So this past weekend we took Archer to the seaside for the very first time. He was in his dream environment, water, sand and dogs everywhere. He recently learned the word doggie, and now is obsessed with dogs. No fear what so ever he will go up to any dog and give them a cuddle, which is great because I’ve secretly always wanted a dog, and Richard has never been so sure. But now it’s 2 against 1. YAY!

daddy-and-archerArcher looking gorgeous with his daddy..



As soon as he saw the sea, he did the biggest squeal..it was truly a lovely day out!

So we went for a long walk, and gave Arch a chance to have a run around, in typical boy fashion he ate some sand, and tried to go swimming even though it was freezing, and he stroked about 7 dogs..we ate some fresh seafood, and walked to great lengths up a rather steep hill to capture the perfect picture. Though once at the top we realised it was private allotments, so didn’t get that bird-eye view of the sea, we did still manage to get some rather lovely pictures..just not quite as high up.

daddy-and-son-seaside-devon-blue-lagoon-travelLovely atmospheric picture of Richard and Archer. I took my camera out and I just had fun being artistic and trying to find my craft again..

pretty-houses-seaside-colouful seaside-boats-colourI’m seriously considering the idea of retiring to a seaside town. There was just so much colour and texture everywhere, even on a day when it was cold and a little rainy. I’m also a little in love with the purple house…how fun would it be to say oh yeah down on the right, the purple one yeah that’s where I live…

Richard even did some camera work and got some pictures of me and arch chasing the sea..and chasing dogs. Seriously my son is obsessed.

mummy-and-son-blog-seaside-family-day-out-blue-lagoon-instagramLove this picture, there aren’t many pics of me and Arch as I tend to be the one behind the phone or camera, but I love natural pictures taken off guard.

So I gave myself the mission to take a beautiful picture of a seascape which we could print in large-scale for our home. I’m kind of in love with seascapes especially those of crystal blue seas, and maybe the odd surfer or two taken from above. Now crystals clear seas aren’t really native to the UK, plus it’s autumn, and it was an overcast day. But I tried my best, and well here are the final 2.

seascape-picture-webI’m kind of in love with how calming this picture is.. I also like how they both are really different…so maybe I could print them both.

seascape-horizon-mummy-blogger-photography-sea-landscapePretty right, i’m super happy with how they turned out..just deciding which one to get blown up…maybe I willdo both…who knows eh!