Aroamaah Christmas Special

So we finally managed to open our December coffee box. ( it was misplaced during the move, much to our devastation) but we finally found it, and weren’t we in for a treat this month.


Firstly a lovely addition was a hand written Christmas card from the Aroamaah team. Such a nice gesture no?? I have no bad things to say about this company. The contact is brilliant, the coffee is just to die for and the whole service is A+.


But to the coffee.

This month we got a rich full bodied coffee with a mocha hit an nuttiness combined with flavours of smoked sandalwood from Cuba. Ah….I was in heaven, this was my favourite of the three and was amazing as an espresso. Which was the offered advice of how to have it. Another great thing about this service is it comes with tasting notes too!

The second was sweet and fruity from Nicaragua, was really great as a black coffee..

The final one was from Mexico and was a medium roast with hints of hazelnuts, this was Richards favourite as he is a serial espresso drinker. It went down nice and smooth and this has been his morning pick me up of choice.


They also offer Gift subscriptions now too! For 3,6 and 12 months. (belated Christmas presents??)


Anyway for anyone who loves coffee..check them out! Such a great company.