As I mentioned before, I went back to my home town with Richard to see some family, and this weeks drawing ties in really well with the weekend I had.

So I only sketched my immediate family, as had I included partners and babies, it would have been one in depth drawing, maybe I will draw the whole family another day. And as me and Richard both do this blog I thought I would do another drawing of his family too.

So I didn’t do my usual Photoshop thing. I sketched out the portraits in pencil then re-outlined them in pen. That was it. Then I scanned them in. I didn’t want to add colour as I really like how crisp they look just being done in pen.

My family portrait. woodenflamingo.com

My family portrait. woodenflamingo.com

Ok so from L-R We have Ben, Simon, Me, Abby, my Mum (Ali) and My Dad (Nick). I think Abby looks the most realistic, the head tilt thing she does when she is taking selfies and her little pea head too. It’s like I’m looking at a photograph…



The Sanders Family Portrait. woodenflamingo.com

The Sanders Family Portrait. woodenflamingo.com

The Sanders. L-R William, Peter, Richard, Beth, Pat (Richards Mum) and Bob (Richards Dad). Peter looks the most realistic here, which is always the way for some reason. When we made ginger bread men (personalised versions that is), Peter’s one looked spot on.


Anyway I hope you enjoyed my family portraits. This is technically last weeks, so I will be doing another drawing this week. This weeks theme is Twins…Hmm wonder what I could do for that one.


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