Aroamaah! Coffee of the Month – August 2014 Last Chance Discount!

Just a quick reminder that the amazing people over at Aroamaah have given us the chance to offer our readers 50% off your first box. There are only a few days left to order and take advantage of the discount. So get going!

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The process is very straight forward, every month they search out independent artisan roasters from across the world and pick a selection of the best seasonal coffees. Each box contains a selection of different coffees, tasting notes, information on the coffee’s origin and tips on getting the best out of the coffee.

We get three coffees each month as we are a little bit addicted to our coffee machine and the amazing smell of fresh brewed coffee in the morning, afternoon…. night, well anytime really.

This month I followed the suggested best way of having the coffee, even if it went against how I normally enjoy my coffee. I normally only drink espresso without sugar, but I looked forward to some different styles and milk.

Coffee A:

Origin: Ethiopia
Farm: Negele Gurbitu Coop, Sidama Yirgacheffe
Rosted on: 24 July 2014

Coffee A this month again has a slight hint of jasmine, which I could detect more this month than last. As I said before i’m not a big fan of jasmine but it doesn’t stop this being a really nice delicate coffee. I had this black from a cafetiere, the flavors were very delicate and with milk lost the hints of citrus and jasmine. Still a lovely cup of coffee though.

Coffee B:

Origin: Papua New Guinea
Farm: WH Carpenters. Waghi Valley, Sigri
Rosted on: 24 July 2014

This coffee apparently suits all brew methods but is best as espresso, so espresso it is. Great as a morning or early afternoon pick me up, sweet hints of chocolate and spice. When offered a coffee this was the one chosen by friends and family by its smell. So definitely a crowd pleaser.

Coffee C:

Origin: Rwanda
Farm: Daterra Estate. Santa Colomba
Rosted on: 23 July 2014

Again coffee C got my coffee of the month this month. Smells just like marzipan, and tastes incredible! I enjoyed this as an espresso and a flat white. Both amazing and I managed to eek every little coffee ground from our mill. A really excellent coffee.

As I move to my new job, I am joining the ranks of commuters getting up at stupid o’clock so will be relying even heavier on amazing coffee to get me through the day until I adjust to the schedule. Lets hope for strong coffees and lots of it this month!

Now go take advantage of the discount code, you’re running out of time to get some incredible coffee in your life.