My god was Christmas hectic this year, we face what every other couple seems to face, how to split your time between the family and the in-laws. What makes ours a little difficult is the fact that neither family live near us or near each other. Mines are over 2 hours away and Richard’s are just under the 2 hours. Cue an excellent idea from yours truly to host the Boxing day Sander’s Christmas to cut out at least 1 day of travelling.

You see we have a system in place with all of my siblings, where we alternate between the families who we see on Christmas day and Boxing day. This year we were at my parents, so we then decided to host the Sanders at ours..

Note that at the time of offering, we didn’t have a table or a flooring. So the last couple of months have been tiring to say the least. Another thing I should mention, is that both families are rather large. This year including all grandkids and siblings…and my gran, we sat 17 people for Christmas dinner…yup! So hectic, we had to borrow 3 long tables to put in the living room because the dinning room can’t house everyone. This is 11 adults and 6 grandkids ranging from 2 weeks ( tiny Molly the new addition) to the twins who are 4 1/2.  Crazy! I’d put a pic up, but my camera died, and alas I don’t have any pics from the Carter xmas…so sad I know.

Moving on to the Sanders Christmas, so because we were hosting, I obviously wanted to go that extra mile….so I did a fancy table scape, and wanted to do guests packages (though richard said that was a bit much) but I still had my table plan..

christmas-dinner-table-setting-interior-stylingI wanted to keep with a blue and gold theme, with some greenery added in. Annoyingly I brought some fresh eucalyptus and foliage for the table, but left it back with the Carter’s, so I did a bit of foraging, aka quick pit stop at the co op and used some misletoe, minus the berries. Wasn’t quite the impact I was going for, but it balanced off the gold and blue nicely.

So I’ll do a quick round-up of where we got our stuff from. I originally got a 4 set gold cutlery from Next, but it was rather expensive, then I came across another set which consisted of 6 sets, for less, from Argos. Though I’ve just looked at it’s now £35..was £20 when I got it. But the Argos ones can go in the dishwasher, the Next can’t. Both set’s are super pretty though. The plates were a big investment, but it’s rather nice having matching plates, and enough to feed a small army. Our plates were from Habitat. The table runner was in a sale in Sainsburys for £2…bargain I know and the 2 gold candle sticks were from Wilkinsons and cost £3…bargain. I used plain white napkins, and had a few table gifts..and that was it.

caligraphy-table-names-dinner-plate-setting-interior-stylistSo we managed to create a booth which could sit 10 adults comfortably, and we had the babies in the corner. We had 12 guests in total, so not quite as hectic as the Carter’s but pretty close.  My future brother-in-law is super savvy at calligraphy, so I got him to do some place cards for the day..check out his instagram here..

christmas-tree-decorations-baby-christmas-bubblesBut overall we had a very lovely Christmas with both families, we were all spoilt, and are now recovering from eating our weight in turkey…no rest for the wicked as plans for exciting shoots are already in plaec for next year..

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas x