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So after my much needed break, I’m back and full of inspiration and ideas. I think sometimes it’s best to take a break, otherwise a burnout is going to happen! Like I said, this year is already started off with a bang, and it’s going to be pretty exciting, but a lot of work! My schedule is crazy and I’m loving it! If only I had a few more hours in the day!

Quick Arch update! He will be 7 months in a few days! 7 months…he’s like a proper little person now. Smiling rolling over, eating babbiling…I’m loving it! But boy is it exhausting! So much fun though!


To my pins…I’m feeling all bubbly and happy right now, so not surprisingly I was drawn to some bright colourful pins..I hope you enjoy! What did we all do before pinterest??

6a00d8341c6a0853ef01b7c7983cba970b-800wiOh Joy

get-fit-95The Berry

HT_05_T21_0464S_NC_X_EC_0Print and Pattern

theeverygirl-ali-nelson12The Every Girl

tumblr_nr5x1483ux1rsbkoao1_500Colors Porn

canvas_07Julia Machik

I love how all these pins would make awesome works of art…don’t you think! Anyway wishing you all a good week..


Home makeovers can be tricky. They can take a long time, cost a lot of money, and tend to be quite stressful. Giving your home a new look with a makeover should be fun!  Hopefully these tips I’ve picked up from friends and family who are in the middle of home make overs will help!

Download Apps to Help You

You probably know just how many apps are out there these days. There’s an app for everything, whether you want to track your food or grow your favorite flowers in the garden. When it comes to home makeovers, you even have apps that can help you keep track of your materials, how much stuff you need, measurements, and more!


The Guardian

Redecorating your home can be fun, but lots of work! If you have the time great, but it never hurts to ask for some help. Whether it’s a good friend or the guys at Global Decorating. A little help will go a long way to making over your home.

Repurpose Stuff You Already Have

  Refurbished ideas

Instead of buying new stuff for your home, try to repurpose stuff you already have. Maybe you have an old bookshelf that you can paint to bring back to life. You’ll save money, and you’ll feel so much better about the economical way you’re decorating.

Use Potted Plants  Source

Bringing in a potted plant is a really simple way to liven the place up. Potted plants are actually good for our health too! Bringing in some greenery will make your home look great with minimal effort.

De-clutter First

 Buzz Feed

Before you start making over your home, de-clutter first. This is a tip that everyone has given me! Get rid of things you don’t want or use so you don’t need to worry about where you’re going to put them. If there are some things you only use occasionally, find a designated spot for them.


The small details in any home can make a big difference. You can change door handles, light fixtures, cushions, and other elements. These things might be small, but they’ll make a big difference to the look of your home.

See? Home makeovers don’t need to be stressful. Enlist some help and use the tips in this guide to make it easier for you. It’ll all be worth it when you’re finished!


Life has been a bit hectic lately, but it has also been exciting. Planning a wedding and looking at houses are both stressful, but I can occasionally find the fun in them too! Plus, business is picking up, which is amazing, but hectic with a 6 month old!  I find myself thinking about all the ways to make a house fun and original! Just the idea that I could paint walls are crazy! It’s going to be a very busy year!

Once we have somewhere new to live, I can’t wait to get started on making it ours. I’d love to start making our mark as soon as possible to ensure it’s not a plain and boring house.

  The room dit

I love the grand stone fireplaces from Architectural Stone Elements. If you don’t have a fireplace, even having brick exposed walls look amazing! Our (possible) house doesn’t have this, but who knows maybe I’ll add a fire place one day!

One of the first things I’ll be doing when we eventually get our new home is upgrading the hardware. All the little things that might seem insignificant can make a huge difference to the overall look and feel of a house. Have you ever thought about how much the door knobs or the curtain rails could affect the decor. I believe that it’s worth going around the house and making these little changes to personalise your home.

I love these crackled porcelain door knobs from More Handles. They have a great antique effect that would be ideal for adding some period elements to a house.

The Front of the House

 Paris Apartment

The first thing anyone sees of a home is the front of it as they approach the door. We’ll have to look at the outside of our house every day, and guests will get their first impressions from it too. I’m not much of a gardener, so there probably won’t be much fancy landscaping going on. But I would definitely work on the front of the house to make the entrance look inviting. A pair or lanterns or some potted plants could frame the door. Maybe even replacing the front door with a beautiful cottage style door would be a good idea.

Tiles…  Apartment therapy

I’m pretty excited about the decor options… Who would think tiles would be so exciting..No…Just me? Plus I think a blue free standing bath is a must!

Colour colour colour..


  Brit + Co

We all know how I feel about magnolia…and don’t worry. I’ll share all my renter tips with you all one day!



So I’ve been a bit MIA the last couple of weeks, I’ve officially accepted that I may have bitten off more than I can chew. While looking after my 6 month old, we have put an offer in for a house (exciting but still early days) and a massive project in itself, I’m working on about 2-3 commissions a month and attempting to plan a wedding.  I find my days jam-packed with toys, baby food and little Arch. And as soon as he’s in bed, I clean up, I wash bottles then I work on commissions/projects and my never-ending to-do list. I don’t even have time to blog much at the moment. And that’s only because I’m being selfish and scheduling life is a little bit hectic at the moment…i’m happy…but just a little stressed out…you know…

I’ve decided I’m going to take a few days off. A few days without technology, no facebook, instagram or internet. I want to read, do a bit of drawing, put my phone down…it’s crazy how obsessed Arch is with my phone already, worrying really…I have become way to reliant on using my phone for everything. I know I haven’t bloggged much over the last few weeks, and it stresses me out…I miss it and then I feel guilty..which is crazy really because this blog is here to be an outlet..I want to take a few days, and not be thinking that I need to be blogging, or browsing pinterest or tackling my to-do list…I have an issue of Vogue from October which is still in its packet, because I literally haven’t had the time to sit down and read it..

Richard is off for a few days, and I kind of want some family time. I’ll still have my phone…but no browsing or tweeting. I think I’m going to limit texting too…ill try an old-fashioned phone call…or even maybe a letter..

So I will see you all in 3 days..i’m hoping to come back feeling inspired, refreshed and a little less overwhelmed.


Whimsical wonderland weddings

When you plan to get married there’s a lot to do in terms of preparation. But, there are also a lot of essentials you can’t go without thinking about. Some parts of the wedding are more important to sort out than others. So, you need to make sure you think about these areas in the build up to the wedding itself.

Once your wedding day is over you will be able to relive it again and again with wedding photos. That’s one of the reasons why these play such a crucial role in the wedding itself. Make sure you hire the perfect wedding photographers for your big day. Check out their portfolios and speak to friends who have recently gotten married. Finding the right photographer is essential so you need to make sure you do it right. This will give you wedding snaps you can treasure for the rest of your lives together.
What Time of Year Will You Get Married?

Consider what time of year you want to get married, and what the weather will be like. Most people like to go for a summer wedding. Sunshine makes for lovely pictures and a comfortable and pleasant wedding experience. But a lot of people elect to have a winter wedding, and you might wish to do the same. So, you need to do what you can to figure out what the weather will be like. The time of year you get married is going to affect a lot of the other decisions you choose to make.

What’s the Budget?

You have to consider what your wedding budget is, and how it will affect your decisions. Before you begin you will need to sit down and work out what you can afford to pay for your wedding. Everyone has a budget in mind, and the trick is to have a good amount that isn’t too much. You don’t want to put yourself in financial problems, but you want a memorable day. Once you have set yourselves a budget you can make a better decision about what to spend the money on.

Table Plans

You need to think hard about the table plans because they play an important role in the day. That means you have to consider where the tables will be laid out, who sits where, and the table names. If you can get this part right then you’ll ensure that the room is laid out efficiently. Everyone will have somewhere to sit, and you can decide who is going to sit with whom. Sometimes you need to separate people on important occasions, and the table plans give you the perfect opportunity to do that.

Of course, there are a lot of different things involved in planning a wedding, and you need to take care of all of them. This post represents just a few of the most important factors you need to think about. Make sure you give some thought to what you need to sort out and take steps to action it as much as you can. These essentials could be the difference between wedding bliss and wedding chaos!


I’m a bit obsessed with DIY’s, upcycling generally anything creative I can do to give my home that extra little something. Though truth be told, with Archer constantly trying to break himself and generally being a destructive boy, I find my time to do all such creative projects gets limited. I have a list the size of my house of things I want to do, and I’m slowly getting through them. I often get asked how Richard feels about my rather elaborate decor choices. WHen you live with someone be it family, partner or even roommate you need to find a way to mesh your personalities together.  I’m lucky that on most part Richard ‘trusts’ my visions when it comes to the home..though sometimes it takes a little more convincing. But I also trust his. It’s about compromise. I have lots of Lego planes around the house because Richard likes them on display, when it comes to wood work and furniture I want him to create and build..I tell him what I picture and he builds in his own way..which luckily always works. Remember that when you live with someones it’s as much their space as it is yours. Your house is a reflection fo the people who live there, so find a way to work in harmony.

The second question or more of a statement? anyway is when friends see a new item I’ve created or something I’ve upcycled or crafted they always say oh your so creative I wish I could do stuff like that..and my answer is, well give it a go…I taught myself a bunch of stuff. I wing it when it comes to upholsterer, I learnt woodwork from Richard, and the rest is down to the glorious world of the internet. I started off doing a few handmade signs just for fun, news spread and before I knew it I had my Etsy page. So if you have been pinning diy’s that you just don’t have the courage to start yet,  I thought I’d round-up of my favourite diy’s that are easy and great for a beginner, so by the end of year you will be tackling your pin board of beauts!

There are so many things you can have custom-made, and so many ways to do it. I love browsing for ideas and inspiration from clever people and businesses. You can choose to use a small, independent artist like me, or you could look at larger companies that might do something a little different. Both types of seller have pros and cons – although, obviously I recommend independent makers over others. You could choose to have custom art created or even custom furniture. You can personalise things in so many ways too. You might use a photo of your family to turn it into a large canvas or maybe a painting. A custom piece of furniture might feature a motif that means something to you.


Ok let’s talk pom poms. These are super easy to make and are a great way to add colour and embellish existing textiles. Adding   pom poms onto a  pair of curtains can make them look super stylish, or even embellishing bags or shoes..invest in a glue gun and some needle and thread and your good to go.


pom+pom+pillow-18A Kailo Chic Life

I’m and dying over how cute this pillow is..i need like a whole bed amazing..and so easy to do. CLick the link above for the easy tutorial.

Now I should warn you that diy’s get highly addictive so I can’t be responsible for any extra clutter that may take over your home. I’m talking spray paint, threads, paper, wool, glitter…like a diy craft unicorn vomited over your home..but I will promise you fun.

IMG_4329The Surznick Common Room

A really easy and effective diy, is just spray painting frames and clips to hang up your vinyls. Grab a side table, give it a lick of paint and you have a record player corner. Like this Ikea hack above, click the link for tutorial.

DIY-Pattern-napkin-for-spring-22Enthralling Gumption

These napkins are amazing, and so simple to do..follow the step by step tutorial on the link above.

Monogrammed is so popular at the moment, and there are so many cute ways to diy it yourself, add a little touch of the personal to your home.


Add some cute letters to kids rooms, like this one above..super cute right?

What if you’re willing to brave a little bit of crafting if it will get you beautiful results? You might be a bit craft-phobic, but anyone can do some things. There are a few simple projects you can try that I’m sure absolutely no one could mess up. If you can’t tie a ribbon around something or stick two things together, I would be very surprised. You don’t have to be a crafting genius to add a few personal touches to some items in your home. You can find some super easy DIY ideas in some of my posts, including marbled vases and abstract balloon art. That last one just involves pinning some deflated balloons to card and putting it in a frame!

So go out and give it a go guys!



I love working from home because it’s convenient for me in a lot of ways. It’s much easier to juggle working and being a parent when I’ve got more control over my schedule. Plus, I can parent and work simultaneously, if I’m lucky! Not having to leave the house for a commute to and from work saves loads of time. And there’s the added benefit of staying warm and dry whenever the weather’s too nasty to go outside. But there are struggles and downsides involved with running a business from home too.

You might already live somewhere that’s suitable for you to work from home. I recommend having a home office at least, and you might need even more space. If you make anything crafty, like I do, you might even want to set up a workshop. If you use a lettings or estate agent like Redbrick Property Services, you can ensure you find what you’re looking for. These are great if you want to find and office close to your home, or if your thinking about moving finding somewhere with extra space.

  The garden room guide

We have already decided that when we buy a house, we’d like to build a lodge outside for me I have an office/workshop! The idea of this is that it may be cheaper then trying to a home with an extra downstairs or upstairs room! Also I like the idea of having a bit of separation from my home and work life! As at he minute I tend to work mostly in my living room, as my office in archers room isn’t really available now!

  Praise wedding

Once you live somewhere suitable for your business, you need to make sure you have the space to do your work. Sometimes you need to shut yourself away and get on with it! If you live alone, you might not bother having a separate room for working. But if there are lots of other things going on around the house, it’s a good idea to have someone to go. Make it somewhere inspiring, and fun to work! Otherwise your going to feed everytime you step into your workshop or office!

As someone who has both a business and a baby, let me tell you how important it is to schedule yourself! I’m not the most organised person in the world, but I have to set myself deadlines if I want to complete my orders and also not neglect my family. You might decide not to give yourself a timetable every week. One of the great things about working from home is getting to be flexible. But you can set deadlines and create a daily list of things to do. I’m still learning though! Arch is 6 months old, and I still find days that I just haven’t had a chance to work on my commissions or do a blog post! Poor blog always suffers! But it takes time. And when it comes down to it. Archer and Richard are my main priority so they will always come first.

One of the most important things to remember when you run a business from home is that you can’t work all the time. It’s easy for the business to take over if you’re not careful. Luckily, I always have a fiancé and a baby to distract me! It’s great to have the chance to choose your work hours, but sometimes you have to make room for other commitments and know when to be honest with your clients! I didn’t take a break after having a baby, but I did make sure that my readers, and clients knew that my orders my tight a little longer! You have to realise your only human, as long as clients know in adavance, they then can’t get disappointed or angry if your taking that little bit longer to do their commission!

But the best thing for me, is being able to do something I love! And also being able to stay home with Arch. I feel very lucky and blessed with what I do, and if your thinking of starting your own business, I say just go for it!


Given the amount of choice of materials and inspiration these days, it is surprising how many people just opt for the safe and bland kitchen look.

On one hand there is the ultra modern look which seems like a kitchen that is never used. Keeping all those white and reflective surfaces clean must be a nightmare. The other side of the coin is the shabby chic look.

From blank canvas to drawing board.

You could be working from scratch and why not! On the other hand, these things always work better with a budget. So if you are redecorating your kitchen, this also applies to you. A budget means you won’t get distracted and, more importantly, you won’t run out of funds halfway through the project! Use the standard units and bases you already have. To be honest, you don’t even have to change the doors. You could simply give them a coat of paint or even a stencil design and some flash new handles.

 Sheer luxe

The focus here will be the main areas of the kitchen that we see and use. They, of course, are the worksurfaces, splashbacks and any upstands. There is so much colour and variety in laminate kitchen worktops these days. Use stunning colours and textures here to make a kitchen ‘sing’. If you combine all three areas, then you could have a fabulous colourful panorama that will boost your kitchen drama.

  Apartment therapy

It doesn’t have to be too much. Use plain natural materials. Floor tiles, slates or laminate timber work well. Have a practical down to earth floor that will allow the features of your kitchen to provide all the interest.

  Apartment therapy

Accessories can make a lot of difference.

Apartment therapy

Personality comes in through the personal touches. These are the battered chopping boards. They are the chef knives displayed on racks. They are in the vases and flowers. They are in the ragged tea towels and all manner of wooden utensils. They are in the cook books that are dogeared and have sauces sticking pages together!

Don’t hide these things, they are objects of life and beauty. Why not make a feature of your spices? Bring out the garlic and hang it back up. Show off with the antique scales and brass bottomed pots and pans. Let yourself live in your kitchen. Make it a passionate and personal space.

Fill your kitchen with light, colour and life and it will repay you as a soulful paradise that makes you feel good and want to cook in. Combine today’s sleek technology with your personality and you really will come up with the kitchen of your dreams.


Ok so as we approach valentines day, I thought i’d share some cute DIY’s that I found in various spots of the web. Some of these are great as last minute ideas and ones thatwon’t break the bank. Its the thought, not the price!

enhanced-buzz-13895-1391402207-12Buzz Feed

enhanced-buzz-20858-1391453855-11Buzz Feed

heart-cake-popsAnd A Mummy Too

Candy-Corn-ValentineLil Luna

FREE-printable-valentines-19Lil Luna

Printable-bread-wrappersCute DIY Projects Luna

whether your spending the day with a loved one,family or having a night out with friends! Happy Valentines day to you all!


Maybe every parent holds a secret desire for their little one to be the next best at anything. As parents, we are convinced that our children are talented and going to shine! But getting them involved with sport and ball sports, in particular, is good for them whether they end up representing their country or not.

The fact is sports that encourage balls skills are brilliant fun. They also give children a great sense of achievement as well as dexterity and coordination. Encouraging your little ones to get their hands on a ball as soon as possible brings big rewards.
A whole lot of fun

Any form of playing together is about bonding, and it starts way before your children can even walk or talk! It’s that first smile that sets you off as a parent. It’s the best reward in the world. You then notice their eyes light up when you play favorite games. It’s not too long before any family are enjoying the games that start to help eye and hand coordination. There’s no Dad or Mum, who isn’t completely charmed as their child starts to find their feet and the delights of trying to kick and throw a ball.

Real physical benefits

There’s nothing more most children enjoy than time spent throwing or catching a ball. Whether it’s a tennis ball, football or basketball, similar skills of coordination are developed. Hand and eye coordination are core competencies in life, and there is no better way of encouraging them than working with a little catch and throw.

The same applies to the brain. As a child starts to plan where a ball will go, he or she has to use considerable mental powers to make a complex process come together. These are great stimulants for development. The actual ball sport is not too important. But obviously, one that utilises footwork skills such as football is going to bring more all round coordination.

All the research points to the fact that the earlier we start to introduce these games as fun challenge the quicker the skills will develop. Racquet skills are another example, and tennis, in particular, is a sport that encourages a sense of hand to eye co ordination.

The Importance of Practice.

As age develops sport becomes a bit more competitive. Practice becomes more relevant. Learning the importance of dedication and practice can be a great attribute for a child. It teaches them that life can be hard, but that it can be rewarding.

As a parent, you want to be able to pass on lessons about determination and the real benefits of not giving up. A dry lesson would just over their heads, but ball sports, in particular, allow them to get a real sense of verifiable gains. A ball in the back of the net or a hoop, gives a real sense of satisfaction.

Team work

There is no better place for a child to learn about responsibility and shared fun than by being a member of a sports team. There are big rewards here, and it can help a child to find his or her feet socially. That means that they will start to learn to contribute and learn that it is far better to play a useful role in a team than be the star! Teamwork is a great learning ground for being a member of society. Socially being in a football, rugby or soccer squad is a great groundwork for friendships later in life.

Rewards for effort.

There are few prouder moments for a Mum or Dad than to see their child collect their first trophy. If you are involved with a team at whatever level, you can really make small faces shine with rewards for effort. From best players to best team and everyone in between. Football trophies from Premier Trophies give you a great selection to choose from. Those trophies and medals are emblems of real achievement that will stay will your son or daughter for ever.

Celebration time

One of the great moments of being on any team is the chance to celebrate together. That doesn’t even have to be a victory. An end of the year of season celebration could be a big day out or family style picnic or BBQ. It’s just a great way to bring families together and appreciate the shiny-eyed kids running around feeling a sense of pride.