So Archer’s room is about 95% done, but I thought I’d show you now, as bar the delightful before pictures of the house, you guys haven’t really seen any updates. Mostly because whenever we start a new part of the house, we are met with a ton of mistakes, left from the previous owner to everything is taking us 3 x times longer. Also not including the fact that re-decorating and fixing up a whole house with an active 1 year old isn’t easy either. Anyway, here’s the only room in the house which is pretty much done, and it’s my favourite, if I can I want to make the rest of the house be as fun as Archer’s room.

So here’s the before picture just to remind you guys.


You can’t really see much at all from this pic, this is due to me sucking at before pics, but let me paint the picture for you. Behind this rather bold and in your face wall paper, were 2 massive cracks in the wall which need to be plastered over. It also just had a no paint on the wall, so painting that wall was fun. Hello 4 coats later. On the other side was a rather dull light brown, which turns out is worse than magnoila..who knew. But the room had potential. Big windows with lots of light, and it’s a double room so lots of space for arch to be able to play.

So I had an idea in mind for his room, and when explaining it to everyone I got some rather weird looks. Especially when I mentioned having a massive black chalkboard triangle on 1 wall…but you will see below…it looks awesome. No one gets my vision. But anyway here’s a rough moodboard of the few ideas I had before I started the project.


So let me explain this just briefly. My aim for Archer’s bedroom was for it to be fun, colourful and inspiring. With a black chalkboard wall on one side, a mountain scene on another, a gallery wall and generally just a fun place he can play and grow up in. I had a few colours in mind which I pretty much stuck too, I also brought a tipi which higlighted the main blue we uses, but once up it over took the entire room, so it’s now downstairs..But let’s just get to the tour shall we.



Ok so this is what you see as you come in through Archer’s half painted I said above I wanted Arch to have a colourful fun room, and a half painted green door totally meets this. Also the paint colour is called pixie green…amazing right.


I’ll do a list at the bottom of where we got some of our things, but a lot of Archer’s things are gifts he has been given, and things me and Richard have collected since Arch was born. I went for a blank canvas of white and then painted the three mountains on the wall. Quick tip. Always use frog tape its the best, but always leave 24 hours for your base coat to dry before trying to paint a pattern..other wise when you take the frog tape off, your undercoat although it might seem dry…might come off a little.. which means you will have to do like a strip of paint 4 times again.



This chair is a family heirloom. It was my great grandads, and my mum gave it to us especially for Arch. This is our reading chair, and I love how sentimental it is to us.




Like I said Arch has a lot of little things that my dad has brought for him off his travels, and that his god mother and his grandma have picked up for him too. These Ikea shelves are great for displaying such nik naks, especially if they are a little delicate. P.S the books which are in the yellow cloud ( which is a napkin holder from ikea and cost me 50p) are old books that were given to me when I was younger from my Grandma and Grandad. So they are another special addition to his room.





Ok so the tractor clock my mum got Archer for his first birthday, also the dinosaur pinata with the party hat was from his birthday too. The trolley is from Ikea, once again in the sale, and it holds his books and’s at the right height so he can freely go grab some chalk and go crazy on his chalkboard. Also I’m that mum who got him dressed in shorts, shirt and braces, just for this shoot…though he is now covered in weetabix and chalk..




A quick snippet of the lego head and hulk hands…it’a genious. It cracks me up every night..and I just love it. Also the coconut is his money-box my dad brought back from his travels. It’s carved into a monkey..super awesome and again something special just for Arch.


chalkboard-gaint-triangle-nursery-decorSo here is the I said above everyone was like…jeez a big black triangle on a whole wall..but I think it’s awesome and Archer loves it as you can see..hes specialises in abstract mark making. We also got guests to sign the triangle on his birthday hence all the lovely messages…oh and it’s magnetic…but not very. I only used 1 tin of paint for this, when ideally I think I should have used 2.

nursery-gallery-wall-inteior-design-kids-room-archers-afterSo if you guys remember his first bedroom, if not here it is here, we did a little gallery wall above his cot, and so have used the same pictures, plus a couple more and a few little diy’s from me to create this corner gallery wall. With a teddy bear hammock underneath.

archers-bedroom-after-childrens-interior-design-nursery-makoverAnother shot of the mountains. These were pretty easy to do. I wasn’t overly bothered about getting them perfect because let’s be honest mountains aren’t perfect, so I just winged it. But I’m super happy with how it came out.


And finally a shot of his door, and his awesome laundry bag.. So that’s it. That’s Archer’s bedroom. Like I said it’s only 95% done because at the end of November he will be getting a new carpet, and I have some planes that need to be hung up above his cot..but overall I’m super happy with his room..and I think he likes it too!


Ok so here are a list  for a few of the items in Archer’s room

Lampshade, Ikea

Moon night light, Not on the Highstreet

Book cart, Ikea

Magnetic chalkboard paint

Alaphabet Pillow, Not on the Highstreet

Laundry Bag, Etsy

Shelves, Ikea

Here’s to one day hopefully getting the rest of the house finished..