Well we are already a few days in, and I’m doing my best to stay on track with my goals, if you have no idea what I’m talking about this should fill you in. But anyway I’m trying hard to stay on track even though I’ve been struck down with the flu. I spent most of the time in bed yesterday due to having a temp and generally having zero energy. But I still managed to do some work.


I’ve narrowed it down to two wallpapers for the spare room, to add to my experimental decor theme..which ones do you guys prefer?


Oh the choices. I’ve never really been a fan of wallpaper, and I hated the stuff even more when we brought this house due to the horrific wallpaper everywhere. But wallpaper can be great for  adding a statement wall, or to add some texture to a room, so I’m slowly being converted. After looking around the standard wallpaper sites and getting a bunch of samples, everything felt a bit same old, I didn’t want a wallpaper that 10 of my neighbours probably have in their home, I wanted something fresh and colourful and especially botanical…we all know how much I love a good cactus, which is when my search led me to etsy. They have so much choice regarding the theme I was after..too much choice it has taken me like 3 months to narrow it down to those two. It was just perfect. Remember guys never settle to just get the room done, always wait until you find that perfect element that’s going to make your room.

So I said I’m going to be more organised with the house regarding decorating and general house to house stuff. I’ve completely rearranged the cupboards more efficiently and taken stock of all the food in our kitchen..you think I’m kidding…im not, I got an app and everything. Then I found out about these fridges. There are smart fridges that people can buy right now which come with all sorts of gadgets and gizmos. This is so ridiculous I kind of want it. It has like a smart screen built-in, with a camera so you can see whats in your fridge, shopping list app, drawing app, you can stream whatever your watching from your tv onto your fridge…crazy stuff, oh and it all syncs it all to your phone too. It’s crazy to think where technology is taken us. I remember the excitement when I was little when we got a fridge with an ice machine on it…little things guys little things. If you like all this tech-y stuff there are blogs like Smart Future that are great resources to find out the latest and greatest technology advances that people are adding to their homes. It’s kind of handy especially as it doesn’t just do the elaborate gadgets like the fridge, but also looks at the thermostats like the nest and the hive. Which me and Richard are considering getting.


Anyway, my organisation has taken me from the kitchen to the office, as I’d like it to be done so I can start using it properly. Richard is currently building me some storage, and I just need to find a place for everything, and do some kind of feature wall…it’s all a bit too white at the mo..I’m not sure what exactly to do, I think I’m going to paint something, maybe a confetti wall or geometric? This one above my Oh Joy is insane, but I’m not sure I can pull something like this off, especially as I’d be painting onto wooden slats. But I’m in love with all the colour and shapes..so pretty. I think the office is my next priority with the house, once that’s done I can clear about 40% of the house out of crafts, paper and general fun things to put in my office. Also as much fun as it is working from the sofa or my bed ( like I am now), I think I need to have a separate place which is inspiring and full of creativity where I can concentrate on doing great content for the blog, and save my poor house from confetti explosions.

So there’s my update so far, and if your thinking what about the whole body positive and self love…well I did some yoga the other day, which I really enjoyed, and due to me being poorly I just chilled yesterday, but if you follow me on Instagram, I’ve been posting some fun instastories where you get to see me in all my beauty…mostly look rough and poorly, but I’m making an effort to document my life more..with me in it. Not bad for 3 days in! How are all your goals going?