Being a mummy and running a business means I kind of have to be fairly organised, though I do fail to keep things on track in other areas. Also I find that more often than not I’m better and getting things done in one area. Which at the moment is being a mummy. Because let’s behonest I can’t really let doctor appoitments, feeds and play dates slip my mind! . But still I strive to be MORE organised! I want to keep growing my brand this year and find a balance between doing that, being a parent and having time to myself. Which means having to be as organised as possible. The more I can sort things out in advance, the more I can make of the time I have available. So I’ve got some ways I’m going to stay organised with everything by making a few little changes.

So how do I keep or at least attempt to keep my life, my families and wooden flamingo in order? Well I have a diary. A Kikki k one, which I adore! I’m old school! I like to keep things written down! On pen and paper! If your on the lookout for a new diary, do take a look at these cuties from Kikki K. P.S a new shop has just opened in Covent Garden…and I coldn’t be more excited about it!!


Simple, to the point and super cute! See this one here. 2016_a6_weekly_inspire_diary_blue_cover

Similar to the above, but a little bit more fancy! See this one here.2016_leather_time_planner_large_cover_dated_2016

And finally we have the life planners, which are reusuable. I have one similar to this in mint green with a peach inset. I love it! And Kikki K do so many cute accessories to personalise your diaries too! See this one here.


It helps to have somewhere to write down all the tasks I have to complete. When you work at home, I think it’s important to keep two separate diaries. You should have one for work and one for your personal life. So one can contain the dates I have to complete and send off the orders I’ve received. And the other can remind me of doctor’s appointments, parties and other events. Even though smartphones are useful, I think it’s sometimes easier to do these things on paper. Although I have 2 sections in my diary. One for personal, and one for Wooden Flamingo! I also have a wall chart in my office just for the brand, and a calendar downstairs just for myself, Richard and Arch.


The Nectar Collective have some cool tips to help you stay productive!

When you’re self-employed, you have to be strict with yourself. Setting deadlines and meeting them can be hard with a baby at home. Babies are never 100% predictable, and Arch will always come first, so sometimes you have to be realistic with your deadlines and commitments. And if you know there’s going to be a problem, voice this to your client.

I always strive to complete my deadlines, even if it means me working late when Archer is in bed. I’ve spent the last 5 1/2 months getting used to my work hours being 8pm til whenever I’m finished! Though sometimes I manage to slip in a cheeky blog post during Archers afternoon nap! Thank god for the WordPress app!

Cleaning is another area I am trying to be more organised….it’s boring but a necessity! Again, this one can be tough to do with a baby! They have a lot of stuff, you know. And I don’t always have the time and energy to keep the house spotless. Actually, I rarely have it completely spotless! But I can still try to tidy as I go along to make it easier to keep the house in order. The neater everything is, the more I’m able to concentrate when I need to get some work done. Plus now Archer goes to bed at a reasonable time, I whip round and do the little chores like washing up, laundry and tidying the living room of toys, before I sit down to work on Wooden Flamingo.

Although I like being busy, it’s always best not to be too busy. Having too much on your plate can mean that you can never get organised. So I have to remember not to try to do it all as well. Sometimes I need a break, and it’s just fine to take one. I have a lot to do this year, with wedding planning, building the business, and continuing to watch Arch grow! But I’m completely grateful for it all! And I wouldn’t change a thing…ok maybe I’d like to be a little more organised! Ha