete base…and it’s so pretty! This is from Made too and costs £59.00. I really find myself loving pink at the moment..feeling overly girly right now! 



Finally this pendant light would look amazing in any home…ah I am just in love with it! This costs £69.00 and is from Made too.

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My garage workshop…Inspiration

Ok, so as Arch get’s older, I will be getting back into my little Etsy shop more and more. Working on the signs, furniture and fun little things. But with my office now being half a nursery or more so Archer’s nursery has my desk in it..The idea with our garage is it will be my workshop. Can’t be having paint and tools lying around..hardly baby proof.  So as usual I have been drooling over some garage transformations..and yes my list is never ending of things I want to do around the house. To my inspiration.

Firstly I think it’s of high importance, due to me being lazy and slightly freaked out by spiders that we get a garage door opener fitted. Making simple upgrades like this will ensure that your garage door continues to function well.

When it comes to storing items in your garage, don’t use the floor, get creative. If your looking to use your garage for something in particular think of ways to portray that in your storage ideas.38-garage-clean


If your garage is more for storing gardening and tools use natural products to store them like wicker baskets., I love how well laid out this garage looks! So organised..Plus the chopped wood as a decor item as well as functional.



How amazing does this look, not quite a garage space, but I love the idea of using a garage as a studio. This is actually a photograph of David Hockney’s studio..I just love how messy a studio can be…it’s how artists organise their space. Or I know it’s how I do.


For the bike fanatic, this is a great way to store all your gear, I love how awesome they all look hanging up too!.


I love how this garage has been converted into a studio, the glass door let’s so much light in..ahh I just love it.

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