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There are lots of different ways to celebrate the arrival of your baby. For some, it is a christening or baby naming ceremony. For other denominations, it may be a blessing of the baby. If you aren’t religious, you might not want any of these but would like to plan a family party to celebrate with everyone. Whichever way you plan to celebrate, I have got a few tips for you, to make sure it runs as smoothly as possible.
Set a Budget

This needs to be the first thing that you do, and it is important to stick to it. Decide on what you can afford and then the rest of the event will be planned from that. Venues and churches may cost a little more than you think they will.

The Venue

For the actual ceremony, if you are having one, the venue will be obvious. As family and friends are all together, though, having a meal or party afterwards is the norm. Think about the venue and what you could do there. Going for a unique function venues will make the day memorable. Have you considered a marquee or outdoor venue, rather than a hotel or function room? Decide on how many guests you will need to cater for and go from there.

You could also go for an option of planning a picnic and ask guests to bring food. You should also consider if there are a lot of other little ones going to be attending. If so, think about what will be most useful for little ones. Space for them to crawl and play would be useful to everyone, so a factor to consider in choosing a venue. The important thing is to be together and celebrate your lovely new baby.


Planning a ceremony for your baby like this may not be the first thing you think of when your baby is born. It certainly wasn’t for me. If you think this is something that you would like to do, it will need to be planned quite a little bit in advance. A christening can be done at any age. But if you want it to be done when your little one is a baby, you will need to get planning and get invitations out, shortly after the birth.


If a christening is what you are choosing, you will need to think about godparents for your baby. Most people choose two, but anything from one to three is common. Think about who is close to you so as a result, will be close by your child throughout their life. It is important to remember that you shouldn’t just choose someone because you are worried of upsetting them if they aren’t chosen. If they are true friends, they will respect your wishes and understand.


I know your whole body changes shape and size when your pregnant, and everyone is different. But I’m starting feel pretty rubbish out my body. It’s strange, but when I was pregnant, I was really confident with the way I looked. I guess because you have a belly for a reason..but now it’s kind of like a deflated balloon..and I think as the new year approaches, it’s time I do something about it.

There are lots of tips, tricks, exercises and diet programs out there for losing weight. Believe me when I say I have tried everything. Admittedly I struggle with motivation to do it by the book. So I think I’m just going to take things a step at a time.

There are specific things that new Mums can do to help shift that baby weight. It’s important to remember that the first six weeks should be spent resting the body. Nothing strenuous (looking after a baby is strenuous enough!), or exhausting. But new Mums should definitely be active in a gentle way. As your internal organs return to their natural positions, you should be stretching and moving gently. This keeps everything flexible as the pregnancy hormones wear off. If only I knew this earlier on! I find my core muscles are completely shot.. And I get really bad back ache, at the end of the day. Especially if I have done lots of walking or cleaning.

Breastfeeding is thought to be one of the best ways to burn off extra fat. But you need to ensure the baby is adequately nourished. In my mind, this surely leads to us eating more! Still, if it works, then that’s awesome. Walking is supposed to be another excellent way to regain the strength in your legs and burn some calories.

I’m not fond of being out in the rain, but if you’re going to take walking seriously, I guess you’re going to have to. There are pushchair raincovers to protect your little one. You might even upgrade your pram to one of those joggers eventually if you used to like running. When it’s really cold, you can add extra blankets to the pushchair to keep the baby warm. It’s good for them to get plenty of fresh air too. And if they’re sleeping, we’re relaxing. Apparently, relaxing and sleeping are both good ways to lose more weight.

I really love my food. Restricting my diet in any way just isn’t for me. But if I’m eating more than I can burn off then weight loss just isn’t going to happen. And when you’re a new Mum, it’s really hard to find the energy to shop and cook something healthy anyway. Convenience becomes the new buzzword for all Mums. Life needs to be simple and easy, and so does the food. Batch cook foods to help you keep on track and make your life easier.

My plan is to introduce a habit each month. That way I don’t overwhelm myself too early on and fail… Here’s to a great 2016!


Both Richard and I live pretty far away from our families, so when it comes to Christmas. It is a bit mental and hectic. But it’s family so  it’s worth it! But it’s not just this time of year that family is important! We try really hard to go visit each family, so that we see our Nieces and nephew, and so that they get to spend sometime with arch too!

Spending quality time together as a family is really important for your kid’s mental health. Richard shift pattern sometimes makes family time a little difficult. But even at Archers age, we try to do a day out. Sometimes it’s nice to go with out tech, and just chill… Though this rarely happens. I might try and do it more in 2016.

Family Bonds

Spending quality time together will strengthen your bond as a family. This is how many family units begin to feel more like a team! You’ll build these strong emotional bonds for life, and stay closer. You will also learn how to better adapt to situations as a family.

Happy Memories

Children will remember happy family memories for life. Not only that, when they get older, they’ll be more likely to create a loving environment for their own children. Be the kind of parent you think they should be to their own children!

Ideas for Quality Family Time

Eat Meals Together

Eating meals together, with no distractions, is a great way to stay bonded and caught up with one another. Make sure there are no phones, and that you’re not sat there in front of the TV! Easier said then done I know! But when arch starts weaning I’m looking forward to having meals together as a family.

Go to the Cinema

Go and watch a film that your child has wanted to see. Maybe like the new Star Wars…which I so want to see! This is a nice treat for them; it could be used as a reward for good behaviour. You’ll also learn more about their interests and what they like this way.

Play Sports

Staying active as a family is very rewarding. You all get to create those happy hormones together, helping to bond you closer together. You could go to a class, or simply make a game in your own back garden. You can all improve your skills this way. It’s a fun way to stay fit too! Another thing I’m going to try in the new year!

Explore New Places

Explore new places together and have adventures. You could go to see the sites of a brand new town, or take the kids somewhere special. Nickelodeon land in Blackpool could be a nice trip that they’ll enjoy! You don’t have to spend money on theme park tickets though. There are plenty of places you can go that are free to explore and enjoy. All you have to do is find them.  I love the idea of a couple of times a month going on a family trip! I’m already thinking of going to the Kew Gardens and a aquarium in the new year!

Outdoor Activities

More families need to get outdoors and stop spending so much time in the house. You can try all kinds of outdoor activities, from biking to hiking. You could even go camping, or have a picnic afternoon.

Read Together

Reading to your children while they’re young is a really good idea. This helps them to develop their imagination, listening skills, and communication skills. We read to arch every night. I do t when Richard works late and he does it when he’s home! Arch loves books and he’s slowly building a rather large collection! Which I love!

I hope everyone has a lovely Christmas!



It can be difficult to know exactly what you need for when your baby arrives…there’s the obvious like moses basket and cots which I’ll talk about a bit more below, but sometimes there are so many options its hard to know what to go for…well hopefully my experience can help you!

Baby clothes..a pretty big essential. But take it from me they aren’t in the set sizes for long. For example. Arch will be five months soon, and he’s wearing 6-9 months because he’s so tall. This is where hand-me-downs will be a god send. I buy Arch cute things every now and then, but most of his bits are either bought for him by family and friends or they are second-hand from his cousin Finley. Babies grow so quickly in the first few months, that I found there were si many things he only got to wear once. Plus the first few weeks Arch was mainly in baby grows….sometimes baby 1 month old jeans just aren’t practical! Even if they do look super cute! Vests are important, and you will need a similar amount of vest, as bodysuits. They will wear the vests under the bodysuits to keep their temperature up. The style of vests you want are the ones with envelope necks and poppers underneath. This design means that if your baby has a bit of an accident, they can slip off down the shoulders easily, so there’s no need to try to manage it over your little ones head and risk getting anything over him or her.

Ok let’s talk bedtime. There are so many options when putting your little one to bed. swaddling, blankets, grow bags. My personal preference is the grow bag. Its secure enough to keep baby warm  and eliminates the chances of suffocation because it’s fitted and secured under and over the arms. They really are fantastic and they come in different toggs and sizes, so suitable for all ages and all weathers! Next we have the godsend Ewan the sheep. This needs to be on your list! It mimics the sounds and light of the womb, giving a white noise which calms and helps baby sleep! Another thing to note is when your baby naps in the day, don’t be afraid to make noise. I hoover when Arch naps, because the last thing I want to do is have to tip toe around him.

IMG_3653.JPGArch looking adorable in his growbag! Most baby stores do them like Mothercare or Mama’s and Papa’s.




Get Ewan here!

Gadgets. It may depend on the size of your home, and if you have other children (also known as noise) around. If it is quite a large and busy household, I would recommend getting a baby monitor or nanny cam. This will let you see or hear the baby as they are sleeping. You will be able to see if they roll over, or get a blanket pulled over their head for example. Research and look for the best nanny cam reviews as there are a lot on the market. We are currently looking for one so when Arch goes up to bed, I don’t need to linger next door in the nursery/office so I can hear him.

It’s recommended that you have your baby in with you in a moses basket or crib for the first 6 months. This is especially important in the early days to avoid the risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). Your breathing regulates his or her breathing. It also helps regulate the temperature in the room. You will, of course, need a mattress to fit the Moses basket or crib

If you are breastfeeding, make sure you have a few nursing bras and lots of breast pads. These will both need to be regularly changed in the early days so make sure to stock up. Nursing tops and dresses, or even scarves are great for when your feeding out in public too!

I’d recommend getting a pump, so that at 6 weeks you can try your baby with a bottle, if they aren’t already using one, as this will get baby use to having a bottle and the boob! You can use expressed milk so the baby is still getting all your nutrients, and it also gives your partner that chance to feed your little one! Archer and Richard bonded instantly because he was able to share the feeding time. If you are just formula, take it from me and invest in some anti-colic bottles. Because everyone I have met so far who uses a bottle has had a colic-y baby! We use Mam anti-colic bottles.



Whichever way you feed, you need to get plenty of muslin cloths. They are lightweight so you can carry a few around with you in your bag. They are great to use as burp cloths and to mop up and spills or baby sick. Because they are so thin and light, they wash well and dry super fast. This is great because you always need some handy. A variety of sizes are available too. Get a few different sizes. The larger, blanket style ones could even be used as a nursing cover if needed.

A moisturising bubble bath is great, especially if you get night-time ones which help soother your baby, and I’d recommend getting a baby bath with a seat. Because if your baby is anything like Arch, and hates baths this makes it slightly easier.

Change bag, or nappy bag is obviously a must. They come in super cute designs. and all have different features too! But it is handy if the nappy bag has a detachable changing mat. But don’t worry most of them, if not all, do come with them. I use a small plastic wallet to put a few nappies, wipes, nappy cream and sanitizer in. This makes my life so much easier. As when i’m out and about I just grab the wallet and go change Arch. No hunting around for the cream or wipes. It’s all in one place. I Also have a little Tupperware box which has his spare dummy, calpol sachet, syringe and teething gels. Believe me, the last thing you want to do when your baby is crying down the place because he or she is teething and your having to dig everything out of your bag trying to find the teething granules. Having little pouches or wallets which hold the important stuff makes your life simpler!

And finally regarding changing your childs nappy, have a little basket in your living room, or if you have the space even a change table, so you don’t find yourself having to go upstairs to the nursery to constantly change your little ones nappy. Because believe me your be going up and down a lot!

I hope these ideas might help make your life a little easier! If anyone has any more tips please do share!



       A Feminine Tomboy

Richard and I will officially start house hunting next year, which is pretty exciting! But before we have even looked at any places, my mind is already going crazy over how I would like to style and decorate, and what’s important to us when we start looking. Bar the essentials like 2 rooms. We both have said the kitchen is important. We both love to cook, and we have lots of kitchen utensils…too many for our current kitchen! It’s just so cluttered! So I’d love to be able to put shelving up to store/display it all! Like this.


It’s like a mini kitchen for a professional chef! We don’t quite have this much stuff! But I love how organised it is!

There are some features we would love too! Kitchen island, doubles stove and maybe even a butchers block as an extra large chopping board..yes I know.. Big ideas! But when you think about it, the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home. You’ll cook all your family meals there, it’s often a place where people naturally stand and chat…it’s the heart of the home!

Although our kitchen at the moment is a lot bigger than our old one, it’s still no where near big enough for us! That’s why I’ve been looking online to figure out what I’ll need to do if we get a place and it’s not quite right. Of course, the first thing I need to do is create a plan on the features and DIYS I might like to have. I need to decide what I want my kitchen to look like and what features I want. Right now the first thing that comes to mind is subway tiles, with a mid grey cupboard and bronze handles…I think it would look good no?


You may want to complete the kitchen renovation project yourself, or you might want an expert to complete the work for you. Either way, I suggest that you speak to a professional before you begin. Even if you want to try kitchen remodeling yourself, they’ll be able to offer you suggestions on how to go about it. I think Richard and I would like the challenge of doing it ourselves…I totally think I could tile a wall…

I also suggest that you have a look online to find out what type of new modern tech you can buy for your improved kitchen. While the aesthetic of my kitchen is important, Richard is eager to fill it with new technology. He’s discovered a whole new world of smart fridges and heat induction hobs. One saves energy, making cooking easier and the other tells you what’s in your fridge while you’re out. Men and their gadgets! As long as I have a fridge, a cooker and a coffee machine…I’m good!

  Savvy Home Blog

Ok so this is like my dream kitchen!! Bright white tiles, but grey cupboards with copper features! With a breakfast island too! Well one can dream!

To decide what type of design I want for my kitchen I’ve been looking at blogs and design sites. There you’ll find images of completely laid out kitchens. Also check out sites such as Apartment Therapy for ideas and inspiration to help you make the right decor choices to suit you and your budget!

I feel like it could be a good year!


Christmas is just around the corner and if you have not yet decorated your room, it is about time you did it. You may choose the traditional style, like every time, but there are some other unconventional ideas you can try out this year. Family room is the most important room when it comes to holidays so make sure to achieve desired and warm Christmas atmosphere for you, your family and friends.

       Image source:Pexels

Mini Trees

If you do not have enough space this year for a big Christmas tree, or you just need some small details to spruce up your home for the holidays, you should try arranging some mini trees. Small green and red trees will sparkle up your room and bring the holiday spirit despite their size. Arrange them around your room, on coffee tables or windows, decorate them with small colorful ornaments and there you have it. What is more, you can find mini trees in many different colors so try and experiment and bring joy into your house.

Old-fashioned and Traditional Decoration

Holidays are all about the tradition, so why not decorate traditionally. Set up a big and lush Christmas tree and decorate it with homemade family ornaments, like candy canes, stars, angels and little Santas. Hang the stockings and fill them with presents for your family, arrange other ornaments on the tables and the curtains, and lighten up your room with some colorful lights. These old-fashioned decorations will make a well-known pleasant atmosphere that everyone just loves when it comes to Christmas.
 Image source: Pinterest

Be Bold with Red

Another traditional element of the Christmas is the color red. You can add a lot of details around the room with the red, and it specially goes well with gold or silver. Decorate your tree with silver or gold ornaments and arrange some red bows and ribbons as well. Organize some soft red and green or even checked pillows on your furniture to make it cozier and colorful. By adding some of these and other red details, your room will get its character and it will definitely feel like Christmas.

Christmas Classics

The holidays are nothing if not spent with our families watching classics. In this time of the year, many Christmas classics are shown on almost every channel, and even though you have watched them numerous times you will enjoy them. To get the holiday spirit, Sydney based home theatre company recommends keeping the TV on in your family room, and have some unforgettable moments with your family. You can watch reruns of many enjoyable and funny movies that became a part of the tradition.

Image source:

Try Blue

Blue color is slowly getting the popularity of a favorite color for Christmas decorations. Many ornaments, nowadays, are made colored in blue, such as bulbs, stars, bells and lights. It goes well with the traditional red and green, and it is also a great contrast to gold and silver colors. So be brave, try out something new, like this blue theme and achieve a whole new look on Christmas.

Green and White
More and more people are stepping away from the traditional decorations. For example, white Christmas trees are at the peak of their popularity because they are simpler and go well with the popular minimalistic look. So, if you like it simple, get a white tree, decorate it with some green ornaments and lights. Green is a great contrast to the pale tree, so make sure to have ornaments of different sizes and shapes, and use many shades of green as well. Also, you can add some green bows to complete the look, and maybe bravely add some red details.

Let your creativity out, make your own ornaments and decide on which look do you want this year. There are many possibilities and decorations, chose your favorite and enjoy Christmas with the people you love in your very own family room.

Author’s Bio: Lana Hawkins is a student of architecture from Sydney, Australia. She is passionate when it comes to crafting and cooking. Lana loves writing about home decor, and she does it regularly for Smooth Decorator.


Do you dream of being the blushing bride with the most stylish wedding around? Most brides do. We all have different tastes and what constitutes as ‘style’, but the principles remain the same. If you want to have a super stylish wedding, here are some elements that will all contribute;

  Buzz Feed

Atmospheric Decor

If you want a stylish wedding, it’s all about the decor. The decor needs to be atmospheric. It needs to set the scene. It’s going to be in the pictures, and it’s going to set the tone for the day. What you go for is up to you; there are lots of stylish ideas on pinterest and other photo sharing sites. You might opt to make some of the decor yourself if it’s cheaper, but remember that this is going to be one of the most important parts of the whole day. Take your time with it and plan it carefully!

  Pop Sugar


If you want to cut back on your budget, then you won’t buy as many flowers. They can be awfully pricey, especially for something that dies! However, stylish weddings usually include lots of flowers. If you want lots of flowers without the expense, consider using cheaper alternatives to your favourite flowers. You could even use fake flowers, or paper flowers! Providing you make them look classy and neat, they’ll add a unique element to the day. You won’t spend nearly as much!

A Gorgeous Dress

The dress really does make the wedding, so make sure yours is beautiful. It doesn’t need to be huge or flashy. It simply needs to suit you and the theme of your wedding. Some women go for a plain dress with very little detailing and still manage to leave their guests with their jaws on the floor.

  Praise Wedding

Stylish Transport

When you arrive at your wedding, you want to arrive in style. You have a ton of options for this. You could arrive in a limo, or a fancy wedding car. You could even arrive by boat. Make sure the way you arrive suits you as a couple and the tone of the wedding. Look into wedding car hire by Prestige Keys to give an idea of what you could have.

   Huff Post

Delicious Food

The food is worth investing in, as it’ll be something that your guests remember. There are so many options you can choose from! Why not do something different like a crostini bar?  You want your guests to have a good time, and the food is your chance to wow them.

 Deer Pearl Flowers

A Luxury Cake

Buying a wedding cake is another big expense, but you can get some absolutely gorgeous designs that are well worth the money. If you want to make an impression on your guests, take your time choosing the right one.


Decorating your home may be an exciting process, but it’s one that fills us with dread at how much it’s ultimately going to cost us. It’s not cheap to get your home looking just the way you want it to, is it? As a matter of fact, you may be forced to play the long game if your budget doesn’t stretch as far as you’d like. As luck would have it, I’ve picked up some pretty useful tips over the years on how to minimise the cost of redecorating.

Ok, so let’s talk about furniture. There are ways to fill your house for little money or even for free! Why not ask family and friends if they have any furniture that they don’t want or were going to get rid of! Remember you can always up cycle them to your taste! Look at eBay and sites like free cycle! You can get old season pieces on eBay, from shops like Made and Habitat for a fraction of the price!

Apartment Therapy

Don’t be afraid to embrace second-hand. Plenty of the stuff that you find in charity shops, online or from your family is perfectly fine. It doesn’t mean that it no longer serves its purpose. It’s just that, like you, whoever owned it before has decided to change up their decor. Use that to your advantage. I’d dare say that some of the things you find pre-owned have a lot more character than buying new. Just check out this vintage furniture by Horton Green Interiors. It’s far cheaper than the modern stuff, and has a whole load more character!

See… From old and ugly to new and modern!

I’m going to go ahead and guess that, from your desire to redecorate, that your old decor has grown stale. That may be true. It could be time to switch things up around the house to breathe new life into it. But that doesn’t mean that you should just start tossing away all your old belongings. All those things cost money, and once upon a time, you decided that stuff was perfect for your home. And guess what? It still could be. It just requires a little bit of imagination.

Buzz Feed

I love this little set up! An up cycled owl ornament just spray painted white, charity shop bowls painted on the inside. And a easy DIY piece of art! So easy and so cheap too!

Instead of throwing stuff out, think about ways you can enhance them. More often than not, a new lick of paint could turn that unwanted old dressing table into the ideal bedroom accessory. A new set of cushions for your sofa suddenly becomes the ideal centrepiece of your living room. Give it a try. Look around at Pinterest boards and scrapbooks online for inspiration if you have to.

Love chic living

You don’t need to be a DIY enthusiast to knock some stuff up yourself, either. Consider your limitations and attempt the things that you think you’re clearly capable of. If you’ve always fancied yourself as a little bit of an artist, then make your own wall decorations! Is your husband always boasting about his DIY skills? Put him to the test on that new coffee table. This will go a long way to saving you money.


When you first meet your baby, after 9 months of carrying him or her, it’s pretty amazing the amount of love you feel for this little person. Lots of people told me that as soon as you hold your little one you completely forget about the painful and sometimes even traumatic experience you have just had while you hold your bundle of joy. In some ways they are right, but after a few hours once the pain meds have died off, and your holding this little person, You suddenly realise and feel, exactly what your body has just been through!

It didn’t occur to me, how much it would take out of me having a baby.. Yes I know naive or what. But my mum knocked some sense into me. I guess we have to remember, that our  body has been growing a human for nine months! That is an incredible feat. When you think about it, it’s crazy what the human body can do. And why I thought I would bounce back straight away after labour! God knows!
So here is what I have learnt from becoming s new mummy. Firstly, don’t rush your recovery. Archer is 4 months old and I still don’t feel completely right in myself. Having a baby is emotionally ,physically and mentally draining. And im the first to admit that I tried to take on too much and demand too much of myself so soon after having him. So much so it effected my mood. I then realised I need to take care of me so that I was able to take care  of Arch.  That way you can be the best parent to your new baby.

Being emotional is completely normal, your milk comes in around day 3 and the baby blues hit. You can just cry over anything. Don’t worry, though, this is completely normal! The best thing to do is to do just that and cry. Your hormones will be all over the place, and you will be tired too. I remember feeling so overwhelmed, knowing that I was in charge of this little person and that he relied on me for everything. Bonding with your baby is really important, but sometimes it doesn’t happen automatically. For dads it can be difficult to start with. Especially if the mother is breastfeeding and the baby is just interested in the boob! Similarly I found it difficult to get that intital bond with Arch, as I couldn’t breast feed and due to him being quite poorly for the first few days, our time as a family, just us thee didn’t happen til Archer was 5 days old. But I like to think both me and Richard have a very strong bond with Archer now! And there’s nothing more satisfying then having your little baby give you smiles first thing morning because they are excited to see you!

I know what you’re thinking, how do I sleep with a new baby. But you have to do it. Sleep when the baby sleeps. They will sleep quite a lot to start with, only waking to be fed. So make sure you sleep when they do. Interrupted sleep is better than none. You will be physically and mentally exhausted. It’s hard to do this as I know sometimes it’s easier to convince yourself you should just do that bit of washing up or tidy up the living room. But believe me your miss the time when you could have a half decent nap when they are a bit older. Arch will only tend to sleep for about 30 mins at a time now. Just about giving  me enough time to clean the bottles, make some food and have a cup of tea.

In the first few weeks, and probably sometime after, your body will feel, and probably look, quite different to how it ever has before. You will feel strangely empty after giving birth. Like hollow. It’s weird. It freaked me out and made me feel a bit nauseous!

Your going to feel mighty sore too, and yes I didn’t even think about this when I was pregnant.  Why I thought I could push a baby out and feel brilliant the next day I have no idea! Whichever way you give birth your going to feel sore! A cesarean is invasive surgery, your recovery will take a while, and yes your going to be super sore. Picking up your baby will even cause you some discomfort. Similar with a vaginal birth. Sitting down and  even going to the loo is not fun. At all. Plus I even disliked walking upstairs. This is where baggy shorts or loose cotton trousers will be a godsend! I had 2 tears of which one was an episiotomy and they were 2nd degree tears. I was sore, so I made sure I had painkillers on me all the time. I also took a cool shower twice a day. Once in the morning and once in the evening to keep myself clean and to soothe the area too!

You may not recognise your body as you may now have some stretch marks. There are remedies, oils and treatments you can use, though. So you can rest assured, you can know how to get rid of stretch marks after pregnancy. But remember most pregnant women get them, so try not to let them upset you too much! They are your war stripes for going through the craziness of making another human!

Whichever way you choose to feed your baby, your breasts will become engorged as the milk comes in. If you are formula feeding, then this will go as the baby won’t be nursing. The feeling can increase if you are nursing your baby. My midwife gave me lots of advice on dealing with this, so always speak to yours if your worried.

Let’s be honest, you will be having the biggest period of your life after having a baby. It can last up to four weeks, it’s a massive pain,  so make sure that you stocked up with proper maternity pads. Regular sanitary towels just won’t cut it! Just make sure that you are regularly changing your pads. This will help reduce the chance of any infection, particularly if you have had stitches. Wash regularly too and dry yourself gently.

Pelvic floor muscle exercises are important, like super important. As childbirth pushes them to their limits, and believe me the last thing you want to do is cough, laugh or sneeze and pee yourself a little!

I still don’t feel completely right, but looking after a cute 4 month old takes my mind off it! I’m looking forward to the day I wake up and I feel like my body is back to normal!

Way’s to make your life extra cosy and comfortable


You need to do whatever you can to try to ensure your home is as comfy as possible. It’s somewhere to call your own where you can relax from the pressures of the outside world. So it needs to be a pleasant and inviting environment where you relax and unwind. The home is often serene and relaxing anyway, but there’s a lot you can do to make it even more relaxing.

The most important areas of comfort that you need to focus on are with regards to the furniture. This is what you’re going to spend most of your home life sitting or lounging on. As such, you need to make sure that you have the most comfortable furniture imaginable. Now, this will often be down to personal preference, as well as aesthetic appeal. Have a look at the layout of your property, and think about what furniture you might be able to bring in. There are unusual pieces such as loungers and sacks for the living room, and you can see more at Think about the most comfortable pieces of furniture for your home, and make sure you invest in them.

The bedroom

You also need to understand that your bedroom is a place to sleep, and needs to be as comfortable as possible. A good night’s sleep is essential for being able to function at physical and mental peak. So what better excuse than to get some fancy new bed sheets!

Foot Spa

You know what it’s like. You’ve been on your feet all day in new shoes. You get in late and your feet are killing you. You wish there were a way to could sit comfortably and ease the pain in your feet. Well, the good news is that you can do that by using a foot spa. I have one of these at home, and it’s one of the best purchases I ever made. They can store nicely in a cupboard or the corner of the bathroom. When you need to use the spa you can take it out, put water in, take a seat, dip your feet and relax!


New Bath


There are a lot of things we associate with being comfortable, and one of them is bathing. Sure, a shower is great for making you feel better. But, it’s difficult to beat a long, hot bath when you want to relax and unwind. So, why not replace your old bath with a luxury new one. You might even think about getting a Victorian style bath that’s metal and deep. Immersing yourself in the hot, soapy water is one of the best ways to stay comfortable. I always rely on a bath to help me relax and unwind whenever I’m stressed out.


Carpet Floors


Another part of the home that I feel can be uncomfortable sometimes is the floor. A lot of people like to have hardwood floors throughout their home, and there’s no denying these look amazing. But they aren’t exactly the most comfortable of floors to walk on, and they get cold in the winter. I would much rather have soft, fluffy carpet on my floors. The sort you can walk around on with bare feet and feel the soft, warm fibres under foot. If you want to make your home more comfy, then start by getting carpet floors put in.


Ceiling Fans

I have also found over the years that the key to comfort is temperature. You have to make sure you have the perfect temperature at home. If you can get it just right for your body, you’ll stay comfortable all the time. That means you need to take into account what the weather is like. In the summer it’s liable to be very hot and humid, so you need to try to cool the home down. Air conditioning is a great idea, but can be very expensive. So my suggestion would be to get ceiling fans installed. You’ll be able to turn these on in the height of summer and make sure you keep the house cool and comfortable.

On the flip side, you need a plan of action for the winter when it’s cold outside. You don’t want to be sat indoors wearing six layers because you won’t feel comfortable. The best thing to do would be to get a wood burner. This is more energy-efficient than using the central heating. And it’s a little more contemporary than a traditional fire. Plus you could put a wood burner in any room if you wanted to. This is the perfect way to get a home that can maintain the perfect comfortable temperature at all times.

Go make your home cosy in time for Christmas.