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At this minute my house is far from relaxing. Apart from being a mini building site with tools and home decorating equipment in every corner, we also have toys/clothes/Christmas presents EVERYWHERE. Ok so it’s like this because it’s coming up to Christmas, and because we are trying our hardest to finish a god chunk of the decorating before we host Boxing day Christmas for Richards side..all in all very non relaxing though. Sadly not one room in the house is finished or dressed so I can’t even hibernate all day in a calming room. But it will be…one day I will have the finished day.


But just because my house isn’t relaxing at the moment, doesn’t mean yours can’t be.

Decorate for yourself


Farrow & Ball

When we choose room décor, we’re not always doing it for ourselves. I think sometimes people are afraid to pick that bright colour scheme, or not too sure about bold patterns. Look through magazines, of that cosy blue and white decor spread is calling out to you, but you don’t think it would go with the rest of your house, why does it matter. This could be a room just for you, and who knows it could be the start off a whole new bad ass decorating scheme. For added relaxation add lots of soft furnishings, pictures, plants and a few candles.


Add a bit of life

georgehome_ss16 Dear Decor

One addition that has a place in every home is a houseplant. Humans have a connection to nature that we tend to forget when we’re surrounded by concrete and glass. We’re not entirely sure why, but just being around a bit of it is enough to help us combat stress and feel a bit happier. It even has the power to make the air we breathe cleaner, so it’s just chock full of benefits, really. Consider adding a bit of green to your chosen room, no matter the color scheme…or go for a ton of greens. You can never have too many plants.

Work those aches out

Your Zen-riddled utopian room should also help you fight the physical signs of stress. One of stress’s nastier effects is tensing up the whole body. It’s a big reason why a lot of people suffer back pain after a day at work. If you have a chair, make it one that supports your back. You might even want to consider getting a foam roller or a mat so you have space to stretch out those aches and relax. Or you can get super-effective and get a full body massage from furniture like Shiatsu Chairs’s selection.

Hit all the senses



So, we’ve talked about sight and feel. But there are three other senses you can use to de-stress. Sound and smell are powerful senses when it comes to having an effect on your emotional health. Aromatherapy, choosing the right scents for your room, can have a superbly calming effect. It’s a good idea to make yourself a playlist of music that helps you sink into a relaxed stupor, too. As for the sense of taste? Well, no-one’s going to blame you for having a little chocolate bar after a hard day at the office.





Christmas is fast approaching, so I’ve scoured the internet for fun DIY advent calender ideas that you can do this weekend in time for the first in a couple of weeks. I think doing your own advent calender, whether it’s for you, a family or a friend, is so much nicer then buying the chocolate ones. Which let’s be honest most of the time get eaten way before Christmas day…no? just me? Also don’t panic, this picture is from last year, we don’t have a Christmas tree up yet.

Moving on, I remember I did a DIY advent Calender for Richard for our first Christmas in our own place. It was rather simple, just little fabric bags I made myself, hanging on a branch I spray painted white and put in a pot. Each day revealed a new Lego man he had to make up, plus some with a few sweets too. It was fun to make, and Richard rather enjoyed getting lots of little presents leading up to Christmas.

I wish I had a picture because it was so much fun, but this was 4 years ago now. My idea was really simple, and you can fill it with whatever you like, the persons favourite sweets, love notes, homemade vouchers..or little pocket-size things.

We are super lucky that Richards mum is super amazing at crafts and knitting, as she knitted a really lovely advent calender for Archer. Shes so good my mum has ordered two from her, one for each of my siblings (with kids) sorry Abby. Archer’s is obviously a little more special being as it’s her grandson. So everyday for 25 days, Archer gets a new knitted decoration to put on the tree. Last year he was still rather small but he enjoyed all the colours, so this year I’m super excited because he will understand that much more. I’ll do a daily instagram to show you each decoration, honestly they will melt your heart!

Anyway here are some of my favourite DIY advent calenders  hopefully they give you some inspiration to make your own!


The Fox and Star

This is a great one for a friend, nice and simple you can make the little bags yourself (tutorial on the blog) and fill with their favourite sweets or chocolate…maybe even miniature wine bottles too!dpp_00712Honey’s Life

A great one for family members, especially if you’re doing a joint one for kids or even kids and your partner. These can be filled with sweets or Christmas themed crafts and toys..the possibilities are endless.

enhanced-buzz-30483-1354125425-0Buzz Feed

This would be a good one for your partner.  You could put little vouchers in this, for a free massage or if your feel like splurging…shop vouchers. Or something just a simple as photographs with a little love note, from your time together. This would work for Grandparents too, lovely pics of grandchildren with notes and drawings. Something really sentimental, oooo and you could do it so on the 25th they receive a photo album to put all the images into….I kind of love this idea.

enhanced-buzz-19917-1354132897-1Buzz Feed

This is a great one for kids, having a little DIY scene is so much fun.Plus you could hide a note in each day which might be a riddle leading them to a chocolate around the house..all kids love treasure hunts..

So there you have it, some of my favourite Advent DIY’s. I’m seriously considering the envelope calendar for a grandparent…maybe next year so they forget about it, after reading it on here!

Have a lovely weekend all.





So we brought our very first house this year, and to say I was naive about the whole thing is an understatement. So I thought I’d share what I learnt and what I wish I knew about buying your first home.  Take note the calming picture I don’t get too stressed when writing this.

Despite the fact you will have had a survey done on the home, they don’t always pick up all the problems in your home. Enter a mould infested bathrooms and a do it yourself plumbing. These are things which aren’t easy to spot. Sadly buyers can hide a lot of things with well placed furniture.

When you get the paperwork through from the solicitor, you must check the contents page. After all, this is where it will show you what the current owner is leaving behind. You don’t want to find out that they have taken the oven once you have moved in! Or you don’t want to presume they are taking their wardrobes, and then find you have one to dismantle and remove before you can take your belongings. Therefore, make sure you check before moving day exactly what is being left behind, and talk to your realtor if there is any confusion. And if you do move in and find essential items missing, you can look online on sites like Ebay to find a quick bargain item for your home!

Get a check on your boiler within the first week of moving in. This is super important because you don’t want to rely on what the buyer has said about it being fine, because as bad as it sounds some people aren’t honest and just want to sell. You will be surprised how many people move in to find out that their boiler isn’t working properly. Therefore, it’s so important that you check this.

You can find a professional company who deal with plumbing and heating to come and check out your utilities in your home. That way, you can have peace of mind that everything is working efficiently. And you could even set up an ongoing maintenance schedule with them so that everything continues to stay in good working order.

Before you move into your new home, you need to make sure the electrics are working safe and sound. You don’t want to move into the property and find out that the lights aren’t working correctly. For one thing, you need to find out from your realtor where the electric box is situated in your new home. As this article says, you can then check if there are any shorts in the wires that could cause a fire. Annoyingly the guy said that all the spot lights came with LED bulbs, which turns out when we moved in they didn’t. Obviously he had switched them. Which meant we spent a small fortune getting LEDS in over 30 lights. This is where I regret not going over the contents more thorough.

Take note of what the house is like when you visit. We visited in January and the owner had most of the windows open. He said it’s because the neighbours both have their heat on full during the summer so the house gets lovely and warm. Turns out he had the windows wide open to hide the dog smell. The excitement of getting our keys was short-lived when we were hit in the face with a stench of wet dog, seconded by the sheer amount of dog hair on the carpet. So within the first week we were forking out over £500 for a new carpet downstairs.

I wish I had taken more note of the condition of the wood work, ceilings, and front door. We knew we were only going to have about £4000 to do the place up to our style. Of which a £1000 had already been put aside for emergency maintenance (like needing a new boiler or something drastically going wrong), then another £1000 for the flooring and getting turf outside because it was all paved. So really our budget was more like £2000. In my eyes that was for paint, pretty things and building the bookcase and wardrobes. Silly me. I didn’t think about needing emergency plumbing work for the downstairs bathroom, or tiles to redecorate due to mould rotting through everything. I also didn’t think about needing all new carpet, or floor paint for the beams under the rotting carpet.

Everything needs fixing. The doors are all patchy and covered in random bits of plaster. There are patches over the ceiling which means 90% of the ceilings need painting. And both the front and back door ideally need replacing because they don’t shut great, and are so scratched up by the dogs they look pretty dreadful.

It’s a work in progress. Funnily me and Richard always said how we’d love to do up a house from scratch…I invisioned this happening when we were much older, with a much larger budget, and not with an active 1-year-old.

If it’s your first house and you don’t have much money left at all for repairs or renovating, I’d recomend looking at a new build. As most of these houses come in pretty good condition. Older houses inevitably mean problems. I’ve known 5 couples in the last year who have brought older houses, around the 70’s 80’s mark, and all are struggling one  way or another with doing them up.

But it will be worth it, and I can’t wait to take you all through the process, which I will start once the mini building site has gone!


So this past weekend we took Archer to the seaside for the very first time. He was in his dream environment, water, sand and dogs everywhere. He recently learned the word doggie, and now is obsessed with dogs. No fear what so ever he will go up to any dog and give them a cuddle, which is great because I’ve secretly always wanted a dog, and Richard has never been so sure. But now it’s 2 against 1. YAY!

daddy-and-archerArcher looking gorgeous with his daddy..



As soon as he saw the sea, he did the biggest was truly a lovely day out!

So we went for a long walk, and gave Arch a chance to have a run around, in typical boy fashion he ate some sand, and tried to go swimming even though it was freezing, and he stroked about 7 dogs..we ate some fresh seafood, and walked to great lengths up a rather steep hill to capture the perfect picture. Though once at the top we realised it was private allotments, so didn’t get that bird-eye view of the sea, we did still manage to get some rather lovely pictures..just not quite as high up.

daddy-and-son-seaside-devon-blue-lagoon-travelLovely atmospheric picture of Richard and Archer. I took my camera out and I just had fun being artistic and trying to find my craft again..

pretty-houses-seaside-colouful seaside-boats-colourI’m seriously considering the idea of retiring to a seaside town. There was just so much colour and texture everywhere, even on a day when it was cold and a little rainy. I’m also a little in love with the purple house…how fun would it be to say oh yeah down on the right, the purple one yeah that’s where I live…

Richard even did some camera work and got some pictures of me and arch chasing the sea..and chasing dogs. Seriously my son is obsessed.

mummy-and-son-blog-seaside-family-day-out-blue-lagoon-instagramLove this picture, there aren’t many pics of me and Arch as I tend to be the one behind the phone or camera, but I love natural pictures taken off guard.

So I gave myself the mission to take a beautiful picture of a seascape which we could print in large-scale for our home. I’m kind of in love with seascapes especially those of crystal blue seas, and maybe the odd surfer or two taken from above. Now crystals clear seas aren’t really native to the UK, plus it’s autumn, and it was an overcast day. But I tried my best, and well here are the final 2.

seascape-picture-webI’m kind of in love with how calming this picture is.. I also like how they both are really different…so maybe I could print them both.

seascape-horizon-mummy-blogger-photography-sea-landscapePretty right, i’m super happy with how they turned out..just deciding which one to get blown up…maybe I willdo both…who knows eh!




Apartment Therapy

We all talk about how to make our modern decor child friendly and safe, hell I even did a post the other day about how to make your Christmas decor your taste as well as keeping it fun for your kids. But do we ever think about how our homes are inspiring our kids?

Bedrooms: more often than not they are covered in toys and clothes, even Archers and he’s only 16 months old.  This is pretty standard, unless you have Mary Poppins as your nanny. But what about the decor? The furniture? The art work? Even if you rent, there are ways to add colour and creativity to your children’s home without breaking the bank or losing your deposit.

Brit + Co

Having a play area, or even a themed corner can help stimulate your child’s imagination. We have a giant chalkboard triangle on Archers wall to give him large space to let loose on.


Creating an inspiring homework nook for your kids could really help them while they are studying. Making hit fun and creative might inspire them to approach their homework with a more positive attitude.

The location of your child’s new homework nook is something you need to consider carefully. Kid’s bedrooms, kitchens and hallways are all popular choices used by families. A homework nook doesn’t have to be over the top and enormous. A small and comfortable corner with a simple desk and chair is perfect. Start looking around your home and consider multiple locations before you commit. You may need to rethink some of your room layouts to create the space you need.

100 Layer Cake-let

A desk and chair are the most integral aspects of a homework nook. So it’s vital that you get them right. Make sure the desk has plenty of space for them to spread out and is able to grow with them. Choosing a desk that is too cramped can put them off using it and will need replacing again in future. If you’re short on space, consider a foldable desk that can be put away when not in use. Choose a colourful, adjustable chair that can also grow with their child as they get older.

Comfort is important if you want your kids to use their new homework nook regularly. You can do this a number of ways. You could add a cushion to their desk chair which they can sit on or use to support their back. A bean bag couch can be a fantastic seating option for homework that involves reading.


When it comes to play or craft time. Even try using your storage as an opportunity to teach and inspire. Maybe create an idea jar where your child can pick an idea at random and for that day you create that scene? And underwater theme or pirate using crafts and furniture to build a platform.

Use artwork around your home that are colourful and full of texture. Art is proven to stimulate the mind no matter the age. Also use their own creations as artwork for your home. Doing this can create a fun gallery wall.

Apartment Therapy 

If you’re a fan of Lego, don’t hide it away have it on display, as these will give a fun aspect to your home too!

Lastly don’t be afraid of make messes, it’s how they learn. Playing and having fun doesn’t tend to be a clean minimalist approach so don’t fret because you can always clear away the toys into some clever adult friendly storage!


Apologies for being the bearer of bad news, but you know that whole season we’ve got coming up? It’s referred to as the season of goodwill, glitz and glamour, Christmas and cheerful celebrations? It’s something we all look forward to, time with family, a few much-needed days off work, and generally the Christmas celebrations…drinking, eating way too much and being overly jolly about wearing red and green. Except for the part where it turns your home – your precious, styled, renovated home – into a land of new challenges. Even if you have managed to get to grips with your decor and your cleaning routine for the other 11 months, December will hit you from nowhere. I know what your thinking, like what’s the problem, lets just put a few Christmas items up. No big deal..but let’s introduce kids into this scenario.

Christmas is magical for everyone, but for kids…it’s a day of dreams. I remember the pure excitement of not being able to sleep on Christmas eve, waiting for a weird fat guy with a beard to drop off presents..terrifying but also amazing. My mum and dad pulled out all the stops. Leaving milk and cookies (don’t forget the carrot for Rudolph), hanging sparkly garlands from the ceilings and a big tree full of decorations of every colour and pattern. Perfect, magical and a true Carter Christmas for me.

As we have got older Christmas decor has become more and more elaborate for the younger generation. Elf on the shelf, Santa keys and buttons, light Christmas scenes, candles…the list is an endless. So here my dear friends I’m going to show you some ideas of how to have a magical Christmas, without compromising the lovely decor you have worked so hard for, and how to be prepared for it..because believe me in a blink of an eye it will be here and the stress will suddenly hit you.

Don’t believe me? Think that Christmas is just about good fun, pleasantness and family time? Aw, how the memory dims – especially over a year that has packed a punch like 2016. I’m not going to go into politics, or the outcome of the election or Brexit, because to be honest I was devastated, and it’s time to be strong and over come to Christmas.

It doesn’t matter what your style is usually, come Christmas, you have one ethos: “grotto”. Or the nearest match that you can make, anyway. But for those of you who want the classy look, but aren’t sure how to do it, or have kids and want the fun to be there too…take a look at these products and layouts, and make your Christmas dreams come true.

christmas-decor-ideas-habitat-and-ikea1. Origami decorations, £5.50, Ikea   2.Noella tree, £18.00, Habitat.  3. Gold splattered crackers, £20.00, Habitat.                                                                4. Gold cutlery, £90.00, Habitat.       5.  Decor tree, £14.00, Ikea.   6. Pom pom decoration, £5.00, Habitat.  7. Olmo plate, £8.00, Habitat.                    8. Candle holder, £35.00, Habitat.

Ok so I’m loving the gold and blue at the moment, so I think this is a great layout for dinner, and having a little wooden decoration tree can be just for your decorations, and let the kids go mental on the tree..comprimise people.


I love the idea of having a hot chocolate bar for your guests, something special for the kids to do Christmas morning too…this is a very modern idea thats been popular at weddings. To the point i’m thinking of doing one at our wedding..but hey lets push the boat out at Christmas too.

Decor wise might be dominated by your kids, and why not it’s a family holiday. But where you can go that extra mile is in the dinner. Styling the table, you can control and although it might only look pretty for a few minutes before cranberry sauce and gravy goes everywhere, here in this moment you can have a modern, stylish beautiful table setting.


I love this, gold cutlery, simple place setting, elegant and stylish. It doesn’t have to be mixed plates and mismatched crockery if you don’t want it to be. tumblr_n0wdjeoruc1rvqm6lo1_1280Source

I love the idea of black and white, and block colour place settings..go fro something different to the modern colours.


Secondly lets talk cleaning and prepping. Now I have a mission this year. We are hosting Richards family Christmas at ours. The idea came to save us travelling so far both days, but the pressure is going to hit. So I’ve already starting prepping. The house being a big one, getting our wooden floor and booth done in time is going to be a mission, but it’s a great motivator! Also keep a note in your diary for Black Friday, November 25th! This could be a great time to get the bargain Christmas presents.

Here’s an idea of the new invaders into your home, some thanks to Christmas itself and some just what feels like pure winter malice:

  • If you go for a real Christmas tree, welcome to a world of pine needles dropping onto the floor and needing to be swept up. This won’t be a weekly chore or even a daily one; it’ll need to be done any time someone walks past, touches or breathes on the tree. But fear not. Christmas blankets are a thing which might help. Here is where I’d like to say I’m being smart and getting a fake one because Archer is in a curious I can now walks nd so need to touch everything phase. But it’s not going to be fake. I’m a real Christmas tree gal through and through…Arch will just need to learn prickles will hurt if you try to lick the tree..
  • There’s a good chance we’re in for a very cold winter thanks to La Nina, so shovelling snow may be a new fun activity.  Now rather than relaxing in front of the fire or building an elaborate snowman, grab your Snow Shifts or other blower and clear a path to your car every day the white stuff visits.
  • Finding a place for all those decorations (not to mention the presents you receive) and fitting them in with your decor. Also dusting all these extras because we know how cards, candles and anything sparkly likes to attract dust.

Just remember, it’s about having fun and spending time with family, when there’s wrapping paper all over the floor, and family members snoring in the corner…no one is going to be looking at whether the lights match the place mats, though deep down you will be…haha!


So if you read my post yesterday, you can see i’m not having the best luck with the house at the moment, for those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, the jist is this. The guy who owned the house before us thought he could DIY everything…including plumbing. He couldn’t. So our downstairs toilet is rotting away with leaks galore, and many more problems around the house which need fixing. Though now the leaks are fixed, thanks to an actual plumber, it’s now time to make it look like a bathroom and not a mini construction site. So here are a round-up of my favourite tiles, I have an idea which ones I’m going to use, but I’ll keep it a surprise for when I reveal our new bathroom!

tiles-round-up-pretty-tiles-for-your-home-interior-design-blogPretty pretty tiles no? Any to the details.

  1. Contour shadow hexagon, Walls and Floors, £29.95 sqm.  2. White gloss herringbone mosaic, Walls and Floors, £3.95 a sheet.                               3. Souk teal tile, British Designer Tiles, £280 sqm.     4. Indian ocean, madagascar Seaspray, Fired Earth, £154.90 sqm.   5. Blue cube decor, Walls and Floors, £49.45 sqm.   6.  Gloss black hexagon, Walls and Floors, £3.95 a sheet.  7. Gallicia & temara, British Designer Tiles, £160 sqm.  8. Hula hoop black, Fired Earth, £99 sqm.



So there are my favourites…I’m so looking forward to having a nice downstairs bathroom…though i’m a do it yourself tile- virgin so might be interesting to see how it goes. Anyone got any tips, let me know!


So we brought our very first home, got super excited about putting our own mark on it, only to be greeted by dodgy after dodgy DIY done by the owners before us. Excited about the possibilities we could do with our limited budget of £4000, quickly got diminished when we realised the state of the house. Now unless you’ve got super lucky and the previous owner has thrown in all their furnishings free of charge, you’re likely to turn up to an empty house. Our big plans for the house included lavish bookcases, beautiful wooden floors and a dinning booth to die for. Most of which have been put on hold while we sort out the finances and fix the existing problems left to us by the previous owners. So to get our dream house, we are having to be pretty savvy. I’ll share a few ways with you now of how we are going to pull it off, plus will do update’s and ‘how to’s’ as the work goes on. This week ill show you the extent of the damage left to us, but for now lets talk renovating on a budget.


So they aren’t quite ceiling to floor shelves, but I’m pretty happy with how they came out. Ill do a big post on these at some point when the livingroom is finished, but we ended up getting the shelving unit from Ikea, but making the shelf inserts ourselves. The inserts in Ikea are £5 a piece. we were able to make all the shelves using plywood, at about £20 a sheet, and we used about 2 sheets. Saving our selves about £70. I love the outcome too, with the plywood grain against the white wood.

Upcycling has become a hugely popular trend in the last few years. It essentially involved taking old, discarded or even broken furniture and restoring it to its former glory. Upcycling means you’ll need to be prepared to get your hands dirty. You can find discarded furniture in skips, at second-hand stores or from people you may know. I love freecycle, and so far have managed to source an excellent resource of free pallets, great for making furniture, that may have cost a bomb if using a timber or plywood. Talk your local labourers, or go to some industrial sites, if you see a lot of pallets just ask if they are up for grabs as most of the time, places like this have tons just waiting to be discarded, and pallet wood is a great resource for furniture, give it a sand and some oil and paint and your ready to go.

Buying off sites like Gumtree, Craigslist or eBay are great way to find furniture, in good condition, for a steal.The only problem is getting the furniture to your new place. This can be a big problem if you live a long way from where the seller lives, or if you don’t have a large vehicle. Contact some interstate furniture removalists or look at sites where you can post the item you want collecting, and couriers can give you their price.

If there’s anything better than getting something cheap, it’s getting something for free. Contact local community groups in your new area and see if there are any swap shops or community fairs coming up soon. Many people sell home items very cheaply at these kinds of events, or you can even swap something of your’s for their item in some circumstances. You also have the advantage of being able to see the item in real life this way, which you don’t have when buying online. Or why don’t you set one up in your town?

Ok so the next few images im going to show you aren’t’s just a few of the problems going on with our house.


So we had to pull the existing carpet up because the owner before us apparently kept his 3 dogs locked in the living room all day and night. When we visited the house all the windows were open, so we didn’t notice a smell or anything. But when we picked up the keys and got in, by god it bloody stink…It really did hit you in the face, and after trying to clean the carpets with a rug doctor, and getting about 2 bin bags full of dog hair out of the carpet, the smell was still really strong so we decided to get rid of the carpet and get a new one. Good job we did because the underlay was sodden, which turns out was from the dogs, and the leaking bathroom which the owner plumbed in himslef..see below. Anyway thankfully Richards parents helped us out with the carpet, as as you can see the room is pretty big and it wasn’t cheap getting carpet for it.


Ok so this is our downstairs bathroom which he plumbed a washing machine into…under the floor..going up to a waste pipe..which according to every plumber we spoke to, is an idiot move. The bozo also plumbed in the sink without connecting the overflow…so you guessed it, mould all up the back of the sink, and when we took the skirting board off, it’s clear to see the pasteboard behind has soaked through and started to rot. Like I’m not interested or have any clue about plumbing or electric work, stuff like that. But surely how dumb do you have to be to not think to pipe in the overflow..i mean it’s a bloody overflow..anyway see damage below.



That’s just one part..its all around the other side where he plumbed in the washing machine by cutting a new hole in the pipe instead of using the existing outer pipe like 3 inches above. seriously you can’t make this stuff up! moving on to our lovely out house.


Now when looking around the place, the outhouse sold it for me. I pictured my beautiful office there, instead of the hot tub of course. But I said a deal breaker for me would be the ease of getting rid of the hot tub without damaging the outhouse. Oh he said, the back just pops off in one piece he said.


it didn’t.

it was nailed to all the corners, meaning we had to physically cut the wood out, it also came in 2 sections with insulation too… fun fun fun.




Luckily my other half is a genius, and he worked out that if he just took the bottom half off, and only cut the word from the inside so he could pop the back off, the hot tub would slide underneath nicely. So after a long couple of weeks, the hot tub was gone, and my office was on its way. I’m not going to go into my war with white paint and resin marks, but let’s just say I will win the war.

I won’t bombard you with anymore cowboy DIY’s for the moment, but I will simply mention, holes in upstairs cupboard floors (dangerous is a understatement) and chipboard in original wooden beam flooring replacements where he fitted in spotlights..which just makes me hate them even more..oh and holes in badly plastered walls…everywhere.

Side note. I’m all for DIY-ing bits your home to save money here and there, but take it from someone who has moved into a house and suffering the many consequences. For plumbing, building work, electricity and gas…let’s leave it for the professionals..yeah?


Ok so it’s been ages since I’ve done a competition, and as I’m getting into the Christmas spirit far too early, I thought I’d share it all with you guys. Plus im super excited about some of our awesome new products we have just on Etsy.

To win all this awesome stuff (details below) all you need to do is leave a comment down below telling us the product you like the look of best. For extra entries go to our twitter, instagram or facebook page and follow the instructions there!


Ok so 1 lucky person will win all this, A humbug sign, a Noel sign, 2 confetti filled baubles and our new gift wrapping boxes which include 4m of twine, 3 m of fancy twine, 2 confetti packets, neon circles, a pot of holographic glitter, 4 large luggage tags, 8 mini luggage tags, 3 pom poms and 3 star pom poms, with some circle confetti thrown in for fun! Close up below

Also here’s a close up of the glitter… how awesome does this look?!

So leave a comment below telling us what product you like the look of best, and the winner will be announced on December 1st. Good luck guys!