So keeping in with the theme of Earth Day I thought I’d make today’s drawing of transport an eco friendly one.


 So it’s surprisingly hard to draw a bike, with the whole perspective view and stuff. I didn’t even attempt to draw a basket on the front. Just imagine a nice wicker basket on there. With fresh flowers and maybe a French baguette. Not stereotypical at all.

Yes I am very aware that I totally missed and skipped a week. Last week with the holidays and such, I found myself in a chocolate coma. The drawing I missed was a place, and one day I will make it up to you.

So I did the bike in our business colours, I love that it looks like a candy watermelon theme-ish. Want to join in with the challenge? Next week it’s draw a bird…hmmm wonder what I will draw..

Any woo! On that note I will say Ciao. Have a lovely Thursday and I will see you back here tomorrow. Same time yeah?

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