So on Monday we took Archer to London..for the very first time, and it was pretty exciting. Especially as I havent been to London since I was 20 weeks pregnant. I was getting some major withdrawal. I love how inspired I feel even just walking around London. I always come back feeling super charged and wanting to grab my camera or a paint brush! I think London is by far one of my favourite cities, and I love that it’s just a short train ride away! We spent a whole day there, of which Arch barely slept. I think all the hustle and bustle kept him happily entertained for a good few hours. We ate good food, met up with my sister and my mum, browsed the British Museum and walked miles. It was just a really lovely day. One which I would like to try and schedule in at least once a month, especially as my little sister has taken the plunge and moved there!



Arch was very well-behaved and navigating a baby with a pram, nappy changes and finding hot water on tap was pretty easy! A lot easier than I thought it would be! Stairs at the underground were a bit of a handful, even with extra people to help. So we ended up walking most places…which in my eyes is the best way to do it. If you’re not in a rush, walk. You will always find little places and streets you will want to return too!



Abby channeling her inner russian goddess. I really don’t know how we survived before picture phones. I took my polaroid camera, and my phone and that was it! I think I’d like to attempt to do a fashion shoot in London with Abby just using my iphone.


My favourite thing about London are the details. The shop windows, the buildings, the people. We went to Covent Garden and everything is so stylishly done! I loved having a quick look in Chanel…plus I’d quite happily have a giant lit up pink 5 in my house!  I think I’d like to do a series on London for great places to take your little ones… Arch really liked Covent Garden purely because of all the lights, and the live music playing…but I think next month I’d like to do an aquarium. If anyone has any good ideas do share. I totally reccomend the British Museum. We just did the Eygpt area, and even Arch was pretty fascinated by the mummies.

Until our next trip!