Aroamaah! Coffee of the Month – July 2014 Plus Discount Code!

To kick off this months review of our coffee subscription with Aroamaah! I have some great news, The amazing people over at Aroamaah have given us the chance to offer our readers 50% off your first box. So whichever box you go for of incredible coffee then help yourself to 50% off. Which will make this amazing coffee service taste even better!

To get the 50% off, when placing your order just use the code:




The process is very straight forward, every month they search out independent artisan roasters from across the world and pick a selection of the best seasonal coffees. Each box contains a selection of different coffees, tasting notes, information on the coffee’s origin and tips on getting the best out of the coffee.

We get three coffees each month as we are a little bit addicted to our coffee machine and the amazing smell of fresh brewed coffee in the morning, afternoon…. night, well anytime really.

This month I tested all the coffees from my new glass Kilner mug. I had each coffee as a double espresso, and after all the espressos I had in Italy they face quite a bit of competition. This month was the first time we had the coffee delivered as beans, I prefer this as it keeps the coffee fresher for longer and I love using our spong mill, shown above. However the coffee gets delivered in paper bags, and before leaving for holiday I didn’t get the chance to put them into air tight containers, this meant when we got back the coffee we hadnt used yet had lost alot of its smell. It was fine once ground, it was like bringing it back to life. But if you go for yours ground then its something to keep an eye on.

Coffee A:

Origin: El Salvador
Farm: Finca Bosque Lya, Santa Ana municipality
Rosted on: 24 June 2014

This coffee won the “Cup of Excellence” in 2004, its a medium roast that had a good sweetness. The notes said it has berries, honey and a hint of jasmin. I can taste honey and little berries, but not the jasmin, which is a good thing for me. I enjoyed this coffee a lot and can see why it has won awards.

Coffee B:

Origin: Nicaragua
Farm: Finca Lya, Argentina, Nueva Segovia
Rosted on: 24 June 2014

I tasted this coffee as an espresso but after reading the notes, it suggests “lovingly brewed in a Cafetiere” so I sat down with a large pot as well. Sweet and acidic the tasting notes get this spot on with the description of “lemon sherbets”. This coffee worked well as a pick me up after work, the acidity giving the little kick needed to blow the cobwebs away and help de-stress.


Coffee C:


Origin: Rwanda
Farm: Gashonga co-operative, Rusizi district
Rosted on: 24 June 2014

My coffee of the month this month. I’d quite happy of had 10 bags of this one. Its a great all rounder that I loved as a freshly ground espresso, or as an americano. I seem to enjoy a coffee that has chocolaty notes, and this one had some delicious dark chocolate matched with plum and citrus peel.

Another amazing months delivery of exquisite coffees. Comparing these coffees with the ones I had from Italy the only difference I can see is their machines were alot bigger and fancier than ours, the coffee was just as incredible. You never know which coffees will arrive with the order but you can guarantee that they are amazing, so I hope you take advantage of the discount code, there is no better time to get some incredible coffee in your life.