2017 GOALS


Happy New Year everyone, god how is it 2017 already?! I have to say I love New Years, the idea of a clean slate to start a year fresh with new goals and a chance to reflect on the past year.

So looking back at last years post, I didn’t end up marrying Richard, we decided to postpone the wedding because, well-being new parents is tough work, and buying a house, which ended up needing a lot more work then we thought..kind of felt we had done enough big lifetime events for one year. But our wedding is booked for this year…by Novemeber 18th I will be Mrs. Sanders…eeek!

Regarding my organisation, I think I did pretty well in the personal department, birthdays remembered and posted, all appointments made and attended, planning of wedding started, and house DIY’s going well too. In the work department…not so much. I saw myself get a lot more sponsored posts this year, which sadly took over more then my own posts, which to be honest I’m not all that happy about..last year for the blog, worked well financially but sucked creatively, and so this year, I want a total makeover. I’m planning a re-brand, some new content and will only accept sponsored posts that I have time for and I feel fit Wooden Flamingo. I don’t have this blog to make money, it’s for fun and creativity and I lost that this year.

So here’s to hoping I can organise my work life now!

So getting healthy, I had my ups and downs, I started walking a lot more, which has been great for me and Arch, but having an active toddler, and a husband-to-be with a super busy work schedule, and no family about..it’s hard to find time to get everything done, but I’m slowly carving out a routine which I’m hoping will help!

Let’s look to this year, I have a few goals I’d like to work towards.

Being Happy; This one may be the hardest, when I say be happy, this isn’t me saying I’ve had a rubbish year, because I’ve been so lucky, and I’m so grateful for things that have happened this year. It’s more of a reminder, a daily reminder, to not stress about everything, to enjoy the little moments with Archer, and to be kinder to myself. With a wedding happening, I’d like to be more comfortable with myself, I don’t tend to like having my picture-taking, but since I’ve hired a wonderful photographer for the big day, I think it’s about time I start getting use to being in front of the camera, and for me to get over hang ups about my body, and to be happy in my own skin..so expect some selfies..because I’ve got 11 months to work on some self-love..

Creativity; Like I said above, the blog is going to have a re-brand, and I’m going to make it my mission to infuse more creativity into my daily life, and bring you guys the fun content that the blog has been lacking this year. To help this along, I’m making it my aim to learn a new skill this year, hopefully via a workshop or class…any ideas of what I should try out?

Organisation;I mastered birthdays and Christmas ( had 98% of my  Christmas shopping done by November) but I’d like to organise my life, work outs, cooking (I’ve already taken inventory of the kitchen, sad I know) , house projects and rather importantly the blog. Plan shoots, plan DIY’s and finally execute all the ideas running around my head for projects on ETSY.

I’m looking forward to more crazy decor ideas for the house, wedding DIY’s and fun shoots! Here’s to another hectic and busy year..I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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