So I know I have been MIA the last couple of months, but I promise I have a good reason. Firstly being, we brought a house!! A house which we have been in for a month now, which still doesn’t have wifi or tv…honestly it’s like living in the dark ages. Its very exciting, though maybe we were naive, but the house that we thought just needed a lick of paint and our own touch to it, has surprised us around every corner. Enter holes in walls, burst water pipes, foul smelling doggy haired infested carpets and a broken wastage pipe in the downstairs toilet. Safe to say sadly the pre owners didn’t take care of the house like they should of..
1 month down and we have rid of the awful carpet, scrubbed, polished and painted a bunch of walls doors and cupboards.. And created a dream room for Archer.

I’ll go more into all our mini distasters another time, with before and after pictures of the house..those posts will be easier with Internet..

Another reason for being quiet was due to us being on holiday, though with a nearly 1 year old it’s not quite as relaxing as I remember. Also we grabbed the keys to our new place the day we got back..one week in and Archer was struck down with a nasty virus, 5 days later and 1 trip to the A&E he recovered. Only to have me and Richard be poorly after that too.

Is the house cursed?? Jeez I hope not! Anyway on to better more exciting news Archer turns 1 on Sunday, as in tomorrow! What??!!. I know I can’t believe it. Where did my little baby go? Anyway like the over the top diy crafter I am…I’ve got big plans for Sunday…I mean he’s my first born your meant to make an effort for at least your first baby right?

But will do a blog post on the day and pre prep too..

Will speak soon!