£5 off your first ETSY Purchase? Voucher Code Inside

Who likes saving money? Want to save yourself £5 at ETSY? As you may know we sell our products through our ETSY Store. We have a link below, that if you’re new to ETSY will give you £5 off your first purchase of £10. Now there is no excuse not to splash out on something beautiful for yourself.

Save £5


As far as im aware there are no other limitations. You can use the money towards not only our products but any of the thousands of other great products available on etsy. So if you’re in the market for something vintage or handmade now is a great time to treat yourself or a loved one! So what could you spend your free money on? I’ve chosen 3 other makers items that I love and will adding to my birthday list! Pencil Holder Firstly there is The Dunken Woodworker, I follow his videos on YouTube and love the wrap up video he does of all things woodworking. This amazingly crafted and finished pencil holder would look amazing on my desk and is made from bubinga, not only a lovely looking wood by really fun to say…. bubinga! Good Stuff! Cold beer poster Next is a print by Lucius Art. Im a big fan of his designs and also beer, so this is win win. Not sure what a warm day in Chicago is like but if its anything like relaxing after a stressful day at work then i’m there. Love the use of colour and would inject some much needed manliness to Sophies artwork collection so far. mason jar in leather Lastly is this leather wrapped mason jar by Kevin G Leather. Perfect for drinking from as I like my coffee piping hot, the insulation from the leather would keep it like that longer and stop me from burning my hands on the outside. Not to mention look pretty stylish while doing so. I hope this has added some inspiration to your Wednesday and if you do go ahead and use the link above it would be great!

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