A stylish homely home versus a baby proof safe one.

Today my health visitor came to visit Arch and bluntly said that I would need to baby proof soon, and that having a cluttered house isn’t great for a baby. Is it me or is that not a little rude? My house may be slightly cluttered but in my eyes its homely. I’m surviving looking after a baby and running a business out of my living room. So it’s not going to be perfectly neat or minimalistic. Also can I mention that I am a new mum with a nearly 14 week old baby..urgh some people right!?

Anyway I’m never going to have a perfect house, and my clutter and neon decor everywhere is what makes my home stylish and homely. When Arch get’s to his exploring age I will deal and baby proof how I see fit. I don’t think having a baby should mean that you can’t have anything nice in your home..I will find a way to have a stylish yet baby friendly home..I will.

So let’s look at the main obstacles which can be a problem when trying to baby proof.

Stains on your carpet.Don’t fret too much about your carpet worst comes to the worst professional carpet cleaning is always an option. Something I may have to look into when we move out of our rented place. Plus rugs were designed to hide horrible stains, or just plain ugly carpet.  So keep your style, and just keep in mind rugs or cleaning are always an option. Or hardwood floors..

Clutter. If like me you work from home, clutter can be a real issue, so why not think about cornering out a room downstairs where you can work. A closet turned into an office is always an idea, especially if like me  your office is shared as your baby’s room and is upstairs. If I had a walk in closet in my room, or even one downstairs, it would be so much easier to have my little office there. So my ‘cluttered’ livingroom could be more organised and baby proofed. But lets think about ways to baby proof while keeping the clutter you want in your home. Shelves and cabinets to display little things, or things that might be a harm to your baby is a great way to keep your style there, without endangering your child. Just remember with heavy pieces of furniture to secure them to the wall.


This looks so cute, and it keep important documents and little things that children might find, high up and out of the way. Plus note the lack of clutter…

Your house becoming a crèche. If you’ve got a garden, use it. I enjoyed (in the Summer) sitting outside with Arch. It was nice and relaxing plus, a great way to keep cool and get Arch some vitamin D. But as Arch get’s older, having the garden will come in handy as a safe area for him to play in. Especially as we have double doors from our living room going out. Get a sandpit maybe a slide, and it saves having to try to entertain Arch inside all the time. Especially if it’s a lazy day and we aren’t going out. Plus I seriously can’t wait to plant seeds like tomatoes and watch them grow together! This will also help minimise the amount of toys which may be constantly out scattered across your house…well during the Summer anyway.

Statement pieces are a great way to create a winning vibe within your rooms. But think about dual purposes. Our new sofa which is being delivered soon (yay), is a sofa bed, and has a chaise longue which has storage underneath. A space I am going to store Arch’s toys in once he has gone to bed. This gives me a chance to claim back my living room during the evening when he’s in bed. This is a great way to help reduce your home from becoming a creche all year round. Also having some pieces of furniture kept out of the way, like a bar cart on wheels, which can come out to be used when your baby is asleep will help transform your space from child friendly to an adult space quickly and efficiently.


If you want more fancy pieces for your home, Go for items which can be kept out of reach, or which are durable enough to stand a baby or child playing around or on it. Rugs are a great way to add colour and texture to a room. Keeping it homely, and getting stylish light fixtures will keep your home stylised, unless you birthed a 6 foot child, there’s no way they can get hurt or damage the statement pieces on the ceiling.


Lastly think about your decor. Having bright colours and different textures will keep your baby/child entertained and inspired while fitting in with your taste. When Arch is in his cot while I tidy his room or sort his clothes, he lays there nice and calm just staring at his gallery wall. Having fun things on your walls, or even artwork done by them can be inspiring and great for child development. And a great way to keep your children inspired and safe without denting your want for a stylish home. I love how colourful and effective the empty bright coloured frames look on the wall below. Also how awesome is that lampshade?

alltibohemianMix and Chic

If all else fails, and you have a spare space, or large area of a room you can corner off. Make an awesome playroom, so awesome they won’t need or hopefully want to place anywhere else.

teepeeMy Life and Kids

I love the idea, if you don’t have a spare room, cornering off a little area in your living room that’s painted brightly and sports a colourfully patterned tipi tent for your children to play in. How awesome does the stripe decor and colourful bunting look paired together too.

happy-1024x716My Life and Kids

Every kid dreams of having a swing indoors…so why not go that step further and create a mini climbing wall like in this playroom above, and add bright colourerd spots to give a happy playful area texture and warmth. This playroom looks awesome!


When I start needing to baby proof our home, ill let you know if I win my battle to keep my house safe yet stylish.

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