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If you are a budding foodie, you’ll have your perfect kitchen all mapped out in your head. It’ll have everything you need to make some of the best dishes from locally sourced, fresh ingredients. However, budgets are usually the thing that prevents us from kitting out our kitchens. Especially with all of the fantastic appliances and ingredients out there on the market. Sure, you have to settle for cheap tools and appliances when it comes to most things. However, these are the five appliances it’s worth splashing the cash for.

A Spiralizer

If you buy a spiralizer, you never have to blame carbs for weight gain ever again! This cool contraption will turn your healthy veggies into delicious noodles and spaghetti. You can use all kinds of vegetables in it, such as beetroot and zucchini. Buying a spiralizer is an especially good way to kick your pasta cravings. Next time you want a huge bowl of noodles, simply spiralize whatever vegetables you have in your kitchen.

Healthy Fryers

Neither shallow and deep-frying are good for you. These methods involve cooking your food in a lot of fat, which will only add calories. However, there are now lots of healthy fryers out on the market. Air fryers simply ‘fry’ your food in extremely hot air. Some don’t use any oil at all while others need one teaspoon adding. A much healthier alternative to regular frying! If you want more info, read up an online Tefal Actifry review.


No matter what kind of food you make, you’ll end up making a mess! And some things can be very annoying to hand wash, especially blenders and food processors. A dishwasher makes washing pots and pans so much easier. Simply load them in and turn it on. Once it’s finished everything will come out sparkling clean! Another great thing about dishwashers is their high temperatures. They can kill off more germs than handwashing does.

 Food Processors

Food processors are a major help in the kitchen! They can do everything, from mixing up cake batter to finely dicing vegetables. It’s a good idea to buy one of the most expensive ones that can also be used as a blender and mixer. You’ll use it so much; it’ll definitely be worth the extra money! Once you have a food processor, you’ll be able to make a lot more recipes than you would have done without one. You’ll now be able to make tasty pestos and hummus!


Microwaves are very handy and convenient for those times you don’t feel like cooking. If you cook a big batch at the weekend, you can simply reheat portions to enjoy through the week! And on days you feel super lazy, you can always cook a microwave ready meal! It also makes some jobs much easier, such as melting chocolate for baking.

There are probably more appliances on your wishlist, but these are a great few to start off with. Especially if you are completely new to the kitchen! It’s time to get cooking!