So on Tuesday, I went to the spa with my lovely sisters-in-law Tasha and Mel, and left my little baby boy with his daddy for the first time, for a whole day. It’s safe to say I missed him a lot, but I had a much-needed break. It occurred to me that I havent really had a break from Arch which hasn’t seen me using the time to either work or catch up on chores. Richard took Arch out the day before mother’s day to give me a break, and I cleaned and blogged..So it was nice to have a day to myself, and pretty much just not do anything.

So we got to use the spa facilities, so we chilled in the pool and the sauna, and then we went up to the relaxation room. Where we chilled in what I can only describe to be a giant dog bed….I had the best nap of my life…


You can just see me in the corner..there were blankets, dimmed lights, you can even pull a curtain for privacy. I had a beautiful 30 minute nap, before being awoken to be told my treatment was ready.

So I went for a blissful back scalp and facial ritual. Starting off being exfoliated which was washed away with warm towels followed by a back massage. The massage was intense, but all I can say is that my back hasn’t felt this good since before I was pregnant. So I would recommend any mum to go get a back massage. What followed was a facial where I think I had about 6 different products put on my face, I swear my skin is just as smooth as Archers now! while my face mask was on my shoulders and neck were massaged. My treatment lasted an hour and a half and it was just pure bliss.


I think every mum new and experienced need to chill sometimes. I don’t think I realised how much I needed it until the masseuse had her elbows digging in my back saying that I had a ton of knots. I’m a little sore still, but I know it was all for the good, because my back just feels so much more relaxed.  I think I forget that Arch is only 7 moths old, and the trauma our bodies go through to grow the baby  and then giving birth, it’s no wonder they say it can take a year til you start to feel complete and normal again.

And finally let’s not forget food…we relaxed, we chilled and we ate a lot! Brisket sliders, onion rings, cheesy chips…it was all sooooooo good.

spa day relaxation foodie

All finished off with us going home, having a cuddle with our babies, and a chilled evening with a cocktail. I’d love to try to do a spa day a couple of times a year, because I think it’s a great way to relax, being away from your home and family, where you can truly switch off, if only for a few hours. It’s important, everyone needs to be able to chill, and switch off even new parents.