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So I know I have been MIA the last couple of months, but I promise I have a good reason. Firstly being, we brought a house!! A house which we have been in for a month now, which still doesn’t have wifi or tv…honestly it’s like living in the dark ages. Its very exciting, though maybe we were naive, but the house that we thought just needed a lick of paint and our own touch to it, has surprised us around every corner. Enter holes in walls, burst water pipes, foul smelling doggy haired infested carpets and a broken wastage pipe in the downstairs toilet. Safe to say sadly the pre owners didn’t take care of the house like they should of..
1 month down and we have rid of the awful carpet, scrubbed, polished and painted a bunch of walls doors and cupboards.. And created a dream room for Archer.

I’ll go more into all our mini distasters another time, with before and after pictures of the house..those posts will be easier with Internet..

Another reason for being quiet was due to us being on holiday, though with a nearly 1 year old it’s not quite as relaxing as I remember. Also we grabbed the keys to our new place the day we got week in and Archer was struck down with a nasty virus, 5 days later and 1 trip to the A&E he recovered. Only to have me and Richard be poorly after that too.

Is the house cursed?? Jeez I hope not! Anyway on to better more exciting news Archer turns 1 on Sunday, as in tomorrow! What??!!. I know I can’t believe it. Where did my little baby go? Anyway like the over the top diy crafter I am…I’ve got big plans for Sunday…I mean he’s my first born your meant to make an effort for at least your first baby right?

But will do a blog post on the day and pre prep too..

Will speak soon!



While we all have different idea of fun, it’s certain that nothing can beat the joy of relaxing in your own backyard, surrounded by your loved ones with a drink in hand and the warm rays of the summer sun shining down. Of course, if you want to create the ultimate setting for relaxing, amusement and play, now is the perfect opportunity to get down to business.
Image Source: Flickr 
Landscaping Is Key

Is there anything better than freshly mowed grass and the smell of flowers to get you in the prefect summertime mood? Of course, if you want a luscious backyard, it’s important to regularly maintain your plant life, but also to add some novelty into the complete setting. A colourful garden full of fresh flowers can really transform a space, from giving it a splash of cheerful colour, adding a bit of life to the surroundings, and giving it that delightful scent. Depending on what you are trying to achieve, you can choose from a variety of flower options, from sumptuous begonias, a joyful collection of million bells or even some refined calla lilies. For those looking to create a satisfactory mixture of soothing shades, the pantone colour palette will make your garden a true calming haven.

  Image source: Flickr

Details Are Everything

When it comes to decorating any space, it’s important to remember one thing – the biggest effect is hidden in the smallest details. If you want to make your garden feel more alive, rather than spending money on traditional decorative pieces, try using your imagination and creating unique ornaments from broken planters, unused wood or old items from your house. Create unique pathways in your garden by mixing up different materials like gravel, turf or even wood mulch. Also, do not underestimate the power of illumination. Ambient lighting in the garden can make all the difference, so think about placing hanging lanterns or lighting up the pathways using mason jars. Use rusty keys to make colourful wind chimes or simply repaint your fence in different shades.

Image source: (left), (right)

An Amusement Nook

There are two words that, when combined, can put a smile on everybody’s face, and they are: summer and fun. The two simply cannot go without each other and that is exactly why having an amusement nook in your garden is one of those must-have features during those long summer months. Summer nights are made for friendly get-togethers that simply cannot pass without a bit of grilling and a few drinks. Thus, a grilling station or even a cosy fire pit should be mandatory in a yard like this. Don’t forget to add a fully-equipped bar so you can enjoy cold cocktails while resting in the pool. Whatever you do, do not forget about the kids and add a children’s pool or a beautiful sandpit. You can always build a treehouse for the kids to enjoy or create a mini boot camp using some old tires, ropes and boards.
Image source: (left), (right)

Make It Pleasant

Lastly, you will want to create your own sanctuary of peace, a place where you can unwind, relax and simply get away from the troubles of everyday life. And luckily, you really do not need a lot of things to make this heavenly project a reality. Creating a comfy seating arrangement and adding some colourful cushions along with a nice garden table will be enough. A patio is a perfect place to make a calming haven, but you can always find peace in a hammock under a tree or a pergola with some custom made shade sails. Not only will it provide some pleasant shade, but it will also protect you from sudden rain or any other precipitation.

There is no better feeling than knowing you can open the door of your house and enter a magical land which exudes with smells of flowers and freshly cut grass. Where you can lie down and rest your mind, read a book and drink a glass of your favourite drink, knowing you are on holiday right there in the comfort of your home.

Author’s Bio: Lana Hawkins is an architecture student from Sydney. She enjoys writing about interior decoration and landscaping. Lana is interested in sustainability and green building, and that’s where she gets most of her inspiration from.


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Wedding season is upon us, and the chances are you have at least a couple of invitations floating around in your home. Refining your wedding etiquette as a singleton or part of a couple is one thing? But once you have kids? It’s another thing entirely. Figuring out how to keep your toddler happy at an elongated event can be tricky. The day tends to be geared a lot more to adult activities. But there are ways to entertain the little ones a little colouring pack as their table gift.

Clothing to keep them cool

This point is especially important for summer events. Clothes that will make your toddler hot or uncomfortable is a no-go. So, while there may be a dress-code for adults, a toddler will likely be free to wear what they want. As long as they look smart enough on any formal photos, of course! How about if your toddler has a special role in the wedding, like a bridesmaid or flower girl? Then toddler flower girl dresses and bridesmaid dresses are your best bet. If they’re an older toddler, just put a pair of shorts underneath so they can play comfortably later!

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Suitable sun protection

With summer comes the sun, and with the sun should always come sun protection. Be sure you lather up your toddler a few times in the day if the sun is predicted to be out. Even if it ends up raining, there is no harm done! 

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Take your own fun and games

We parents know that it is not easy entertaining a toddler! Some couples will have set up activities and games for the kids to enjoy, but not all will have done. So, go expecting there not to be anything to keep the toddler entertained. Take your own fun and games with you. Is there anything you already own that takes multiple players? Other parents of toddlers will really appreciate it if you turn up with these. Consider taking a set of play clothes too, so after the formalities they can play comfortably.

Leave early evening

Even if you have been invited for the whole event, consider if the couple wouldn’t mind you leaving early evening. The chances are they won’t. First off, they will probably be very understanding to the fact you have a toddler. Secondly, leaving before the evening meals means that they save money! If it really is important that you stay at the wedding, make arrangements so your toddler can leave. Maybe you could have a babysitter come and pick them up and take them to your accommodation for a couple of hours. 

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Make the day fun for them. Explain what’s going on in a fun way. The princess is marrying her prince, in a magical castle, where all the flowers are enchanted… Then give them a disposable camera and set them a list like the one above! You’d be suprised how kids find the most basic things more fun, when they are given a story to narate it with!