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I have to say, I do love this time of year, with all the flowers budding, especially cherry blossom. My walk to the park that I take almost daily with arch, see me go past about 20 cherry blossom trees all spotted over, and right now it’s just amazing. The petals flying over everywhere, the different colours. Can’t complain!

So here is some floral love appreciation, of some pretty spots where we live.


I’m not sure what we did before camera phones..and before instagram too….I’m looking forward to getting a couple of these blown up and framed for the new house. Turning your instagram posts into art work is so easy!


So with Arch not sleeping, the whole household being ill, and the crazziness which comes with buying a house, I have no energy left at the moment to do anything, so sorry dear readers that I have been neglecting sounds stupid but I just feel like that as soon as we are in the new house, with the office finished…everything will be so much easier…why I don’t know..but I just need to believe that everything will fall into place..ok.

So bar the lack of sleep and the rather large possibility that I may have a stomach ucler due to stress and general lack of energy…yes I’m being is what it is..lets move on….I have had some rather lovely day outings with the family!

 French Toast with nutella and raspberriesGroundworks hitchin good food
Patty and bun aray goldneon sign sexy nuded patty and bun london

We have eaten some pretty intense food! I made French toast with raspberries which looked super pretty…I then drenched it in Nutella which was just insane. Archer enjoyed it too, managing to get Nutella every where..

We did a trip to Hitchin to the same coffee place we did for archers first day out, the food and coffee still being amazing! 
I’ve also spent a bit of time in London, where we are at patty and bun. Quite possibly one of the best burgers I have ever eaten. I also had a grapefruit cocktail which was just to die for. So if you like a burger and don’t mind rustic decor with some added neon lights, I mean how cool is that neon sign?, then head down to Patty and Bun in Soho.

Cool baby ArcherDaddy And ArcherDaddy and archer fun

We try to pack in as much as we can on Richards days off, either going out for the day, swimming, goings for walks. I find archer is easier to occupy when we are on the move. If we stay in, he goes a bit crazy, as seen in the photo above. 

Archer passport photoshoot

Did a little mini shoot for archers passport picture. Decided to put my degree to use instead of spending £14 paying someone else to do it. To behonest it came out really well. I used the large tool of paper we have as a back drop, did but some large windows for natural light, and held a toy above my head to keep archer looking up. Arch looks super cute in them, helps that I wiped his face and put him in some over fancy clothes! 


We went on the swings for the first time…looking rather mismatched as he had already form through 3 outfits by then..and I only had these bits left in the change bag..oh well. Think he’s pulling off the English gentlemen who loves Christmas and sailing look quite well! 

So we celebrated Richards birthday, my cake wasn’t the best, but hey I attempted it in the evening when it had been a pretty long day…tasted good though which is the important thing right? Richard also rather enjoyed his present from Archer..a Lego Wall-e…it’s super cute right? 
I’ll try to post again soon..who knows maybe I can get a streak going. 


I love a good DIY project, and recently I’ve been thinking about getting my old sewing machine out and having a play at making, or up cycling some of my old clothes. So of course I looked to trusty Pinterest for some ideas and tutorials.

  Naughty Shorts 

A vintage dress can look so pretty especially when carefully prepared by it’s owner. You can find so many lovely fabrics that can complement this look. The internet is a great place for inspiration and sewing patterns to match. With sites like Pinterest bursting with inspiration and DIY’S. Like this one. How to make a vintage dress from a sheet! 

  The Littlest Studio

A skirt might be one of the easier projects to try first if your a sewing newbie. Picking a Bright coloured fabric and futuristic fastenings from companies like Scovill will give you a variety of different finishes. This look above would work well at any time of the year. Just use different fabrics for the different weather.

  Freshly Given 

A  blouse is a wardrobe staple for anyone. They can look amazing teamed with skinny jeans as well as skirts. You can consider different fabrics for this style and use a whole host of sewing patterns to complete the look. I think a pretty look would be to consider a lovely floral print. Perfect for the summer months ahead. The one above is made using an old shirt, something you can easily pick up from a charity shop!  

 Handy Little Me
A jumper is an inspired choice for winter. Do you remember your mother or grandmother teaching you how to knit? It’s  now the perfect time to put those skills into action. Again it would be advisable to follow a pattern or some form of instruction. It is also worth knowing your measurements to make sure sleeves and neck lines sit just right. But the link above will take you to a great blog which is full of patterns and tutorials.

  Everything Golden 

  Sew Much Ado

Apart from in textiles class (years ago)and a few alterations to some vintage outfits, I’ve never really made any outfits from scratch. So I’m thinking I might start with making something for archer. Baby clothes must be easier…I mean the size alone must help? No? Anyway enjoy some of the cute ideas above for  baby outfits. 

  Premeditated Leftovers 

Maternity clothes can be a cost that most new mothers could do without. So making them is a great way to save some money. It can be quite easy as the fabric you want to use should be breathable and light. You won’t need anything particularly tight fitting as comfort will be a priority. The handmade look can work well with a growing baby bump. Plus maybe you could reuse the material after and make something for your little one? 

I’m going to attempt to make some little rompers for arch. I’ll let you know how they go! 


  Oh Happy Day

DIY can produce some impressive results and all without having to call in a professional. With the internet and instructional YouTube videos, there is more opportunity than ever to learn this valuable skill. DIY can range from simple but necessary projects like fixing hinges and cabinets, right through to installing a new kitchen! But learning DIY can take some considerable time and effort. A beginner’s level can be achieved quite quite. But if we want to develop our DIY skills then we should work hard to maintain our motivation. We should remind ourselves of the benefits of learning DIY and we will find it easy to keep enthusiasm!
When we first begin to learn DIY, we might not recognise that this is a great universal skill. We can benefit our own household and help friends too. We may even find additional uses in the workplace too. We can choose to do odd-jobs for friends and neighbours as favours. But some DIY hobbyists get good enough to command a small fee. Or at least a favour in return! Wherever you are in the world, being able to fix, upgrade, and improve is a valuable skill. Calling in a professional can place a lot of stress on a household. Additional bodies coming and going. Excess noise and early start times can all be irritating. Especially if it is a simple job and could have been by learning the skill yourself. Taking control of your own skill set can be very rewarding. It can have physical benefits such as keeping active and seeing the fruits of your own labour. But it can also give us a sense of accomplishment, purpose and value.

For many people, inviting a stranger into their home, even a professional, is difficult. They may be elderly or vulnerable in some way. They may dislike having someone in the home that they can’t watch all the time or may struggle to communicate with. But the reality is that we are all likely to need repairs some time or another. Knowing a family member or friend who can help can be a lifesaver. Learning DIY would make you that trusted and helpful person they can call. People who are good at DIY are often valued members of the community. They save people hassle, money, and provide a sense of security. DIY has tangible benefits within our own household. But it can also make a genuine difference in the lives of others.

Many new skills can be frustrating because we don’t progress at the rate that we would expect. DIY is different. If we’re paying close attention to instructions, we will be amazed at what we can achieve with our own two hands. Even a complex kitchen installation can be easy with a company like We do the labour ourselves but are overseen at a high level. It’s the very best way to learn. With the right tools and professional instruction, we can quickly achieve a near professional level ourselves!

Learning DIY has the obvious benefit of saving money over time. For expensive modern family life, this can be a major plus. Some materials will cost an initial outlay. But we will no longer be a slave to overtime or last minute call out charges!


  Whimsical Wedding 

How can you make sure that your guests have an amazing day? They’ve got dressed up and travelled to your venue. They may even have booked a day off work, or paid for overnight accommodation. As a result, it’s only understandable that you will want them to have the best time.

However, let’s be honest. The ceremony is sweet and endearing. The evening reception, with music, food and dancing, is like a party! But the middle bit? The afternoon reception in between. It can be pretty boring.

Luckily, there are a number of ways to counteract this boredom and make this bit of the wedding fun for guests. In fact, you might even make it their favourite part of the whole event. Here are some ideas you might want to put into play for your wedding.


Now, don’t skip over this one. Magicians like Dynamo have done a fantastic job of making magic cool again. If you hire the right magician, you too can do the same.

Hire a magician to roam around your wedding venue and chat with your guests for a couple of hours in the afternoon. They can show the adults grown-up tricks, using things like their watches or bank notes. They can also do a show for the children, with suitable tricks for the different age groups.

Garden Games

There are loads of wedding ideas out there online, and one that is growing in popularity is having a collection of garden games at the reception. Hire giant Jenga and Connect Four and both the adults and children will want to play. You could also furnish them with fun-fair inspired games, like Hook-A-Duck or a Coconut Shy!


If you want art at your wedding, but fancy something a bit more casual, how about a caricaturist. Just like a magician, he can roam around your guests drawing caricatures. Let he or she know in advance if there is anyone specific you would like for them to draw; your niece, or bridesmaids, for example. You could even ask them to do some humorous group ones, like drawing all of the groomsmen in Wedding Dresses!

Live Painter

This isn’t something you see all that often at weddings, meaning it could be something you have that is totally unique. Hire a live painter to be at your wedding. Have them do a few sittings throughout the day, painting what they see as it happens. So, they could paint your wedding ceremony when it happens. Then, if all of your guests gather outside for food, they could paint this. Finally, they could do a third sitting in the evening, for the dinner and speeches. It gives you guests something to stand and watch being created. It also gives you a way to capture the day that isn’t just in the form of photographs and videos.


Having children can be expensive. So there is nothing worse than paying out to keep them occupied as well. Especially when there are so many things you could do in moderation or at home. So I thought I would share with you some of the ways you can be frugal while occupying a toddler. Of course, some of these things require an initial investment of some money. But mostly they are cheaper alternatives with a few handy tips to save some pennies along the way.
A walk in the countryside

You could consider heading out for a walk somewhere in the countryside. Most of these places are free to enter or if you take the car may require a parking fee.we are lucky to have a rspb attraction just down the road from us, so we try to go there and do long walks, collecting the odd pinecone too!

Building a den or tent indoors


Often it is the simplest of activities that your kids can have the most fun with. These things are the ones that only cost you your time. Building a den, a blanket fort or tent indoors is just one of those things. You could turn it into a movie afternoon where you get all comfortable and settle down to watch a good film. This only requires blankets, pillows and some tall chairs or other items to hold it together. It can be a lot of fun building it all and can take up a fair bit of time. Once it is built, you may even get to enjoy a cup of tea and five minutes peace.

A toddler class

 While this isn’t frugal if you do it everyday, attending a toddler class each week could give you and your little one that welcomed break. So pick wisely. There are many church venues that hold mornings or afternoons that have very little cost. Some even just require a donation to the church. You may want to consider other more organised classes like Little Squigglers. If you are paying out for something you may as well make sure they get something out of it. One of the groups we do is baby sensory. Which is available from new borns up to 1. Arch we loves sensory, and each week is different. This is the one group we pay for, as we are lucky to have the children centre which offers groups for free near us. 

Arts and crafts

  Crafty corner

Most young children like to get creative in some way shape or form. So why not encourage that more often. Initially, the cost of paints and a few items is your only outlay. If you use the paint in moderation, then these bottles can last a while. You could look into making your paints and craft items with organic materials. Kids like to get messy so painting and creating stuff is a great way of doing it while letting their imaginations run wild. Check out Pinterest for some awesome other ideas too!! 


Ok, 10 ideas for your home, which by the way I think are totally awesome. Most of which are on my list for when we move in to our new place!!

Colourful  front door  Paris apartment 

What better way could you welcome your friends and family into your home than through a colourful front door! So painting your front door, is one of the first things that’s on my list. The world is your oyster… although maybe go with a colour a bit more fun than Oyster! How about a warm, sunshine yellow? Or a gorgeous sea-blue? A classic, pillar box red can also look stunning. Consider the handle and knocker also. A bold, gold knocker against the red will make for a stunning combination.

Wall decals


These are awesome! Especially for renters, and especially if thought of wallpapering an entire room just doesn’t appeal, or your way to lazy! These are so simple and quick! And the variety of decals you can find are super insane! 

Little details  Source 

Doorknobs, curtains, door stops. Sound boring, but little things like this can make a piece of furniture or a room! SuperiorMaker doorstops are a good bet.

Pets  Source

Ive wanted a dog for god knows how long, and I’m finally getting Richard to possibly consider getting one when we finally have our own place! If a dog isn’t your thing how about a cat or even fish? how about an aquarium? They are an incredible focal point for any room, be it the kitchen or the living room. 

Hot tub

This is just a funny add on! Turns out the house we have put an offer on comes with a hot tub. It’s in the summer house, which I plan to make my office so it might have to go….unless we find somewhere else for it. If we do I could host a book club. Hot tub book club. Has a nice ring to it right? 

Storage in the stairs Source

Under stair storage might sound boring, but how much space are we not utilising with our stirs? Plus I kind of want hidden draws like the one above…like books, or a hidden bar?? 

Summer house   Source

Don’t have an attic that can be renovated, but do have a garden? Then get that extra space with a summer house. Wait for good weather, when rain isn’t too likely to dampen your experience, and then get started. You can either buy a pre-made one and have it delivered and set up by experts. Or, if you have the experience or are just feeling brave, build it yourself!

House plants  Lili in wonderland

House plants might not be a revolutionary idea, but you’d be surprised how many people forget about them. Or, buy one, forget about it, throw it out and then don’t replace it! However, house plant’s have multiple benefits! Of course, they look amazing. But they also help filter and purify the air! This means that even if your windows are closed, the stale air in the house is getting somewhat filtered. Plus they offer an array of colour and texture too! 

Colour  Plate and paper

Colour  in your house, be it with DIY up cycled projects, decor or ornaments, can make any house look instantly awesome. If your into the more minimal and clinical approach, even going all natural with greens beiges and greys will look amazing too! But if your feeling adventurous, I am totally in love with the colour combos above! 

Photo wall Sheer luxe 

Turn your best family memories into art for the home with a photo wall. The great thing about this feature is just how unique you can make it. Have all your favorite photos printed in black and white, or sepia. Or, keep them in color, but put them in matching black frames to give the display some uniformity. That being said, the photo wall doesn’t have to be uniform! In fact, mismatched frames can look just as cool. Mix materials, designs and finishes for an edgy look, all held together by images of your loved ones.

So there are my awesome ideas…have fun with them.


So we have had an offer accepted, everything has gone through, and we are looking to move in in July, pending no complications. it’s pretty exciting/terrifying. I never really considered how much of a big deal buying a house was…crazy stuff! But one thing is for sure…I’m bloody excited to not be living in a magnolia plain old box!

So i’ve spent the last few months, trailing the endless world of pinterest, and I’m super excited about decorating our very first home! I thought i’d share some of my inosiration so far.


Lots of us decorate our homes to suit our tastes. If you love interior design, yo probably go for bolder choices, or a certain era. You might portray this with artworks and colors. Or maybe you have some characterful furniture or ornaments. I don’t think I have a specific colour palette, or era in mind, but I have some rather specific features I amd going to incorparate within the house.

eyi0zSketch 42 Blog

I love the idea of a statement wall like this, incorporating the door too. Maybe in archers room, where fun and play will be the main theme! 

Sometimes we want to create a particular mood or atmosphere in the home. Perhaps you’re entertaining or having a romantic night in. There are many ways to create more atmosphere or set a mood in a room. Start with your choice of lighting. If you want to add a romantic touch, consider softer lighting options. Table lamps and fairy lights offer plenty of light without being stark and bright.


You might choose to light some candles or the fire. But having soft lighting around the edges of a room helps to create more atmosphere than flames alone. Think about lighting upward to create effects on the walls. Low-level lights help enhance the mood of the room, without increasing the brightness to uncomfortable levels. You want something subtle that offers a glow rather than intense shadows.

 Sfg bay  

Soft furnishings can also go a long way toward creating the mood or style you’re looking for. A minimalist look can offer a fresh, clean, and efficient feel to the room. Dozens of mixed cushions in different sizes can provide comfort, coziness, and warmth to a room. Soft furnishings are quick and easy to change or remove. This means you could create a different atmosphere and style in just a few seconds.


 I love bokkie
Flooring is another way to create a particular feel to the room. Hardwood floors offer style and elegance for any room. Add a thick pile rug, and you have all the warm comfort you need for a cozy night in. If the rug is bright and colorful, children will love to sit there and play. Sometimes your choices for decor can be practical as well as stylish.

  Sight unseen 

Of course, changing the color of the walls can take a lot longer than swapping out some cushions. Accent walls can help create just the mood you’re looking for. Colors often have hidden meanings. Unlocking them, could offer you the chance to create just the atmosphere you’re looking for.


Having a stylish home is important to us all. But sometimes we also want to create a special mood or atmosphere to a room. Bring a little bit of you to your interior design.



Often we forget about our bathrooms when it comes to decorating because they’re not seen as being ‘essential’ spaces. We might use them throughout the day but it’s not like we spend time socialising in them, like our living rooms and kitchens. This is what can often, put bathrooms to the back of the queue when it comes to decor upgrades.

That being said, your bathroom really should be somewhere that you invest in. It’s a space that you use to relax and unwind in while soaking in the bath, so it should be somewhere that’s visually appealing. What’s great about bathrooms is that to refresh and brighten them up, it doesn’t take much.

003-contemporary-bathroom-17Home Design etc

Start with the floor

Surprisingly, if the floor is old and worn, it’s one of the first things that will be noticed when stepping into the room. So investing in new flooring is more than worth it, as it will make such a difference to the look and feel of the space. The best options for a stylish bathroom are tile and slate; wood can look nice but if it gets wet, it damages easily. To add a little extra luxury to the space, you could consider opting for underfloor heating. This would give your bathroom that little bit of added glamour.

 tumblr_o4cqyqShbh1rnngm7o1_500Interiors Yum

The Walls

You can keep the walls neutral to keep it a clam space, or add some tiles too! For a fresh pop of colour and texture! I love the tiles in the above bathroom. The light blue, paired with the gold taps, looks amazing. You can also have fun using different coloured grout. Maybe white subway tiles with a grey grout??



Tile-ShowerPop Sugar

Add colour with features and accessories

As mentioned above, the best ways to add colour is with a mixture of features, tiling and accessories. For example, along the edges of the bath and over the sink you could opt for coloured tiles. Or, if you want to create a space with an edge to it, consider using coloured perspex instead. This gives a chic, modern look that adds style as well as vibrant colour to the space. You could also add colour with things like the soap holder, shelving, bath mat, and towelling.

08-finale2This Old House

It’s important to ensure that the colours and styles you’ve used match. Else, you’ll be left with a bathroom that looks too bold and bright because of its clashing decor. Make sure that everything from the splashbacks to the features, like the shower, match. This will ensure that the space has a chic and stylish vibe to it. Look how awesome this lilac bathroom with gold accents looks!  Oh, and don’t forget to incorporate a few smart pieces of wall art. These will help to bring the space to life, adding extra style.





Want That Wedding

So it’s oficial, with buying a house, keeping up with a lively 9 month old and working around the blog and commission, planning a wedding just hasn’t happened. So we have delayed it a year…part of me was rather sad to delay, but having still not found our dream venue, I didn;t wnt to setle and have a rushed wedding. Because let’s be honest. We both want it to memorable…for the right reasons. So I’m still stucj at square one, so I’m considering bringing back Wedding Wednensday’s to try and focus my mind a bit more. But until then here’s some  wedding inspiration.


When you get married, there are some things that you need to happen. There are certain legal requirements; that is why you have to have a registrar there. The lines like ‘I call upon these persons here present’ have to be said. No getting around it. The vows, however, can be whatever you want them to be. If you don’t want to go with the set vows, then you can always write your own, add some humour with inside jokes between you and your partner, and make it that more special,hearing their own words on your special day. Plus how often do people write their own vows? You could always frame them afterwards for a lovely keepsake too. Hand written decalrations of love..

Jonas-Seaman-_1032-576x864Rock n Roll Bride

Let’s talk about tradition. If your lookijg for a more unique wedding to wow your guests, you might not want to go for the obvious transport choice of a Rolls Royce or a horse-drawn carriage, I’ve seen so many different ways the bride has got to the church, fire engine, tractor, bike…you’d be surpised. Think outside the box.. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I’m not overly bothered about transport. I’ll happily put a few trailing streamers on the back of our car.. that will do me..

Traditionally, the father of the bride, the groom, and the best man give speeches at a wedding. You don’t have to do it that way, of course. If the bride would like to give a speech too, then go ahead and give a speech. One of your bridesmaids might want to give a speech or perhaps one of the couple’s mother might. There is no need for everyone to give a speech, though. Choose three or four people otherwise the speeches would last a long time. There are a lot of crazy wedding ideas online, so search for some other inspiration and ideas.

cave-weddingWedding Party

 A lot of weddings take place in a church, registry office or a hotel. If you want to go ahead with a ceremony at a venue like this, then great. You can make the wedding unique by the way that you decorate and the things that you do. If you’d rather have a unique venue, then think about something that would be different to any other wedding. How about getting married in a public park or something out there like a theme park or on a boat. Here’s to planing weddings….one day…