Oh Happy Day

DIY can produce some impressive results and all without having to call in a professional. With the internet and instructional YouTube videos, there is more opportunity than ever to learn this valuable skill. DIY can range from simple but necessary projects like fixing hinges and cabinets, right through to installing a new kitchen! But learning DIY can take some considerable time and effort. A beginner’s level can be achieved quite quite. But if we want to develop our DIY skills then we should work hard to maintain our motivation. We should remind ourselves of the benefits of learning DIY and we will find it easy to keep enthusiasm!
When we first begin to learn DIY, we might not recognise that this is a great universal skill. We can benefit our own household and help friends too. We may even find additional uses in the workplace too. We can choose to do odd-jobs for friends and neighbours as favours. But some DIY hobbyists get good enough to command a small fee. Or at least a favour in return! Wherever you are in the world, being able to fix, upgrade, and improve is a valuable skill. Calling in a professional can place a lot of stress on a household. Additional bodies coming and going. Excess noise and early start times can all be irritating. Especially if it is a simple job and could have been by learning the skill yourself. Taking control of your own skill set can be very rewarding. It can have physical benefits such as keeping active and seeing the fruits of your own labour. But it can also give us a sense of accomplishment, purpose and value.

For many people, inviting a stranger into their home, even a professional, is difficult. They may be elderly or vulnerable in some way. They may dislike having someone in the home that they can’t watch all the time or may struggle to communicate with. But the reality is that we are all likely to need repairs some time or another. Knowing a family member or friend who can help can be a lifesaver. Learning DIY would make you that trusted and helpful person they can call. People who are good at DIY are often valued members of the community. They save people hassle, money, and provide a sense of security. DIY has tangible benefits within our own household. But it can also make a genuine difference in the lives of others.

Many new skills can be frustrating because we don’t progress at the rate that we would expect. DIY is different. If we’re paying close attention to instructions, we will be amazed at what we can achieve with our own two hands. Even a complex kitchen installation can be easy with a company like http://www.ikitchen.co.nz. We do the labour ourselves but are overseen at a high level. It’s the very best way to learn. With the right tools and professional instruction, we can quickly achieve a near professional level ourselves!

Learning DIY has the obvious benefit of saving money over time. For expensive modern family life, this can be a major plus. Some materials will cost an initial outlay. But we will no longer be a slave to overtime or last minute call out charges!