So me being behind in my drawings worked out to the best in the end as today it’s my gorgeous twin nieces second birthday. Look how that worked out.. So I attempted to draw them…now according to Richard apparently I can’t draw ages.. which might be true as the twins look like 10 in this drawing. Plus they have no hands…they do actually have hands I just can’t draw hands, so there are polka dots to try and deter away from the no hand situation.. (have said hands too many times now). Which in turn made the picture very busy..


So yeah a total success….remember this doesn’t do them any justice, it’s like a cartoon version of them.. But here is a big happy birthday for Amelia and Eliza, from Aunty Sophie and Uncle Richard.

Note. Richard did not help draw the image…


Eliza-and-Amelia woodenflamingo.com

 I like the writing… poor chums, they are so much cuter in real life I promise you!  ted and rabbit who made an appearance , I think are dead on. Also Eliza doesn’t wear hoop earrings, that’s just an awkward place polka dot.

Anyway we are going back this weekend to celebrate with them, so wait for our DIY post coming up on Saturday for what we did for their presents!!

Happy Thursday all