Well 2016 was hectic to say the least, I can honestly say it’s been one of the hardest years of my life. But there have been some pretty big highlights too. Firstly our little guy Archer turned 1 in July, this was pretty amazing, not just because me and Richard have managed to keep another human being alive for a whole year, but just because it’s crazy how fast the year has gone and how much he’s learning every day.

archer-cake-smashThis is from the mini cake smash we did for his first 1st birthday, even looking at this picture and him now, in the last 5 months he changed so much..I mean he’s got like a full on mullet now for one..


Next up we brought a house, which was a super big step and one that we completely under estimated. Turns out our house is a money pit, due to the previous owners but we are getting there slowly, so far we have finished Archer’s bedroom…every other room is like a third done. Let’s just say next year is going to be one filled with tons of DIY.


I did some super fun posts this year too, like our day out at the lavender farm.


DIY Confetti frame

We also did a couple of fun DIY’s like this confetti frame. 

I had planned lots more fun posts this year, but not going to make up excuses, having a baby is hard work, especially with no family near by and a partner who works shift patterns, but I’m slowly getting the hang of this parenting malarkey and so next year will be epic!


Another highlight was that we postponed our wedding this year to next year due to way too many big life events happening and not being organised at all. But we did find and book our venue, see a sneak preview here. So we will be getting married next year in November! eekk


I feel like the blog has really suffered this year, I did a lot more sponsored content then my own, which sucks really because, I don’t do this blog to make money, I do it as an outlet to be creative, which strangely enough I havent been much this year..so this year is going to be radicalised…and all will be revealed in my New Year’s post.


Until then.

Have a Happy New year, and thanks to all of you who keep coming back to read my mumble jumble x