Ok, so as I mentioned I’ve given myself until the end of October to find a venue. So far it’s not going so a viewing in a couple of weeks which I’m feeling really positively about, will let you know how it goes. Fingers crossed. 

I guess planning a wedding is meant to be fun, I’m expecting it to be. But until I find the venue, it’s stressing me out. I know that once the venue is sorted, I can have fun doing all the little bits. But let’s be honest. Planning a wedding is stressful. Because no matter how much we say we won’t let people ruin it or get involved…we end up doing things to please others…so let’s see if we can find ways to please everyone and us too! 

No matter how wonderful or expensive your wedding, if there are lots gaps where people are left around to do nothing they can get bored quickly. This is going to negatively affect their view of the day, so make sure that you have plenty of activities on hand to keep all your guest out of mischief.


One good way of doing this is to provide fair ground and lawn games for the guests to do while you have your photos taken. Or do a DIY photo booth for your guests, or have a sweet cart or a decorate a cupcake. Something that’s fun that can entertain them for a while. 


 Providing something for the kids like a  colouring book is also a good way of keeping the little ones entertained during the speeches and the meal.

Ok so next let’s talk about the food. You aren’t going to please everyone because let’s face it that’s an impossible target to meet. So go for something you and your other half would want. Have fun with it. 


Regarding your food, most venues like you tinier their chefs. But if you tell them what you want. More the often they will do what you want. I love the idea of mini food. Like burgers or mini jacket potatoes. 

Most people expect to see the ceremony, have some food and drink and then have a bit of a dance at a wedding. Click here for some fab DJS or use the internet to find a suitable band


If you really want everyone to have the best time possible supply at least some alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks during the day. Many venues make most of their money off selling drinks to guests. Which can be pricey. So why not offer a drink to go with the canapés, a drink to toast and some wine for the table. A subsidised bar is a nice idea if you can afford it.


Add a sweetie cart, DIY of course, and your guest should be happy. 


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