My baby turned 1 on Sunday (31.07.16), and we celebrated with good friends and family. The sun shined, it didn’t rain, we ate lots of good food, and my handmade birthday cake wasn’t too bad either. We decided on a dinosaur theme, and had lots of fun bringing the theme to life.


Ok so I decided to do a cake tester, as my baking hasn’t exactly been great recently, and it turned out quite well. So we did a little cake smash a few days before his birthday. I did a rainbow cake and used whipping cream and food colouring for icing. I decided this was better than using buttercream, as it was less likely to interfere with me trying to get him to bed later. All in all he didn’t quite get as messy as I thought he would, and after I slightly dunked his head in the cake, he cried and that was the end of that.

Now to the party. For the decor I went for some cheap dinosaurs from Ebay, which I just spray painted white. Now annoyingly I tied helium balloons to these and they looked awesome…but of course do I have any pictures? nope! Anyway moving on. We got a helium canister which lucky for us was on sale, and we blew up balloons and tied them outside, and let some just float on the ceiling inside, choosing blue greens and whites. We also had a few confetti balloons which just looked awesome.



I also got 2 cake toppers. 1 from Etsy (the dinosaur), which I actually got a few days after Archer was born. And the other from Not on The Highstreet. These looked super cute with my bodged cake!

dino-in-the-flowers pinata

Keeping with the dinosaur theme, I brought a dinosaur pinata, but I didn’t fill it with sweets. Instead it was a centre piece on the table, and had more balloons tied to it.  I also hid some of the dinosaurs in plants around the house and garden.

tableball-pool-funThen we just had lots of loose balloons all over the floor.

Outside we kept it casual with blankets and pillows, we even had an inflatable pretzel thanks to Alex and Jon. It was nice and chilled, having one area for the babies to play..

Archer's-1st-birthday birthday-boy


Notice the awesome bucket and bin decor…just moved guys… remember.


And then we had a chilled area for the adults (without babies).

everyone-having-fun the-london-crewAll look like they are having fun…

aunty-and-uncle-time ballooons cousin-fun- daddy-and-archer mummy-and-archer

All in all it was a lovely day spent with awesome friends and family. Finished off with party bags and cake.


birthday-cakeMy rainbow cake..I’m not responsible for any kids who went hyper, or who had green poop!



Ended with Archer finally going to sleep at 10..clearly a mini party animal in the making.