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Well its official we pick up our keys on the 24th of June..we are homeowners. It’s been a long time coming but we made it. So I thought I’d share some tips we learnt along way with you guys so you can find your dream home.

Calculate what you can afford
Knowing how much to spend is obvious when buying a home, but you’d be surprised how many buyers miss this or find that dream home that’s over their budget and go for it anyway.. We knew we wanted to have a little money left over to be able to decorate the place and buy some new when we went looking, we actually looked at properties slightly below our budget. We were lucky enough to find one too leaving us a little bit of spending money.
Head to your local estate agent and ask to speak to an independent mortgage advisor. They’ll be able to provide you with all the information you need, and help you find the best deal. They are completely unbiased and will do all the hard work for you. You’ll need to pay a small fee, but it’s a small price to pay for the savings you’ll gain in the long-term. Also check to see if your work offers any benefits. Richards work came with a benefit of getting free mortgage advice which was great.


Location, location, location
The location is one of the most important decision you’ll make when buying a house. Where do your friends and family live? Will you have to jump in a car every time you want to go somewhere? Is there a school nearby? It’s not always affordable to live where we want. we were given the tip that you can change a house you can’t change where you live. So if your dream house isn’t in the nicest area. Maybe go for the smaller he good neighbourhood which you can expand and decorate to make it your perfect home.


Consider your needs and wants
Writing a list of things that are essential, and a list of things that are desirable. Depending on your budget, you could put stuff such as ‘a full bathroom’ in essential. Perhaps ‘off-street parking’ in desirable. This will depend on what is a deal breaker for you. Keeping notes is a good way to stand your ground when you see a property that you love but isn’t right for you.

Remember to be patient

Choosing a home isn’t easy. Being patient doesn’t just apply to people on a budget either. There are so many options on the market, and especially when housing is selling quickly. It’s difficult to know where and when to put your money. Remember to stay calm, take some time out and appreciate that it might take a bit of time.
Being a first-time buyer isn’t easy, by any means. But sometimes, as you invest more it can get even harder. If you’ve got a large family and needed more space, it’s not always easy to find. Also, if you’re looking for something modern, but live in a village, you might not have many options at all. Perhaps it’s time to consider a bespoke home. Here are 10 signs you should invest in custom home designs.

Use your head, not your heart
With that in mind, you need to stay head strong when buying a property. It can be a hard, long process. Sometimes you might feel like giving up, but keep going. Finding a property miles away from where you want to be with lots of space for a good price can be difficult. Do you want to be there? Think about it in the long-term. Are you going to end up spending hours in the car every day to get anywhere?
Using your head, instead of your heart is crucial when choosing a property. If you decide to go for something that isn’t a wise decision, you may regret it in the future. Avoid a costly mistake by thinking rationally, and having support from friends and family.
Happy hunting


First thing first, don’t go thinking this is a pregnancy announcement, I’ve just about recovered from having Arch, so give me a few years…but I do regret not making more of a big deal regarding our pregnancy. Bar family we didn’t tell any friends, or you guys until I was about 21weeks.. I wanted to make sure that the baby was ok..and for me and Richard to get our head around becoming parents. But when I did tell I did it in a If you don’t have a blog though, how do you go about it? 

When you announce your pregnancy, the way you do it will depend on a number of factors. You’ll need to think about who you’re telling, what the situation is and where you are when you do it. For instance, if you expect your husband to start crying his eyes out at the joyful news, you probably don’t want to tell him when he’s having a pint with his friends. If you’re with your mother and you’re pretty certain she’ll start screaming for joy, then telling her while you’re both watching the ballet isn’t ideal. Use your common sense so you can make this a pleasant experience for everybody involved. If you’re telling work, you’ll need to approach that differently to how you’ll tell your loved ones and family members.

  You The Daddy

It makes sense to tell the most important people to you first. Then you can find a fun way to tell the world. Some people choose to announce their pregnancy on social media, you can make this fun and artistic like the idea above.

 Buzz Feed

When it comes to work, you should tell your boss before you tell your workmates. Telling them first is common courtesy and will allow them to put plans in place for the time you leave. When you tell the rest of your office perhaps you could hand out cupcakes or cookies with the message on them. Just be sure not to keep the annocement short and sweet, you stil need to be able to do what you’re paid to do while your there. So maybe arrange a celebratory drinks (non alcoholic for you) after work.  Hative

Why not take a fun and creative photograph? You can send this photo via email, post it on Facebook, and even send it through the post if you like. You can then use it at the start of your baby’s photo album. People like to use things like chalkboards, fun rhymes, and riddles to break the news in photographs. You can include your family, other children or even pets like the image above.

  The Party Posse

When it comes to the people you’re most excited to tell, you could give them a fun gift. You can do this when it comes to your partner, parents, and even grandparents. If you’ve found out you’re pregnant early on, why not buy a small gift box and place a pea inside? You can then present this to your partner and tell them it’s the size of their baby right now! You could also buy a gift like those shown on sites like

Buying an ornament for family is a great way to break the news, especially at Christmas time. Give them something they can open and put on their tree. If it isn’t Christmas, don’t worry – you could always purchase a snow globe or make your own unique gift.


Getting your current kids involved is really cute, and they feel involved with the baby right from the start this way. You can have them announce the news to relatives, give gifts, or even wear t-shirts that have the message on them. If you’re going to a relative’s house, consider dressing them in t-shirts that have the message on them, and see how long it takes them to notice. I love the above picture! 

Have fun with it, it’s a special time that deserves to be shared. 


I love ASOS, it’s quite possibly the only online shop I buy my clothes from, other then Ebay. ASOS is great for us plus size girls too, as the majority of their collection goes up to size 18, and their plus size goes up to 26. Returns are free, if you pay for premium, which is £9.99 a year, you get free next day delivery all year, which means you can try as many clothes as you want without worrying about postage costs in the comfort of your own home. So here are 4 outfits that I am totally loving.


Ok so firstly I am in love with those shoes…blue velvet crush. God I wish I could walk in heels..i’m worst then bambi on ice. Anyway, this outfit is bold and badass and is totally the choice for an afternoon walk around a Parisian flea market..or grabbing some gelato and sitting by Trevi Fountain making wishes.

Dress £50, Shoes £45, Sunglasses £35, Clutch Purse £88.



My idea for this outfit, was a romance meets effortless chic. You might think the jacket is an odd choice, but I love the relaxed grey jersey of it. It casuals this outfit up, but still looks super cute. Jersey jacket with nude scallop heels…yes please.

Dress £25, Jacket £24.99, Shoes £29.99, Bag £28.99.



This lace jumpsuit is just gorgeous, and perfect for wondering downtown New York, and maybe grabbing a rainbow bagel…FYI I am totally going to try and make some rainbow bagels with funfetti cream cheese..

Jumpsuit £85, Jacket £75, Shoes £35, Bag £30.


Ok so this is a little out there, bright yellow tee with a bright pink skirt, and those shoes…yes this is daring and out there, but it’s also fun and whimsical and perfect for spending the day in Brick Lane, visiting little galleries and taking in culture. You can also keep your art supplies in that awesome back pack too.

Skirt £30, Tee £12, Shoes £25, Bag £20.

We are off to France at the end of the week, so I may have ordered a few cheeky things, so who knows might have some fun doing some outfits posts while I’m away..depending on my face… as it’s not be so great recently!






Classic Play

Oh my god buying a house is a long complicated process… Now don’t get me wrong, I feel so lucky that we are in a situation where we can buy a house. So lucky. But man..this stuff is complicated. Plus me and Richard aren’t paperwork people…in fact we both suck. It didn’t help that during the whole process, we have had passports to order, a variety of insurances, sorting out postal votes…so much paperwork. I liked to think I’m pretty organised, bar 2 birthday ( out of like a ton) only 2 presents have been sent late, which is super annoying because I got presents weeks in advance this year..but paper work…falls to the bottom of the pile.  But it’s all pretty much done, well the house paperwork is, the rest is still on my pile. I’m getting there..But I think I’ve come up with some ways to enjoy future paperwork.

WINE: Or your beverage of choice around when filling in forms…though maybe stick to like 2 glasses, so you don’t fill out your name as bugs bunny or something like that for shits and giggles.

PAPER CHOICE: Maybe if the form isn’t overly important, print it in a different coloured paper, I think everyone would appreciate a house deed printed on mint green paper…might not be legal, but makes it more fun no?

TREATS: Similar to the wine option, but this could be anything. Filled out that insurance form or claim? bam get yourself a new top. I think this is a pretty good incentive to get your paperwork done.

JUST DO IT: Or maybe we just do it. Because if you’re in a situation like us, the quicker it’s done, the quicker we move into our new little home…then we shall have wine to celebrate.