I love ASOS, it’s quite possibly the only online shop I buy my clothes from, other then Ebay. ASOS is great for us plus size girls too, as the majority of their collection goes up to size 18, and their plus size goes up to 26. Returns are free, if you pay for premium, which is £9.99 a year, you get free next day delivery all year, which means you can try as many clothes as you want without worrying about postage costs in the comfort of your own home. So here are 4 outfits that I am totally loving.


Ok so firstly I am in love with those shoes…blue velvet crush. God I wish I could walk in heels..i’m worst then bambi on ice. Anyway, this outfit is bold and badass and is totally the choice for an afternoon walk around a Parisian flea market..or grabbing some gelato and sitting by Trevi Fountain making wishes.

Dress £50, Shoes £45, Sunglasses £35, Clutch Purse £88.



My idea for this outfit, was a romance meets effortless chic. You might think the jacket is an odd choice, but I love the relaxed grey jersey of it. It casuals this outfit up, but still looks super cute. Jersey jacket with nude scallop heels…yes please.

Dress £25, Jacket £24.99, Shoes £29.99, Bag £28.99.



This lace jumpsuit is just gorgeous, and perfect for wondering downtown New York, and maybe grabbing a rainbow bagel…FYI I am totally going to try and make some rainbow bagels with funfetti cream cheese..

Jumpsuit £85, Jacket £75, Shoes £35, Bag £30.


Ok so this is a little out there, bright yellow tee with a bright pink skirt, and those shoes…yes this is daring and out there, but it’s also fun and whimsical and perfect for spending the day in Brick Lane, visiting little galleries and taking in culture. You can also keep your art supplies in that awesome back pack too.

Skirt £30, Tee £12, Shoes £25, Bag £20.

We are off to France at the end of the week, so I may have ordered a few cheeky things, so who knows might have some fun doing some outfits posts while I’m away..depending on my face… as it’s not be so great recently!