During my 3rd year at uni, we had some guest lecturers look at our portfolios and ask us the big question. Whats your Five year plan.

This was pretty much 2 years ago. My plan was this. To be a creative person, an artist, possibly a curator. To which she replied. No one makes a living being a full-time artist. Unless your Damien Hirst. But the curator option can sometimes be done. What she didn’t tell me is that getting into the art world involves a lot of free work. And I mean a lot.

So two years later what am I doing? I work part-time ( I use that word loosely, as the bar I work at goes from crazy hours to none in a matter of a second). I intern at a gallery in London. I volunteer and I do Wooden Flamingo. I get my work published every now and then and I also do some photography for Richards company. I don’t get paid. But I get free trips sometimes. Curation is crazy difficult to get internships for let alone actual jobs. I shy away a little from digital photography, having my trusty Mamiya to do my fine art pieces on. Which leaves me somewhat challenged when looking into advertisement and industry work related positions, so I have slimmed the role a little.

In the last two years, I have decided that I love film photography. I love making and designing things. I love flowers, I love decor and interiors and in the last 4 months, blogging. Did I pick the wrong degree? Should I have done a design related degree? Maybe. But I don’t regret doing Photography…to an extent.  It spurred my passion for film photography and hand printing. I met lots of amazing people, had crazy times and went to Canada for a semester. Doing a degree is good on a personal level not just educational. But when talking to my friend Letty at the weekend, who did the same course as me, and is also working random jobs and doing free work, She said, Are degrees even useful anymore?

It got me thinking. Regarding degrees, how many people do you know are in a job that’s relative to their chosen subject, (minus teachers/doctors and such)?

I’d like to think that I am a creative. My job role isn’t a photographer, even though I have a photography degree.. If anything I’m a job Gypsy. I am terrified of getting a 9-5, non-art sector job, because I’m worried that that’s just me giving up. Me not using my degree.  What if I’m in a job that I have no passion about? Or if I don’t have time for Wooden Flamingo, plus I wouldn’t be able to go away with Richard at a drop of a hat. Many reasons. Do I even want to be part of this career path that has rejected  me a billion times over? I have no idea. What so ever. Do I go back at take some courses in florist and design? hmm maybe.

I apologise for the massive rant and slight melt down. I think I will just keep plodding on for now… Leave your comments if you feel just as frustrated as I do. Or if you conquered the graduate job pool. Advice and tips are always welcome. Also if you would like to just choose my path, go right ahead.

To add to my apology I give you a free download of a confused flamingo which is from our colouring book (coming soon). It fits the post. Enjoy

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