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Ok, so I’m currently working on a new series of products, which I’m super excited about, but have hit a minor road block. So I came up with this idea that I’d do a series in seasons, like fashion I guess. With each new series having a colour palette.

You still with me? Good. So anyway trying to find a good colour combo is driving me crazy, as you can imagine there are so many different combinations, and so I thought I’d ask your guys opinion.

In the above pic are my group of colours. Of which I can edit shades etc, and add black, white and grey into the mix as neutrals too. Question is which palettes do you like better?


Ok, so with these two sets, I rather like how the top has a cooler, pastel vibe. While the bottom is more vibrant..but I’m not really sure about the dark blue, you know?

bright-summery-colour-combosMaybe the mid blue goes better?

sping-colour-combos-paint-samples-Then we have this as a possible combo, but I just don’t know. Should I play around finding a four colour combo, then maybe add an accent colour to contrast? For example with this one above I could add a gold or a purple to off set the flow..

I’m really not sure about the navy blue..maybe it can be a little detail colour, I’m worried it’s too harsh for what the idea is..( all will be revealed soon)


FYI you think I’m having trouble with just picking paint colours for a project, can you imagine the trouble I have decorating our house. Why do you think I’ve gone for plain white? Hahah

But what are your favourite colour combos at the moment, should I scrap these ones and start from me guys!!

Happy Wednesday all x




Ok I’ve given myself the challenge to try to curb my shopping…which isn’t going as well as I’d like but i’m arguing with myself that it’s fine as bits I’ve brought are for the blog..yup..thats allowed right? So I’ve been swooning over some lovely new things, and I thought I’d share them with you guys, because this is clearly helping me not want to buy anything.,-anthroologie,-etsy,trouva-wish-list-products-cute-pink-haul-

1. Neon heart light, Trouva, £52.00   2. Normann Copenhagen Ekko throw blanket, Trouva, £99.00   3. Finch desk Organiser, Anthropologie, £26.00   4. Medina Coaster, Anthropologie, £6.00   5. Pink felt lettered board,, £81.06   6. Itty bitty pom pom earrings, marley & alfie, £56.78   7. Boob bath mat,, £60.00+   8. Lipstick pink melamine tray, Trouva, £22.50   9. Leather personal planner, Kikki-K. £54.00

I’m very much loving pink an the moment can you tell?…but in all honesty I am. To the point I’m in the middle of trying to convince Richard into doing our main bathroom pink. Don’t panic I have tons of time it’s going to take us years to save up to do the I’m not going to back down! is on of my favourite shops at the moment, sadly it’s based in America so shipping is pretty high, but a few things are on ASOS and they sell a few bits at Selfridges, though I’m yet to see the boob bathmat anywhere..which is a shame because I’m totally in love with it..but check it out, also if you don;t know who Jen Gotch is..check her out too, shes amazingly vibrant and funny, and I love her a little bit. #onmylistofpeoplei’dlovetomeet seriously check out her instagram.

So not only is pink seriously dominating my life purchases at the moment, but as are pom poms and boobs. Especially in light of the politics happening around us, I’m feeling the empowerment of women and boobs are just awesome right?! These earrings combine both, I could spend a fortune at marley & alfie. I definitely need a pom pom necklace for everyday of the week and some horseshoes for decor around my home..such cute stuff!

Anyway, I hope you all have had a lovely weekend, and that this list gives you a good excuse to take a break from work and check out some fun things!



Recently I wrote about David Bowie items that you can get on Etsy.  I enjoyed seeing just how inspiring he was, even through product design! One of the things I loved about Bowie was how he just kept reinventing himself, and managing to be a style icon every single time. 

When I look back at my fashion sense over the years, it’s amazing really how much my style has changed. I’ve been gothic, punk, bright arty and vintage, simple..and now I’d describe my style as bright mummy-ish. Meaning I wear a lot of jeans, tshirts and converse. But when I make the effort hello colours of the rainbow! 


As we all know, Bowie changed his style with regularity, and most of those looks have become iconic in their own right. I think the best way to find your signature style is to experiment with lots of different looks. Dye your hair – just remember that if you bleach it, make sure that you get it done professionally to keep it in good condition. Get a water softener (sounds dull but it makes a massive difference) to make sure that you’re washing your hair properly so that you can style it more easily, and experiment with your clothes and make up.. Check out charity shops and eBay for interesting items of clothing for reasonable prices, and don’t be afraid to put together clashing prints and experimental shapes. You can honestly pull anything off as long as you do it with confidence!
Remember It’s Not About What Suits You

One of the things that women’s magazines tells us to do is hide certain parts of our bodies – our thick thighs, our flabby stomachs – as if our thighs don’t hold memories of all the incredible meals we’ve had with lovers and friends, and as if the stretchmarks on our stomachs aren’t demonstrations of the incredible way that we grew babies, or even food babies.  Ignore what the magazines say and instead, embrace your body. 

It’s not always about what clothes suit your body – it’s about what person you feel like being that day, and what you think they might wear. This is easier said then done, believe me I know I’m still trying to find the inner love for my body, and to express myself with my love of fashion and’s a constant working process. 

Once you have your style locked down it can evolve as you go. Just as Bowie’s  Ziggy Stardust evolved into the Thin White Duke. Find your style and own it just like Bowie.

And when in doubt a slick of bright lipstick will make a statement and any outfit pop, just have fun with it. 



I mentioned in my 2017 goals post, that I wasn’t overly happy with my content last year, and made it my mission this year to be more creative and to bring you guys more fun posts. I currently have two fun things in the works at the moment which I’ll share with you in February, not long to wait, but I thought I’d share some tips on how we can all be a little more creative.

I believe everyone can be creative. I’ve had friends be like gosh you’re so creative I could never do that..but they have never let themselves try. There’s creativity in everything. There’s creativity in cooking, gardening, even exercising. In my eyes anything you put effort into or have a passion for is a creative outlet. So let’s unleash that creativity.

With social media, there’s no excuse not to share your passions nowadays, you can pin that recipe, instagram that new plant, or YouTube your new work out regime. If your finding you want to try your hand at creating some artwork, whatever your medium be, sites like Deviantart offer the chance to share your art with other creative individuals. Or you could start a blog or vlog, and like me use it as an outlet to show your creative side and inspiration.

Creativity doesn’t end with art, like I said above, there are so many ways you can bring more creativity into your life. Why not make your home your next masterpiece? There are many ways to get creative in the home. A little creative decor can ensure you’re in an inspiring space at all times. Or try a new workshop, learn something you never thought you would. I’d personally love to do a blacksmith course..because I think it would be something fun to hello conversation starter..

Once you feel confident in your new skill, or even feel that maybe you have mastered it, you can then perhaps enter competitons, there are tons of art competitions. Or start your own shop, where you can book tables at a craft fairs..or simply enjoy your new-found hobby.

I have so many classes saved on my Skillshare account and I’m slowly working through them. I’d like to master ( or at least get confident at) calligraphy, SEO (fun fun fun) and typography. Here’s to a creative 2017, why not join the journey? Every week I’ll post something on the blog that’s creative. You can join in too by leaving links or photos in the comments! Let’s get creative guys!



bowie-bowie-bowieTo say I was devastated when I heard about David Bowie’s death is a understatemnt. I can’t believe it’s been a year.I have always had a special place in my heart for him, and always will. I’ve loved Bowie from a young age and gave myself the mission of when I was in college to start collecting his lps…they were surprisingly hard to find, and sometimes still are, I bonded over the love of him with a guy I fancied back in college..and play Bowie frequently to Archer now, which he loves to have a dance too. So as I sit here listening to some of his classics, I thought I’d look on Etsy and see just how influential he was. THere are so many different Bowie themed things on etsy, and here are just a few of my favourites..especailly the doll…I think the Bowie doll is awesome.


1. Labyrinth Card, Etsy , £2.99   2. Bowie tea towel, Etsy, £10.99    3. Bowie cat coasters, Etsy, £28.00  4. Bowie pin, Etsy, £10   5. Bowie trooper mug, Etsy, £6.99   6.  David Bowie print, Etsy, £10   7. Starman baby vest, Etsy, £10.99  8. Bowie doll, Etsy, £76.45


Hope you all having a lovely Tuesday, and playing some Bowie too!




Well we are already a few days in, and I’m doing my best to stay on track with my goals, if you have no idea what I’m talking about this should fill you in. But anyway I’m trying hard to stay on track even though I’ve been struck down with the flu. I spent most of the time in bed yesterday due to having a temp and generally having zero energy. But I still managed to do some work.


I’ve narrowed it down to two wallpapers for the spare room, to add to my experimental decor theme..which ones do you guys prefer?


Oh the choices. I’ve never really been a fan of wallpaper, and I hated the stuff even more when we brought this house due to the horrific wallpaper everywhere. But wallpaper can be great for  adding a statement wall, or to add some texture to a room, so I’m slowly being converted. After looking around the standard wallpaper sites and getting a bunch of samples, everything felt a bit same old, I didn’t want a wallpaper that 10 of my neighbours probably have in their home, I wanted something fresh and colourful and especially botanical…we all know how much I love a good cactus, which is when my search led me to etsy. They have so much choice regarding the theme I was after..too much choice it has taken me like 3 months to narrow it down to those two. It was just perfect. Remember guys never settle to just get the room done, always wait until you find that perfect element that’s going to make your room.

So I said I’m going to be more organised with the house regarding decorating and general house to house stuff. I’ve completely rearranged the cupboards more efficiently and taken stock of all the food in our think I’m kidding…im not, I got an app and everything. Then I found out about these fridges. There are smart fridges that people can buy right now which come with all sorts of gadgets and gizmos. This is so ridiculous I kind of want it. It has like a smart screen built-in, with a camera so you can see whats in your fridge, shopping list app, drawing app, you can stream whatever your watching from your tv onto your fridge…crazy stuff, oh and it all syncs it all to your phone too. It’s crazy to think where technology is taken us. I remember the excitement when I was little when we got a fridge with an ice machine on it…little things guys little things. If you like all this tech-y stuff there are blogs like Smart Future that are great resources to find out the latest and greatest technology advances that people are adding to their homes. It’s kind of handy especially as it doesn’t just do the elaborate gadgets like the fridge, but also looks at the thermostats like the nest and the hive. Which me and Richard are considering getting.


Anyway, my organisation has taken me from the kitchen to the office, as I’d like it to be done so I can start using it properly. Richard is currently building me some storage, and I just need to find a place for everything, and do some kind of feature wall…it’s all a bit too white at the mo..I’m not sure what exactly to do, I think I’m going to paint something, maybe a confetti wall or geometric? This one above my Oh Joy is insane, but I’m not sure I can pull something like this off, especially as I’d be painting onto wooden slats. But I’m in love with all the colour and pretty. I think the office is my next priority with the house, once that’s done I can clear about 40% of the house out of crafts, paper and general fun things to put in my office. Also as much fun as it is working from the sofa or my bed ( like I am now), I think I need to have a separate place which is inspiring and full of creativity where I can concentrate on doing great content for the blog, and save my poor house from confetti explosions.

So there’s my update so far, and if your thinking what about the whole body positive and self love…well I did some yoga the other day, which I really enjoyed, and due to me being poorly I just chilled yesterday, but if you follow me on Instagram, I’ve been posting some fun instastories where you get to see me in all my beauty…mostly look rough and poorly, but I’m making an effort to document my life more..with me in it. Not bad for 3 days in! How are all your goals going?



2017 GOALS


Happy New Year everyone, god how is it 2017 already?! I have to say I love New Years, the idea of a clean slate to start a year fresh with new goals and a chance to reflect on the past year.

So looking back at last years post, I didn’t end up marrying Richard, we decided to postpone the wedding because, well-being new parents is tough work, and buying a house, which ended up needing a lot more work then we thought..kind of felt we had done enough big lifetime events for one year. But our wedding is booked for this year…by Novemeber 18th I will be Mrs. Sanders…eeek!

Regarding my organisation, I think I did pretty well in the personal department, birthdays remembered and posted, all appointments made and attended, planning of wedding started, and house DIY’s going well too. In the work department…not so much. I saw myself get a lot more sponsored posts this year, which sadly took over more then my own posts, which to be honest I’m not all that happy about..last year for the blog, worked well financially but sucked creatively, and so this year, I want a total makeover. I’m planning a re-brand, some new content and will only accept sponsored posts that I have time for and I feel fit Wooden Flamingo. I don’t have this blog to make money, it’s for fun and creativity and I lost that this year.

So here’s to hoping I can organise my work life now!

So getting healthy, I had my ups and downs, I started walking a lot more, which has been great for me and Arch, but having an active toddler, and a husband-to-be with a super busy work schedule, and no family’s hard to find time to get everything done, but I’m slowly carving out a routine which I’m hoping will help!

Let’s look to this year, I have a few goals I’d like to work towards.

Being Happy; This one may be the hardest, when I say be happy, this isn’t me saying I’ve had a rubbish year, because I’ve been so lucky, and I’m so grateful for things that have happened this year. It’s more of a reminder, a daily reminder, to not stress about everything, to enjoy the little moments with Archer, and to be kinder to myself. With a wedding happening, I’d like to be more comfortable with myself, I don’t tend to like having my picture-taking, but since I’ve hired a wonderful photographer for the big day, I think it’s about time I start getting use to being in front of the camera, and for me to get over hang ups about my body, and to be happy in my own expect some selfies..because I’ve got 11 months to work on some self-love..

Creativity; Like I said above, the blog is going to have a re-brand, and I’m going to make it my mission to infuse more creativity into my daily life, and bring you guys the fun content that the blog has been lacking this year. To help this along, I’m making it my aim to learn a new skill this year, hopefully via a workshop or class…any ideas of what I should try out?

Organisation;I mastered birthdays and Christmas ( had 98% of my  Christmas shopping done by November) but I’d like to organise my life, work outs, cooking (I’ve already taken inventory of the kitchen, sad I know) , house projects and rather importantly the blog. Plan shoots, plan DIY’s and finally execute all the ideas running around my head for projects on ETSY.

I’m looking forward to more crazy decor ideas for the house, wedding DIY’s and fun shoots! Here’s to another hectic and busy year..I wouldn’t have it any other way!