Aroamaah! Coffee of the Month – June 2014

Starting last month Sophie got me an amazing coffee subscription from Aroamaah!

My first post went through the actual process of how it works so this is the first of my monthly reviews of the actual coffee.


If you missed the first post you can see it here. The basics of it are every month they search out independent artisan roasters from across the country and pick a selection of the best seasonal coffees. Each box contains a selection of different coffees, tasting notes, information on the coffee’s origin and tips on getting the best out of the coffee. 

We get three coffees each month as we are a little bit addicted to our coffee machine and the amazing smell of fresh brewed coffee in the morning, afternoon…. night, well anytime really.

Coffee A:

From Ethiopia, this was Sophie’s coffee of the month. “Apricot sweetness, limey citrus and floral aromatics” said the notes, and you can taste everyone. Subtly fruity it was a perfect pick me up drink, that Sophie said went perfectly in a lavender latte. Post coming soon. 

Coffee B:

My coffee of the month was this deliciously chocolaty, silky smooth bean from Brazil. Just an incredible experience from a coffee, you can smell the chocolate before the silkiness of the drink even touches your lips. I really hope this comes around again, although every coffee this month was good so I don’t mind waiting awhile.

Coffee C:

Colombian origin this coffee was described as all about apples, from green and fresh to baked and toffee apple. It was a really smooth drink, that I took into work and used with my cafeteria. It was a great morning brew as well as slogging through to the afternoon. Such a great improvement over whatever instant rubbish is available there. The aroma filling my office all day was a highlight, while the apple notes were slight and a welcome change to the heavier notes of B.  

Overall, very happy with this months delivery of exquisite coffees, this month we have requested them as beans so looking forward to having an even more intense and fresh cup of joe. We got our new batch in the post today, so looking forward to drowning myself in amazing espresso tomorrow morning.