Ok I know I have neglected the blog this week. To be honest I haven’t been very well, and my house is suffering from mould…so it has been a crazy week boxing stuff up. But I did get chance to do my drawing, though this one took me forever, and I restarted it like 6 times. I am still not overly happy with it, but hey it was fun.

So I got a chance to try out a graphic pen,I used the Bamboo Pad and well its a lot harder than I remembered it was fun playing around with it. Plus I would recommend this for a first time user, its small and easy to use. I found this drawing quite difficult as getting texture and shading was like impossible. I’m not a natural drawer, it takes me a while to get a curved line to look ok so doing this drawing was a labour of love.

Anyway, lots of exciting DIY projects coming up next week. I finally finished our coffee shelf and the table which Richard made has been painted so finished picture posts next week. Here’s the DIY post of the coffee shelf that Richard posted of our original plan and inspiration. Hint there may be a gold theme…


Have a good weekend all and hope you enjoy my picture of a rhino.