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How is it Wednesday again already? ANybody else think that the weeks are going by way too quickly? Anyway, I have a rather fun selection of patterns today, designed on photoshop, I played around with lots of different colour combos, I think these would be cute as possible wallpapers, but let me know what you think. Also if you want to follow along I’d love to see your patterns, use the #wflovespattern


Here are my other variations, I love the black and white one with the spot of colour. What are your thoughts?







I’m consider getting this last one blown up and framed.. if you like the idea of this too, make sure you check out my Society 6 shop!




Ok, so my office is very nearly finished, but after I was asked about doing a post on how I style special decor items, my immediate thought of what room to show was my office. Since buying our first house, I have loved bringing out my style, pushing boundaries (even Richards) with decor ideas and just showcasing our very many special things. So let’s get straight to it yes?

First lets talk about my statement wall. If you look back at this post you can see my many ideas for my wall including the one I finally went with. Because this is my office, I wanted bright bold colours and patterns that inspire me everyday. The aim for the office was to be eye-catching and a conversation piece, and I definitely think this hits the spot.


Pink is a big colour in my palette at the moment, and so the pops and different shades of pink just make the area super fun. With built-in storage to the left, I am able to display some special items. Because in my opinion anything special you have  should not be hidden away. On my storage shelf one of the most precious items of mine is the gold glass box. But it’s not the box more the contents. It holds Polaroids pictures from the last ten years. Its family members, special events, pictures of Archer growing up, precious memories to me, and I love having them out and being able to go through them and think back to all the good times I have had.  I then have the large oversized photograph that I took of the tree in the rented house we lived in before the house we are in now. This is special to me because I was pregnant in this house, and it will always be Archer’s first home.  To me photographs are some of the most precious items I have, and I want to be surrounded by memories constantly. Sometimes displaying pictures in a box and leaning a large frame against a wall or shelf can add a really nice dynamic structure to a room.


Next I have my bar cart, which is just an Ikea bookcase with spray painted legs attached to it. I will do a big post on this once it’s completely stocked. Now I know what your thinking, how is this sentimental and why a bar cart in the office. I think everyone should have a bar in their office and this idea goes back to my Grandma and Grandads old house. My memory of my Grandad was him sitting in his study, surrounded by photographs, books, his writing desk and his bar. His old school bar was amazing, and I even have a few items on here which my Grandma gave me when she finally moved. The ice bucket down in the left corner box was theirs, it’s a beautiful rose gold inside, and I have a couple of cocktail bottles that she gave me too. The rest of the items of things I have, I have collected over the years, just waiting for the day when I would have my own bar in my home. I have a beautiful wooden flamingo (obviously) that my mother brought me, and hand sourced items from all over. The pink glass bowl was a charity find, and the cactus are planted in old beer cans, which suits the subject beautifully, no? The bar still needs more things added but I love the variety of height and texture, always try to vary height when placing objects on the shelf. I also love adding texture via glasses, all my items which are still available will be listed at the end.


Adding objects on different heights gives a greater sense of space, and uses the layout nicely. Trying puting objects on books, and finding items in a variety of heights and textures.


Don’t forget a neon sign for a fun element too, it is a bar after all.


office-wall-statement-wall-Here is another look of the back of my office, I went for a salmon pink and a light teal green to give a really fun Miami beach hut effect, keeping with a similar theme I brought some bar accessories in pink and white tones, and used the green of the cactus to contrast with pink. I am in love with how this is turning out, and I am hoping the rest of the office will be finished soon to show you.

I got a lot of inspiration from Havenly. I am quite confident when it comes to making bold decor decisions but if you’re not to sure they have a great design service which could really help inspire you, so go check them out.

Here are the links to where you can find some of the items I have shown.


1.  Neon circle vase, Urban Outfitters,  2. Pink felt letter board,,  3. Grace: A memoir, Grace Coddington Amazon,   4. Crystal head vodka, 31 Dover,  5. Capture your style, Aimee Song, Amazon,    6. Oil slick cocktail set, Hello Blush,   7. Celebrate everything, Darcy Miller, Amazon,  8. Oh Joy, Joy Cho, Amazon.


Sadly the rest of the items are no longer available but here are some cheeky tips on where to get some beautiful pieces. Check back on Anthropology regularly because there sales are amazing, I got quite a bit of my glass ware and cute pink coasters for a fraction of the price, also the sales on Urban Outfitters are great too. I wanted that vase for a month of so and kept checking back until it was on offer, thankfully my gamble paid out. And never forget charity shops and car boots, go hunting for your unique pieces.


Thanks for reading all!





Ok, so I say routine, it’s been a couple of  weeks, but thinking positive and all that jazz. Archer’s new wake up time is 5, so my new wake up time is now 5. YAY. Seriosuly slowly killing me, but I am striving to get used to being an over-achiever morning person. I mean I found the 6am start a struggle. Let’s just hope it stops at 5am. Seriosuly is this kid even ours? Me and Richard could happily sleep in til 1..not very productive. But hey we are totaly sleep bunnies. And due to Richards shift work, and me being overly awesome/the stay at home mum, Im one up playing trains on the floor at 5 am.

Anyway, this isn’t just my new routine of getting up, I’ve also decided to try and make some use of the early morning rise. So me and Arch have started going out running. I find I need to do something otherwise I’d lay on the couch in a half slumber, which isn’t great for my energy levels, and it tends to lead to Arch sneakily covering him self in pen while I pathetically watch him with one eye closed. So yes we have started running. Well, a jog like jaunt with walking in between.

I got into running the summer before my last year of uni, and got to the point I was able to run for a good 40 mins at a nice pace. Since then I have tried to get back into. Cue a sprained ankle the following year, then cue pregnancy with a bunch of morning sickness next. I got out of running due to a super hectic 3rd year schedule and meeting Richard. I managed to gain a couple of stone in the first 6 months of being with Richard, due to large portions and generally being happy and comfortable. So anyway, back to my morning runs.

I’ve just finished my last run of this week, which was run for 90 seconds walk for 90 seconds x5. But the last run I did for 2 minutes just to see if I was able, as tomorrow its the big run for 2 minutes, walk for 2 minutes. I’m following this program below, but I edited it a little. I started off with week 2 where I took the walk down by 1 minute, and with week 3 I took the walk time down by 90 seconds just to try and improve my recovery time. So I did run 1 minute walk 2 x5, then run 90 seconds walk 90 seconds x5.

So I’ve been running for a couple of weeks, and it’s quite a nice way to start my morning. Though pushing a pram while running is pretty tough. I finish with a  cool down, where I walk home and let Arch out of the pram so he can have a run around too. He seems to enjoy it. Plus there is no way I could run in the middle of the day…you all enjoying the heat wave!!??

Here is the program if you fancy giving it a go.




How are you all handling this heat? I am not..the warm weather isn’t too bad, it’s all the flies that come in when you must have all your doors and windows wide open..nightmare. Anyway my plants are loving the heat, and I was in a rather floral mood hence today’s theme for my pattern Wednesday. Also I have started using Society 6, so if you like the look of any previous patterns take a look here where you can get them. Print form, framed prints and even a couple of bath mats ( hello egg print from last week).


Anyway enjoy, and here’s to the last hump of the week going fast. Tag your patterns at #wflovespattern





I get asked this question a lot by close friends, who either want me to help them with decor, or to know if an interior designer is worth hiring. Firstly, I am not an interior designer, I have a love for all things interiors, I love planning out a room (styling) and decorating the room, but interior designers go way above that. So let’s talk some deets.

An interior designer can be great if you really have no idea of how to put your ideas together, or if you renovating/building a home and literally have no idea where to start. A designer can help take your many wacky different ideas and come up with a cohesive plan for the layout, style and decor of your rooms. They can also liase with contractors/builders etc. on placement of certain features. This is where have a designer from the get go is a good idea.

But first things first. The most important thing to consider is your budget . Each designer will charge according to their experience, so if you are looking for designers who have been in the business for a few years, you should expect to pay quite a bit for their service. But getting someone who is just starting out, although they may be new, will be cheaper while they are building up their portfolio. But remember everyone has to start somewhere.  But you need to take into consideration how much the designer will costs, and the decorating budget too. The last thing you need is your finances going into the red!

If you have decided that an interior designer is the right choice, do your research. Each interior designer will have their own distinct style. Some designers might prefer to use furniture from Danetti and other modern brands, which use light colours and contemporary shapes. while other designers might prefer to create vintage-inspired rooms and source their furniture from flea markets or antique shops. To get a good idea of the look a potential designer will create for you, take a look at their portfolio to see the rooms they have styled in the past. I personally would love to use someone who can create an array of different looks and feels. This will show that they can take any brief and wow it.

Once the designer is picked and the date booked, why not go visit family or find an  alternative accommodation while they get to work. This way you won’t be bashing heads with carpenters/decorators/designers etc.

Think about your timeline. When I decorated my mother’s room it took me a good few days doing it on my own. You need to think about how long a renovation might take and if you have deadlines like the holidays or before someone comes to stay? If so, you need to let your interior designer know that they need to work to a tight timeline.


hopefully this might have helped a few questions you might have..hope everyone is enjoying the currently sat with my feet in a paddiling pool.





Ok so I will give you one guess what I had for dinner yesterday that influenced my doodling this morning..Eggs eggs eggs. But on a serious note, poached eggs are one of my all time favourite foods. I have them at least twice a week I’d say. Probably more. Adding to my obsession of eggs with this pattern, it also features pink. A colour that has taken some major control over my life the last year, and many others. It’s the year of the pink that is for sure. But anyway. I hope everyone’s Wednesday goes quickly, it’s my Birthday tomorrow and I turn 28. So far my birthday plans include taking Archer to tumble tots and then a family day to the pool. Which I am pretty excited about. Can’t beat family time and here’s hoping there may be some cake too.

But I will keep you guys updated because obviously you’re dying to know how my Birthday will be spent..



There’s no better time than summer to get some awesome craft projects underway. The kids are off school, the weather is fine, and the days are long. But these aren’t just for the older kids, have fun with your little ones too. Arch loves doing little mini projects, and we have an array of pretty pictures and different crafts that we have done together. These are great too if it’s raining, or if you just aren’t feeling a mummy and toddler group. Also I’d recommend checking your local library, ours offer a craft day once a week, and during the holidays they do lots of fun themed crafts too..great for the little ones. Even if it only keeps Arch entertained for 10 minutes! Anyway on to the crafts.

I’ve collected a few things over the last few months in a box, crazily known as the craft box. Original I know. In the craft box we have felt, buttons,paints, paper, pom poms…and you get where I am going with this. I actually pick up bulk sets when the sales are on. Because let’s’ be honest I don’t think our little ones are going to care if the craft pack is ‘last seasons’. Obviously I keep tools like scissors, glue and spray adhesives out-of-the-way in a cupboard, and I use these when doing certain things..though Arch is just about getting the hang of glue.

234_rmw_ed_hippie_gypsy_0613Rock My Wedding

There’s nothing more summer-esque than building a den and playing outside all day, watching the stars at night and nothing is as tasty than a smore! Grab a sheet, a bunch of pillows and fill your day making daisy chains and going on nature hunts. The kids are sure to have fun!


diy-chalk-5Project Nursery

Next we have a fun DIY which is super colourful, fun to make and should last a fair bit of time too. DIY chalk for your kids to draw some masterpieces on pavement in your back garden or on your street. Fun to make and fun to how cute do these look..lolly pop shapes. This is also a fun activity for kids all ages and a great one for the little ones in helping them learn colours.

MerMagInterlockingCastle7Mer Mag Blog

Oh the wonders you can create with a cardboard box, how cute does this look? The possibilities are really endless!


full_113967_2F2016-04-16-224133-imageCut out and Keep

For the unicorn lovers in your life, this is super cute right and who knew you could create something like this from an old toilet roll. This is sure to keep the unicorn loves entertained!


jI Hearts n Crafts

These are so cute right? Perfect for those sunny days! Also a great one to do with the little ones.

alphabet-rocks-1Balancing Home

This last one is great for the older kids, and helping them with their spelling. Plus its a fun activity finding the pebbles and painting them to look pretty!


So there you have it, just a few ideas to keep your kids entertained this summer! Hope you all had a lovely weekend!


I think it’s pretty safe to say that when you have kids, anything remotely cute you want to get them, I’m trying my hardest constantly not to over buy or spoil Archer. If I had endless money, there’s no doubt he would be dressed to the max in super cute outfits, and have every colourful book under the sun, but instead I buy rarely, and try to really support the small business community. I love Etsy and have come across some little shops recently that I thought I’d share…and I think I might start a dressing the little man post, because I know how difficult it can be finding colourful, bright and full of pattern clothes. boy’s sections are always so tiny right? Anyway. Moving on to some cute things I found which just show you how on point the world of product design is right now! Enjoy all. Everything will be linked below.




  1. Two toned cup, Peek and Pack, €8.00,   2. Salvador Kokeshi, Peek and Pack, €35.00,   3. Make a face, Moon Picnic, £34.00,   4. Cardboard People, Moon Picnic, £16.50,   5. Giant ice cream, Moon Picnic, £18.90,   6. Paper city, Moon Picnic, £12.50,   Frida Kokeshi, Peek and Pack, €35.00,   Alphabet Pebbles, Moon Picnic, £16.00


So above are a couple of new shops for you to check out Peek and Pack and Moon Picnic. I just brought some magazines from Moon Picnic, and when they arrive I will instagram them…so excited! But both shops have items that are to die for, design genius and just adorably cute too!

Happy Friday all!




Black tiles, Plant, Mirror, Toilet roll holder, Towels, Sink, Hexagon tiles.

I’m not ashamed to admit that this makeover has been 6 months in the making…and we are still only at the painting stage. We have had the tiles in our hallway for like 5 months, and that’s not even me exagerating..finding the time to do the never-ending list of things, just takes it time..but we are hoping to start tiling in the next month on so…going to block out a few days on the ever busy calendar. But here is a look out our moodboard for our downstairs bathroom.

We wanted a black and white themed bathroom, so that it toned down some of the colour which goes on in the rest of the house. Keeping the hardware white, and the tiles black and grey. I love white bathroom suites because it gives such a clean look to everything. Though I secretly dream of one day having a bright blue sink. We were on a tight budget so really shopped around for the hardware. We ended up going for the sink above, though it was about a £100 cheaper at the time. It’s quite big compared to our tiny space, but it takes over in a good way, and will go beautifully with the handmade pallet wood cabinet Richard is currently working on. We got our tap which is a waterfall one which is no longer available from Ikea. It was down from £70 to £17.. Bargain. It really is worth waiting and shopping around especially fi your budget is tight..we got the tap and sink about a month after we moved in and we have been here a year at the end of the month. So yes take your time to find perfect items.

We are going for a half black metro tile wall with white-painted walls above. Light shades are always a better choice  in my opinion with smaller bathrooms as it makes it a bit more open, but I love having a big contrast in the room. We are having to build a wooden frame to conceal some big pipes, which I think will adorn plenty of plants, giving a fresh feel and a nice spot of colour to contrast the black/white/ grey palette. I might go for some bold yellow accessories like hand towel and plant pots to add some punch in there too.

I reccomend not having a ton of clutter everywhere. This will ensure your bathroom looks as big as possible. Especially if like mine its a little closet sized one. I have simple architectural shapes with the wooden frame, simple cupboard and the white circle mirror above the sink. The texture will come from the plants and the tiles. I am in love with our floor tiles. I was a bit weary of pairing them with the black metro tiles, but I trust it will give a funky look to the bathroom.

Here are a few small bathrooms, #housegoals, that will give you guys a little more inspo for re-doing a tiny bathroom.

imageRefinery 29

Those tiles….love the contrast of the blue and white here..I spent ages trying to find really colourful tiles that were overly pricey..let’s just say it was difficult.


tumblr_ogw9zrf3fm1r6kaa9o8_1280Gravity Home

A similar colour scheme to mine, I love the simple yet geometrical this bathroom is. So much going on pattern and grid wise, but yet it’s so calming.



This resembles a pretty similar size to out bathroom, small and cosy. I love how they have used yellow and graphic artwork to break up the white and black colour scheme. I hope your bathroom get’s done’s hoping!