One of the presents Sophie got me for my birthday is something I’ve been looking at for a while. With a coffee club the idea is that they source amazing beans and send them to you every month. It’s the sort of coffee you get when you go to the fanciest independent coffee shops in the expensive part of towns, but for less than £4 a cup and in the comfort of your own home. 

So let’s have a look how it works…

The coffee is exceedingly fresh, the pack I receive at the start of May had been roasted on the 17th of April. The fact it tells you when it was roasted is already an indication of the quality of this service. It comes with a note about the months coffee including information on its origin (including specific farm) tasting notes, process, roasted date and the best way to have it.

Flat White

The tasting notes included are great, not only does it give you a good idea of what to look out for when drinking, adding depths to your drink. But if you offer a coffee to your friends you can pretend you’re an expert and use it as your own tasting notes.

Now to the most important part, drinking the actual coffee. I like my coffee strong, double espresso, or double shot flat white. No sugar. These coffees had so much life to them, such depths of flavours with none of the bitterness you get with supermarket coffee beans. Sophie has her slightly lighter, latte, or cappuccino. She liked the aromas and different flavours  you can taste with such fresh beans.

300g of coffee should be plenty to last a month, but if we run out we have a local company we will be writing about soon so keep checking back.

If you enjoy real coffee then I would recommend you check out There are 2 options, 2 x 100g bags or 3 x 100g bags a month. And for the price of 8 filter coffees at starbucks you can enjoy amazing coffee, and cheat with the notes into being an expert.


Images of flat white (top) and latte (above) all made by Sophie from coffee A – from Malawi by Mzuzu coop Viphya