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Ok so our DIY for this Friday, is quite possibly the most simple thing ever! Like anyone can do it. All you need is some glue, balloons, a frame and some coloured card.

Here is my inspiration.

tumblr_mstbsudbrm1sw080uo1_500White Girl Blog

joelsonbugila-9The Fox Is Black

tumblr_mq0s50qey71r6w3qso1_500Alex Reynolds

Ok so this is a piece to have fun with. I picked a dark blue card which contrast lovely with the yellow ballons. I went for a minimalistic approach and to the point. But why not try out different shapes, colour…anything! Its ridiculously effective, and so simple!

So I got my frame from IKEA. I mean where else hey! I went for scarpbook card as it was the right size, and I just got your bog standard balloons! SIMPLE guys!


Enjoy guys!



Everybody needs to use the bathroom at various points throughout the day, so spending time to make it luxurious, will be to your benefit.

1. Turn It Into a Wet Room

Why not turn your bathroom into a wet room? If you prefer to take showers, this could be perfect. You won’t need to worry about getting water anywhere, and it’ll be so easy to clean. Having a wet room can take away many struggles of having a bathroom. Creating it can take time and cost money, but it’s usually worth it!

2. Make Sure Everything Matches


Having a luxury bathroom is all about making sure everything looks good together. Make sure things match! Have matching towels and robes. Have matching bottles for your lotions and potions. By coordinating accessories, your bathroom will look much more luxurious.

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Are you thinking about asking one of the most important questions and getting engaged this year? If that’s the case, then hopefully these tips can help!

Find The Perfect Ring
Often you hear in television shows and movies the line “that’s the one.” They are usually referring to an engagement ring that they just happen to have found. The character knows in their heart that this is the ring they have to propose with. Funnily, that’s exactly what it should be like in real life. When you find a ring that you should propose with, you should feel it in your heart. To find the perfect, ring, it’s important that you complete a wide search. It doesn’t matter whether you find it online or on the highstreet. But you should, at least, make sure that it is from a jeweller, that way you can be sure it won’t turn her finger green!

Don’t forget that there are different cuts of diamonds to choose from. Women often have preferences on these cuts. Some love the idea of a princess cut while other do not like the square shape. You should, without being obvious, try to figure out what type she likes. Remember to ask these questions and the ultimate engagement ring could be just around the corner.

Choose The Right Time

When should you propose? The best advice we can give here is to avoid the cliché. We can think of hundreds of reasons why you shouldn’t propose on Valentine’s Day or Christmas.  A better idea would be to pick either the day that you first met or the day of your first date. Your partner is guaranteed to be impressed you even remembered which day this was. As well as this, it provides a link to a time that is special to you as a couple, not to everyone in the world.

Find The Right Place

Lastly, you need to consider where you’re going to ask her. Again, you can link it to a memory. For instance, you could take her to the restaurant where you shared your first date. Or perhaps another place that is significant to your relationship. You may even want to plan an entire day around the proposal with a whole range of romantic activities. Alternately you could simply surprise her completely out of the blue when she is least expecting it. This is no guaranteed way to get a yes from a proposal. But if it feels right, you will.

Good luck!



So it’s the New Year and you’ve moved into the perfect new home. But even if you’ve chosen the best location for you, chances are it feels a bit odd at first. Moving into a new place, that doesn’t feel lived in, can feel strange. It’s a clean slate where no memories have been made yet. Of course it takes time to settle in. But there are things you can do to make a home feel fuller and more cosy to hang around in.

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One fun and creative way to fill your home is to create your own art and hang it on the walls. Using this technique you can get the whole family involved and make something to be proud of year round. Think twice before you throw away old egg cartons, as these can be used to make fun and colourful decorations. The same goes with your glass bottles. Don’t pop them out for recycling. Make your own terrarium. These elegant glassware oases can be your very own hanging gardens of Babylon.

  House to Home

Does your home feature a conservatory? These are great spaces but when empty it is difficult to know quite what do with them. You should prioritize investing in some conservatory furniture to turn it into a comforting den for you! Conservatory’s don’t have to be boring or old-fashioned! Spruce up your furniture by spray painting in a bright colour, or pairing it with bright pillows. Add a darn plants spotted around and you have a mini orangery like feel!

While waiting for that familiar home smell light candles. Incense sticks are also a great way to add a familiar scent to your home!

Lighting can also make a big impact on how your home feels. There are lots of clever ways to illuminate dark corners. Try filling jars with fairy lights and dotting them around the home.

  A girl and a glue gun

You can also add a personal touch to those blank walls with photos that mean something to you. Jazzing them up with fancy frames means they double up as memories and decorations. You’ll be amazed at what a difference this makes. It’s also a cost-effective method. You probably already have photos that are dear to you so it shouldn’t take much time. Just turn them into decorations and fill up your home with personal style.



With spring on its way, days getting longer, the sun reaching higher in the sky, and the beautiful blossom on the horizon, it’s time to pull ourselves up by the metaphorical bootstraps and crack on with the year. Your home may look a little bit like a bear has been hibernating in it for a few months, with fluffy blankets as far as the eye can see and more clutter than you care to admit. The combined efforts of the cold, damp winters and the gluttony of Christmas make motivation a little bit tricky at times, so take your strength from the slowly warming days, and get down to business. It’s time to drag our homes into spring 2017, whether they like it or not.


With the Pantone colour of the year being Greenery, I’m predicting that beautiful tropical prints, might be a decor trend. I’m thinking vibrant colours rather than the muted pastels of yesteryear. If you keep your walls and floors in classic neutrals and grays (very on trend at the moment), and accessorize with big, bold prints, you’ve got a home from which you can draw energy and intrigue, but which isn’t overwhelming. The benefit of using these prints in fabrics such as cushions and throws is that they remain stylish throughout the year.


Like this decor above, with the rich green accents paired with the neutral browns. This looks super cosy and yet colourful at the same time.

Make this the year to finally start the dream changes on your home.Is this finally the year you get the kitchen of your dreams or convert the attic space into a cute little home office? Have you always dreamed of adding a luxury fireplace to your living room as a stylish centerpiece all year round? Check out FireplaceGuide for more info..I’d love a fireplace, though it’s more so i’d have an excuse to get beautiful gold fire-place that the right word? and a cute little basket for fire wood.

marble-and-copper-shower-wet-room-1Don’t cramp my style

Beautiful metal ornaments in coppers, bronzes, and rose gold with intricate geometric shapes are so on trend right now. Juxtaposed with classic marble, kitchen and bathrooms are set to look pretty sharp this year. In a neutral colored room, add metallic and marble accessories to bring the room up to date, and add a little bit of colorful glamor. I’m a little bit in love with this bathroom…I want it. How easy do you think it is to build those little alcove shower shelfs?


Now you’re planning on introducing all these beautiful bold prints and metallic geometric accessories to your home, it’s time to start getting rid of the clutter that’s in the way. We all seem to accumulate so much random stuff throughout the winter months, especially after Christmas, so it’s time to find it all a place to live and reclaim our homes. Decluttering and taking away the chaotic mess allows a space to become so much more relaxing, but be sure to keep the things on display which make you happy.  I’m on a constant mission to do this..I feel like maybe it will be a lifelong mission..I seem to accumulate a lot of stuff!






Wooo it’s Friday! And my DIY this week is a super easy and effective DIY that anyone can do, and it’s a great weekend project!! Plus it doesn’t cost a bomb either!

What you will need:

Sketch book of your choice

Spray paint (I have gone with gold)

Cardboard box

Masking tape.

Ok so get your sketchbook, here is Richard modeling mine nicely…






Next decide where you want the colour to go and mask it off with masking tape. I went for 1/3 roughly of my sketchbook. I also quite like the idea of my page edges to be gold. But beware depending on paper type the spray paint may bleed, you might want to do a tester.

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Whether you have a new home you’re looking to decorate or you want to give your house a new look, these tips can help you. The furniture you buy for your home can make a huge difference, so use these tips to get it right the first time!
Do Your Measurements Again and Again

You must make sure you have your measurements right, so do them again and again. They should be the same every time, so triple check before buying your furniture to make sure things will fit. There’s nothing worse then finding your dream couch, buying said couch, couch yen not fitting, having to send dream couch back!

Mix Up Your Furniture Styles

Instead of buying matching furniture, mix up your furniture styles to create a fun and unique look in your home. If you keep one thing the same, such as the colour or pattern, it’ll still work really well. Having matching furniture is a safe bet, but it won’t look nearly as good as mixing it up a bit!

You can also, but something basic and do it up! IKEA hacks are going round and some of them look amazing!

Mums grapevine

Don’t Think ‘Against the Wall’

  Design sponge

One of the biggest mistakes people make when buying new furniture, is push it against the wall. They think because they have space in the middle, that’s all the space they need. Actually, rooms can look much better if you pull your furniture away from the wall. It can give a much more social feel too!

Ensure It’s Child Proof

If you have children, child proofed furniture is a must. You don’t want them banging their heads or hurting themselves, so you must make sure it’s suitable for them too. You can even invest in special furniture for children, like the things you can get from Shopisfy. Pay attention to the furniture both inside and outside of the house!

Use these tips when buying furniture for your home, and you’ll end up with a really fun looking design that guests and family members will love. Not only that, your furniture should stand the test of time. You can check it out in person or buy online; whichever way suits you best. Providing you have the right measurements from the get go, you can’t go far wrong!


I planted a bunch of sun flowers in our garden in Essex. Once they all sprouted up, we had about 15 spotted all over the garden and they looked amazing.

Gardening is a fantastic hobby as it is so accessible. No matter what age you are or what level of ability you have, there is always something you can do in the garden. Committing yourself to caring for your garden can help you to de-stress and improve your respiratory system. It can also provide you with more flexibility and strengthen your joints and muscles. Pulling out weeds, digging up the soil and carrying plant pots are just a few examples of how you will be using your body to create a beautiful garden. You’ll be so focused on the task in hand it won’t feel like you are exercising all areas of your body. If you fancy introducing more Super Fruits and tasty vegetables into your diet, you can also use your garden to plant you own. It’s no longer a hobby for just the older generation anymore! Growing your own food and being able to cut fresh flowers? Nothing to shabby about that! Hello fresh colour Instagram pics!

I love being a blogger! So I might be a bit biased. But it’s opened up so many opportunities and new things for me!

A blog can be a brilliant creative outlet where you can share you thoughts and opinions. It’s easier than ever to start your own blog on whatever topic you wish and is also a fantastic way of connecting with like-minded people. It may involve spending time indoors and long hours in front of a screen, but it can have amazing benefits on your mental health. It can improve your memory, relieve anxiety and encourage a more positive mental attitude. Your blog can help you take back control of your life and motivate you towards changing for the better. You can ask for guidance and share your experiences to help others. It could also become a source of additional income for you to enjoy and will improve your writing skills no end. Think about what you are passionate about and base your blog on this to keep your interested and focused.

Our meal the other day. Steak with a chilli dressing on fresh salad finished with pomegranate seeds! This was amazing. Super healthy, and the tang of the chilli paired with the sweet pomegranate was insane! We love a bit of cooking in our house! We just need the dream kitchen now!

A healthy lifestyle will always require a healthy diet. So instead of eating the same boring meals week after week, learn how to cook a new meal each week from scratch. It’s a fantastic way to relax, get creative and take control of what you and your family eat. You could try a recipe from a different country each week to improve your cooking skills. Or experiment with how you can make your favourite homemade snacks more healthy by adding and reducing ingredients. Browse cookbooks then experiment by changing little things. Some of our best meals have come from flukes!



When people find out about what I do, I’m often met with a series of questions! I think the idea of blogging and being a creative as I like to put it, really interests people!

My main response is, if your passionate about something, there’s no reason why you can’t turn your hobby into a business. Perhaps you make jewellery, clay pots or beautiful cards? Are you a skilled soap maker, crocheter or wooden toy maker? If you have a craft or two that you’re passionate about, launching a craft business could be the next logical step for you.

Thanks to the invention of Etsy, thousands of crafters make their money from home creating and selling their work. And if you’ve got the time and skills, you could too. If the idea has piqued your interest, then you’re in the right place.

What does running a craft business entail?

If you want to  launch a craft company is best to do a little bit of research before hand. Look at people who are doing a similar thing to you, and even ask them advice about how they got started. Research local craft fairs, and maybe go to a few and get some ideas!

Getting your tools; The good news is that if you’re already passionate about your chosen art, you’ll have almost all of the equipment that you’ll need. (If not, you can pick up a range of craft equipment online second hand, for affordable prices.) All you’ll need to do is invest in the supplies you’ll need to build up your stock.

To run a successful business, you’ll need to make products on a frequent basis, unless like me you plan to work on commission. Though it’s always best to have a few products ready. Plus for craft fairs products are way more ideal then just an order form.  You’ll need to learn how to advertise them in the best ways and how to set prices and make sales. You’ll also need to work out how you’ll get products to buyers – will you offer a delivery service or will you need to use a courier? These are all important things to think about.

Organisation is crucial

When it comes to running a successful business, good organisational skills are essential. It’s almost impossible to run a company properly without being adequately organised. If you want to make a success of your craft business, you need to invest in a diary and use it to plan out your time.

You need to split your work time into making products, coming up with designs, advertising and organising events and meetings. There’ll be a lot to do, so you’ll need to use to-do lists to ensure that you keep on top of everything. You’ll need to make monthly, weekly and daily lists, to make sure that nothing gets forgotten and don’t forget the order themselves!

How do you sell products?

There are plenty of ways that you can sell your products – how you choose to sell is up to you. The best ways to make a profit from your craft products is via websites like eBay and Etsy, Etsy is great because you link the site to your own website. This makes it easier for clients to find your work and buy from you. I find I get a lot of my commissions from my Etsy page and my blog! I also get a lot of sales through word of mouth! Remember a good review will go far!

Another way to sell your products is by having stalls at various craft markets. These events are fantastic for selling your work and getting the word out about what you produce. Make sure that as well as taking a range of your work along with you, that you also have business cards on hand to give out.

And most importantly, it takes time, hard work and passion to make a business work. If you don’t enjoy what your doing, the enthusiasms just won’t be there!

Also, I’ve been doing Wooden Flamingo for nearly 3 years now, and only in the last 6/7 months or so have I started to making money through the blog, and getting regular orders every month. Before that I was just doing the odd order every other month…so it does take time! Hang in there!