Ok so I found this blog post done by The Paper Mama where she will be  spending a whole year drawing one thing a week. I loved this idea, and as it’s the start of February I thought i’d give it a try. Now Chelsey from The Paper Mama has set 52 things to draw each week which I have changed a little to suit me a bit more. I’d like to work with a range of different mediums as I studied Fine Art Photography at uni, but I tend to shoot mostly on Medium format which is quite a long process. But I do enjoy doodling, and I did a semester abroad in Canada where I did some classes in drawing and painting so I am going to give it a good go. I have changed the ‘themes’ a little though. Here is my plan for the next 52 weeks which is mostly using Chelsey’s original plan with some changed slightly.


1. Self portrait

2. An item that represents you

3. A plant

4. An animal you may find in a zoo

5. Someone who means a lot to you

6. A tool you need: Scissors? Pencil? Hammer? Fork?

7. A landmark

8. Your name:

9. Fave book: draw the book itself, or a scene from the book.

10. A body part

11. Favorite place

12. A mode of transport

13. A bird

14. Family Portrait

15. Two: 2 the number, two of something, twins?

16. Fish

17. Favourite animal

18. Your house

19. Your favourite bag/handbag

20. A bug

21. Food

22. Chair

23. Imaginary

24. Animal personified

25. Hands

26. Shoes

27. Robotic

28. Movie scene: Favorite movie scene?

29. Sea creature

30. Crafty: Thread, knitting, sewing, whatever.

31. A collection

32. Fruit

33. Sky

34. Married couple

35. Fairy tale character

36. Something nearby

37. Vegetable

38. Street lights

39. Silhouette

40. Farm animal

41. Details: Up close and personal.

42. Abstract

43. Monster

44. Sweet treat

45. Friend

46. Flower

47. Holiday

48. Stranger

49. Toy

50. Historic figure

51. Your choice

52. Self portrait: start with a self portrait, end with a self portrait.


I am trying to convince Richard to do this, but he is pretty adamant that he sucks at drawing. Like I said I have changed a few, but look at The Paper Mama where I got the idea from and for the original list.  Let me know if you do this too, leave a comment so we can all see your process too. Wish me luck. First image will be posted by the end of the week.


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